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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Khione,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KzFeFGir Silverado IIAdult (f)4,50392114
2xjC8Orakull Brassy Lady IIAdult (f)5,24835650
uhOgs(uhOgs)Adult (f)3,25668616
00lRnGir Sweets IIAdult (m)2,9989302
E7DC2Silky Cross IIIegAdult (f)3,7031,1134
mpsDnStarsinging silver IIAdult (m)3,1191,0252
Js798Sake Bride cbAdult (f)3,6071,0912
q9IhEQuite Sweet CBAdult (f)3,5661,0670
1P1dzSilver Valentine IIIegAdult (m)4,3386595
olJHA(olJHA)Adult (m)4,0421,0211
NXpcy(NXpcy)Adult (m)3,6899780
ww2lv(ww2lv)Adult (m)3,7509600
XVHxI(XVHxI)Adult (m)3,7499981
1TKGz(1TKGz)Adult (m)3,7519691
ZoEQM(ZoEQM)Adult (m)3,6669291
Z7Xrc(Z7Xrc)Adult (f)3,6689441
CGDnM(CGDnM)Adult (m)3,7929520
tWo6k(tWo6k)Adult (m)3,6609410
9XY4H(9XY4H)Adult (m)3,4839321
k0ecR(k0ecR)Adult (m)3,4839111
tcFlR(tcFlR)Adult (m)3,5419231
I0kdM(I0kdM)Adult (m)3,4968901
rP2aF(rP2aF)Adult (f)3,4018770
WSgbD(WSgbD)Hatchling (F)2,0095851
4Nyik(4Nyik)Adult (f)3,4168801
FTwtl(FTwtl)Adult (m)3,5478940
k0Ou3(k0Ou3)Adult (f)2,7246861
FBkBI(FBkBI)Adult (f)2,4666740
EQdO3(EQdO3)Adult (m)2,5567030
ZdZgi(ZdZgi)Adult (m)2,4966821
Hugg3(Hugg3)Adult (m)3,1097710
MrSFO(MrSFO)Adult (m)2,9437763
WOefc(WOefc)Adult (m)2,3166240
4soOK(4soOK)Adult (f)2,3396331
qHOp0(qHOp0)Adult (f)2,7007020
d9Tn4(d9Tn4)Adult (f)2,4246711
FgEHu(FgEHu)Adult (m)2,6507012
Qh5Ai(Qh5Ai)Adult (m)2,5696730
1GbAL(1GbAL)Adult (f)2,6287020
OiVK5(OiVK5)Adult (f)3,0587261
mPeuu(mPeuu)Adult (m)3,1377460
LfxZG(LfxZG)Adult (m)4,5199461
BCzvO(BCzvO)Adult (m)3,1427431
NIhzM(NIhzM)Adult (m)3,1937572
Q2Gt5(Q2Gt5)Adult (f)3,1087511
r8gwr(r8gwr)Adult (f)3,2007591
D3KVo(D3KVo)Adult (m)3,1057451
JPyNG(JPyNG)Adult (m)3,1917331
VTZ5t(VTZ5t)Adult (f)4,5879481
amDKV(amDKV)Adult (f)3,3637840
klnoZ(klnoZ)Adult (f)4,6039692
BDtOC(BDtOC)Adult (m)4,3249230
l8kek(l8kek)Adult (f)4,2399291
3moLR(3moLR)Adult (m)4,4099391
uZO0O(uZO0O)Adult (f)4,1838861
Ajjpa(Ajjpa)Adult (f)4,4529081
SEtjl(SEtjl)Adult (f)4,3949431
V0Zum(V0Zum)Adult (m)4,2489101
MPixl(MPixl)Adult (m)4,2149161
922US(922US)Adult (m)4,2528761
ZCzQ4(ZCzQ4)Adult (f)4,2909101
JUruG(JUruG)Adult (m)4,3109100
pwchl(pwchl)Adult (m)4,3199670
uqWeO(uqWeO)Adult (f)4,1518962
qqDZX(qqDZX)Adult (m)4,3189460
LiRNZ(LiRNZ)Adult (f)3,9728962
REmYx(REmYx)Adult (f)4,0008662
mzAPY(mzAPY)Adult (m)3,9268942
STJae(STJae)Adult (m)3,9878902
CHlC0(CHlC0)Adult (f)4,0278710
FmAxI(FmAxI)Adult (f)3,9808643
Z2MVQ(Z2MVQ)Adult (f)4,0389132
8ssQ0(8ssQ0)Adult (m)4,0098511
b09lB(b09lB)Adult (f)4,0589042
BfqJU(BfqJU)Hatchling (F)3,0826961
u3ylw(u3ylw)Adult (m)2,8216261
xJ7vF(xJ7vF)Adult (m)2,7256200
yQxy8(yQxy8)Adult (f)2,8516260
FBncI(FBncI)Adult (f)2,8456160
dhQStFor the love of Lati0s IIAdult (m)4,3529742
xmoxnEgss n hatchies above MFTHatchling (F)1,2986012
VxwkOIri's arcana baby IIAdult (f)6,3041,1529
Pnnb6Holy Gir IIAdult (f)3,8804973
jYSlYLati0s Angel IIAdult (f)2,3944822
9OvzoHoly Winter IIAdult (f)3,0234231
Y15dGHoly Eve IIAdult (m)4,1394112
XIV18XIV 18 IIAdult (f)3,4954222
fu8AaMoon Buck IIAdult (m)2,7914351
VARM2VRML 2 IIAdult (f)3,4636901
zIa0oSong of winter CBAdult (f)3,0989581
YIB55Singing 2 Stars cbAdult (f)2,9439251
w7WiI(w7WiI)Adult (f)2,9686060
uRBsO(uRBsO)Adult (f)2,9856300
GWv7f(GWv7f)Adult (f)2,7245770
pP4Mj(pP4Mj)Adult (f)3,5781,1971
3AsSb(3AsSb)Adult (m)3,6561,1651
QAYBH(QAYBH)Adult (m)4,7261,3531
u8BPP(u8BPP)Adult (f)3,4851,1222
4oqkN(4oqkN)Adult (f)3,7941,1690
aYf4I(aYf4I)Adult (f)3,5421,2260
l5ovk(l5ovk)Adult (m)3,5321,1510
1yCgp(1yCgp)Adult (m)3,6911,1771
qdrhg(qdrhg)Adult (m)3,4671,1512
x4Odc(x4Odc)Adult (f)3,6311,2151
AGooi(AGooi)Adult (m)3,8391,1932
Taudt(Taudt)Adult (f)2,7865871
ueNsJ(ueNsJ)Adult (m)3,4201,1251
Vj6sm(Vj6sm)Adult (f)4,2401,1790
M8RIu(M8RIu)Adult (m)3,1021,0181
26K5u(26K5u)Adult (f)4,3621,2451
cZvYD(cZvYD)Adult (f)4,3951,2900
OulBW(OulBW)Adult (m)3,6741,1532
8Yvz7(8Yvz7)Adult (m)4,5691,2790
B928D(B928D)Adult (m)4,6641,2620
MCtHO(MCtHO)Adult (m)4,3621,2961
LlBaR(LlBaR)Adult (m)4,3411,2770
kLStl(kLStl)Adult (m)2,1404391
fwuxl(fwuxl)Adult (f)4,7521,3610
PXqRL(PXqRL)Adult (f)4,6911,3580
pj6kt(pj6kt)Adult (f)4,5031,3182
IIRSE(IIRSE)Adult (f)4,6461,3470
FZYl2(FZYl2)Adult (f)4,6081,3391
95YRs(95YRs)Adult (f)4,7981,4010
ESYCi(ESYCi)Adult (m)5,1369823
xNhKV(xNhKV)Adult (m)5,0399835
GZTVb(GZTVb)Adult (f)6,1596772
UdzyE(UdzyE)Hatchling (f, F)3,5691,1001
T7kssSilver Omen IIAdult (m)4,6931,4022
KFkQ3Fr0slassAdult (f)7,0158202
Ey6IF(Ey6IF)Adult (f)4,5328000
usJ6A(usJ6A)Adult (m)4,3608030
moEiv(moEiv)Adult (m)4,2487940
FUfyj(FUfyj)Adult (f)4,5931,0130
2qgWz(2qgWz)Adult (f)3,7724313
33wwL(33wwL)Adult (f)4,3369461
OwLVa(OwLVa)Adult (f)2,7357372
dux1l(dux1l)Adult (m)2,8587810
4lcUy(4lcUy)Adult (f)2,8467960
cLdbv(cLdbv)Adult (m)2,8127680
ghqvi(ghqvi)Adult (m)3,0404225
lTTw8(lTTw8)Adult (m)2,9108071
j8In3(j8In3)Adult (f)2,6657431
AKroK(AKroK)Adult (m)2,8117750
LEd1J(LEd1J)Adult (f)2,7928020
e4ANE(e4ANE)Adult (f)5,4881,1960
vrjrv(vrjrv)Adult (m)3,9749120
Fuk7t(Fuk7t)Adult (m)3,4614123
dn4il(dn4il)Adult (f)2,8084660
z2WYW(z2WYW)Adult (m)2,7272972
ARgen(ARgen)Adult (f)3,1617862
oPQGi4 Copper IVpAdult (m)2,8706912
HNdtL(HNdtL)Adult (m)4,3284500
9ucY6(9ucY6)Adult (f)3,3654340
mm2rm(mm2rm)Adult (f)3,8734310
xRrUR(xRrUR)Adult (f)2,8767161
lLzHA(lLzHA)Adult (m)3,1564561
Mols6(Mols6)Adult (f)2,7254202
QvSiO(QvSiO)Adult (f)3,3344711
IW5hO(IW5hO)Adult (m)2,8184342
j8VXeohai therHatchling (F)1,57145127
3ElClHello there strangerHatchling (m, F)2,0094141
uzkDZwelcome to mah scrollAdult (f)6,0177384
eLLA7Forum Name RenmiriHatchling (F)7594100
ufpnFWelcome to my scrollHatchling (F)2,8498342
IOuesI    t a k e   I O UsHatchling (F)2,0625775
b8ZzzSearch 'oooo' for goodiesHatchling (F)1,0864512
fsPAro'o                        o'oHatchling (F)1,0284612
8NANyooooo HOT SHINNIES oooooHatchling (f, F)3,5598032
0OHoT0OHoTHatchling (f, F)5,5161,4687
wQ6DgLati0s list is fullHatchling (F)2,3235443
oWG5PLati0sAdult (m)6,25498280
J0Ri9(J0Ri9)Egg (F)
CTHXoVampire Lati0sAdult (f)2,7724672
aXv7rVampire Gir IIAdult (m)3,9817432
rioGQooooo  2G  tinsels  oooooHatchling (F)8584351
zVhAYEldaZay incessPray IIAdult (f)3,41097911
yvvcCLucky Verdigris IIAdult (f)5,93494226
W1c77Sylvannas IIAdult (f)6,84384026
GsKnoElena 2nd GenAdult (f)3,28594622
TrYPDPrize Tripping IIAdult (m)4,3411,16720
Pr8TjMoonlit Lati0s IIAdult (m)3,8741,38318
Pen5PPen Test Aoife IIAdult (m)9,1977009
877BBGir Purple Twist IIAdult (m)8,1975974
wKTTxZigggy played Gir IIAdult (m)8,5416942
rfh49Shimrith Celestial IIAdult (f)7,5696507
bBhuq2nd gen DaymajetAdult (f)7,62096926
hxsvZGalletian Stallion IIAdult (m)4,11695214
bDSNiBright Se 7 IIAdult (m)3,4159326
RuAqyRuned Cross IIAdult (m)8,4586907
w8O00Winry Windryx IIAdult (f)5,4629516
jK20VDaymajet VampireAdult (m)2,6857511
p6ejoGalletian BellaAdult (f)3,0627455
0GKYXElena's VampireAdult (f)3,5728752
Kk9dZPrize's VampireAdult (f)3,4318390
4tGxaSilvanna's Vampire Elena IIAdult (m)3,8338843
VWRDDLucky Vampire IIIAdult (f)4,2139383
tvn3EZombie GraveyardHatchling (m, F)2,5317572
O3HHjZombie Spawn IIAdult (f)3,3701,1137
r7KuNZombiespawn Wish IIAdult (m)2,21177121
aGUlZZombieSapwn IIAdult (m)2,4707512
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