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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Karyra,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ngjQBTwo-Faced Dragon of OldAdult (f)4,9723600
cOdKSTwo-Faced Dragon of TrickeryAdult (f)5,2523552
iFBiqTwo-Faced DragonAdult (m)5,4193621
DW88qGive to Me Your RiddlesAdult (m)5,4733650
GnBwcTwo Headed MenaceAdult (m)5,7723862
6uf9RNight Hunter of RenewalsAdult (m)4,3211,0910
T6ZcgThe White LaughterAdult (f)4,8804392
FU248The White SobbingAdult (f)4,4433990
VLcDcThe White SilenceAdult (f)5,0503721
rpuITThe White GiddinessAdult (f)5,4903660
5rqbMThe White MaleAdult (m)5,4903660
YUj1nBalloon of the HeavensAdult (m)4,8904090
IcsJuHe Who Plays With His BellyAdult (f)4,6544701
64YA0Lighter Than the AirAdult (m)5,1454070
Go24mBalloon of Party TimesAdult (f)4,9473731
Xg8llBallon Dragon of PartiesHatchling (f, F)4,2844050
ALGYaFloating By on Ancient skiesHatchling (F)1,8594311
Hvc0jBouncing Baby BallooneyHatchling (F)1,1181971
gIRkTDark Heart of Ancient ThwedAdult (m)4,3723912
QmNHWGreen Eyed DarknessAdult (m)4,1913531
jmaRLButterflies and DragonsAdult (m)1,7736611
gshKaBlackened TeaAdult (f)2,6253180
ji7CvSweet Smell of Butterfly GasAdult (m)2,3613061
DeHOwDarkest Heart of Gentle SmellsAdult (m)2,6163892
uu8vZThe Scent of BeautyAdult (m)5,5288460
hg69z(hg69z)Adult (f)6,0808360
TCiW7Fish are FriendsAdult (m)2,3841,2091
A99MhFishy the Fisher DragonAdult (m)5,0501,0320
YLaDPBleeding Heart of Gentle MoonsAdult (m)1,9906141
UTuh4Bleeding Heart of Harsh SunsAdult (m)1,8743170
w6nEIScreaming Red MoonAdult (f)1,8823801
GsvUYBleeding Red Moon of Dark NightAdult (f)2,7033171
SfDHi(SfDHi)Adult (m)6,1258250
zPJF1(zPJF1)Adult (f)6,0808480
uKtWEGentle Dreams of FlyingAdult (m)5,9575730
KHuraBluna Of Traded TreasuresAdult (m)5,5513712
VtJG4Mewling BlunaHatchling (m, F)4,5404181
VbDSECrawl At Your Own PaceAdult (m)4,9313924
NlAqmGentle Light of Vine's FireAdult (m)4,8694101
kQZpjBright Heart of Gentle FlameAdult (f)3,8844360
DLG1iBright and GentleAdult (m)4,8054210
RRfCgBlooming Heart of Old ForestsAdult (m)4,1794320
aMydmBright Beaming HeartAdult (f)5,2553600
WMYRLPainter of Colors of the WindAdult (f)4,9113800
qeOhcBright Hearted FoolAdult (f)2,5403400
IhmGKBrightened Heart of HopeAdult (f)2,4922921
HnfsfBright Fire of The ForestHatchling (m, F)4,6025011
BeXTAMystery of AshAdult (m)6,6904461
MDfjuBrimstone upon WaterAdult (m)8,0645380
9JWJ9Fire and Brimstone of DepthsAdult (f)7,3334890
RI7Y4Yellow Smelly OneAdult (f)6,8494570
lPN7QBrimstone and Sulfur AromasAdult (m)6,6614451
72PeuBrimstone and FlameAdult (f)5,9934152
MkaxxBrimstone' SmellAdult (f)4,9304681
6Fi4WSoftly Softly Upon the SkyAdult (m)5,9095073
vXJlLBlue Footed OneAdult (f)5,8004870
D3RXXThe World Ends With MeAdult (f)4,8353990
3fQ7QBlue Footed WalkerAdult (m)4,2393921
jOFliBlue Footed CanopyAdult (m)4,6573810
miDk5Forgive My HubrisAdult (f)4,0928672
s4eplGrowing Without a NameAdult (m)3,1853450
IfMlPMistaken CanopyAdult (m)3,3473670
qWmWvNumber 1225Adult (m)3,0413250
w15kyFemale AloneAdult (f)3,2133580
Q8eldYou Blue Footed IdiotAdult (f)4,4253340
9t20ZBlue Footed Canopy DragonAdult (m)2,6162862
wuc7k(wuc7k)Adult (m)6,0278450
EiuM5Leaping Christmas Dragon of OldAdult (m)4,6744542
FlCsmNorthern Christmas DragonHatchling (m, F)2,8044261
pQ1FRHidden in SnowHatchling (f, F)2,9094280
WVnOgChristmas of Winged DaysAdult (f)4,0164632
YNGj3Wyvern of Sparkling SnowAdult (f)3,8024462
l6QVhSparkle of Red and GreenHatchling (f, F)2,9104240
CMZflSnowing in Ancient LandsAdult (m)3,4574360
cc7ZsSnow of the DesertAdult (m)4,4444601
m6WlVChristmas Surprise of GreenAdult (m)4,7003811
a3aWdChristmas Surprise of RedAdult (m)4,0323810
dBdDeFlibbity GibbitAdult (m)4,0164291
4a3glRunning CoastsAdult (m)4,7115040
Qp7TjCoastal Dragon of SomethingAdult (m)4,5616390
QDdULCoasting on Quirky WingsAdult (m)4,7444111
B6QUhI Don't Know What Went WrongAdult (f)5,5213690
PQUkOPrancing Upon The ShoresAdult (f)4,9823461
fsmjQJoyful One of DayAdult (m)2,0881,1320
MLjWhBouncy One of OldAdult (m)2,0961,1261
id9KKHappy the Bouncy DragonAdult (m)2,1711,0590
bjfewSurprise from the GroundAdult (m)3,2213430
5eUhdGrasping Vines of OldAdult (f)5,1393760
6y8hqVines Born of the CaveAdult (m)2,1701,0650
h5XStGrasping Vines of DragoonAdult (m)3,1652800
S9fjPViney DragoonAdult (m)2,4933850
NRf6FDaydreams of OldAdult (m)4,9796803
gpiVODaydream For BelieversAdult (m)4,9714420
PI9CrSilent DistractorAdult (f)5,9064973
9j1qYThe World Begins With MeAdult (m)4,8773950
vTkQfDaydreamer Upon The SkyAdult (m)4,8123501
7urpGDaydreaming of StoriesAdult (f)4,9423490
moc1oDaydreaming of Faraway PlacesAdult (f)2,0403380
f2PRNPeaceful Soul of MixturesAdult (m)2,4163540
aFa65Breathing Drams of HalloweenAdult (m)2,6243400
23bNvEyes in the Dark of the OceanAdult (f)4,4043720
DgojfDeep Breath of Deep OceanAdult (m)4,4794172
aoJu0Deep Sea Monster of Old FearAdult (m)5,7135830
VOAkoLalan of Older SeasAdult (m)5,2115400
V2QVWMaeleta of Ancient WatersHatchling (m, F)4,6233680
2MSNtLonely Monster of the SeaHatchling (f, F)5,5464640
jPZDZSquishy the DragonfishHatchling (F)2,9603431
FeBUfThe Purple ShadowAdult (m)4,3034411
y6Z9aDancing Double ShadowAdult (m)3,9703480
v9B4cMulti-Colored BeautyAdult (f)4,6653350
0FYQ3Luck Be A Lady With MeAdult (f)4,5984320
tl5sVHidden Shade of PurpleHatchling (m, F)3,9013980
9l2PNThe Red ShadowAdult (m)4,2714281
gQoh0Red Fans of DeathAdult (m)2,4914041
5VU9xDual Tones of ResonanceAdult (m)3,1964531
gMlYkScreeching Two-Headed DragonAdult (f)3,6474060
RBOi9Frozen in the Dead of SpringHatchling (F)4,0135330
hKmU1Thunder BringerAdult (m)3,6814432
ZsfHIThor Of OldAdult (f)4,2643570
0VLRSThunder Shall ComeAdult (m)4,6554620
bcjZ6Lightning of Darkened SkiesAdult (f)4,7254950
b1ALYLoss of ThunderAdult (m)4,5103501
nHbfDI was named on Thor's DayAdult (f)3,8223610
OeWSYThunder Bringer of All TimeAdult (m)2,9263212
2jupvSparking SnapcrackerHatchling (f, F)4,5164080
R68ZVAll Small Embers GrowAdult (f)4,2503710
vW5dAInto Flames of A Raging FireAdult (f)5,5363701
880HjEmber in Celestial FlamesAdult (f)4,6933700
zQADKEmbers of a Silent FlameAdult (m)4,0423790
vewlqEmbers of Dying FlamesAdult (m)2,2941,1211
tXDv3Flames of Fallen AngelsAdult (m)2,2526340
lu6nZHearth's Warming EmberAdult (m)3,4843711
erK2DEmber of Dying FlamesAdult (f)2,8183510
atur5Gentle Pink of ThuwedAdult (f)4,3914301
KIDV5Flamingo of the LakeAdult (m)5,5393731
DLOGeFlamingo of the AgesAdult (f)5,5233750
eFFk1Effie the Killer DragonAdult (m)4,5143450
nSo6fFlamingo Dancer in the NightAdult (f)2,3664120
S3dcsDancing of Ancient DaysHatchling (m, F)5,5015212
CMKSuFlamingo of the ShoresHatchling (f, F)4,2193891
pM0EMRunner of OldAdult (f)2,0013443
GEZpLSwims PoorlyAdult (f)4,4461,0550
JWB5V(JWB5V)Adult (m)6,0968400
SuPNZDay Born of NightAdult (m)3,9283720
KhWOaLuna's Glory of NightAdult (m)5,0564322
I92dWTell Me of The Glory of NightAdult (f)4,5354310
K87pkRaised in TwilightAdult (m)2,6323560
sd3D0Swimmy the Cuddly DragonfishAdult (m)3,5923912
kCr5YSwimmy the HugglefishAdult (m)4,7403380
AG1oKFishy of Ancient WatersAdult (m)3,7073731
SDhmiFishy Smell of Toxic WatersAdult (m)4,2773360
QQNhVFishy Smell of Clearer WatersAdult (m)3,6124030
4bf7XThe Weather GuardAdult (m)4,4774192
orPpZThe Grey Oncoming StormAdult (m)4,2474591
WTH3dGrey LightningAdult (f)4,4243820
6KGbvStormy Skies of the GodsAdult (m)4,5713760
gR5LBStormy Clouds of Derpy DaysAdult (f)5,4363881
lb9YpGrey Cloud Above My HeadAdult (f)5,0213661
Yat2ZStorming Clouds of ThundeAdult (m)4,5323810
M0SIoStorm Bringing ThunderAdult (m)4,5563280
8vv1QStorm of FogHatchling (m, F)3,9083420
UPgZHThe Sole EarthbenderAdult (f)3,8704492
s9JuNPebble in Silent WaterAdult (m)3,9033750
KIlG5Rock and Roll GreenAdult (f)3,7533900
SH3vGPebbles of LoveAdult (f)3,7363782
oLk0oLoki's QuakeAdult (f)3,5564001
WKP67Earthquake of Epic ProportionsAdult (m)5,6033740
Q6u8cRocking The Beached BoatAdult (m)4,7773811
2oBAaPebbly Dragon of EverlastingHatchling (m, F)5,0864141
JcgIeTrace of GreenAdult (m)4,7014230
XoTD0Slight Amount of GreenAdult (f)4,7234410
7okO4Flora of GreenAdult (m)5,4543650
rQEALGentle Green on WingAdult (f)4,9303751
hJPBwGentle Light of Sparkling CavesAdult (m)3,3853550
B5rpGSparkling Green LightsAdult (f)4,7133571
v3f4ZGreen Sparked DarknessAdult (f)4,4533890
N5X7CSparkling Green StarAdult (f)4,0293540
YQOqNGreeney of Older TimesAdult (f)3,0613371
8lj78Speckled Green Black ThingAdult (m)2,3233762
vm2UTShield of The InnocentsAdult (f)5,6844520
mVgLgWatcher of the ShieldAdult (f)5,6124070
Kirb3I'll Protect You ForeverAdult (f)5,1873990
RTlOcShield the InnocentsAdult (m)4,9093891
JQLp5Shield for the WeakAdult (m)5,0534240
s8gVhHolding Up Your ShieldAdult (m)6,0324031
TEtmMJacks lanternAdult (f)1,8913571
xnYdhBones of Ancient OnesAdult (f)1,9123661
tLgQRScreeching Bones of Days PastAdult (m)2,5323651
zvf9WWill Of The WispsAdult (m)3,0483362
K34sXThe Dark Bone CollectorAdult (f)2,6883161
3tDKwDark of Harvest NightAdult (m)1,5413891
cj0GlHarvest of the Golden FieldsAdult (f)5,3741,0933
BRP87Harvest of the Old FieldsAdult (m)3,3364220
2rpu2Huggles the Migrane DragonAdult (f)5,4143761
Mrd7WHarvest of Adopted FieldsHatchling (f, F)4,8764130
aIQckFire of the Fell FlameAdult (m)4,7633921
GLf7VFire of the Fallen OnesAdult (f)6,1135843
BuNnNSunstone FlameblasterAdult (m)5,0194262
a3be7Fire of Hopeful FlameAdult (m)4,8104020
JC0ZmDarkheart of Fire and TrialsAdult (m)4,1203710
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