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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kisuli,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UkfWGRedscale  CBAdult (f)6,6111,3058
dzEE5(dzEE5)Adult (f)7,4261,1107
etd32Redlight G3Adult (f)7,6201,1231
5IJ04Redtalon G4Adult (m)7,5301,2494
5SrmBDeathblood  CBAdult (m)8,0061,3585
uVasPDeathmagic G3Adult (m)4,7041,0182
Vr9goOceanbreeze G2Adult (m)6,6331,2186
4RmdpWavestone G4Adult (m)6,9331,2549
rfYOJOceanpelt G3Adult (m)5,6251,4753
1NOCnOceannose G5Adult (m)4,3021,0734
qiJInFightdanger G3Adult (m)7,7201,3383
Q0HNLFirestrike  CBAdult (m)6,8171,2549
rVZGPFirelight G2Adult (m)7,8311,51413
tNKF5Ashlight  CBAdult (f)6,6391,23310
e3tVwAshstrike G2Adult (m)8,3411,1013
ZndKyCinderburn G2Adult (m)6,3391,2231
Fa5k5Lavafire G2Adult (m)6,5091,2894
XXE0CMudpelt G2Adult (f)6,7941,2161
Vj2hCBramblescratch G2Adult (f)5,5171,4452
9IcpRDistantecho G2Adult (f)8,0451,3146
RwGDMSwiftpath  CBAdult (m)7,6891,33111
1oieVSwiftflight G2Adult (f)4,4351,0324
lGg25Mudstone  CBAdult (m)3,8791,1095
PIPpcBlazeflame  CBAdult (m)3,6101,0885
j54xPTendergaze G2Adult (m)8,1361,1095
yQPi8Fluffpelt  CBAdult (f)6,5591,2949
NexOSFluffstone G2Adult (f)5,1549007
MNUJAMorningsun  CBAdult (f)7,8251,3845
fkEp9Dawnbird  G2Adult (f)6,7671,2532
a53rYYellowstrike G4Adult (f)5,7941,4795
LRZ6UMorningsong G2Adult (m)7,0331,42510
WgTEmYellowfrill G2Adult (m)7,6361,2952
CTd4wMorningwind G3Adult (m)7,3871,1792
6CAL2Desertroar G2Adult (f)7,8991,3241
rwCxkBrightflower  CBAdult (m)6,5821,2394
GBi6PBrightwind G4Adult (m)4,9701,0455
Jv9iJPaletoe G2Adult (m)6,9881,2627
eUFdXSandsong G3Adult (m)7,0591,2791
P2ov5Rotspike  CBAdult (m)6,4421,2545
G2NeVWildscream G2Adult (m)7,1711,1813
pPjKURotleg G2Adult (f)6,9151,2764
GDt3XRotstrike G3Adult (f)9,5791,5465
SSoJfSandleap  CBAdult (f)6,4431,2677
69KUTSandwind G2Adult (f)7,4421,0464
V491LPalebird G3Adult (f)5,6961,2841
i1CLXGentlewind  CBAdult (m)5,4299734
mbQB1Fernflight  CBAdult (f)6,6101,17811
nvXDBMossleaf  CBAdult (f)7,3841,4045
dJYqePoisonwing  CBAdult (m)6,8731,29211
TOchNFernpath G2Adult (m)6,5861,2491
EIJNaGemshine  CBAdult (f)6,8081,23013
WMzIAReedleg  CBAdult (f)6,5921,2887
XkVZgGentlestep G2Adult (m)9,1701,5308
LNBHvWavepool  CBAdult (f)6,6281,2644
QX2sCWaveflame G2Adult (f)7,5991,3218
C95f3Waveshade G3Adult (f)6,7301,2564
qpX2AOceanlight G4Adult (f)7,5541,2714
FK54hShortfin G2Adult (f)7,9511,2604
8SqG1Waveburn G3Adult (f)4,5831,0373
HCX7VWavelight G5Adult (f)6,7741,3055
pEZttShortgaze G3Adult (f)6,6261,2844
rcwxbRivertear G2Adult (f)7,3841,2872
weaolLongtail  CBAdult (f)6,6761,2249
lDJtPLongstorm G2Adult (f)7,0901,3124
o0M50Longsoul G3Adult (f)9,5161,5654
jN8BTHawklight G4Adult (f)5,5801,4304
2yJ9PSwallowmind G2Adult (f)7,4111,1012
W8nDbFiercestorm  CBAdult (m)4,8549234
29IDRHawktalon G2Adult (m)7,8571,2976
ffb6gIcefrost  CBAdult (f)4,5869336
677uoSplashstream  CBAdult (f)3,7111,0808
DP9KcBluemoon  CBAdult (m)6,9541,1827
HAcbcDustbite G3Adult (f)5,7041,2943
Jz8hNBrightleaf G2Adult (f)5,5911,2753
Yr7bgWhitestripe  CBAdult (m)6,6311,2466
XbVt1Gempath G2Adult (f)7,8721,46516
UBF7YGemwing G2Adult (f)8,1751,0802
8iK3CGemmoon G3Adult (f)9,5801,58110
vwpOnMountainbreeze  CBAdult (f)6,4061,2236
T4jjKPoisonleg  G2Adult (m)7,2911,1946
EWsOQDarkshade  CBAdult (m)4,7509113
Z3Gi3Darkbreeze G2Adult (f)9,8801,5542
OGNcaMountainshade G2Adult (m)7,8581,3474
P04T7Faithsong  CBAdult (m)6,7851,23010
PnuXQBrutalfang  CBAdult (m)6,3761,30011
XrlADBrutalmagic G2Adult (f)7,8261,43218
e6VGnBrutalblood G3Adult (f)6,3901,2643
pdqYQSecretmagic  CBAdult (f)8,1981,4083
mOH3aGreysoul  CBAdult (m)8,0811,4758
YcdKfGreystorm G3Adult (m)6,8261,2934
sjNUaLightningscar  CBAdult (m)7,7921,34914
sWr3DLightningstone G3Adult (m)6,5911,2943
BRp8bOaknose G3Adult (m)6,7591,2317
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