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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kayote,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BccgaBecca von WolfroseAdult (f)2,7257921
ImL10Burt von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)1,7537732
k7XiSBrianne von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)8,8391,1012
0Od5R(0Od5R)Adult (f)4,9791,0144
0UfBD(0UfBD)Adult (m)5,1248932
ukElW(ukElW)Adult (f)2,2337512
KrMjJ(KrMjJ)Adult (f)3,2441,0272
Sr1Yx(Sr1Yx)Adult (m)3,3439041
TmQuE(TmQuE)Adult (m)3,3858971
jacbR(jacbR)Hatchling (m, F)4,4739142
LPGa8(LPGa8)Adult (f)4,3028501
PhMrA(PhMrA)Adult (m)6,2391,1703
8LG8Oww von WolfroseAdult (f)2,943653133
bXc4q(bXc4q)Adult (m)6,1731,1712
935sHPersephone von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)4,9841,0532
zo4i7(zo4i7)Adult (m)5,5777614
muXvl(muXvl)Adult (f)5,1261,0531
ErXBW(ErXBW)Adult (m)5,0821,0231
6a29MyEyes von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,464925116
PAtEAPatea LoveAdult (f)1,4677452
0F2fdLove GifterAdult (f)1,4577284
BBLE6(BBLE6)Adult (f)3,5337633
ivNqQ(ivNqQ)Adult (m)3,5987732
Oz2UZ(Oz2UZ)Adult (f)5,0099731
P6BH4(P6BH4)Adult (m)6,2271,0953
tbVOf(tbVOf)Adult (f)6,3181,1222
XBy3C(XBy3C)Adult (f)6,2311,1252
8WGWw(8WGWw)Adult (m)6,2391,1522
21rJx(21rJx)Adult (f)6,2181,1003
H1mwj(H1mwj)Adult (m)6,1721,1025
59QC1(59QC1)Adult (m)5,9671,0752
msGyn(msGyn)Adult (f)6,1581,1032
h5RiPuft von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)2,2911,09815
K0Z9Up von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)1,0815163
ZmPbaAll von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)2,2487431
XX653(XX653)Adult (m)6,1389652
V6R2U(V6R2U)Adult (f)6,1129280
njWD5(njWD5)Adult (m)4,8746751
l4aLG(l4aLG)Hatchling (m, F)4,8426810
BWZKt(BWZKt)Adult (f)1,9126851
jg6kn(jg6kn)Adult (m)1,8946561
KCwgz(KCwgz)Adult (f)1,9576921
I40Q8(I40Q8)Adult (f)2,9689173
TlwCK(TlwCK)Adult (f)2,6448703
gdgaDurriken von WolfroseAdult (m)3,274615143
l4xlDarkness von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)5,4391,452124
O5BV8Serinity von WolfroseAdult (f)2,5087714
3oSBhObsidian von WolfroseAdult (f)4,2727523
olfs7Ebony von WolfroseAdult (f)2,9138044
WRtYSMax von WolfroseAdult (m)2,5818592
lbapDNull von WolfroseAdult (f)3,0008911
Bq0OQJett von WolfroseAdult (m)2,3739394
tmW14Dorkface von WolfroseAdult (m)2,3417103
YI1jVDarkest von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)3,7828445
OMQdo(OMQdo)Adult (f)4,4108360
B8nEDarkdream von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,7281,08241
dqRkLoa von WolfroseHatchling (m, F)8154882
SBWuHades von WolfroseAdult (m)3,24791753
vryWHekate von WolfroseAdult (f)2,37084731
nLaAMidnight von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,4971,04240
6Jb9Draken von WolfroseAdult (m)1,0355352
lcRfLucinda von WolfroseAdult (f)1,2914143
lCu5Draven von WolfroseAdult (m)1,0755542
9oKcYBellatrix Skullcrusher 2GAdult (f)3,6561,2773
6YZZLux von WolfroseHatchling (m, F)9245052
H3UBHLucy von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,7549515
73ZHT(73ZHT)Adult (f)3,2195003
gKqsf(gKqsf)Adult (m)2,8044861
A88Z3(A88Z3)Adult (f)2,9414822
mEHZ1(mEHZ1)Adult (m)1,7116312
Knxfv(Knxfv)Adult (f)1,9586951
PsmJu(PsmJu)Adult (f)1,8966541
McsoH(McsoH)Adult (f)2,6708402
gXwvX(gXwvX)Adult (f)2,4348311
URTae(URTae)Adult (f)3,2388372
I2zZSAmberMusk von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)2,9038981
vFahsClifford von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)2,5978622
mbgiaFandango von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)6,6211,1501
8Dny2(8Dny2)Adult (m)1,7666562
UZa3q(UZa3q)Adult (m)1,7897002
LFJ46BloodMoon von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)1,8136611
nCfGn(nCfGn)Adult (m)1,8196711
0HUqd(0HUqd)Adult (f)1,7466471
BiLr1(BiLr1)Adult (m)1,7346581
Uhxpv(Uhxpv)Adult (m)1,5796201
y4bpi(y4bpi)Adult (f)2,6448281
wlvlW(wlvlW)Adult (f)2,9839314
W9Uv3(W9Uv3)Adult (f)4,9549852
lm6Oe(lm6Oe)Adult (m)3,2069975
5aooG(5aooG)Adult (f)3,1828513
I0qYFAzule von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)2,4638831
k98IhAzure von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)2,2988032
puSjvCobalt von WolfroseAdult (m)2,7698072
dgebTTeal von WolfroseAdult (f)2,1868035
g6Kj4Ciel von WolfroseAdult (m)3,2409254
iQIRfCornflower von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)6,2071,1171
9ahtlAqua von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,1596691
vB9fLBondi von WolfroseHatchling (m, F)1,9287221
lSs94StunningBeauty von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)6,5571,2241
g76E9Zues von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)5,1129681
SAgdOb-la-da CBAdult (m)1,2708143
Ppe5Ob-la-di CBAdult (m)8205631
QpgWThey are the Eggmen CBAdult (f)8755931
GqKiLife Goes on Brah CBAdult (m)1,0556232
XYCCI am the Walrus 3GAdult (f)1,3556313
CaPLGoo Goo G'joob CBAdult (f)1,0255532
LuBnOLa la how the life goes on CBAdult (m)4,5344353
i4SclGoo Goo G'joob GooAdult (f)2,3058591
sNyCX(sNyCX)Adult (f)1,6977392
IabNX(IabNX)Adult (f)1,9107861
9UUhS(9UUhS)Adult (m)1,9737861
k9eZR(k9eZR)Adult (m)1,9218023
Ajqzm(Ajqzm)Adult (f)2,1548311
8sO1I am the eggmanHatchling (m, F)8885582
Gg6H0Brimstone von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)3,0779501
vSUoJSulfura von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)2,7499233
fabRfSulfide von Wolfrose 2gAdult (f)2,7418351
mtd2qSulfate von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)2,9378153
KbdiESulfuric von WolfroseHatchling (m, F)2,6348331
evNQlSoufre von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,4518262
cbG9u(cbG9u)Adult (m)2,2487832
i0zp9(i0zp9)Adult (m)2,3177841
5z84D(5z84D)Adult (f)2,1517873
Bf4Rn(Bf4Rn)Adult (m)2,9679103
UbOY9(UbOY9)Adult (m)2,8828772
MFvjA(MFvjA)Adult (f)2,6418551
NukUl(NukUl)Adult (f)2,6318252
2UyT6(2UyT6)Adult (m)6,2261,1332
vIcCw(vIcCw)Adult (m)5,2949921
hP8wr(hP8wr)Adult (f)6,7771,0131
dtFkH(dtFkH)Adult (f)7,1241,0181
WKLNh(WKLNh)Hatchling (m, F)6,1859841
oekoThe Mighty Jungle CBAdult (m)1,0616201
hhecIn the Jungle CBAdult (m)1,0896152
3RMXSleeps Tonight CBAdult (f)1,2237053
4AhcThe Lion CBAdult (m)1,8274527
ZDHn9Wee-ooh wim-o-weh CBAdult (f)2,7527372
MVAXBAshera Jangasaz 2GAdult (f)4,0431,0402
2wxZ1(2wxZ1)Adult (m)1,7377772
kYsM1(kYsM1)Adult (f)1,7247953
s7uVc(s7uVc)Adult (f)1,7767981
hWbTc(hWbTc)Adult (f)1,6587581
b1qC7(b1qC7)Adult (f)1,9228493
V0njr(V0njr)Adult (f)2,1048282
ITE1M(ITE1M)Adult (m)2,0017481
XoSRw(XoSRw)Adult (m)1,9537091
vsKJ7(vsKJ7)Adult (m)2,6728373
LDB9K(LDB9K)Adult (f)5,9981,1080
WDnSd(WDnSd)Adult (m)6,1861,1361
OcN2V(OcN2V)Adult (f)5,8321,0283
u7X1x(u7X1x)Adult (m)5,7541,0421
IQQ1m(IQQ1m)Adult (m)3,1558483
S0t9i(S0t9i)Adult (f)3,1938565
MEo0d(MEo0d)Adult (f)3,2498282
e8Zst(e8Zst)Adult (m)4,0228433
fDG4X(fDG4X)Adult (m)4,2979303
92bUI(92bUI)Adult (f)4,9511,0553
VVyxI(VVyxI)Adult (f)3,3108518
OvVIN(OvVIN)Adult (f)3,4348374
GCsUN(GCsUN)Adult (m)3,2508683
6Odn0(6Odn0)Adult (f)4,0118633
3KthdGollum von WolfroseAdult (m)3,0061,1591
RgdQmGlenda von WolfroseAdult (f)2,9591,1345
n7NODGraben von WolfroseAdult (m)2,9221,1411
Rjs3aRaven von WolfroseAdult (f)2,6141,0461
DNra5Loken von WolfroseHatchling (m, F)2,4051,0202
4pIKTLori von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)2,7531,0722
SgYs7Orion von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)4,6049761
fuX07Pleiades von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)4,6611,0353
kAsthCassiopeia von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)4,4188310
tL53CAndromedae von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)5,2848672
MiBvVPerseus von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)4,3997951
ij6V5Pegasus von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)4,7968501
uKvbsLyra von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)4,7998242
yX99JCygnus von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)5,5839633
JHCdMozzarella von WolfroseAdult1,5175914
cJ3ABSwiss von WolfroseAdult5,6099255
5r0QTFeta von WolfroseAdult1,9757026
4o9trRomano von WolfroseAdult2,9431,1146
a3NUPParmesan von WolfroseAdult3,3199455
FwiKbGouda von WolfroseAdult3,3168147
BvbYkCurd von WolfroseHatchling (F)1,5116181
kvdbCBaby Swiss von WolfroseHatchling (F)2,8167652
eMQ2Oceana von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)9145792
LKjJOceanus von Wolfrose cbAdult (m)9365801
AABGOcean von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)5783631
DPLtMeenie von WolfroseAdult (f)1,7057443
PLM1Eenie von WolfroseAdult (m)1,5086562
CNXXMiney von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)5733421
NZLSfMoe von WolfroseHatchling (F)1,7793671
uWWiCPenney von Wolfrose CBAdult (f)4,0558792
qxh6PSteamPunk von Wolfrose CBAdult (m)6,1491,0991
BKYLLPatina von Wolfrose 3GAdult (f)5,6917472
SBO5FGlimmer von WolfroseAdult (f)2,9404401
1rKRjBlayze von WolfroseAdult (m)2,9884201
Wt7YkSparkle von WolfroseHatchling (f, F)3,0013921
dpPaThorny von WolfroseAdult (m)3,160752147
qqjMRose von Wolfrose cbAdult (f)2,8571,11893
FajGMThistle von Wolfrose 2gAdult (m)2,0157032
rWbitRabbit Brush von WolfroseAdult (f)2,6157362
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