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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kastriia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pIjyR(pIjyR)Hatchling (m)3,3547350
gPSbM(gPSbM)Hatchling (f)3,3187401
nzNt6(nzNt6)Hatchling (m)3,3047590
gyF9n(gyF9n)Hatchling (f)3,3807671
3AITW(3AITW)Hatchling (m)3,3487300
FOOljEndless Recursion in TimeAdult (f)2,8196096
X7K79Nqli SunSingerAdult (m)8,6461,0623
MlMR8End of recursion in timeAdult (m)2,2337051
lAFwaNiana SunSingerAdult (f)4,0297640
VUTUTVutut SunSingerAdult (m)5,8999590
Tqw0cMila SunSingerAdult (f)6,3146413
VgcnmDiona SunSingerAdult (f)7,4488040
HNHUSzyvar SunSingerAdult (m)4,8587051
iRYTtIrita SunSingerAdult (f)4,6038891
guNlEGunie SunSingerAdult (f)4,27377210
jCtDtJacey SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,94468610
qFEuqFin SunSingerAdult (m)9,4841,5606
66bwtDina SunSinger PBAdult (f)7,1111,2595
zyPZBSera SunSinger CBAdult (f)4,8069046
g8OebGeig SunSingerAdult (m)3,8138094
hPYnAPyna SunSinger CBAdult (m)5,6209263
2ARiLWe Have Entered anAdult (m)4,0418002
mmbGoMembgo SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,0217271
uNMIcUnmic SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,7948324
2pKdgTupakdog SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,1157494
3wnIeEwnle SunSinger CBAdult (m)5,6397102
9ZmUUNinazmuu SunSinger 3G EG SAAdult (f)3,5917074
LZxkGLizzap SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,3958235
gkGJxGik SunSinger CBAdult (f)5,6827172
oHJYFOhjyf SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,1868503
PCJbWPicja SunSinger CBAdult (f)4,9886251
IuIHeLuihe SunSinger CbAdult (f)8,4381,1113
3BCMqBreecmee SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,5319733
InxfkInkx SunSinger PBAdult (m)4,1256271
Jb3ioJeebio SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,5451,0444
OFQDRFiqdor SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,7277232
oQ3nhOqee SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,2367891
MDFpxMidif SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,3618861
pRTHDRitha SunSinger PB 3hAdult (m)5,1578912
18ZZUZeizu SunSinger 3g SAAdult (f)4,1546242
tJ6gnTJ SunSinger CbAdult (f)4,3389819
REsbNResbin SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)2,9697767
wxAdVXad SunSinger CBHatchling (m, F)3,2998365
CE2tECetute SunSinger CBHatchling (F)2,4763873
4mnVcMounvic SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,0558902
zLUMBLumb SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,0168742
SxaYMXaym SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,9418460
UjTdrUrjirt SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,9968762
A5OykAivoyk SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,0418610
wivb8Wivbei SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,4417632
mh4xMHaix SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,5477611
It6jOItixjo SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,5227940
QGB6fGibif SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,5897840
A9XT5Aixi SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,6908051
XKJijJij SunSinger CbAdult (m)2,7468211
PiHBaPihba SunSinger CbAdult (m)2,7837781
SLSOfSof SunSinger CbAdult (f)2,8388331
8VaEaVaea SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,8017882
k4yfJKayf SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,7797991
ucgGcUcegg SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,3609922
Psi2gPsitu SunSinger CBAdult (f)4,3121,1342
PJEkGJek SunSinger 3G EG SAAdult (m)4,0054438
u8iIyUeily SunSinger 2g SAAdult (m)3,53867038
qHdXBHadxeb SunSingerAdult (m)5,4659733
1CLA2Clatu SunSingerAdult (f)5,4439684
TtCuMTeetee SunSingerAdult (f)7,4571,0914
sNe7uNevu SunSingerAdult (m)7,4581,1226
bV3JlVeeji SunSingerAdult (f)3,60684432
feY1mFeyim SunSinger 2gAdult (f)5,0408124
AhL0eAhloe SunSinger CbAdult (f)1,8465374
cXRiXRix SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)2,6667921
if5nJIfij SunSinger CBHatchling (m, F)2,7788012
XmNGHXimna SunSinger CBHatchling (m, F)3,9248714
72LjBTuel SunSinger CBHatchling (F)1,9282531
t1PXfTipex SunSinger CbHatchling (F)1,8902191
ejly9Ejlyn SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)5,3298481
lG9y8Gine SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,9747960
SMlvQSmiv SunSInger CBAdult (m)3,0468040
eqHtaEquu SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,2148211
voiniVoini SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,1688011
EcJ4jCJ SunSinger CbAdult (m)3,2688470
NveiXNiveix SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,2468610
9NlJpNij SunSingerAdult (f)2,8816862
89wUFWual SunSInger 3G SAAdult (m)2,4227352
JIrInJirin SunSinger 4G EG SAAdult (f)3,8389635
hs73jHeveenej SunSinger CBAdult (f)4,3108310
TtTpzTatpiz SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,2127819
FjwvuFijwu SunSinger 4G EG SAAdult (f)7,4961,3173
gE8jeGeije SunSinger 2gAdult (f)5,2539696
xlkpKXilk SunSinger 3g EG SAAdult (f)5,1438834
rlnp2Rilnitu SunSinger CbAdult (f)4,5338193
IIoZoIlozo SunSinger CBAdult (m)9,5231,3315
G51naSIna SunSingerAdult (m)5,1349613
KvcTXVictex SunSingerAdult (m)4,0194045
cKV0HVoh SunSinger CBAdult (m)7,7601,02815
Uwb5uBivu Sunsinger CbAdult (m)4,2787881
imDw2Imdutu SunSinger CBHatchling (m, F)2,7716741
VHQdMHodim SunSinger CbHatchling (F)2,1213480
9pFMmNipfem SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)5,5037542
1l1tyVanna SunSinger CBAdult (f)5,6068980
0oWcTBina SunSinger SA 4gAdult (f)5,9451,0756
XnyfgNyf SunSingerAdult (f)2,2465654
KtWRWKitrew SunSinger 4G EG SAAdult (f)3,6448892
FQOBVFoqbev SunSinger 3g EG TWAdult (f)5,4821,1224
Ri3euRieu SunSinger CBAdult (m)7,4029592
0peSwOpes SunSinger CBAdult (f)9,8271,11814
y1GHEYighe SunSinger CbAdult (f)6,7669973
FRTFGTeefig SunSinger CbAdult (f)5,94196125
zW0I5Woive SunSinger CBAdult (m)7,8871,0191
2e4IQTueqia SunSinger CBAdult (m)5,3161,0025
t2ftbTufut SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,0328152
LXHLALexlha SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,0336762
NZPZnZipaz SunSinger CBHatchling (F)3,4154202
J3FsuJefsu SunSinger CbHatchling (f, F)4,1906731
okNx2Konxtu SunSinger CbHatchling (m, F)4,5937342
b8aGjBeag SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,0628474
PKTEAPiktae SunSinger CbAdult (m)9,8291,5948
wesu1Wesul SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,3438775
EbkfWBekfoo SunSinger CbAdult (f)5,3998505
TRlHjTrih SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,5508994
TmwitTimwit SunSinger CbAdult (f)6,6191,2741
nWufKNiwuf SunSinger CbAdult (m)3,4223256
ojnpTOjin SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,3463216
veUn9Veunix SunSinger CbAdult (f)2,9996931
k3gN9Keenine SunSinger CBAdult (m)7,8411,1646
PuZgEPuzge SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,2897312
b5uuIBivull SunSinger CbHatchling (m, F)3,7358441
cvzgyCavgy SunSinger CBHatchling (F)2,7495702
7QvN9Veqnin SunSinger CbHatchling (f, F)3,2136972
8yGddYiggah SunSinger CbAdult (f)8,1241,3007
bgrzwGrazew SunSinger CbAdult (m)3,5913404
Vuv37Vuve SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,4133273
j5eOaJaseoa SunSinger CBAdult (f)7,9271,1684
SCGNESicgne SunSinger CbAdult (m)3,1507281
DiGOWDigow SunSinger CbAdult (f)2,7597260
1ly12Onlyl SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,0337731
E74lPElaip SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,3257561
CJudeJude SunSinger CbAdult (m)6,2851,2178
CHn7uChuen SunSinger CbAdult (m)7,3461,3263
UscUyScuy SunSinger CbHatchling (f, F)3,6998344
CAOwuCaowu SunSinger CbHatchling (F)2,5446562
DFwYrFewyr SunSinger CbHatchling (m, F)3,1385802
Gr6IbEmerald SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,9487022
EeCOPEcop SunSinger 3g EG SAAdult (f)2,8736771
jx3S7Jex SunSinger 2gAdult (f)3,1847963
JQIX6Qixix SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,9257962
erfz2Erftu SunSingerAdult (f)3,2637656
vPjjYPijiyi SunSinger 3G EG SAAdult (m)3,3637874
orvgUArvgu SunSinger 2gAdult (f)3,5838814
1vMWaOvmawa SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,4755252
e4lVJEalvij SunSingerAdult (f)5,6398852
1zUnYZuny SunSingerAdult (m)5,4569834
VuWYcVuwyc SunSinger CBAdult (m)5,3119333
jpFYoFyo SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,1454891
BJF95Finine SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,2043286
1UXS2Luxtu SunSingerAdult (f)7,5321,1245
8XO8SXoei SunSinger CbAdult (f)4,2698812
G9BtPGineb SunSinger CBAdult (m)3,3578218
K1S8YKisey SunSinger CbAdult (f)4,1936453
POH2RPohrun SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,4698071
HFEBLFebel Sunsinger CBHatchling (m, F)6,2291,0481
HikREHikre SunSinger CbHatchling (F)1,6552901
LpUOtPuot SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)6,1634844
cb5MABivma SunSingerAdult (m)9,8171,2603
uRDKiRudki SunSingerAdult (f)3,6148191
8A4pYAipyi SunSingerAdult (m)3,5297890
4LqvXLaqvix SunSingerAdult (f)3,6437990
OMjp0Ompo SunSingerAdult (m)3,6097840
KrmgOKremgo SunSinger 2gAdult (f)3,2197534
eHOnbEhon SunSinger 2gAdult (m)3,0697513
6ep2ySiep SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,9519311
rsU7lSull SunSinger 2gAdult (m)6,2281,0575
BeABWBeab SunSingerHatchling (F)6,0797794
mxFISMisfis SunSingerHatchling (m, F)3,1117471
sfRHIFreehi SunSingerHatchling (f, F)3,0797401
Rxo3WXoe SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,8291,0381
YD1gCGia SunSinger CbAdult (f)3,8421,0611
jSuajQadrat SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,0256950
kOanWUdos SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,6969181
I4P5URina SunSinger CBAdult (f)4,4026373
4Mep0Mepo SunSinger CBAdult (f)3,6265873
PpfGqPif SunSinger CBAdult (f)5,8269793
O5ydkOfyd SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,8741,0994
qGXcNGex SunSinger CbAdult (m)6,5869092
E8axrEax SunSinger CbAdult (m)4,4386557
yl5UKLyfiuk SunSinger CBHatchling (f, F)3,6636593
KbnjlBinjil SunSinger CbHatchling (F)3,3775564
49tUtFontut SunSinger CBHatchling (m, F)3,6216393
3zyTwViedi SunSinger CBAdult (f)6,1509120
1vZs5Chloe SunSinger CBAdult (f)7,3941,1055
kRVDrKir SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,0556555
RGJ5dArgi SunSinger 4G SAAdult (m)2,4786791
f2mewTumew SunSinger CBAdult (m)4,1248611
4PHWEUrphew SunSinger 2GAdult (m)4,0768224
sg11vSogonev SunSinger 2GAdult (f)5,5807074
rmWrvVerma SunSinger CBAdult (f)2,1494580
WacNIWacni SunSinger CbAdult (m)5,3968851
yNmRXNimrex SunSinger CbAdult (m)9,9151,3325
2mmhETummhe SunSinger CBAdult (m)2,9704300
OOgbVOog SunSingerAdult (m)7,4421,0775
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