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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “KingZanto,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
L9Yak(L9Yak)Hatchling (f)6,3801,02018
Jva8G(Jva8G)Hatchling (f)3,7881,00313
rWU3B(rWU3B)Hatchling (m)3,8141,02615
LrPWn(LrPWn)Hatchling (m)6,6211,0409
h9X4S(h9X4S)Hatchling (m)3,9949717
Bm5nY(Bm5nY)Hatchling (f)3,9449509
Uy91g(Uy91g)Hatchling (f)4,70895711
cQTus(cQTus)Hatchling (m)3,30198820
8HkJl(8HkJl)Hatchling (f)3,3171,03515
xnT7S(xnT7S)Hatchling (f)3,9571,1236
QK4lb(QK4lb)Hatchling (m)3,9171,0935
OSpY3(OSpY3)Hatchling (f)3,9591,1323
KEFHbKebo Ki ZaNAdult (m)4,7876051
ctRaCCara Ki ZaNAdult (f)5,0546040
zZgm9Ziro Ki ZaNAdult (m)4,9446130
bHV58Bahiva Ki ZaNAdult (f)5,5805891
QEg6qQera Ta ZaNAdult (f)4,0651,0465
W2F4FWarfa Ta ZaNAdult (f)1,8995912
KyEoOKyno Ta ZaNAdult (m)1,9705934
65027(65027)Adult (f)5,8331,17534
EaVzdEvaro Ki ZaNAdult (m)4,1321,0137
uPSgy(uPSgy)Adult (m)2,2045442
Jp83UJapina Ki ZaNAdult (f)2,8175451
dGpeJ(dGpeJ)Adult (f)2,9666004
4FSIf(4FSIf)Adult (m)2,4635360
TlASo(TlASo)Adult (f)2,4445720
6If47(6If47)Adult (f)2,5265630
p5A1J(p5A1J)Adult (f)2,6555940
4IXuH(4IXuH)Adult (m)1,8505671
iQR88(iQR88)Adult (m)2,1446313
pihsX(pihsX)Adult (m)2,3996401
ZAU1e(ZAU1e)Adult (m)2,4066224
zLdK8(zLdK8)Adult (m)3,9828186
JrBzq(JrBzq)Adult (m)3,2834431
fwteS(fwteS)Adult (m)2,9864240
vTbLp(vTbLp)Adult (f)3,4894591
RNmd4(RNmd4)Adult (f)3,0484100
5XjP8(5XjP8)Adult (m)2,5727432
FyJQf(FyJQf)Adult (f)2,3966061
9UViw(9UViw)Adult (f)4,7508695
BPqJVictoria 08 ZaNAdult (f)2,2231,04312
VQS5Vasqa Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,4852498
LQVuTrosoti ZaNAdult (m)4,76763216
behmKBehka Ta ZaNAdult (f)3,8137438
f03kBAlbo Ki ZaNAdult (m)3,3506811
NvsNYNavyra Ki ZaNAdult (f)4,2439392
n6rtpNarto Ki ZaNAdult (m)2,3926802
PKGpjPeka Ki ZaNAdult (f)4,4867442
VckQ5Vakara Ki ZaNAdult (f)5,9697143
JFfgSLegeso Ki ZaNAdult (m)4,3231,0331
ScnrGScavor Ki ZaNAdult (m)3,6428632
rMRLIMiri Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,3314657
6r9L6Arelka ZaNAdult (f)2,2466984
jxuD9Judexo Ki ZaNAdult (m)2,4628021
qsb1vKabewa Ki ZaNAdult (f)4,2866311
Up1a3Upaia ZaNHatchling (f, F)3,3126644
2VXRJVadira Ki ZaNAdult (f)2,2036054
JZxp4(JZxp4)Adult (m)3,1535841
ecxu3(ecxu3)Adult (m)2,0436512
Ys2DQ(Ys2DQ)Adult (f)2,3106652
GHYc6(GHYc6)Adult (m)2,4786370
7x5HF(7x5HF)Adult (m)1,6936452
nSuX4Nakusa Ta ZaNAdult (f)4,0671,0424
q4T4q(q4T4q)Adult (m)4,9061,1427
RVy5Z(RVy5Z)Adult (m)2,3436781
YFild(YFild)Adult (f)2,6435281
lStHR(lStHR)Adult (f)6,9581,1154
nUEjVNujera Ta ZaNAdult (f)3,9411,0256
xR4oe(xR4oe)Adult (m)4,6766032
UA9RG(UA9RG)Adult (f)4,6096020
87o0T(87o0T)Adult (f)5,1385980
QaNQC(QaNQC)Adult (m)5,1136171
rNyTW(rNyTW)Adult (f)5,6345701
yhNzM(yhNzM)Adult (f)3,0924551
4Nmuy(4Nmuy)Adult (f)3,7934511
NQyqI(NQyqI)Adult (m)2,0236093
s7ipj(s7ipj)Adult (f)2,7625455
aDfxx(aDfxx)Adult (m)1,9376422
lAhqg(lAhqg)Adult (m)1,6416222
0JK7E(0JK7E)Adult (f)1,6446240
qM5JR(qM5JR)Adult (m)5,0988116
hpmMY(hpmMY)Adult (f)5,2008142
09k7e(09k7e)Adult (m)5,2068194
17w8z(17w8z)Adult (f)5,1078232
5PoRe(5PoRe)Adult (f)5,1388162
gdCtg(gdCtg)Adult (m)5,2178153
dGkS1(dGkS1)Adult (f)5,3148172
Xe8za(Xe8za)Adult (f)4,8007923
qeL7J(qeL7J)Adult (m)4,8687990
FxZEK(FxZEK)Adult (f)4,9107970
ix7Vk(ix7Vk)Adult (f)4,7788020
DT1th(DT1th)Adult (m)4,7947990
zf8OA(zf8OA)Adult (m)4,7667980
UPapF(UPapF)Adult (m)4,9017911
iBmz8(iBmz8)Adult (m)5,0598272
kp2Oz(kp2Oz)Adult (f)5,1068181
t9qpO(t9qpO)Adult (m)5,0828241
TrT23(TrT23)Adult (f)5,1288170
3q0RM(3q0RM)Adult (f)6,8756582
fh6cD(fh6cD)Adult (f)4,0537491
PRif9(PRif9)Adult (m)3,1895751
mDKvx(mDKvx)Adult (f)4,3406983
E5b9D(E5b9D)Adult (m)3,9047031
wvoyrWoyara Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,9437040
fP5gh(fP5gh)Adult (f)3,9677050
UmmkR(UmmkR)Adult (f)5,1607081
lhqfJ(lhqfJ)Adult (m)4,9817040
IGPxQ(IGPxQ)Adult (m)5,4077060
YeCMo(YeCMo)Adult (m)4,6307500
dq1cG(dq1cG)Adult (m)4,6657410
mvKeV(mvKeV)Adult (m)4,7207500
wvVfI(wvVfI)Adult (m)4,7157420
cxIdO(cxIdO)Adult (f)1,7185910
FYpAV(FYpAV)Adult (m)1,7245980
NsqIN(NsqIN)Adult (f)2,3805625
p9DNi(p9DNi)Adult (f)2,7485902
Njfs3(Njfs3)Adult (f)3,0656151
QQSQR(QQSQR)Adult (m)2,5315750
3vmQ0(3vmQ0)Adult (m)2,6545700
gA0fO(gA0fO)Adult (m)2,4076971
ssSJs(ssSJs)Adult (m)2,21858017
EnC4LCala Ta ZaNAdult (f)1,9486758
iOLyY(iOLyY)Adult (m)2,4655940
3lQyc(3lQyc)Adult (m)2,3285800
KF5ml(KF5ml)Adult (f)2,4755832
CLjeR(CLjeR)Adult (m)1,9945351
HRdcm(HRdcm)Adult (m)1,8616021
kQwKq(kQwKq)Adult (m)2,0275473
GKOfU(GKOfU)Adult (m)2,0686170
yBkdoKadira Ta ZaNAdult (f)6,5121,0434
41I4wLawa Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,6038314
NUnxQ(NUnxQ)Adult (f)3,4318312
FaJKW(FaJKW)Adult (m)3,6778331
YDwsP(YDwsP)Adult (m)3,9578461
XNRDR(XNRDR)Adult (f)3,5778320
W4hOBWahoro Ki ZaNAdult (m)3,6638500
vU9bgUpaga Ki ZaNAdult (m)3,7398330
kB1JY(kB1JY)Adult (f)3,9708570
5tjH5Tihana Ta ZaNAdult (f)7,0011,52118
LwHtuLiwo Ta ZaNAdult (m)4,7001,1332
4WXocAwoma Ta ZaNAdult (f)3,6391,0265
pnMscNvidia Ta ZaNAdult (f)3,44896412
bL5wq(bL5wq)Adult (m)2,9958563
wB5Fw(wB5Fw)Adult (m)4,4977756
WWcPF(WWcPF)Adult (m)3,5178783
d7a1o(d7a1o)Adult (f)3,5829023
RLtfr(RLtfr)Adult (f)3,2118864
DtCX0(DtCX0)Adult (m)3,9027873
zaMwM(zaMwM)Adult (m)3,3017920
w1o2H(w1o2H)Adult (f)3,8167210
q3Z0Z(q3Z0Z)Adult (m)3,9096990
wCBiB(wCBiB)Adult (f)3,6054262
mEJFhHejima Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,5521,0548
uqZNdUzinada Ki ZaNAdult (f)3,6261,0304
ipSYTKipsyna Ta ZaNAdult (f)6,1971,1562
E8sCmEscara Ta ZaNAdult (f)5,0551,1216
VyJUyVujana Ta ZaNAdult (f)5,9628833
e1SQqSequera Ta ZaNAdult (f)6,1329002
ihftBIntirha Ta ZaNAdult (f)5,9019112
kE8p7Kentera Ta ZaNAdult (f)4,7731,0353
LKb6JLakenja Ta ZaNAdult (f)4,8591,0204
o335SOsira Ta ZaNAdult (f)3,7081,2933
UAeMoUjema Ta ZaNAdult (f)5,1838222
KXI93Kikira Ta ZaNAdult (f)4,3689465
lWfQy(lWfQy)Adult (f)4,4871,1222
e09On(e09On)Adult (f)2,8291,2025
tmjcX(tmjcX)Adult (f)3,9061,0995
rskpO(rskpO)Adult (f)3,9141,0433
zbmUX(zbmUX)Adult (f)3,0271,1002
XB9ey(XB9ey)Adult (f)2,9051,2643
9NBpf(9NBpf)Adult (f)4,4048461
rUqMP(rUqMP)Adult (f)4,3178322
ieOM6(ieOM6)Adult (f)4,1498321
IBIqs(IBIqs)Adult (f)4,2627911
IvOQi(IvOQi)Adult (f)3,9157980
vxqP2(vxqP2)Adult (f)3,6957201
gDbbT(gDbbT)Adult (f)3,1504342
e6gkv(e6gkv)Adult (f)3,8274612
1CHO6(1CHO6)Adult (m)4,0253701
uoUce(uoUce)Adult (m)4,3924021
z8dJ3(z8dJ3)Adult (m)4,4523940
eGqej(eGqej)Adult (m)3,4964270
P4WCB(P4WCB)Adult (m)3,5573880
TRlg2(TRlg2)Adult (m)3,1005802
5sRmS(5sRmS)Adult (m)3,0886677
LvIgZ(LvIgZ)Adult (f)2,8006324
348gd(348gd)Adult (f)3,0746595
B7RdN(B7RdN)Adult (m)2,9466234
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