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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Katica,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GFRH(GFRH)Adult (f)4,0202687
tOnB(tOnB)Adult (m)2,12041019
qg8u(qg8u)Adult (f)2,18037920
iNf6(iNf6)Adult (f)1,83442515
0IsX(0IsX)Adult (f)4,0662723
4tFJ(4tFJ)Adult (f)2,27239522
WD3q(WD3q)Adult (f)4,7093195
MPnN(MPnN)Adult (f)1,58934317
hXfq(hXfq)Adult (m)2,07536915
Y1B8(Y1B8)Adult (f)4,7703186
lWtrZ(lWtrZ)Adult (m)3,1212094
GNik(GNik)Adult (f)1,65133314
dUAp(dUAp)Adult (m)3,3742727
Qi0C(Qi0C)Adult (m)2,52539017
7oJ6(7oJ6)Adult (f)2,00833818
Cs8U(Cs8U)Adult (m)2,42936411
vQNL(vQNL)Adult (f)2,09940214
T0DN(T0DN)Adult (f)1,82830116
m3SD(m3SD)Adult (f)3,8412579
ZL8g(ZL8g)Adult (f)2,26341812
BV43(BV43)Adult (f)3,0732729
XNN8(XNN8)Adult (f)1,90741812
fqvS(fqvS)Adult (m)4,14027610
vTmd(vTmd)Adult (f)2,12239017
rsdY(rsdY)Adult (f)1,84631313
dHk0(dHk0)Adult (m)1,87531812
FHTs(FHTs)Adult (f)1,86843211
kabp(kabp)Adult (f)4,1562787
ugea(ugea)Adult (f)2,34042616
BtYn(BtYn)Adult (f)4,66131210
7JeFZ(7JeFZ)Adult (m)3,2412175
4VOj(4VOj)Adult (f)2,02632013
ZpsU(ZpsU)Adult (m)2,55738319
Ab7Y(Ab7Y)Adult (f)2,46734513
uPKl(uPKl)Adult (m)2,10038415
hivn(hivn)Adult (m)2,19131516
rSKI(rSKI)Hatchling (F)67517510
Nskv(Nskv)Adult (f)2,15140222
iKFOh(iKFOh)Adult (f)3,2332196
d9QK(d9QK)Adult (f)3,00931217
FBVT(FBVT)Adult (f)1,57334310
DSeZ(DSeZ)Adult (m)4,1153959
dJ70(dJ70)Adult (m)1,68536219
NbA6(NbA6)Adult (m)3,3832263
fdXs(fdXs)Adult (m)3,85434012
TD9P(TD9P)Adult (m)2,10737826
u9tl(u9tl)Adult (f)2,23631713
XfnX(XfnX)Adult (f)1,6173915
2Nhn(2Nhn)Adult (f)4,4143216
ekGR(ekGR)Adult (m)1,8563309
jSL9(jSL9)Hatchling (f, F)2,5646748
VUKD(VUKD)Adult (f)1,85931113
E61b(E61b)Adult (f)1,54230712
LnqG(LnqG)Adult (m)3,6232444
uDJD(uDJD)Adult (m)1,2977916
faLE(faLE)Adult (f)3,16927010
NOkv(NOkv)Adult (f)3,8623037
E6Nn(E6Nn)Adult (f)2,13640321
VlPV(VlPV)Adult (f)2,11539419
CX83(CX83)Adult (f)2,21640912
ndVQ(ndVQ)Adult (f)3,15423014
X1tt(X1tt)Adult (m)1,62531912
hEf4(hEf4)Adult (f)3,8402567
j7cp(j7cp)Adult (m)2,20436616
j3EC(j3EC)Adult (f)3,48027613
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