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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kiriiv,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v5GRo(v5GRo)Adult (f)3,58238029
wWSzq(wWSzq)Adult (f)3,05545222
yMkhd(yMkhd)Adult (m)4,3855202
AeFXb(AeFXb)Adult (m)4,0003320
Zr3lSCarmi MaybeAdult (m)4,3131,0855
el0Ss(el0Ss)Adult (f)3,4457210
4Phvh(4Phvh)Adult (m)3,5524290
jbwWh(jbwWh)Adult (m)2,82568615
fbq9bPlus ManononoyanAdult (m)2,4335964
CRRe5Minus MonononAdult (m)2,0527612
oWtGwLessthan MonononAdult (m)4,6537912
gdXf6(gdXf6)Adult (m)3,2653781
dDaP1(dDaP1)Adult (m)3,1125320
15Q4S(15Q4S)Adult (m)3,73544624
9Soev(9Soev)Adult (m)3,4004770
aXAY4Rorin GaruAdult (m)5,3079240
JLmZj(JLmZj)Adult (m)5,2951,1994
FXvTm(FXvTm)Adult (m)3,0427221
xbkO7(xbkO7)Adult (m)4,5767752
HRMLQ(HRMLQ)Adult (f)2,73942334
dIE5xDie Five TimesAdult (f)3,72343321
5r7E7My flamesAdult (m)5,0777381
SxZoNKurumi PonchioAdult (m)6,8594702
7MozULast Night-Good NightAdult (m)6,0829023
00GGlBlack-Rock ShooterAdult (m)3,1695553
sUreVTengoku he IkuoAdult (m)3,8634340
Nnv0yKara Kara Kara no KaraAdult (m)3,4114290
iAGB0(iAGB0)Adult (m)3,66844612
BG05W(BG05W)Adult (m)3,14141310
Ol4ON(Ol4ON)Adult (f)3,44667812
rxJdO(rxJdO)Adult (f)3,4414163
eGH6qBitestructionAdult (m)6,8821,1731
qZ8q9Darkness SixAdult (f)4,6289713
piNoOKoi no SensouAdult (f)3,9533581
Yp3P4A Used PennyAdult (f)3,7614390
jD1RF(jD1RF)Adult (f)3,14939515
7KqEO(7KqEO)Adult (m)3,9644553
lTGyw(lTGyw)Adult (m)3,4574031
seYrD(seYrD)Adult (m)3,8374230
vK2W5(vK2W5)Adult (m)3,8594132
pfQAL(pfQAL)Adult (m)3,7814442
YlqfA(YlqfA)Adult (m)4,3654052
m8HqU(m8HqU)Adult (m)4,2034211
bvICjStarwrapped MorchaintAdult (m)4,7747702
G9W3MLove is DUMB MagicAdult (m)3,5079603
6BVTAAria Christmas TinuAdult (m)2,7393862
IK9Uq(IK9Uq)Adult (m)3,5918524
YZlRc(YZlRc)Adult (m)2,78897224
fOexgSnooty McSnootSnootAdult (f)3,2805861
r3EzbSnooty McSnooterSnootAdult (m)4,9391,0103
mUs1kSnooty McSnotSnozzAdult (f)5,3139170
If7pKSnooty McSnootyCrimAdult (f)3,7669773
ET8mDSnooty McSnootyhedgeAdult (f)4,2678072
WkBwiSnooty McSnootyBestAdult (m)5,5448362
Bjg1KSnooty McSnootySnootsAdult (m)7,1367513
YahFcSnooty McSnooterSnozAdult (f)4,0414990
dgWlv(dgWlv)Adult (f)3,0818374
RtJTxSnooty McSnooterSneezeAdult (m)4,9148400
wD6e6(wD6e6)Adult (f)5,7218900
jxbmJ(jxbmJ)Adult (f)4,2364590
ktQm5Yan's Glorious NightAdult (f)3,4136843
KfqifYan's Glorious NoctAdult (f)3,6723590
vHb9HDusky YanAdult (f)2,2424843
hJORCGilt Lily ManoAdult (m)2,2995604
xavsPYan's Glorious DuskAdult (m)5,7881,2706
kOTpT(kOTpT)Adult (m)4,0644291
dLILmVoice of ChangeAdult (m)7,6171,0297
70x9CShriek of ChangeAdult (m)6,1031,3604
ADjfvAVATAR UNINIO'COREAdult (m)6,8701,10216
FPtWNCocoa RedheartAdult (m)2,2829662
njr8pCocoa BelleheartAdult (m)2,3329702
BQbuyCoffee BelleheartAdult (m)4,8508172
KyOkZ(KyOkZ)Adult (m)4,4379411
OWz20(OWz20)Adult (m)4,24182318
7FS1S(7FS1S)Adult (m)3,0085511
UQziB(UQziB)Adult (m)2,5755512
jptVI(jptVI)Adult (m)4,3714652
tWYV3(tWYV3)Adult (m)5,3839284
g7gVz(g7gVz)Adult (m)3,9505495
reKVa(reKVa)Adult (f)4,5475070
JaxAT(JaxAT)Adult (f)4,9875520
W7kTO(W7kTO)Adult (m)3,79874317
hz7oU(hz7oU)Adult (m)3,19272017
0yksT(0yksT)Adult (m)3,78080613
sxm9a(sxm9a)Adult (f)5,1194880
snioNTwo Pennies Glued TogetherAdult (m)3,1994442
yCscbBreathing PennyAdult (m)3,73767013
ELcUTGemmer Tailster'yanoAdult (f)2,5826441
XgOUDGemstar Tailster'yanoAdult (f)2,6985942
roLfmGemin Tailster'yanoAdult (m)2,8167030
5s2egGemono Tailster'yanoAdult (m)2,2825831
1NEDL(1NEDL)Adult (m)2,73046239
rcBHF(rcBHF)Adult (f)3,12246719
ctz4U(ctz4U)Adult (f)3,03245019
zHSy1(zHSy1)Adult (f)3,42340511
3TeYf(3TeYf)Adult (m)4,4513811
7u1BCDoggy DorkfaceAdult (m)2,0146433
dSMuCRedflames a'YanderAdult (m)4,4886243
HpRZDDid the PC BurnAdult (m)2,1414851
dDRfORedflames on the PCAdult (m)3,8355672
RE8VM(RE8VM)Adult (m)4,7999140
WaOit(WaOit)Adult (m)3,4676042
03X7JTiger Striped DorkfaceAdult (f)4,3879463
0alpIAU Striped DorkfaceAdult (f)2,2371,0083
48SugGold Dog DorkfaceAdult (f)1,7515933
Mq1cN(Mq1cN)Adult (f)4,9608410
yMOSo(yMOSo)Adult (m)5,6638462
PgAIFHeavy Foam PleaseAdult (m)3,6187242
BRvkN(BRvkN)Adult (m)4,33892718
Ww28iSnowfur Seasonal YanAdult (m)4,8228593
X3Whc(X3Whc)Adult (m)2,5325000
lFVapI VapeAdult (m)3,8263861
REgrWWeb RegrowAdult (f)3,8653571
RJROB(RJROB)Adult (m)4,1213952
QfJ3O(QfJ3O)Adult (m)3,6073691
eq8Ue(eq8Ue)Adult (m)3,5393840
d4KqN(d4KqN)Adult (f)4,3094212
yLYsx(yLYsx)Adult (m)3,6213792
S0I0S(S0I0S)Adult (m)3,6004020
NAZuM(NAZuM)Adult (m)3,5363761
fr2ng(fr2ng)Adult (m)3,05140436
5piAi(5piAi)Adult (m)2,9204140
F2Nzy(F2Nzy)Adult (m)3,20039610
tQ8ih(tQ8ih)Adult (f)3,6334709
DgYsq(DgYsq)Adult (f)3,6753590
sEoAw(sEoAw)Adult (m)3,0185741
n0hql(n0hql)Adult (m)2,9835873
urPE8(urPE8)Adult (m)2,62278618
IBVyY(IBVyY)Adult (m)2,6736001
LTpeUCoffee WingsAdult (f)4,5988684
D6EENLight Foam PleaseAdult (f)5,2238272
o0tVkCoffee HornsAdult (f)3,4717080
1bt2m(1bt2m)Adult (f)3,70240217
sE1J5Venra's Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)4,1891,0478
dQ7jEEstranged Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)6,8131,1926
saX3ZPrairie's Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)6,2238052
qTF5FMagequin's Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)6,3198283
Af8TRHorrid Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)6,7988626
hVr64Hazy Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)4,0196433
W20GvUnexpected Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)6,4008833
GyE8oTerrible Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)5,0158774
uHNn4Unusually Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)5,5139104
45XBNUnheard Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)7,0301,0383
MtO3tNull Obstructed Signs of FateAdult (f)5,2196691
cnmXESeriously Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)6,3547773
WXHzGAshur's Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)3,5343504
TG1uZJaundiced Bad Signs of FateAdult (m)2,8844770
o2hAQHarboured Bad Signs of FateAdult (f)3,2965352
Exmmf(Exmmf)Adult (f)4,4308181
BbaAC(BbaAC)Adult (f)3,0758331
9jIpH(9jIpH)Adult (f)3,2034080
SPCR0(SPCR0)Adult (m)6,7087661
5FNpn(5FNpn)Adult (m)3,4154430
XMe5t(XMe5t)Adult (f)3,8764001
ld8Wk(ld8Wk)Adult (f)4,6994010
GAZVAGazva ArasaAdult (f)4,6804000
BS4dH(BS4dH)Adult (f)3,43358914
j9A7v(j9A7v)Adult (m)4,1378233
GlWlF(GlWlF)Adult (m)3,80548730
ypYWR(ypYWR)Adult (m)6,0911,1063
0wfKy(0wfKy)Adult (f)3,5627052
3b8lp(3b8lp)Adult (f)3,3635702
4ubYI(4ubYI)Adult (f)2,82167019
KNR8c(KNR8c)Adult (m)3,90240117
5KsHM(5KsHM)Adult (m)3,75444415
IYQwe(IYQwe)Adult (m)2,48245116
wSwAS(wSwAS)Adult (m)2,68245315
lJl9C(lJl9C)Adult (m)2,67242618
DZpNs(DZpNs)Adult (f)3,5105250
1p7xL(1p7xL)Adult (f)2,70176922
ChsdJ(ChsdJ)Adult (f)3,16248823
ZROjO(ZROjO)Adult (f)1,8367542
H4Qa4(H4Qa4)Adult (f)1,9137310
hGSu2(hGSu2)Adult (f)1,8507481
MJXFH(MJXFH)Adult (m)3,1025265
9EF0X(9EF0X)Adult (m)3,02253011
ifpKc(ifpKc)Adult (m)3,33339412
21DRDarturn YanAdult (m)8,8751,5135
SPKWkRichra YanAdult (f)2,3056192
7TZerRapidrat JususAdult (m)2,0374968
nCBbh(nCBbh)Adult (m)3,9944251
IaFCJ(IaFCJ)Adult (m)3,37044213
JGrFrYou Kids Get Away From My LawnAdult (m)6,6181,1866
of5oZYou Kids Stop Touching my PlantsAdult (m)5,4599019
zK7qPYou Kids Get Off My GrassAdult (f)7,1981,1686
pVuHCYou Kids Stay Away from my PorchAdult (m)3,4497664
L9a0oYou Kids Stop Playing in My LawnAdult (m)7,2818572
uEi9iYou Kids Stay Away from my FenceAdult (f)5,3587981
tohen(tohen)Adult (f)4,1663821
nVrNB(nVrNB)Adult (m)3,2704032
TLMAu(TLMAu)Adult (m)4,07687421
U3sod(U3sod)Adult (f)3,55039530
X3wE5(X3wE5)Adult (m)3,19138838
UoVrD(UoVrD)Adult (f)3,83543911
mU46m(mU46m)Adult (m)3,5943451
YNLcfThe Burning Yanderian ElementalAdult (m)5,7399083
A6TzA(A6TzA)Adult (m)5,5301,06515
NvGqYou're Too OrangeAdult (m)11,0041,7133
Fcj40You're not Orange EnoughAdult (f)4,4731,0531
omc2GTeleport me Out ScottyAdult (f)4,5075451
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