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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Katann,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sTLQKats Lord Might cbAdult (m)2,77868863
xYI4Kats Lady Might cbAdult (f)1,17261561
3nAAVKats Lord Grant cbAdult (m)3,0868739
TM3J7Kats Lady Love pbg2Adult (f)2,9899583
uX1IrKats Lord Henry pbg3Adult (m)3,2598952
TUj9gKats Lady Haylie pbg2Adult (f)3,2909327
YiuWkKats Spookmaster g2Adult (m)3,2128284
ZN5tAKat's Master cbAdult (m)4,2527242
lb9cbKats Lady Jade cbAdult (f)3,5507061
yXgvjKats Emerald  Que cbAdult (m)2,1387152
m8voCKats Sheza Sweety cbAdult (f)3,3947202
wnvS8Kats Heza Awesome Dude cbAdult (m)3,3717392
CgsVmKats Awesome GalAdult (f)3,7966771
m4WVkKats Cutie Patootie cbAdult (m)4,4479351
aiCLKats Lady Lillith cbAdult (f)3,64673462
iWG4Kats Lady Molly cbAdult (f)3,69375066
B1mhKats Lady  Mary 2genAdult (f)1,36064339
Sz5I6Kats Lord Pinkerton cbAdult (m)4,2807622
M60IqKats Falicity cbAdult (f)3,5856982
FYia3Kats Sure Of Myself 2GAdult (m)5,3767492
xlunRKats Lady Elegance 2GAdult (f)5,3017331
x80IMKats Milady Pink g3Adult (f)4,8798361
c8hNOKats Ashley cbAdult (m)5,0441,0121
C3kxV(C3kxV)Adult (f)3,9647931
qx16Kats Star Treks Tpol cbAdult (f)1,31163846
gqgUKats Touch Of Gold mlAdult (m)4,8871,2538
W3CuKats Bita Dorkface Midas mlAdult (f)4,1899276
s5MetKats Star Trek's Tuvok cbAdult (m)2,4689332
0v9EqKats Star Trek Tpow cbAdult (f)2,3928231
PN0yLKats Sweet Treat cbAdult (f)2,7229092
Ayr4aKats Cotton Candy cbAdult (m)2,4578955
dnUp9Kats Exquisite cbAdult (f)2,2198571
MnSysKats Oreo cbAdult (f)2,4968304
sRJzzKats Saltwater Lover cbAdult (m)2,4698923
hjh2fKats Sweetnsalty cbAdult (f)2,3628514
JlpknKats Orio of commons 2gAdult (m)4,0747292
gLm3cKats Mighty Cute cbAdult (f)2,7348741
B9e76Kats Lil Jazzy cbAdult (m)2,5128722
OUFumKats Moonwatcher cbAdult (m)3,2408155
19GzLKats Sassy Gal 2gAdult (f)3,7958451
EGSlUKats Fireworks cbAdult (f)2,4529265
sohp3Kats Rusty cbAdult (m)2,4468742
zYAT0Kats Socutee cbAdult (f)1,3637433
FL9uNKats Lord Socute g2Adult (m)2,4018701
yCHcyKats Lady Grant 2gAdult (f)3,7248311
FObOJKats Spooky Love cbAdult (m)4,5767091
SZgq6Kats So Blue cbAdult (m)3,4237801
JaulpKats Puttinonthe Ritz cbAdult (f)3,2948443
DZr1TKats Milord Noble cbAdult (m)4,7858202
T6NKzKat's Electronic cbAdult (f)3,8327511
eRGtKats Mixed Magic mlAdult (m)6,2531,2508
iggrKats  Dorkface Grace mlAdult (f)3,6681,2253
iWXJvKats Squaw of MicanopyAdult (f)5,6291,4563
Y6BC4Kats Deadly Purple WildcatAdult (f)6,8181,3663
2nqE3Kats Chief of Micanopy cbAdult (m)7,9131,4018
SH1GhLord Sweetpea of commons cbAdult (m)3,2458536
9NhV4Kats Lady Jade of commons  cbAdult (f)3,6621,0385
bsVR4Kats  Duchess Sweet Wildcat g2Adult (f)3,3118784
09PXFKats Osman Osceola cbAdult (m)2,8548363
BheUeKats Maedin of Micanopy 2gAdult (f)3,4256791
ldL2CKats Warrior of Micanopy g2Adult (m)3,5697201
UP6VRKats Madam Scarlette cbAdult (f)3,2688894
AnuD8Kats Master Rhett cbAdult (m)4,9871,1734
IPnvaKats Goodness in Gold cbAdult (f)3,6469773
g08kyKats Lady Strong cbAdult (f)1,8127533
XkUSHKats Master Strong cbAdult (m)1,7767302
SL9NVKats Sir Strong cbAdult (m)1,9337701
hsDBHKats Sir Strongmoon 2gAdult (m)3,7188211
ALYauKats Osceola Moongal 2gAdult (f)3,9118420
HoTxeKats Strong  Prize g2Adult (f)3,7537073
HRwXUKats lil Missy cbAdult (f)4,2717521
X1JYMKats Sky Phoenix of Bird ClanAdult (f)5,2681,3441
FVarxKats Velvet cbAdult (m)3,5796953
GOGJkKats prettyinpink cbAdult (f)3,1928007
fnz7fKats Lil Red cbAdult (m)5,9471,0351
VDr5OKat's Smoking cbAdult (f)4,2517272
e0gAGKats Groovy Time cbAdult (f)4,4218031
iDVTxKat's So Music cbAdult (f)3,7047211
8b0ZUKats Happy Christmas g2Adult (m)1,7477372
GvORDKats Nicole Midas DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7737584
2SfbaKats Xmas Joy mlAdult (f)2,3367011
mQnvKats Ivy cbAdult (f)3,9248353
bKS3Kats Holly cbAdult (f)4,2818705
dLCj6Kats Mag Christmas 6gAdult (f)2,4537301
tnN0mKats Zydico Xmas mlAdult (m)2,3537301
2frjvKats Bright Holiday cbAdult (m)4,2668201
dVZeGKats Nick cbAdult (m)2,1186413
XqNU0Kats Blitzen cbAdult (m)2,1206303
Zy776Kats Lucky Catch g2Adult (m)1,7837292
LdNutKats Wonderful Xmas cbAdult (f)1,6777352
QnfB5Kats Xmas Love cbAdult (f)1,6767442
wsALtKats Xmas Memory 2gAdult (f)2,4116851
k7sh1Kats Jack Frost cbAdult (m)3,8778281
Rj3NHKats Frost King cbAdult (m)3,9118131
jhRApKats Jolly Nick cbAdult (m)2,6597090
BUpEEKats Festive Elf cbAdult (m)2,6607171
Ex5AFKats Bright Lady cbAdult (f)4,7251,0753
JOg9OKats Holiday Holly cbAdult (f)4,7401,0731
ykMO6Kats Joyous Lady cbAdult (f)3,7451,0341
VSQwfKats Joyous Holly cbAdult (f)3,6481,0361
0R2rKats Lady Elemental of commonsAdult (f)1,7204228
aajldKats Baroness Fancy of commonsAdult (f)2,8048962
LKbC8Kats Lady Shelby of commonsAdult (f)2,3121,0112
BYnOlKats Count Duku of commonsAdult (m)6,1461,2982
0Yr4dKats Lord Cutie of commons cbAdult (m)3,2431,0126
0KWTYKats Lady Wave of  commons cbAdult (f)3,2639501
Bi68qKats Baroness Cutie of commonsAdult (f)3,7161,0374
bjlqTKats Countess Tessy of commonsAdult (f)2,9771,0721
Dt4pQKats Prince Ian of commonsAdult (m)2,0037541
1veAQKats Happy Again cbAdult (f)3,5038101
ngMmMKats So Cool cbAdult (m)3,3657492
mRpdjKats Lady Perfect cbAdult (f)2,2237943
mgYrOKats Sodreamy cbAdult (f)1,3417111
ybfdiKat's A Bit Awesome cbAdult (m)2,4418192
MI5kuKats  Awesome  Lad g2Adult (m)3,8008523
QjVZKats ml Dorkface Dusk DesireAdult (m)1,5293825
NHKiKKats Lord Ra of commons cbAdult (m)3,1471,0196
3st5XKats Lady Pluto of commons cbAdult (f)2,7548752
Dx7iiKats  Scarlett  Gal cbAdult (f)3,5567121
UlAb6Kats Mr Rhett cbAdult (m)3,4426741
9QRAHKats Master Player cbAdult (m)3,2248131
OrEsjKats  Ms Grand Play cbAdult (f)3,1478302
zU3oQKats Ruby Dude cbAdult (m)5,2939491
PSBnzKats Doublets cbAdult (f)2,4428212
CpkWJKats Double Trouble cbAdult (m)2,7348802
9f6yGKats Charming duce cbAdult (m)2,6588711
f6oulKats Twin Star cbAdult (f)2,4978841
F9Xk3Kats I don't Know cbAdult (m)3,5557413
lUZsKats Midus Princess mlAdult (f)3,2121,1625
qu0BKats Plutarius Shango mlAdult (m)3,6699965
opC3nKats Lord Light of commons cbAdult (m)2,5638424
bNShvKats Lady Sparky of commons cbAdult (f)3,6471,05710
BVRSOKats Lord Aten of commons cbAdult (m)3,3371,1407
KRrtWKats Lady Wendy of commons cbAdult (f)3,2651,0842
VBWg7Kats Hello Molly cbAdult (f)3,3827412
6QLWKats Micanopy of commonsAdult (m)5,6661,4328
LA2JKats Simeonus EmberstrikeAdult (m)4,0621,1774
lW01Kats Voltaire Lavert mlAdult (m)4,1721,0335
XeQjAD'Aeon Kat Summer g3Adult (m)5,2271,1396
FlUj1Kats Lil Fireball cbAdult (f)2,4547951
cQiAaKats Mygoodness cbAdult (f)2,5938393
iAFh1Kats Hot Tottie cbAdult (m)2,4248533
24dUVKats Blue Deva cbAdult (f)3,3097812
CyHw5Kats Lady Flight cbAdult (f)5,3346954
Or2dKKats Master Flight cbAdult (m)5,1746930
s4cc8Kats Silent Night cbAdult (m)2,5457011
c2bWCKats Holly N Ivy cbAdult (f)2,5506821
MEi2rKats Lady Vivienne cbAdult (f)3,4646900
2rbLCKats Lord Fever cbAdult (m)2,3687761
p8m5HKats Lady Fever cbAdult (f)1,8217531
xF0SRKats Madom Fever cbAdult (f)1,8697792
bqG65Kats Mr Shamroc cbAdult (m)2,4418501
qr89YKats Spring Fling cbAdult (m)2,0478072
VfYuSKats Spring Radiants cbAdult (f)2,0978030
BLq7DKat's A Lil Flame cbAdult (f)2,3018091
RyufWKats U Give Me Fever cbAdult (m)2,7348802
m3bx9Kat's Hot Mama cbAdult (f)3,6706981
wY29dKats Got Some Fever cbAdult (f)4,4608341
ioDAKats Warrior of Osceola cbAdult (m)7,3251,78618
iD79Kats Pink Glaze mlAdult (f)3,6771,2404
Wv2fiKats All Mixed up mlAdult (f)8,1351,43914
f0S7IKats Milady Alice cbAdult (f)2,2297824
r9TDoKats Sosweetness cbAdult (f)1,4127482
UYvhTKat's Ima Cutie cbAdult (m)2,3337881
lJqlEKat's U Know I'm Cute cbAdult (f)2,3988481
LJRMdKats Spotted You cbAdult (m)5,0581,1391
12eltKats Dotty Babe cbAdult (f)5,1661,1461
ZMQwUKats Lucky Miss cbAdult (f)4,4417101
BrdQ0Kats Lucky Laddy cbAdult (m)4,5407121
xMEdjKat's Sweet Frost cbAdult (f)2,6899052
I5ooUKat's Mr Freeze cbAdult (m)4,2287082
17DFQKat's Baby Cool cbAdult (m)3,4897642
VUVvp(VUVvp)Adult (f)3,9777912
53BaD(53BaD)Adult (m)4,0358190
89DCZKats Heza Gem cbAdult (m)3,8517930
ZzxFfKats Magnetic Gaze cbAdult (m)1,9787360
xwiedKats Magnetic Vixen cbAdult (f)2,0907731
VCW3sKats Frost Kiss cbAdult (f)7,4311,3364
dMFaKKats Lord Grace cbAdult (m)3,6401,0525
yXtxcKats So Lucky cbAdult (f)2,4658492
KchcZKats WWE Goldy mlg5Adult (m)7,3861,42812
SZidKats Magidrag Dweet mlAdult (m)2,69185212
2WgZKats Misty Starsong g2Adult (f)1,56433512
bGNvKats Stormy g3Adult (f)1,5073804
aNMIjKats Lady Mist of commons cbAdult (f)5,5411,08713
dHYtoKats Lord Smokey of commons cbAdult (m)1,7517412
L3s7EKats My Oh My g4Adult (f)2,9069401
PCExpKat's Miss Spotify  cbAdult (f)3,4527661
PZyTKats Catclaw of CooacoocheeAdult (m)3,25895537
9YfHKats Land LadyAdult (f)1,6003408
dBXaeKats Miss Catsclaw WildcatAdult (f)3,5801,1039
uS2JWKats Pretty Wildcat cbAdult (f)2,7299298
ljF6nKats Osceola Warrior cbAdult (m)4,0581,0335
Lm8YAKats A Lil Wildcat cbAdult (f)2,0318821
K37egKats Lord Hero of commons cbAdult (m)2,5108513
LbkO5Kats Lady Grace of commons cbAdult (f)2,7967842
iJFIKats Dark Khight cbAdult (m)1,68944613
o9eV5Kats MortichaAdult (f)2,3189942
iLBgHKats Sir ErinAdult (m)2,8841,0331
D3gc0Kats Madame Nitelight g2Adult (f)3,0511,0521
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