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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kelkelen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XEuaSBob-RossEgg (F)
scoocScoocAdult (m)8,0827198
1T0vbGoldenrod-WingAdult (f)3,8245602
bkomi(bkomi)Adult (m)5,7651,0451
QTi0O(QTi0O)Adult (m)4,2108473
ZRufd(ZRufd)Adult (m)5,4838702
NBtyW(NBtyW)Adult (m)4,5739212
4PEgG(4PEgG)Adult (m)4,5549112
PQBs5(PQBs5)Adult (m)6,4678823
e1fI6(e1fI6)Adult (m)6,4859776
0LJOV(0LJOV)Adult (m)4,0699482
KH2VC(KH2VC)Adult (f)4,3209392
PtRZF(PtRZF)Adult (f)3,8698674
L5NuW(L5NuW)Adult (f)1,3053773
8mEYL(8mEYL)Adult (f)6,3889493
8ihkL(8ihkL)Adult (m)5,0628967
2ZFqXNature-WingAdult (f)4,9249029
eYRG7(eYRG7)Adult (f)2,7294393
XCXS9(XCXS9)Adult (f)2,3334105
CrXv8it wearsAdult (f)4,9748912
aQSp5(aQSp5)Adult (f)6,3211,2832
55TTNCherry-WingAdult (m)7,0871,3003
2NKU9(2NKU9)Adult (f)7,1121,3344
E20fXRose-of-Sharon-WingAdult (f)5,1389212
w7N7JBetony-WingAdult (f)5,4209385
9HNtqBeauty-WingAdult (f)5,3739724
xyuBcof masculinityAdult (f)5,4279701
gN1meMagic isAdult (m)6,4151,0115
tU79gthe sun that makesAdult (f)2,9306102
cK2Fya  rainbowAdult (m)5,1959072
DJQVnout of rainAdult (f)5,9701,0862
llwRTand magic keepsAdult (m)4,5378481
3B7r9a dream aliveAdult (f)5,9009383
8gfX1to tryAdult (m)6,6641,0272
OZJBUand try againAdult (f)5,8881,0243
PKkDMAnd magic isAdult (m)5,1279181
u676kthe love that staysAdult (f)8,5821,1267
624nTwhen good friendsAdult (m)6,8889225
vGNcbhave to leaveAdult (f)3,3798771
V0CrDI   doAdult (m)2,9052792
8Ponrbelieve   inAdult (f)3,1141,1485
KwgRom a g  i  cAdult (m)3,1607202
6kTcOI   b e l i e v eAdult (f)7,8641,0013
ibMxGWhen I  was youngAdult (m)4,6497951
pdePeI thought the starsAdult (f)2,1207463
JxPbCwere made forAdult (m)3,7757792
gcrcMwishing  onAdult (f)2,91557610
FjtgYand in each treeAdult (m)3,9441,0136
jflOminside a holeAdult (f)4,7988174
byta4there livedAdult (m)3,3238644
LyMOLa leprechaunAdult (f)4,7351,1481
tnWQ5Old houses allAdult (m)4,9097488
4YTeqhad secret roomsAdult (f)1,7546314
vqhTlif one couldAdult (m)5,5669942
A3wQxfind the keyAdult (f)2,2355486
By0MJI   d oAdult (m)2,3664503
C5thgbelieve    inAdult (f)3,9417331
Md2SKm  a  g  i   cAdult (m)3,2729603
zJwNJI  believeAdult (f)6,6211,1117
I5CmhWhen I was  youngAdult (m)6,6371,1102
J0Ck4one day I'dAdult (m)6,3871,0792
6WoYtwake to findAdult (f)5,7861,0611
eK8Ybthat magic wasAdult (m)6,4241,0903
KUs7ba childhood dreamAdult (f)6,3171,0682
ons0OI'd have toAdult (m)5,6651,0642
GPSgzleave behindAdult (f)5,7361,1012
w7DylLike clothes that wouldAdult (m)6,4731,1894
tzZNfno longer fitAdult (f)6,4651,0972
fkS1yor toys thatAdult (m)5,6741,0411
d5MzaI'd ignoreAdult (f)8,2201,0411
y8hCHI'd  notAdult (m)5,2011,0575
nXma3believe     inAdult (f)6,9141,1052
Mjv3wm  a  g  i cAdult (m)6,9851,1182
0vNoYa n y moreAdult (f)6,3301,0761
Hegcvam grown I findAdult (f)6,4881,1591
jzyHithat much toAdult (m)6,5041,2502
wUMYjmy  surpriseAdult (f)6,5591,2093
2XbK6a new disguiseAdult (f)5,5761,0452
iphvwAmaryllis-WingAdult (m)6,5311,2364
FZDA9Carnation-WingAdult (m)6,1711,1126
rijxuLaurel-WingAdult (m)6,7931,4596
Q09DwPansy-WingAdult (m)7,0921,4039
CdSdaPrimrose-WingAdult (m)4,28340021
WszLGRosy-WingAdult (m)8,0131,39612
TA9AYAzalea-WingAdult (f)5,9891,1102
cV1AiBegonia-WingAdult (f)7,4671,3758
EfU0mBleeding-Heart-WingAdult (f)4,9851,1644
Oz3fPHollyhock-WingAdult (f)4,4911,1675
bYtrJPeachrose-WingAdult (f)7,6959986
VVbK1Peony-WingAdult (f)8,8041,36011
G1xmeAgrimony-WingAdult (m)5,7151,1302
NiRpXCowslip-WingAdult (m)5,4881,0641
HAnUJDaffodil-WingAdult (m)5,5211,0364
NnnOLGorse-wingAdult (m)6,6041,21513
OsNTSHoneysuckle-WingAdult (m)5,8421,0496
Bf7KUSnapdragon-WingAdult (m)6,0971,1245
45dtuZ-WingAdult (m)5,8181,1482
35B3lAster-WingAdult (f)6,1681,0683
RcPAQButtercup-WingAdult (f)5,7371,0973
KcfA2Dandelion-WingAdult (f)6,6441,18811
Dctn2Tansy-WingAdult (f)5,8411,0714
tos6fWildrose-WingAdult (f)7,4869794
8A4hPYarrow-WingAdult (f)6,4711,1524
1xNUxHawkbit-WingAdult (f)5,5381,0763
Uz95VAcanthus-WingAdult (m)5,9921,0828
O5IArAconite-WingAdult (m)6,2471,0977
2Vy5tLarkspur-WingAdult (m)12,8281,57310
GzJaILupine-WingAdult (m)5,9561,1687
bVBgQPeriwinkle-WingAdult (m)6,8511,1596
wpeRMColumbine-WingAdult (f)5,7301,1324
CHKXgImeru-wingAdult (f)7,4221,0416
rLIA7Mallow-WingAdult (f)5,1731,0651
IcfUnOrchid-WingAdult (f)6,1489556
IYaV7Zahra-WingAdult (f)5,3901,0394
GAfwmCamellia-WingAdult (m)6,9611,0784
mJcbHDawnbloom-WingAdult (m)6,7131,0234
WntJOFreesia-WingAdult (m)7,4331,0675
6QC0EHibiscus-WingAdult (m)6,7951,2147
UyEWbSir GeraniumAdult (m)6,4831,0292
QN27HGloriosa-WingAdult (f)7,6221,0312
JLJMRLotus-WingAdult (f)5,8131,0973
jSdujParisa-WingAdult (f)7,3851,0437
rbecNPetunia-WingAdult (f)6,5251,1797
MndUQPhlox-WingAdult (f)6,8659713
OANkpPia-WingAdult (f)6,2491,0642
8DTv3Tyn-WingAdult (f)6,5749646
17wWKZinnia-WingAdult (f)6,0861,1173
ZpzuaCoralBells-WingAdult (m)6,6941,0639
Kfst1Dahlia-WingAdult (m)5,9751,0985
4mxcEMagnolia-WingAdult (m)5,6711,0243
Bghl5Foxglove-WingAdult (f)5,1589963
vTQMWHydrangea-WingAdult (m)6,5301,0483
CDxh6Heather-WingAdult (f)5,8371,0884
q3kUCFloral-WingAdult (m)6,7159824
8IbyZPeindy-WingAdult (m)6,6119504
zQs27Kingscup-WingAdult (m)6,8111,0456
1cbsdOylyn-WingAdult (m)6,8279905
UtdwJPollen-WingAdult (m)6,6671,0354
gIFFWTinsel-WingAdult (m)5,3891,0783
qBCMcSunflower-WingAdult (f)6,1161,0542
gC6cbCalla-WingAdult (m)7,3281,10212
uhOmJRegal SpotsAdult (f)6,3351,1674
1R8RWI was born in MississippiAdult (m)7,4051,1488
EVfShsayin' 'yes sir' to other menAdult (f)6,7501,1416
it8Rmbut I found thatAdult (m)5,9621,1525
XFSUCit got me nowhereAdult (f)5,8321,1827
AyR1Bso I'll neverAdult (m)7,9081,0954
TWGyYsay  it  againAdult (f)6,1941,1143
WiB4p(WiB4p)Adult (m)6,2581,1744
Wl9jy(Wl9jy)Adult (f)6,2591,1992
1r8Zsor the shape ofAdult (m)8,9581,24617
eAzWmIndeed the moreAdult (m)6,6411,2393
GEALWwe find to loveAdult (f)6,6561,2565
jB7Osthe more weAdult (m)6,8321,1668
OxyOLadd toAdult (f)6,3899623
lk9pHthe measure ofAdult (m)5,1231,0384
nr5JkKing FaberAdult (m)6,4801,0924
U27BgThe Time QueenAdult (f)6,5291,1284
TY4GrKing MoonriderAdult (m)8,8631,4174
N7NDVQueen MareeAdult (f)8,0351,20910
KNjxTKing ChantAdult (m)7,9341,19311
2oB3HQueen WynneAdult (f)8,2921,23110
L2oH4King GabrielAdult (m)8,1251,2149
M0SbHSapphoPinkAdult (m)3,9131,00511
nucZjTimeSapphAdult (f)7,1151,0437
aISYbDearSapphireAdult (m)6,4011,1126
Pp6AcLattice-RoseAdult (f)7,2111,0102
siYHlPeaceful VerseAdult (f)7,2801,0425
B4miiAllegretto ZephyrAdult (f)5,0779222
OjnDBSoprano ZephyrAdult (f)5,0708971
30fJOQuaver ZephyrAdult (f)5,5301,1594
lVnwCFortissimo ZephyrAdult (f)3,5623003
6zzeETrio ZephyrAdult (f)6,2981,0750
1KoknPianissimo ZephyrAdult (m)5,0571,0013
VeUnyFermata ZephyrAdult (m)3,7497362
XV3ASBaritone ZephyrAdult (f)4,93090625
zDrjLChorus ZephyrAdult (f)5,0098796
geUgmMusic ZephyrAdult (f)4,6418875
WEVqVRhapsody ZephyrAdult (f)6,5191,21022
Kb60RBluegrass ZephyrAdult (m)5,3071,0515
B3NOQQuintet ZephyrAdult (m)6,2141,0341
uOfKkDemi ZephyrAdult (f)5,4471,0665
HG5CUChoir ZephyrAdult (f)4,8568755
GqzmHOrchestra ZephyrAdult (f)5,4201,0523
7ZOGCMeasure ZephyrAdult (f)5,0128541
IlhA9Duet ZephyrAdult (m)5,3211,2187
h80enHemi ZephyrAdult (m)5,7629962
2oczyStaff ZephyrAdult (m)4,9147953
bhq6gTooth an NailAdult (f)5,1969580
8YcwNHiss an ScratchAdult (m)5,2879760
nbxAKBite an ClawAdult (f)5,2299810
UtgZj(UtgZj)Adult (m)6,6461,0451
mTEuEGammaShieldAdult (m)8,5131,3595
HIepuSerin ZephyrAdult (m)6,8411,0513
NlKpQSalty ZephyrAdult (f)6,8921,0613
J1OKuSlipfinAdult (m)7,9711,2073
8AKau(8AKau)Adult (f)2,5976404
uf3eI(uf3eI)Adult (m)7,0441,0033
XnoYx(XnoYx)Adult (f)1,7355104
CBYThCantorverdeAdult (f)3,3457762
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