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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “KimberKitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
up2NO1st Gen TwoHeaded F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,0861,4142
TEIFl1st Gen TwoHeaded M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,4061,5173
NMTrt1st Gen TwoHeaded M Kitsune llAdult (m)6,9781,4274
eumnV1st Gen Albino F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,17197127
Itr5M1st Gen Albino F Kitsune llAdult (f)4,27880712
kJHWP3rd Gen Albino F Kitsune lAdult (f)10,2841,84619
3OVO71st Gen Albino F Kitsune lllAdult (f)7,9821,7045
AH0541st Gen Ash M Kitsune 1Adult (m)3,5128111
bkqSe2nd Gen Black F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,2081,2180
at7sd2nd Gen Black M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,7431,1994
NnXfK1st Gen Black F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,2081,6243
Xlvxo2nd Gen Black M Kitsune llAdult (m)8,5381,3965
LgUBN1st Gen Black M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,4181,2878
Z4Qqi4th Gen PB Black M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,6761,2464
vLlwH2nd Gen Black F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,4091,5702
9v4iJ1st Gen Black F Kitsune llAdult (f)4,5781,5513
KCFlPReleseDay BlackTea M KitsuneAdult (m)6,8321,8757
69axPReleseDay BlackTea F KitsuneAdult (f)6,7901,8434
sA9QfReleaseDay Blacktip F KitsuneAdult (f)5,3441,9812
W5k9AReleaseDay Blacktip M KitsuneAdult (m)5,3692,0300
CJwnS1st Gen BleedingM M Kitsune lAdult (m)7,5571,6331
Dl0gd1st Gen BleedingM F Kitsune lAdult (f)6,8951,6091
CrX4g1st Gen BleedingM F Kitsune llAdult (f)7,1951,4912
ixw7h1st Gen BleedingM M Kitsune llAdult (m)6,9521,2624
mP5B31st Gen BleedingM M Kitsune lllAdult (m)5,8251,4064
z18XlReleseDay Bloodscale M KitsuneAdult (m)6,5451,7677
QxYKPReleseDay Bloodscale F KitsuneAdult (f)7,1281,7856
BXQqX1st Gen BlueBanded F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,2751,1771
sCyIi1st Gen BlueBanded M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,3521,2150
zPA0V1st Gen BlueBanded M Kitsune 2Adult (m)6,3001,3120
vhgqn1st Gen BlueBanded F Kitsune 2Adult (f)5,3731,4131
sX4dV4th Gen TFBluna F Kitsune lAdult (f)6,3861,5677
9lyid1st Gen BB Wyvern F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,2861,2524
kgrXw2nd Gen BBWyverns M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,3191,2050
IDWYq1st Gen BB Wyvern F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,8931,4243
sjfWd1st Gen Brimstone F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,7721,65917
hafVvReleaseDay Brute M KitsuneAdult (m)4,9481,4300
4mRUtReleaseDay Brute F KitsuneAdult (f)4,1501,3900
tVLrf1st Gen Brute F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,0491,5395
ImY9z1st Gen Brute F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,8411,0260
cO9W91st Gen Carm Wyvern F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,9641,2542
LxMXy1st Gen Carm Wyvern M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,9751,2882
Q3YMS1st Gen Carm Wyvern M Kitsune 2Adult (m)6,3141,3192
L3tnr1st Gen Carm Wyvern M Kitsune 3Adult (m)5,7451,4600
rUkIQ1st Gen Cassare M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,2951,2580
hZXw81st Gen Cassare F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,4211,2641
PwQ6R3nd Gen Xmas08 Kitsune lAdult (m)4,5601,5893
CJGVj2nd Gen Xmas08 Kitsune lAdult (m)4,4041,6002
Fo2Ur2nd Gen Xmas08 Kitsune llAdult (m)5,3861,4892
n5Is52nd Gen Xmas08 Kitsune lllAdult (m)5,4431,5542
Tdno43nd Gen Xmas09 Kitsune lAdult (f)4,4151,5833
TGd8q2nd Gen Xmas09 Kitsune llAdult (f)4,8031,6643
mxE1w2nd Gen Xmas09 Kitsune lllAdult (f)4,7711,5792
9UdTx2nd Gen Xmas10 Kitsune llAdult (f)4,7701,6222
H5Ywp2nd Gen Xmas10 Kitsune lAdult (f)4,4471,6041
KtlScFrozen Christmas 2010Hatchling (f, F)3,2041,2024
479Ar2nd Gen Xmas11 Kitsune lAdult (m)4,5251,6523
p9PU92nd Gen Xmas11 Kitsune llAdult (m)5,0541,6643
xG94c2nd Gen Xmas11 Kitsune lllAdult (m)5,0721,5651
ugEyY2nd Gen Xmas12 Kitsune lAdult (m)4,4161,5703
gJ0mp2nd Gen Xmas12 Kitsune llAdult (m)5,6601,6522
IRlqF1st Gen Xmas13 Kitsune lAdult (f)5,0421,5460
LHIup1st Gen Xmas13 Kitsune llAdult (f)5,5951,5211
B6kNg1st Gen Waverunner F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,7381,66316
YDkSi1st Gen Waverunner M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,1451,1874
RBVoKReleaseDay CopperBwn F KitsuneAdult (f)5,3751,6951
pQ8isReleaseDay CopperBwn M KitsuneAdult (m)5,4461,6861
EBFkGReleaseDay CopperRd M KitsuneAdult (m)6,1712,1230
KeDH7ReleaseDay CopperRd F KitsuneAdult (f)6,3512,1020
e8sIHReleaseDay CopperGn F KitsuneAdult (f)5,8941,7122
OhQ6cReleaseDay CopperGn M KitsuneAdult (m)6,4572,1254
AIYCI1st Gen Vine F Kitsune lAdult (f)3,8681,2192
6ntZH1st Gen Vine F Kitsune llAdult (f)4,5161,1524
2VdKb1st Gen Vine M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,0771,6592
pdoT11st Gen Daydream F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,5941,5006
vHK5U2nd Gen DayDream F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,0451,0832
eZO8p1st Gen Daydream F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,7331,1532
LhKAR1st Gen Daydream F Kitsune lllAdult (f)6,1891,2050
C58vY1st Gen PDorsal F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,6231,6292
9dWcA1st Gen Duotone M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,4621,5896
4PLnG1st Gen Duotone F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,0921,2862
T5VP91st Gen Duotone F Kitsune llAdult (f)7,7941,5311
UoU6D1st Gen Ember M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,5931,3321
vWi7L1st Gen Ember F Kitsune lAdult (f)6,3021,3951
rKL7H1st Gen Ember F Kitsune llAdult (f)6,1471,4175
HfNhKReleaseDay Falcon F Kitsune 1Adult (f)5,3641,2951
GNE1VReleaseDay Falcon F Kitsune 2Adult (f)5,1971,30413
o3WSaReleaseDay Falcon F Kitsune 3Adult (f)5,0871,3070
cVFNZReleaseDay Fever M KitsuneAdult (m)4,7161,3700
yDgisReleaseDay Fever F KitsuneAdult (f)4,2991,4311
pWTu21st Gen Fever F Kitsune 1Adult (f)6,1591,3867
bGf1u1st Gen Fever F Kitsune 2Adult (f)6,0001,5005
oq7gy1st Gen Fever M Kitsune 1Adult (m)7,0381,5156
5wGM31st Gen Imperial F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,5261,4211
dz3tl1st Gen Imperial F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,4711,4381
hRA6m1st Gen Imperial F Kitsune 3Adult (f)6,9361,4368
p9iFL1stGen Ice M Kitsune 1Adult (m)5,1281,3201
IoivC1stGen Ice F Kitsune 1Adult (f)5,5121,3176
0M9DI1stGen Ice M Kitsune 2Adult (m)5,7071,3105
A9XwH(A9XwH)Adult (f)6,0329272
X8IdK3rd Gen Geode  F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,4311,7932
tUY4MReleaseDay Glaucus F KitsuneAdult (f)4,2261,3934
WCkwuReleaseDay Glaucus M KitsuneAdult (m)4,2541,3021
bkzehReleaseDay Glaucus F Kitsune llAdult (f)3,9251,3336
YdWb2ReleaseDay Glaucus F Kitsune 3Adult (f)6,3281,3361
Rue3T1st Gen DayGlory M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,3601,1155
5BUSn1st Gen NightGlory F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,9411,3866
TfYQ12nd Gen Gold F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,7491,78226
NIpbX3rd Gen PB SWater M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,0571,4314
BCPmH3rd Gen Grey F Kitsune lAdult (f)3,7261,0744
HBl051st Gen Grey F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,8901,2550
oB0BW1st Gen Grey F Kitsune 2Adult (f)6,9761,4064
Y3oXJ(Y3oXJ)Adult (f)5,9109551
LPci41st Gen Green M Kitsune llAdult (m)4,33789012
XLRGd1st Gen Green M Kitsune lAdult (m)8,2041,69816
OAcPX1stGen GrenWing M Kitsune 1Adult (m)5,9321,3733
epGX83rd Gen GoldenW F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,5061,7206
wM5hH3rd Gen GoldenW F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,7141,1764
PQU0y3rd Gen PB GoldenW M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,9841,4502
B5e4b3rd Gen GoldenW F Kitsune lllAdult (f)5,2191,4182
YwAZQ2nd Gen GoldenW F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,2611,3733
TbEk01st Gen Harvest F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,9731,7446
EzwyW1st Gen Hellfire F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,7971,2952
iNL7P1st Gen Hellfire M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,3451,2556
sXmxG1st Gen Hellfire F Kitsune llAdult (f)4,3411,2892
I5NYm2nd Gen Hellfire F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,4691,1344
7urz2ReleseDay Hellhorse F KitsuneAdult (f)5,4091,6653
ZV4D9ReleseDay Hellhorse M KitsuneAdult (m)5,4621,7091
LGHnt1st Gen Horse M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,6021,2481
lYb6r1st Gen Horse F Kitsune lAdult (f)6,7201,4532
G1HDtReleaseDay Howler M KitsuneAdult (m)4,3461,2970
QmR0tReleaseDay Howler F KitsuneAdult (f)4,2891,3191
nLIP1ReleaseDay Howler M Kitsune llAdult (m)4,0121,3285
Tt59M8th Gen Ice F Kitsune lAdult (f)3,0196874
rukCV3rd Gen Ice F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,1111,7009
Zc3XA1st Gen GON F KitsuneAdult (f)6,0281,5182
hoeG41st Gen GON M KitsuneAdult (m)6,2591,3334
H8N9fReleaseDay AoC F KitsuneAdult (f)6,1161,1731
wvrdY7th Gen Lumina F Kitsune llAdult (f)6,3979134
zy37N7th Gen Lumina F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,0961,0574
zdZBR1st Gen Lumina M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,2751,5420
wrblc1st Gen Lumina F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,3921,5510
cy42a1st Gen Lumina M Kitsune llAdult (m)5,8901,4441
MHoZN1st Gen Lumina F Kitsune 2Adult (f)7,4961,3533
PemI6(PemI6)Adult (f)7,2651,3913
6C0rw(6C0rw)Adult (m)6,7601,1281
Y187G(Y187G)Adult (m)5,7061,3522
XRm4D(XRm4D)Adult (m)5,8661,2992
kGQcx(kGQcx)Adult (m)6,4441,3760
RpZiA2nd Gen Magi M Kitsune lAdult (m)9,3521,81121
WWaaR1st Gen Magi F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,3021,45015
i7HR51st Gen Magi F Kitsune llAdult (f)5,5791,26811
DgjVc1st Gen Magi M Kitsune lAdult (m)7,0491,7719
A58B44th Gen Magi M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,2721,2430
WGUVI1st Gen Magi F Kitsune lllAdult (f)4,9151,3730
Sn8de12th Mess Magi F Kitsune lAdult (f)3,6831,0195
3rVzA1st Gen Magi F Kitsune llllAdult (f)4,0121,1543
bZSL81st Gen Magi M Kitsune llAdult (m)4,3641,2733
AhrSf1st Gen Magi F Kitsune lllllAdult (f)5,5921,4654
aROjm1st Gen Magi M Kitsune lllAdult (m)4,6311,2952
VbEcS1st Gen Magi M Kitsune llllAdult (m)5,5841,2873
CUdz1(CUdz1)Adult (f)5,8839231
fWXwj(fWXwj)Adult (f)6,3009621
ORg3Y2nd Gen Magma F Kitsune lAdult (f)3,1017084
cOESF3rd Gen Magma M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,0351,4085
LnC6Y1st Gen Moonstone M Kitsune lAdult (m)7,9061,6985
STDBL1st Gen Moonstone F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,9761,7096
TfedL(TfedL)Adult (m)3,5758152
Nxra81st Gen GNebula M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,5181,4131
bv8QG1st Gen Paper Kitsune lAdult7,1331,62010
pukZ74th Gen Pillow F Kitsune lAdult (f)9,0911,7524
5hKqt1st Gen Pillow M Kitsune lAdult (m)7,0491,6705
6wMoU2nd Gen Pillow M Kitsune lAdult (m)6,0431,2225
d3JeP1st Gen Pillow F Kitsune lAdult (f)4,4541,5211
UZRQn1st Gen Pillow M Kitsune llAdult (m)4,5011,5031
NXankInfluence Only F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,3731,56217
ZDlLMInfluence Only M Kitsune lAdult (m)7,8021,38720
pL5veInfluence Only M Kitsune llAdult (m)8,1381,8182
fEqjs1st Gen Pink M Kitsune lAdult (m)4,9711,3415
tn6ci1st Gen Pink F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,1041,4364
Ha4pI1st Gen Pink M Kitsune llAdult (m)5,8011,3961
0SD2x1st Gen Pink F Kitsune llAdult (f)8,3191,6653
BnNMX1st Gen Pink F Kitsune lllAdult (f)6,8531,1033
9y8F41st Gen Pink M Kitsune llllAdult (m)6,8671,0961
QJr113rd Gen Pink Kitsune lAdult (m)6,3001,2841
nv55K1st Gen Pink M Kitsune lllAdult (m)7,5901,2240
b9NQe7th Gen GoldT F Kitsune lAdult (f)7,5791,3515
S7moi5th Gen BronzeT F Kitsune lAdult (f)6,7161,54617
keoZu7th Gen GShimmer F Kitsune lAdult (f)5,2991,5145
gboPLFertility Only F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,3271,67931
8o0HH2nd Gen Purple F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,2141,8192
rbJx21st Gen Purple M Kitsune lAdult (m)9,8592,15519
nJHw0Fertility Only M Kitsune lAdult (m)3,5451,0124
56SLj1st Gen Purple M Kitsune llAdult (m)3,5741,1414
Vf9Cs2nd Gen Purple M Kitsune lAdult (m)3,9011,1461
JwSCl1st Gen Purple M Kitsune lllAdult (m)4,3341,2161
heXR01st Gen Purple M Kitsune llllAdult (m)4,9159922
0hXmP(0hXmP)Adult (f)7,5181,3634
vtuET1st Gen Pigmy M Kitsune lAdult (m)5,4221,08621
YZ7XI1st Gen Pigmy F Kitsune lAdult (f)8,4511,53124
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