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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “KittyKat123,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gNtUF(gNtUF)Adult (m)4,9781,1144
rOPJ8(rOPJ8)Adult (m)2,2006253
KJI1Q(KJI1Q)Adult (f)2,1177011
pbIts(pbIts)Adult (f)2,0927001
uJcgs(uJcgs)Adult (m)2,8677442
9XKPa(9XKPa)Adult (m)2,2006232
Is6j9(Is6j9)Adult (f)3,7616843
mLYmp(mLYmp)Adult (f)3,6846953
RVRmB(RVRmB)Adult (m)3,9386685
qjvqH(qjvqH)Adult (m)5,4678873
O6onZ(O6onZ)Adult (m)3,8586333
CY5C5(CY5C5)Adult (m)4,1126892
XrkCX(XrkCX)Adult (f)4,1216941
enuWF(enuWF)Adult (f)3,5656831
NN41S(NN41S)Adult (f)5,8873930
gjm8p(gjm8p)Adult (m)4,0363680
uTpnZ(uTpnZ)Adult (f)3,7337026
rsVfTSnow DuchessAdult (f)1,9196281
u5n01Heavenly Dancer QueenAdult (f)1,8565713
B28NHLights of the HolidaysAdult (m)1,8335661
aetjpGolden FestivalAdult (m)2,1196261
8so8gThousand WishesAdult (f)1,6086643
DACPpSonnet MistressAdult (m)1,5846821
jCbDhDemure LovesongAdult (m)1,9887724
Z3T7PParadise TemptationAdult (f)2,0847745
fpbcBRose ElysiumAdult (f)2,6056633
m9WHWLovers' CreationAdult (m)2,5406843
MkGh4Thousand DreamsAdult (m)2,3886894
hLXhZsilence is a looking birdAdult (m)3,0971,2064
V4E3Pthe turning edge of lifeAdult (f)3,1081,2133
rl220inquiry before snowAdult (m)3,0841,2181
iG6eeWander SpiritAdult (m)3,0401,1793
KMnnSVeiled in MistAdult (f)3,0671,1922
WqQlsUnearthly GraceAdult (f)3,0501,2192
iQVa(iQVa)Egg (F)
PBeFmJust a Little CuckooAdult (f)4,0151,0244
qVAUVEmpyrean PrideAdult (f)6,0081,1166
JrMR9Sparkling Argent ZephyrAdult (m)4,3131,0697
j2mI2Song of the Wind and StarsAdult (f)6,31797910
515QCSterling ImladrisAdult (m)7,3161,40812
X4H2kSheen of the Night MistAdult (m)4,4431,2537
mQEZcDark DragonfireAdult (f)4,0651,4846
U3kkWChronophobiaAdult (m)6,0541,1376
HqsHMScion AugustAdult (m)6,0811,23213
i3pXUSpirit of ConquestAdult (f)6,3621,1235
1U0ckCreator of Eons ThuwedAdult (m)4,2251,1127
TYSD9Ghost of PrideAdult (m)4,8161,1257
CFGW3Bronzed MorpheusAdult (m)8,1271,25712
g5iKQEnlightened Sculptor ThuwedAdult (m)4,1091,3043
mMn1BShining ParagonAdult (m)3,3111,1374
lEcatRise of HumilityAdult (f)5,3591,2269
0Al5XShadow NobilityAdult (f)3,2031,1093
j7g4Astral LagoonAdult (m)1,0086381
ej7dbAstral SerpentAdult (m)4,1861,3167
bvUGXAstral Dark HorseAdult (m)2,3928413
j8P7LAstral FlameAdult (f)7,9181,6005
UhUIXAstral BubbleAdult (f)3,7281,1995
QM0sSAstral OmegaAdult (m)3,7621,1414
cUGp9Astral HelixAdult (m)3,1889413
T8GDsAstral SoulAdult (m)7,6301,2369
tKEtjAstral HeartAdult (f)2,3287734
H4unQAstral Eta CarinaeAdult (f)2,4931,0203
9iuMMImmortal CorvusAdult (m)2,8768363
NJNM9Immortal AriesAdult (m)3,4091,0502
F2cJlImmortal  PegasusAdult (f)5,9581,2194
HXUgLImmortal AquariusAdult (m)2,3527463
d32SJMessier 81 SpiralAdult (m)3,24386110
f8YbPGlimmer of NightAdult (f)2,2999042
U3KsStellar NovaAdult (f)1,0386351
oR7v8Heavenly VirgoAdult (f)5,5221,1765
cMigDusk's WingAdult (m)2,91040535
10Or8Shadow of RadianceAdult (m)2,6929808
dP8rDarkness MessengerAdult (m)2,9948527
8ZJbSable Wing DorkfaceAdult (f)4,2725975
lgJjSparkling Onyx DorkfaceAdult (f)8095874
QMUAkEyes of EmeraldAdult (f)2,9211,0515
iokY9Moonless FlightAdult (f)1,6905423
BCHcSuch Stuff as Dreams are Made OnAdult (m)8746975
DtqWImagined Insubstantial PageantAdult (m)9167236
CMMIWReverie Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)4,4801,0096
ugN06Dream of PassionAdult (f)2,5518263
MsUZgTheatre's Cloud-Capped TowersAdult (f)1,5626141
o82tRRiches of the CloudsAdult (f)1,4945961
vatiO(vatiO)Adult (f)3,7131,2895
TCfUn(TCfUn)Adult (m)4,0161,3957
nC2AU(nC2AU)Adult (m)3,3091,1577
qLrnVulcan's EmberAdult (m)6,3417881
7hgNVein of FireAdult (m)4,3604612
mY3pMCinder Flare Dusk ThuwedAdult (f)5,5351,5253
Dh5uZCrescent InquisitionAdult (f)1,6456171
kc0dZIlyeth KinAdult (f)2,2776422
YXMJRaging ConflagrationAdult (m)1,0737145
3bnDHellish FuryAdult (m)1,0806161
ptPUBlazing InfernalAdult (f)1,0186302
3nL6nPyre SongAdult (f)4,7471,3476
pNRJ4Stardust FlamesAdult (f)3,8961,0881
mAOIJObsidian MoltenAdult (m)4,6121,2535
4ngNrWintry SunAdult (f)4,6181,3059
7CG2OCobalt BoltAdult (m)4,5011,0696
VBjouIndigo ChargeAdult (m)3,0719425
v6X8MLunar Angel EclipseAdult (f)4,0208613
LQmX0Lunar Dancer EclipseAdult (f)3,8018732
mscboStarlight Empress EclipseAdult (f)6,4751,7373
3qcrFStarlight Priestess EclipseAdult (f)6,4601,7703
3qQAISovereign of the Moon EclipseAdult (m)6,2481,3503
eBG5oHarbinger of the Night EclipseAdult (m)4,6661,1151
2JL5Aquatic CrownAdult (m)1,1017124
dTXpAquatic JewelAdult (f)7,0441,0763
5AfaAquatic LightAdult (m)6,6321,1342
PFTXVAquatic WingAdult (f)3,7101,1313
MNUv8Silver SeafoamAdult (f)6,3201,50710
AiPk3Flame of the UnderseaAdult (m)3,8651,1964
NTdlEternal GuardianAdult (m)2,13345993
Xe10TOrder of the Grey WardensAdult (f)5,3851,0744
YjqDMoonlight on Silver SnowAdult (f)1,2168658
0uFq5Dazzling FelineAdult (f)2,2207166
4uKbPale Goldlight DorkfaceAdult (f)7,1681,0546
XGZlPLight of MourningAdult (f)4,7391,2405
egdeLast Rays of SunAdult (m)1,2008494
MCt3lCerulea Kim IIIAdult (f)1,3595625
8cWNlGreat JaguarAdult (m)2,9349024
IkB4UScarlet LionAdult (m)2,9751,0514
rE5ZAGarnet Gold DorkfaceAdult (f)5,5081,1795
A7sNgDivine TigressAdult (f)3,5051,0106
kkZviGlint of NightfallAdult (f)3,6509359
nMcCAInked Gold DorkfaceAdult (m)6,2041,5649
QXjJOf Lost SoulsAdult (f)1,0316482
2QW1Cursed with EternityAdult (f)3,5847474
j8ivSilent DemonAdult (m)5,9836566
Ok2aDream and HopeAdult (f)8446883
5ZdoValor and CourageAdult (m)1,2719045
bQcwMoon and StarsAdult (f)1,2588967
qdNoHonor and LoyaltyAdult (m)5,9629092
UPv2Aether and NetherAdult (m)9,3628934
QnEtHeaven and EarthAdult (m)2,2144653
vtDMBDiligence and FortitudeAdult (m)2,5265273
lFPJ6Zeal and DefianceAdult (m)5,8651,3038
rNMOJIntegrity and RighteousnessAdult (m)4,0691,2727
Icd6Scale's GleamAdult (f)1,0646623
ietR8Ruby BerylineAdult (f)7,9772,0494
bYPDqWillow FlittingAdult (f)4,3571,2514
j3Y6eGive Me a Boy AlreadyAdult (f)4,7758032
3iQTPBoldest WingAdult (m)4,9801,2722
1e1KAlabaster WingAdult (m)1,3247052
LlBggFair of ScaleAdult (f)6,3431,2951
KXEJAngel of the JungleAdult (f)6,3357961
FqX9Canopy GraceAdult (f)5,9569101
lH9YaLeafen WingAdult (m)5,3471,2854
HXIviI Am Not CheddarAdult6,6941,4054
hi6W6Green SpotAdult2,1147233
1b3CdGold CreamAdult4,0288496
oJM1Surf RiderAdult (f)6,3427971
vaMXSWingsome WaveAdult (f)6,2871,3351
KhtP6Spirit of the AlbatrossAdult (m)3,8271,1525
o1AW3Child of the VineAdult (f)2,5941,0402
nIHNLeaf's WhisperAdult (f)1,1288516
oo3PIvy's Emerald DorkfaceAdult (f)1,1406101
uljlZSnare DorkfaceAdult (m)2,0997143
mghWIGreen SnapperAdult (m)3,0001,0785
2lOtHThorned FangAdult (m)3,5001,0732
59WYMysteries of the DepthsAdult (f)1,28281028
DD0DDiving TempestAdult (f)1,0775801
Wq9WCopti VisageAdult (f)7,2141,0531
3rsWmSalmon WingspanAdult (m)4,0341,2544
8FWUFrills of FortuneAdult (f)2,56527927
QvMMPlush KingAdult (m)9,5589303
SAWXsFluff RoyalAdult (f)6,0311,2905
cbILCrystal's SparkleAdult (f)1,5167265
mL5lDawn's FlowerHatchling (F)1,95917220
uqAFMorning's RoseAdult (f)11,42483914
3CqoSCurious BeautyAdult (f)4,2631,1644
oHZ9pRoaming ColorsAdult (f)3,4391,0335
ZPXE4Heart of BronzeAdult (f)3,3331,0254
7dmhdRoving TamAdult (f)3,8311,0855
AR7FGTinkle RoseAdult (f)4,1721,1502
5aO37Metallic LoverAdult (f)4,3301,0712
G6kEHPeriodique CeriaAdult (f)2,2607903
ldKNUHeart TamAdult (f)3,7941,1555
FdRUPerfection ThuwedAdult (m)1,0566053
1mObpSanguine TamAdult (m)5,0081,3655
4nQLiPink CandyAdult (m)2,8199155
oPcdSteady of SpiritAdult (m)1,2276976
Gmb9vStrong of SoulAdult (m)5,1031,0673
soNrO(soNrO)Adult (m)1,5876072
UeB0Stealthy of StepAdult (m)2,0464266
udkvmSilence of SafetyAdult (f)4,6791,1063
FUeuThundercloud TempestAdult (m)1,2556914
JtH7GThunderpeal TempestAdult (m)3,8301,1590
6sYkLightningstrike TempestAdult (f)3,71433620
UkfjNOpalescent PlumeAdult (f)4,1131,0083
GLKvBPrismatic WingAdult (m)5,7641,2414
vYs51Iridescent ScaleAdult (m)2,9624762
AOtvUSwirling DuskAdult (f)4,4384841
38LIsIncandescent SpiralAdult (m)2,0866571
4FykMoon's LusterAdult (f)2,0695316
2zW6Silver's SplendorAdult (f)4,3216196
BR2eECoral EmbraceAdult (f)3,17384930
4tYKIJust Wait Until I EvolveAdult (m)6,3071,4985
1kfavShining Bronze ScalesAdult (m)8,5251,4944
XdTnOTira SealarkAdult (f)2,3315953
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