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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kiyoura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
E6f7h(E6f7h)Adult (f)5,1551,0313
mNVO3(mNVO3)Adult (f)5,6067481
Dg0zO(Dg0zO)Adult (m)3,2037432
vLC5Poseidon's KidHatchling (m, F)1,44570010
cAuRBlizzard's FrostHatchling (f, F)1,5598247
wmGod(wmGod)Adult (f)2,0709012
f9GR8Summery LazinessAdult (m)1,7308322
qjj9tFlesheating HannibalAdult (f)1,7617843
EPOrn(EPOrn)Adult (m)2,7058844
ATLWeFlesheating CannibalAdult (f)2,4316773
lWqg6Flesheating LecterAdult (m)2,4316711
SUoVWFlesheating FandomAdult (f)4,0891,1295
yoVrVMetallic SparkleAdult (m)2,9698224
bwPd4(bwPd4)Adult (m)2,2326010
w6rvXMagi SpecialAdult (f)4,6651,2273
khQ6z(khQ6z)Adult (m)5,6387703
nDXn9(nDXn9)Adult (m)6,4141,0934
ljlxZAn Angry GodHatchling (m, F)2,9159144
xD2FHLike My FatherHatchling (F)8813492
bqUBkBirbzAdult (f)6,8011,0867
cTXbpFat BirbAdult (f)6,8671,1254
72YXMOrnithologistsAdult (m)6,8291,1133
VG2hwThe OrnithologistAdult (m)6,7761,0922
0PO6xFire Loving BirbAdult (m)7,7871,3022
bQkZpBirds and ButterfliesAdult (m)7,0491,0984
9QiSHBirdeateryAdult (f)8,8261,2693
9nexT(9nexT)Adult (f)8,8681,2893
2F4KfSweetie BirbAdult (m)5,6181,1282
tpUr5(tpUr5)Adult (f)7,9578662
YB7X5(YB7X5)Adult (f)3,5057470
phO8EBirbing WitchAdult (f)4,7769971
VIWfm(VIWfm)Adult (f)5,0689543
7x17DSpooky FeatherAdult (f)4,4661,1673
OF33cKhusisAdult (f)5,8311,1233
jICAU(jICAU)Adult (m)5,9851,0972
OhKdb(OhKdb)Adult (m)5,8531,0992
3mzjv(3mzjv)Adult (m)5,5241,0642
Qs8ED(Qs8ED)Adult (f)5,7751,1632
qrdmbBringer of FloofAdult (f)6,8219862
choW3(choW3)Adult (f)6,5299602
zhHe5(zhHe5)Adult (m)5,0308874
sqqpp(sqqpp)Adult (m)5,5411,1733
ffGIf(ffGIf)Adult (f)6,5611,3242
GsHzU(GsHzU)Adult (f)4,8941,0241
aUViW(aUViW)Adult (f)4,0261,0773
9czv9(9czv9)Adult (f)4,0671,0284
RUPPmKhusa BabyHatchling (m, F)5,6099512
bRTjGGirly KhusaHatchling (f, F)6,1376591
NmL3EShiny and Smooth BabyHatchling (F)7182151
xQ5GpQueen's ThroneAdult (f)3,8707961
laNCQKing's CupAdult (m)6,3478504
dbirO(dbirO)Adult (m)6,9541,0972
SXwIG(SXwIG)Adult (f)6,7381,3095
XuVW0Winter's Bright QueenAdult (f)5,7928952
WYW3V(WYW3V)Adult (m)8,4141,0936
EUF4QLovecrowneAdult (f)4,4211,0331
usLfeRadiance Upon SnowAdult (f)4,3047974
yEWo3(yEWo3)Adult (m)4,77989316
4xRiYNew Year ChangesAdult (f)6,00668711
2D3f9(2D3f9)Adult (m)5,6671,0581
wlwx9Lucky New YearAdult (f)6,2117680
Olc8J(Olc8J)Adult (f)3,4718024
D8QVFCrown Corrupts the MindAdult (f)5,2121,2862
sgEw7(sgEw7)Adult (m)6,1821,2512
VgvKj(VgvKj)Adult (m)5,9701,0303
kqYZiLittle QueenlingHatchling (f, F)6,0318414
fVe0uLil TiaraHatchling (F)4,7355702
RnmG8KyanitedAdult (m)3,7087961
1XLIgKyanightsAdult (f)5,2076521
8o7NlLittle KyaAdult (f)7,3331,0713
R9QRv(R9QRv)Adult (f)5,8341,1816
YSEix(YSEix)Adult (m)6,2109371
PRuF9KyathingAdult (f)5,8658395
mabT5(mabT5)Adult (f)7,7851,0362
7oq15(7oq15)Adult (f)7,4998102
WxV6sKyaeasternAdult (m)6,7949782
PYxha(PYxha)Adult (m)6,0331,0371
IibCW(IibCW)Adult (f)6,1161,0603
Z7Mec(Z7Mec)Adult (m)4,1139521
4LYrc(4LYrc)Adult (m)3,4157142
ajtXV(ajtXV)Adult (f)4,8177414
5hO2zKyahatchlingHatchling (f, F)5,9348875
H5x3EKyababyHatchling (F)3,0022172
JL8riKyafrozenHatchling (m, F)6,0198244
qT2hzBasilisk SlitheringAdult (f)3,8041,0622
9h2fRSlitherin SnakeAdult (m)4,8767890
6VrWKCobraculaAdult (m)5,1631,0022
2sJD2(2sJD2)Adult (f)4,9811,0102
vk6p5(vk6p5)Adult (m)2,8668911
3j4h1(3j4h1)Adult (m)4,7939201
4X7TT(4X7TT)Adult (f)3,2146961
nrl5V(nrl5V)Adult (f)3,5867501
u5lr8(u5lr8)Adult (f)3,1177212
qzlbz(qzlbz)Adult (m)4,9171,0461
yXiyF(yXiyF)Adult (f)5,7511,2354
X5VXn(X5VXn)Adult (m)3,6398462
6lTlELittle Snake SnakeHatchling (F)3,7973003
fszGcLittle Lacula HatchlingHatchling (m, F)3,9768684
bena6(bena6)Hatchling (f, F)3,8298054
nIu5I(nIu5I)Egg (F)
REqu9Habitat StewardAdult (m)3,8661,0661
yr2fnEnvironmental StewardAdult (f)5,0077831
DYOsOLand ProtectorAdult (m)5,1579941
JoukPLand GuardianAdult (f)4,6979770
GBIhZEcologistAdult (f)5,2689382
NyF60Passion KissAdult (f)2,7947462
tI1t1Brave WandererAdult (m)2,7127262
6YKG7(6YKG7)Adult (f)2,7157512
uya7K(uya7K)Adult (m)3,1437491
RYdIb(RYdIb)Adult (f)3,4377271
8Kbek(8Kbek)Adult (m)4,2856276
vjG1f(vjG1f)Adult (m)4,2536133
UiqpI(UiqpI)Adult (f)3,6036644
EesaR(EesaR)Hatchling (m, F)4,3945784
3OCwyLittledonHatchling (f, F)4,3428872
xl62P(xl62P)Hatchling (F)2,3373091
Jn56jIlluminatedAdult (f)7,6611,1287
nctLXBrighten the DayAdult (m)3,9211,0835
4IkpMLightenAdult (m)4,6031,2932
OeSMtGlowinAdult (m)7,4561,0915
5fAoCLove LightAdult (f)5,1751,2633
QM8UuThe ShinyAdult (m)3,1089011
nT6T3Please Don't Burn MeAdult (m)9,6561,4884
KiZOP(KiZOP)Adult (f)5,3781,0162
AtQ5iShiny BeautyAdult (m)2,7008134
5gP9QBright LuminosityAdult (m)3,2948656
nUYBvEquivalent ExchangeAdult (f)9,2421,3326
RhW9PRaitoAdult (f)4,1231,43910
tNY0NBrilliant Bronze RoseAdult (m)5,49188011
iKF6tBejeweled ShimmerscalesAdult (f)2,2289045
J6ynRLying Until DeathAdult (f)2,9541,5345
hXWMORayo de LunaAdult (f)3,1028594
yc1EUIlluminated ManusciptsAdult (f)2,9429657
2aiHORelucirAdult (m)3,5109112
6C48gNightshade PoisonAdult (m)3,1281,1035
5yWvrIlluminated NightskyAdult (m)3,4999789
ox0ShBejeweled NightskyAdult (f)2,7701,0263
5hpMISparkling NightskyAdult (f)2,9809951
XIQDrDew Speckled RoseAdult (f)3,3859562
6fFRDStarting the Year BrightAdult (m)3,9629544
PSWvBIlluminated BronzecastAdult (f)3,2111,0171
ZAfAJSilver LightedAdult (f)2,9757274
Hm0mOShadow BaronessAdult (f)3,1119552
Ukm7rIlluminated ShineAdult (m)5,1651,2719
SncgBFinder's LuckAdult (m)6,7271,1655
wLAMnSilvery TrackAdult (m)6,4707611
fCAL9Elven StrawberryAdult (f)4,8491,0284
oBv3eEthereal ReflectionAdult (f)7,2029493
Rs7eqThe LuminaAdult (f)5,6787963
Lwiop(Lwiop)Adult (m)5,5386860
ZFtt1Sci-Fi WesternAdult (m)5,98789314
UHbk8Wolf and DragonAdult (f)6,7048717
UqCj7Fire aand IceAdult (m)3,7708101
tk1BmEstrogen LevelHatchling (f, F)3,4938317
9lbGpBlazing Costa Rican GoldHatchling (F)1,8594120
T1PF0Dark LuminasAdult (m)3,5478131
8TX2yLucien BrightbaseAdult (m)5,8221,0482
mD1JJWesternsAdult (m)6,1261,1642
OqJhZSci-Fi'sAdult (f)3,5477873
NrBTYDark FantasysAdult (f)6,16898410
LhsdF2G From BrightnessAdult (m)7,5569682
jlKzsHistorical DramaAdult (m)7,3091,2173
dsWvmMan in the Black HatAdult (m)7,3021,1012
gM4RZ(gM4RZ)Adult (m)6,9951,0780
tDjLF(tDjLF)Adult (m)7,0091,0851
3vt4gLibyanaAdult (f)4,9599991
PAc3jWhichminaAdult (f)6,5021,3953
4SvjHDRAACARYSAdult (f)6,8551,1525
zoCOm(zoCOm)Adult (f)5,9121,2533
bR0GV(bR0GV)Adult (f)7,9301,2176
kFdjy(kFdjy)Adult (f)7,6521,1754
vFdI2Smol Dark LuminaHatchling (f, F)5,0247202
TQC7u(TQC7u)Hatchling (F)5,2905674
Sudcz(Sudcz)Hatchling (m, F)7,5159241
EgjfLThe Spirit WildsAdult (m)6,0127512
21uGbThe Spirit PortalsAdult (f)6,0017501
vPs0k(vPs0k)Adult (f)5,6361,0151
klD34(klD34)Adult (m)5,4971,0512
3HnL3(3HnL3)Adult (f)5,5921,0201
XnJ2MManywingsAdult (m)6,5591,0686
wIJz8I AM LIGHT LOVE MEAdult (f)5,8951,0802
CGmmnThe Mother of FacesAdult (f)5,8961,0943
ZX0JfSpirit KohAdult (f)5,7521,0762
KvsH8BrightbringerAdult (m)5,6471,0982
o5h2A(o5h2A)Adult (f)5,53388918
bHcV3(bHcV3)Adult (f)5,63598022
eMgDr(eMgDr)Adult (m)6,03282618
WB5F7(WB5F7)Adult (f)7,4151,0494
iBrod(iBrod)Adult (f)6,2451,0184
CLOX3Shine Shine MoonAdult (f)6,9211,1004
s8Tbf(s8Tbf)Adult (f)3,8817262
hZxd8Little Gold SpiritHatchling (F)1,6412282
E5ZYWWinged Spirit BabyHatchling (m, F)3,6188362
tye82(tye82)Hatchling (f, F)7,1029922
WE6ETSilver's New NameAdult (m)5,0267542
Ttvi2(Ttvi2)Adult (f)4,8287610
KvtkU(KvtkU)Adult (f)4,7757490
02xnaColor CrisisAdult (f)4,7337552
Wvl8c(Wvl8c)Adult (m)4,7167570
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