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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kestral,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Qif4(Qif4)Adult (f)3,6911,15441
Ywk3(Ywk3)Adult (f)1,04461745
Sjh8(Sjh8)Adult (f)2,5155304
bvPF(bvPF)Adult (m)2,8936728
C24K(C24K)Adult (m)1,0487955
2zDv(2zDv)Adult (f)4,22793250
AfMt(AfMt)Adult (f)1,5601,0435
hJGr(hJGr)Adult (m)1,3188437
pHqM(pHqM)Adult (m)1,31663967
0mBm(0mBm)Adult (f)1,1068543
oV52(oV52)Adult (f)9887441
YvhC(YvhC)Adult (f)2,4831,7218
F1Gkl(F1Gkl)Adult (m)4,2976811
34cz(34cz)Adult (f)1,7201,1708
I2VG(I2VG)Adult (m)7415875
QRy8(QRy8)Adult (m)2,72477261
Eu5Ik(Eu5Ik)Adult (f)3,3136861
b52a(b52a)Adult (m)1,6085442
3n3X(3n3X)Adult (f)3,10977955
oz2m(oz2m)Adult (f)2,3691,37128
V4Tq8(V4Tq8)Adult (m)3,7836820
irbi(irbi)Adult (m)1,8515863
37GF(37GF)Adult (f)1,0003974
Ga0i(Ga0i)Adult (m)2,2756007
4KkU(4KkU)Adult (m)4,22493432
8XSi(8XSi)Adult (f)2,19791641
IQ6Fc(IQ6Fc)Adult (m)3,7377201
c0de(c0de)Adult (f)2,3441,5829
VWIA(VWIA)Adult (f)4,5277493
A3qQ(A3qQ)Adult (m)1,7954533
hGjYc(hGjYc)Adult (m)3,0226881
8TXqQ(8TXqQ)Adult (f)4,2766861
FydE(FydE)Adult (f)2,57372055
NF2g(NF2g)Adult (f)7135782
QCs8(QCs8)Adult (f)8446991
CU9Q(CU9Q)Adult (f)1,9739742
rHmF(rHmF)Adult (m)3,77981439
SkAP(SkAP)Adult (f)3,62486723
iZtt(iZtt)Adult (f)1,27783219
p0Ne(p0Ne)Adult (m)1,6394193
ecrj(ecrj)Adult (m)1,5561,0624
kIhN(kIhN)Adult (f)1,5169755
PRxI(PRxI)Adult (f)4,6021,37366
p2kK(p2kK)Adult (f)3,5101,51349
h1T6(h1T6)Adult (m)3,0021,029100
8Pru(8Pru)Adult (m)96374216
EsUY(EsUY)Adult (f)2,09996591
7LGc(7LGc)Adult (f)9497155
gfnM(gfnM)Adult (m)1,09483212
jiRO(jiRO)Adult (f)92772519
1iJC(1iJC)Adult (m)1,0188025
IbES(IbES)Adult (f)2,63593125
OneU2(OneU2)Adult (m)3,3186801
pRoaH(pRoaH)Adult (m)3,8706541
Ue8A(Ue8A)Adult (f)1,40674368
QZB0(QZB0)Adult (f)1,9106093
3jSn(3jSn)Adult (f)1,9614595
gpW2(gpW2)Adult (m)1,8053806
bcp0(bcp0)Adult (m)2,5805078
m7vF(m7vF)Adult (f)2,3491,5867
425V(425V)Adult (f)8927333
iFBn(iFBn)Adult (f)3,76791172
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