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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • Snow Wars 2
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “KittyKilljoy94,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ne21m(ne21m)Hatchling (m)4,6144041
TRRL7(TRRL7)Adult (m)5,8695431
dVNa2(dVNa2)Adult (m)5,8675432
EtGz2(EtGz2)Adult (m)5,8715442
wofcy(wofcy)Adult (f)5,7005423
iqvSJ(iqvSJ)Adult (f)5,7015422
ABCJb(ABCJb)Adult (f)5,7025422
m3JrJ(m3JrJ)Adult (m)5,6235121
5rf8k(5rf8k)Adult (m)6,1075441
xDlME(xDlME)Adult (f)6,3195612
I6GZ7(I6GZ7)Adult (f)4,3144172
4nwnK(4nwnK)Adult (f)7,0155681
35q7e(35q7e)Adult (f)7,0225721
p9zAw(p9zAw)Adult (f)5,2454392
lsudx(lsudx)Adult (f)5,2334371
c6v4w(c6v4w)Adult (f)8,9156011
0UtJq(0UtJq)Adult (f)8,9126021
90GvX(90GvX)Adult (m)8,6366501
yuYtn(yuYtn)Adult (m)8,1606661
SJQ91(SJQ91)Adult (m)8,1716662
Gcj19(Gcj19)Adult (m)5,4814851
QEr35(QEr35)Adult (m)8,0546122
vVyVr(vVyVr)Adult (m)5,3884803
nltsJ(nltsJ)Adult (f)5,3084981
mnGqv(mnGqv)Adult (f)7,0266694
g8xpu(g8xpu)Adult (f)7,0266694
BVBMQ(BVBMQ)Adult (f)6,8906623
DVT1M(DVT1M)Adult (f)7,0226663
HxqRH(HxqRH)Adult (m)7,0186664
TG42Q(TG42Q)Adult (f)7,0176664
SsCcP(SsCcP)Adult (m)7,1297042
qOpsL(qOpsL)Adult (m)7,0866761
QNCHJ(QNCHJ)Adult (f)7,0806751
LF4yi(LF4yi)Adult (f)7,0756771
EcuAz(EcuAz)Adult (f)7,1486712
bUURh(bUURh)Adult (f)7,1476702
oyKPa(oyKPa)Adult (m)6,8935902
HLyJy(HLyJy)Adult (f)6,8995902
GlFmyJoyrush's GIF MeAdult (f)6,9045911
4yvbz(4yvbz)Adult (f)6,8905891
AzfCE(AzfCE)Adult (f)6,9636091
M3Yoo(M3Yoo)Adult (m)4,8794291
S7JD8(S7JD8)Adult (f)6,8545531
Oc7Z6(Oc7Z6)Adult (m)6,8565531
Vkl1O(Vkl1O)Adult (m)6,8545521
7RcNm(7RcNm)Adult (m)6,8555521
psDgr(psDgr)Adult (m)6,8535521
ctTJsJoyrush's Tyrian HeliotropeAdult (m)4,9924492
RyKHLJoyrush's Queen of TriumphAdult (f)
5G6ErJoyrush's Luxurious PalaceAdult (m)
bvaiMJoyrush's Mithral ShieldAdult (m)6,8675782
WjeuGJoyrush's Tidally LockedAdult (m)6,8645761
6yUJwJoyrush's Prince WagglesAdult (f)6,8615761
vp5mRJoyrush's BarrelracerAdult (f)6,8635762
W8u88Joyrush's FanbladeAdult (m)6,8555751
h63l1Modorush Gleaming GladiolusAdult (f)6,8375671
iwvqWJoyrush's Risen From AshesAdult (f)7,4806221
wRjKSJoyrush's Ferocious VictoryAdult (m)
0MeePJoyrush's Gleaming SuccessAdult (f)
v6GwvJoyrush's Bounty HunterAdult (f)6,7676164
7sOwXJoyrush's Tempest SorcererAdult (f)6,7716153
hAjajJoyrush's Priestess of LightAdult (f)6,7706154
8jBslJoyrush's Warden of IthilienAdult (m)6,7696183
WOrk0Joyrush's MaestrariaAdult (f)6,7686173
EguWLJoyrush's Chief EguwillAdult (f)6,7696183
hJelmJoyrush's Silver ChiefAdult (m)7,6996531
AnozBJoyrush's Pay UpAdult (m)7,7046551
tRjJIJoyrush's Mad ScienceAdult (m)7,7046551
LbzWmJoyrush's Charging RizAdult (f)7,7066551
rG9N9Joyrush's Target AcquiredAdult (m)7,7076551
1kMNUJoyrush's Blessed OneAdult (f)7,7096552
f6pXqJoyrush's Clairvoyant CycloneAdult (m)5,4265861
JpdJYJoyrush's Rector of RecordsAdult (f)5,4265841
xfT0xJoyrush's Adumbrated MiscreantAdult (m)5,4265851
EEicoJoyrush's One Man BandAdult (m)5,4255850
qczi0Joyrush's Quiet Forest CustodianAdult (f)5,4255861
PnTEyJoyrush's Admiral PinteyAdult (m)5,4275861
B9jIRJoyrush's Principal ConductorAdult (f)7,3807031
dQbvGJoyrush's Captain DaquevierAdult (f)7,3827041
NV3l8Joyrush's High PriestessAdult (f)7,3887024
SpLRxJoyrush's General SpalloruxAdult (f)7,3907032
OFXKzJoyrush's Thieves' GuildmasterAdult (f)7,3827051
W8cWlJoyrush's Sorcerer SupremeAdult (m)7,3847022
z7iwsJoyrush's Climb the SkiesAdult (m)4,4674701
0lhf4Joyrush's Kept Close to HomeAdult (m)6,8919281
z2CokJoyrush's BullheadedAdult (m)5,6309651
fHBkbJoyrush's Smaller HalfAdult (f)5,6869611
PcKUOJoyrush's Finally FoundAdult (m)5,6319592
K0uhsJoyrush's KayzouhusAdult (f)6,8548261
xnHBiModo HabixinAdult (f)4,9975782
ndhBfModo Perfect FlipAdult (m)5,0835742
dyjHlJoyrush's Racing TrophyAdult (f)6,9091,1891
EOIOsJoyrush's EiosAdult (f)5,7471,0963
bG9QMJoyrush's Holding HopeAdult (m)5,6141,0421
98AZFJoyrush's AzazelfAdult (f)5,8241,1122
TXehKJoyrush's Texas QueenAdult (f)5,5701,0752
Qwt5lJoyrush's QuetfihvalAdult (f)5,5451,0216
sRUniModo SruniAdult (m)3,5477781
eFRWSJoyrush's EfforausAdult (f)5,2531,1002
Z5SJJJoyrush's How Deep Is Your LoveAdult (m)5,2401,0942
mvDdRJoyrush's Move and DiveAdult (m)5,2121,1002
acA4fJoyrush's Acting Up And OutAdult (f)3,6918101
5VRC8Joyrush's Voltage ArcAdult (f)5,2721,1073
7TEx3Joyrush's Took You Long EnoughAdult (f)5,2521,0922
xb84AModo Ex Ex BabyAdult (m)9,2331,1924
Y27wJJoyrush's You Will Be JudgedAdult (f)4,6029611
09RpkJoyrush's Depths Are DarkAdult (f)4,7059952
zi6q5Joyrush's Stalking AnglerAdult (m)4,7209721
oxzCMJoyrush's Toxic CameoAdult (m)4,6279801
IIfJPJoyrush's Teasle and TuftAdult (m)4,7749581
nLgTuJoyrush's NalagoptuAdult (m)4,6299552
Sn6rIJoyrush's Snarled in StarlightAdult (f)4,4961,1223
5S3yGJoyrush's SongstressAdult (f)4,5661,1131
3WEySJoyrush's Protection HashiraAdult (m)4,4171,1081
37e0OJoyrush's Safety in ShadeAdult (m)4,4081,0943
FQopQJoyrush's Frozen FractalsAdult (m)4,5901,1351
VNcIhJoyrush's Sweeping TrailAdult (f)4,5541,1222
bFvsnJoyrush's Baffled VisionAdult (f)5,8901,3022
nWxL4Joyrush's Tie Me DownAdult (f)6,0681,3141
QN54UJoyrush's WhistlerAdult (f)5,9261,3340
mjTOLJoyrush's Major O'tooleAdult (f)6,0571,2972
KkbsCJoyrush's Hackett's HopeAdult (m)6,0601,3232
yMQmiJoyrush's Harley FlushAdult (f)5,9141,3093
99QLKModo NiquelokAdult (f)4,0048562
oRmr0Modo OramiriosAdult (f)4,6147612
fw90WModo From BelowAdult (m)4,3269533
Dd3ezJoyrush's Dark DeedsAdult (f)4,8734451
D8LmhJoyrush's DelmihuAdult (m)4,8674431
T05h0Joyrush's Lord TohiroAdult (m)4,8754453
fv7haJoyrush's Nightlight KindnessAdult (f)4,8704451
NlCp8Joyrush's PinknickAdult (m)4,8694432
LDD4UJoyrush's Lady DeforayAdult (f)4,8744452
3JVgmJoyrush's Voyager MarkAdult (m)4,2424341
pxj1VJoyrush's Packed Just In TimeAdult (m)4,3264381
WcSZ0Joyrush's Wisely CalledAdult (f)4,2154302
C9sdeJoyrush's Cascading StarAdult (f)4,2954361
ys2VHModo IcthyolgistAdult (m)7,0201,3832
LSKzyModo Lazy SkiesAdult (f)4,0348631
H5VF7Joyrush's Riddle Me ThatAdult (m)3,5757773
33x3gJoyrush's Triple GleamAdult (f)5,5361,1101
EXpsQModo ExpatriatierAdult (f)3,6918521
urkb3Modo Finely IrkedAdult (f)3,7208302
JCS2WModo Just Because You Said ToAdult (m)3,5708602
SoWTQModo So QualifiedAdult (m)3,6338232
i8HqyModo IhiqiryAdult (m)3,6298462
fD4ZzModo MosadazzleAdult (m)4,8587722
rwl80Modo Fractured AgateAdult (f)5,5057767
qcBt4Modo Pharaoh's OracleAdult (m)5,2101,1612
4xQPgModo Bold BruteAdult (m)6,4601,1751
pCYQiModo Decayed NagaAdult (f)5,2331,1911
2GdNgModo Fallen in SpringAdult (f)5,3511,1701
M63qxModo MaxivalAdult (m)5,4101,1561
k7k7JJoyrush's CataclecticAdult (m)4,4539751
2FtmlJoyrush's Too Far From MeAdult (m)4,6451,0191
0MQFCModo Heart's EaseAdult (f)3,4648382
oKjNwModo Hopeless RomanticAdult (f)3,5037941
cQdV8Modo LeechAdult (f)3,3818523
uFnSZJoyrush's Fan the FlamesAdult (m)4,7161,2561
jN6Y1Joyrush's Fleeting RomanceAdult (f)4,8131,2202
IVUvXJoyrush's Pearl of WisdomAdult (f)4,8361,2471
th6brJoyrush's Gentle BouquetAdult (m)4,8251,2632
UHaUrJoyrush's Haughty FoolAdult (m)4,7751,2381
DDIReJoyrush's Sweet DierdreAdult (f)4,7581,2401
X7tSRJoyrush's Exasperated StrengthAdult (m)5,2031,3042
6r4T4Joyrush's Fourth Try's the CharmAdult (m)4,1469941
o1n8TModo Delivery ServiceAdult (f)4,1279862
8kXwtModo Pace YourselfAdult (m)4,0789731
2Z6XjModo Choosy JinxAdult (m)5,3491,2561
5VpnFModo Fine ViperAdult (m)5,2461,2381
DH1EQJoyrush's DhresheqAdult (m)3,5661,0081
NtxBCJoyrush's Next BulletAdult (m)3,5891,0401
tfSVaJoyrush's Taffeta SolventAdult (f)3,4349911
GWWIRJoyrush's Going Wild With RibbonAdult (f)2,7606481
4VH88Joyrush's Forever LateAdult (f)2,3606332
7BDqiJoyrush's BediqivenAdult (m)3,8931,0791
6r6lMJoyrush's RixilimAdult (f)3,2709641
sQTmtJoyrush's Squat MateAdult (f)3,3639542
79X22Joyrush's Broad DaylightAdult (m)3,2199211
jbVe6Modo BelieverAdult (f)3,7898602
N74H5Joyrush's Spectre's RageAdult (m)5,3001,4431
McCQLJoyrush's McConquilAdult (m)5,3001,4361
Iv0OOJoyrush's IvooAdult (m)5,2621,4121
911KvJoyrush's Emergency Cave ShelterAdult (f)5,4501,4771
5zNlqJoyrush's Nickel LinkAdult (m)5,3361,4391
rfdeRJoyrush's Fast RideAdult (f)5,3001,4341
tH2GPModo Therapy To GoAdult (f)3,5817926
heR39Modo Heretic NineAdult (m)3,6108015
KJPBlModo KajimarinaAdult (f)5,1131,3520
UgBQ8Modo Gargoyle's CurseAdult (m)4,9931,3423
x1ETmModo SquashbowlAdult (f)5,0681,3202
xa1mCModo Examiner's CourseAdult (f)4,9591,3261
4XLZDModo XcelentsAdult (m)4,9781,3311
0pRtRModo OptorotorAdult (m)5,1721,3691
Cujw1Joyrush's CujeriniteAdult (f)4,5931,1143
2J1BdJoyrush's JabradAdult (m)4,7971,1011
HNFs2Joyrush's Honor FlashAdult (m)4,6721,0711
85hHQJoyrush's Highest QualityAdult (f)4,6021,1101
LF9kqJoyrush's Look For A QueenAdult (f)4,8171,0982
pUjRuJoyrush's Perjurious RubyAdult (f)4,6781,0911
x1Gs0Joyrush's Exogal HauntersAdult (m)5,6191,0801
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