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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • Snow Wars 2
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kitten199,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UP8xL(UP8xL)Hatchling (m)4,8879841
HTdhG(HTdhG)Hatchling (f)4,8719721
q55tSS q55t CBAdult (m)2,45244520
68bNSS 68bN CBAdult (f)5,0821,0201
EP5RLunar Twin O's STR 3Adult (m)5,4057462
aVfgLunar Split Personality CBAdult (f)8,1391,4417
9cOVSS 9cOV PB2Adult (m)7,9841,0733
jCNeELunar Quivering Pair CBAdult (m)2,2766310
FrqSSLunar Endless Split CBAdult (m)2,3889292
UZW1XLunar Cracked Egg CBAdult (m)5,0869600
iitnJLunar Divided Destiny CBAdult (m)2,8096924
XtLjnLunar Miracle CBAdult (f)2,6647532
3df83Lunar Mistaken CBAdult (f)2,2557453
PGdmkLunar Hedgehog CBAdult (m)2,6386722
K4czGLunar Open Door CBAdult (m)3,35572810
6d8YELunar Cake-in-Face CBAdult (f)2,3096243
KoBxOLunar Trek CBAdult (m)2,6838290
OonNnLunar Fallen Apples CBAdult (f)2,3738162
2oqzHLunar Open Face Sandwich CBAdult (m)2,7076781
YfdoGLunar Fuzzy Peppers CBAdult (f)3,5065960
2KmBuLunar Green Dust CBAdult (f)3,7615821
Q4EllLunar Split Infinity CBAdult (f)4,2415452
9GPjXLunar Next Please CBAdult (f)4,0057410
0jYdhLunar Double Time CBAdult (f)5,4727000
sctvJ(sctvJ)Adult (m)1,6706330
CwgLl(CwgLl)Adult (f)2,1968511
9o38t(9o38t)Adult (m)4,8581,1832
vhRsC(vhRsC)Adult (m)4,7531,0943
VGA7J(VGA7J)Adult (f)3,3668211
bnq79(bnq79)Adult (m)3,4987805
yMh1N(yMh1N)Adult (m)2,5356362
jCX3k(jCX3k)Adult (m)3,4307072
SKmhy(SKmhy)Adult (m)3,7066871
vIyxR(vIyxR)Adult (m)4,0137201
Ueq46(Ueq46)Adult (m)3,7786031
e6ugX(e6ugX)Adult (m)6,4877541
dHLpP(dHLpP)Adult (m)4,5819013
xuHWX(xuHWX)Adult (f)4,5108912
M5qo5(M5qo5)Adult (f)3,0237802
an03q(an03q)Adult (m)3,6658712
hLRlB(hLRlB)Adult (f)4,7089441
uGNkT(uGNkT)Adult (f)4,2228853
TlxVd(TlxVd)Adult (m)4,5608892
a1elV(a1elV)Adult (f)6,6771,1122
aM6JU(aM6JU)Adult (f)2,8486410
04IsY(04IsY)Adult (f)3,1455811
KHhU6(KHhU6)Adult (m)5,2938141
o8qL1(o8qL1)Adult (m)3,1997573
NK9oI(NK9oI)Adult (m)2,6833795
ZQIAS(ZQIAS)Adult (f)3,2934040
xGJyG(xGJyG)Adult (f)5,3107332
RHff8(RHff8)Adult (f)5,3309722
BDPxz(BDPxz)Adult (m)3,9937793
TAXAc(TAXAc)Adult (f)4,1827474
EoRRK(EoRRK)Adult (m)4,6001,0241
12IUx(12IUx)Adult (f)3,4687012
4I0se(4I0se)Adult (f)5,4611,0833
tBcDX(tBcDX)Adult (m)5,6661,0531
L5Ay3(L5Ay3)Adult (m)3,2097472
dSqLw(dSqLw)Adult (m)3,3617432
JfzRy(JfzRy)Adult (m)3,5708281
qkzX8(qkzX8)Adult (m)3,3207211
2bLZB(2bLZB)Adult (f)3,5027501
Xv7XB(Xv7XB)Adult (m)5,3811,0713
ddg3c(ddg3c)Adult (f)4,2338751
zxHaa(zxHaa)Adult (f)4,5179416
7EEoLunar Ocean Pearl CBAdult (f)2,6781,08231
hDGSSS hDGS CBAdult (m)4,4458233
f2D8Lunar Black Pearl DNBAdult (m)4,2618236
139pLunar Ghostly Visions CBAdult (f)3,6406184
YCM3Lunar Transparency CBAdult (m)4,7537913
SVsolLunar Cream Colored Glasses CBAdult (f)2,5759306
WU09qSS WU09q CBAdult (f)2,2328235
HLqvcLunar Purple Unknown 3Adult (m)2,3268332
6tZ8jLunar Pale Water 2Adult (f)2,1897752
8R0mtLunar Pale Red Stones 2Adult (f)2,2538401
cMFEuLunar Pale Rouge Stones 2Adult (m)2,2028261
tq5qvLunar Pale Lace 2Adult (m)2,5517021
QKsQ1Lunar Whipped Cream CBAdult (m)2,3405041
A3Zgl(A3Zgl)Adult (f)2,0627050
BaDXg(BaDXg)Adult (f)2,9619871
7QvY0Lunar Pale Fire 2Adult (m)2,1316470
UCYb4Lunar Cloudy Beyond CBAdult (m)2,1066640
K5fWrLunar Chasing Moonlight CBAdult (m)2,6317026
30RlI(30RlI)Adult (m)2,0426312
EQLDu(EQLDu)Adult (f)3,4821,0340
FVyUJ(FVyUJ)Adult (m)2,2779501
UMaw8(UMaw8)Adult (m)3,7089430
Uw46U(Uw46U)Adult (f)3,4726472
dXCnLunar Morning Light G2Hatchling (m, F)6,3057514
ox01p(ox01p)Adult (f)3,0617921
m0SPb(m0SPb)Adult (f)3,2777621
1x2RZ(1x2RZ)Adult (m)3,4188433
FdT9x(FdT9x)Adult (m)3,2538492
j7mop(j7mop)Adult (f)3,3177681
ajzMt(ajzMt)Adult (f)3,4269510
m1dPX(m1dPX)Adult (m)3,1998370
xxZfI(xxZfI)Adult (m)4,4717833
rKXF7(rKXF7)Adult (m)3,5047011
19wqv(19wqv)Adult (m)3,6325230
YCZ5a(YCZ5a)Adult (m)4,3356110
BMiAI(BMiAI)Adult (m)3,4997253
Ke2Gi(Ke2Gi)Adult (m)3,0515394
CQj9z(CQj9z)Adult (m)2,0876120
shNb6(shNb6)Adult (m)2,9617930
DM4YT(DM4YT)Adult (m)2,2295510
uWsTw(uWsTw)Adult (m)3,9965121
Pnjh3(Pnjh3)Adult (m)3,6315750
QGgQw(QGgQw)Adult (f)4,0265641
MzQkG(MzQkG)Adult (m)3,5445471
FFoGE(FFoGE)Adult (m)5,2286371
0vg4l(0vg4l)Adult (m)3,1307903
Z6UoC(Z6UoC)Adult (f)3,1517622
zFWPu(zFWPu)Adult (f)4,1619479
Eq5qM(Eq5qM)Adult (m)3,6588431
YhN2b(YhN2b)Adult (m)3,6516140
D5YhY(D5YhY)Adult (m)4,0106360
BD4Xh(BD4Xh)Adult (f)3,5094232
GyeWw(GyeWw)Adult (m)3,1973951
BwZK8(BwZK8)Adult (m)3,3744101
a73xS(a73xS)Adult (m)3,1463962
qfKlA(qfKlA)Adult (f)3,0863853
XHCcs(XHCcs)Adult (f)2,6366161
Z0d2U(Z0d2U)Adult (m)2,5955720
h3zyH(h3zyH)Adult (m)3,1525950
a0Y57(a0Y57)Adult (f)3,4364052
AAJmr(AAJmr)Adult (m)2,8804955
r1XL5(r1XL5)Adult (f)4,0297340
hmslc(hmslc)Adult (m)4,7668081
083Ct(083Ct)Adult (m)3,8816621
rO9dY(rO9dY)Adult (f)4,6548231
GiIvg(GiIvg)Adult (f)5,4126681
fI4Em(fI4Em)Adult (m)3,2987291
uJOV1(uJOV1)Adult (m)3,2997591
fKqLk(fKqLk)Adult (f)3,3297250
CTdb7(CTdb7)Adult (m)4,3656662
vXLa0(vXLa0)Adult (f)4,0447361
XxGw1(XxGw1)Adult (m)3,9286961
EIHf6(EIHf6)Adult (m)3,0155651
spIPb(spIPb)Adult (f)4,0535491
1WwS0(1WwS0)Adult (m)3,7975553
EcyoJ(EcyoJ)Adult (m)3,8735801
ztxDI(ztxDI)Adult (f)3,4966450
Tsy8l(Tsy8l)Adult (m)5,2069393
sR8Vf(sR8Vf)Adult (f)4,1346570
02hRH(02hRH)Adult (m)3,8006120
qi8UM(qi8UM)Adult (m)3,7126320
LLvM3(LLvM3)Adult (m)3,3085381
rp7Wl(rp7Wl)Adult (m)3,1975281
jm1mk(jm1mk)Adult (m)2,3516130
S4i8q(S4i8q)Adult (m)3,4076962
3p9JZ(3p9JZ)Adult (m)3,2907610
lI4jh(lI4jh)Adult (m)4,6808764
3flVW(3flVW)Adult (m)5,9731,0203
J70NC(J70NC)Adult (f)4,3638614
qXf5V(qXf5V)Adult (f)4,5639731
queKp(queKp)Adult (f)3,7138281
VRnvy(VRnvy)Adult (f)3,8529271
1n443(1n443)Adult (m)6,0658963
U6kcT(U6kcT)Adult (f)3,9817821
2SBW6(2SBW6)Adult (m)3,4017653
rCAaw(rCAaw)Adult (f)4,5768070
7AhWy(7AhWy)Adult (m)5,0837182
0lDEN(0lDEN)Adult (m)3,6958172
zCJIl(zCJIl)Adult (m)3,1987241
76xLz(76xLz)Adult (m)4,3857631
Kjtqi(Kjtqi)Adult (m)5,3648662
DiN5K(DiN5K)Adult (m)4,1579020
bs4OQ(bs4OQ)Adult (f)2,8727162
jSFBq(jSFBq)Adult (f)2,7736610
95yli(95yli)Adult (m)3,8419921
Z8xCj(Z8xCj)Adult (f)2,9654001
TQhjM(TQhjM)Adult (m)3,0043851
VvF4c(VvF4c)Adult (m)2,8365980
QuBLZ(QuBLZ)Adult (m)2,7906051
1djpd(1djpd)Adult (m)2,7395900
Lc3ee(Lc3ee)Adult (f)2,8136430
CrZF9(CrZF9)Adult (f)3,5796421
nbF8E(nbF8E)Adult (m)3,5706531
HFhQA(HFhQA)Adult (f)6,2741,0473
62KbW(62KbW)Adult (m)6,2369900
A2aPD(A2aPD)Adult (m)2,8325901
ncbAz(ncbAz)Adult (f)5,7948610
fEtqu(fEtqu)Adult (f)3,6717470
pO0G6(pO0G6)Adult (m)3,0338232
TLn0L(TLn0L)Adult (f)4,0027131
4f4PK(4f4PK)Adult (f)4,8058801
Mv7hd(Mv7hd)Adult (f)4,4379552
dlQxR(dlQxR)Adult (m)3,8288383
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