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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Kawainaya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    uB3X(uB3X)Adult (f)4,0262683
    P2Fj(P2Fj)Adult (f)3,3772561
    WgR7(WgR7)Adult (f)3,3802581
    dMbM(dMbM)Adult (m)3,5532571
    E0u5(E0u5)Adult (m)3,8222762
    e4Op(e4Op)Adult (m)2,7782492
    OpLe(OpLe)Adult (f)3,92833010
    d0NL(d0NL)Adult (m)2,04227115
    Mhr0(Mhr0)Adult (f)2,46423413
    DXRV(DXRV)Adult (f)2,43521611
    TfFI(TfFI)Adult (m)2,2742987
    ePu8(ePu8)Adult (m)2,08035611
    4lqY(4lqY)Adult (m)2,4913308
    vT59(vT59)Adult (f)2,78623811
    MQaF(MQaF)Adult (f)3,02726713
    04qL(04qL)Adult (f)2,8462809
    Xp0m(Xp0m)Adult (m)2,20827113
    s6Xh(s6Xh)Adult (f)2,35428315
    IuHm(IuHm)Adult (f)3,13529411
    QCNR(QCNR)Adult (f)2,16624519
    NhgB(NhgB)Adult (m)2,67427820
    BDVB(BDVB)Adult (m)2,96529215
    tuiB(tuiB)Adult (m)3,74930515
    fmXA(fmXA)Adult (m)2,76024310
    9Rjg(9Rjg)Adult (f)2,94232013
    PnWZ(PnWZ)Adult (m)2,91223011
    CopX(CopX)Adult (f)2,7392509
    9Zda(9Zda)Adult (f)2,8452459
    1BKA(1BKA)Adult (m)2,57439115
    ENhS(ENhS)Adult (m)2,2362314
    NfjU(NfjU)Adult (m)4,2183153
    cA3Q(cA3Q)Adult (f)5,1173423
    J1oa(J1oa)Adult (m)3,7582513
    rkbX(rkbX)Adult (m)5,3253552
    X37Y(X37Y)Adult (m)3,9202653
    nFVp(nFVp)Adult (f)4,6803354
    oNIi(oNIi)Adult (m)3,2383262
    FqkM(FqkM)Adult (m)2,9812993
    l0Wa(l0Wa)Adult (m)2,8132832
    drAd(drAd)Adult (m)2,8622741
    XjeO(XjeO)Adult (f)3,2233262
    LZtZ(LZtZ)Adult (f)3,6082485
    NelN(NelN)Adult (m)3,6162454
    1u45(1u45)Adult (f)3,4282325
    P1X7(P1X7)Adult (f)3,8562624
    fNip(fNip)Adult (f)3,5842425
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