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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kalessin1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YpaRs(YpaRs)Dead Egg000
m0JsVOrpheus CBAdult (m)4,7186811
GCnpENidhegg CBAdult (f)4,8666820
lJJjFAeon 4gAdult (m)4,7678993
5lAmBTrey 2GAdult (m)6,8131,0913
bBOl1(bBOl1)Adult (m)4,0738702
1n8mZ(1n8mZ)Adult (f)3,4889230
qaycE(qaycE)Adult (f)3,4579111
9Sm6j(9Sm6j)Adult (m)3,6448951
oJenK(oJenK)Adult (f)3,3027351
U6Zla(U6Zla)Adult (m)3,3407331
xHtKr(xHtKr)Adult (m)5,2391,1093
hvt5l(hvt5l)Adult (m)5,2261,1020
wluRf(wluRf)Adult (m)5,2861,1521
R6XTq(R6XTq)Adult (f)4,4111,0041
9curf(9curf)Adult (m)4,3199870
x1BCs(x1BCs)Adult (f)3,5968880
Uv5if(Uv5if)Adult (m)3,5358640
nDRrWeiss CBAdult (f)1,0017973
O3qqiEustachius CBAdult (m)6,7131,0473
ihYqXImhotep CBAdult (f)5,7618131
iakqpRadoganAdult (m)4,5157520
3NcaySata CBAdult (f)4,2571,0351
HtnkSHal CBAdult (m)4,2671,0670
ofMDXNayru CBAdult (f)5,0987301
0qmdJOquam CBAdult (m)7,3908892
fOQ2p(fOQ2p)Adult (m)5,2049552
lZEYiKlausi CBAdult (m)6,2331,1644
IfostNaire CBAdult (f)5,1461,1182
m6jONMenelaos CBAdult (m)4,8971,1003
SviKqPectoro CBAdult (m)5,4061,2472
96uNNCirca CBAdult (m)6,3768984
xArT1Lorelai CBAdult (f)6,3468801
3G1GTRocinante CBAdult (m)5,7429941
o73evDulci CBAdult (f)5,7101,0011
UimivRosalinde CBAdult (f)4,7027921
Zv8S3Cormac CBAdult (m)6,0928453
dINXrFemur CBAdult (m)6,2798490
TubsYLemur CBAdult (m)6,1998741
JsSQgDunheviir CBAdult (m)6,1618200
FmhVdRovan CBAdult (m)6,5218541
qehTxRomilda CBAdult (f)6,6131,2472
CdwfzVane CBAdult (f)3,4474261
ydMllActionJackson CBAdult (m)5,9597502
D0KfpMet CBAdult (f)6,0127581
xAOtIKroba CBAdult (m)4,8787490
DydN6Reuk CBAdult (m)5,0127130
H5JriReue CBAdult (f)5,2527060
XOf9IAkriba CBAdult (f)5,4077451
CjWkOHorb CBAdult (m)4,0517120
J9Ow2Iriol CBAdult (m)3,8337230
HTS7CIonaii CBAdult (f)5,8797931
0Y8W0(0Y8W0)Adult (m)4,6989631
G5SmN(G5SmN)Adult (f)4,8301,0241
aCRZd(aCRZd)Adult (m)4,9129730
xkaf0(xkaf0)Adult (f)4,7229740
t26L1(t26L1)Adult (f)3,5788861
DUs2G(DUs2G)Adult (m)3,5539130
0JD7p(0JD7p)Adult (m)4,4269541
WzxPH(WzxPH)Adult (f)4,3209381
84FkT(84FkT)Adult (m)3,5488741
534L6(534L6)Adult (f)3,2411,0250
B1Ol6(B1Ol6)Adult (f)3,2841,0161
pq3dn(pq3dn)Adult (m)3,3291,0380
HkIUC(HkIUC)Adult (m)3,2901,0480
Kt8Au(Kt8Au)Adult (m)3,1801,0071
73X8T(73X8T)Adult (f)3,2171,0131
7qOtP(7qOtP)Adult (m)3,1889571
wjIEM(wjIEM)Adult (f)3,2041,0202
ohC4SFark CBAdult (m)4,9511,1271
r7bmyMathilda CBAdult (f)4,6891,1210
zJmIcPerri CBAdult (f)3,9141,0061
uQh55Helli CBAdult (f)4,3401,0871
jpQ56Olf CBAdult (m)3,7367501
dfvamMaglor  CBAdult (m)3,7267610
xo2aXPippin CBAdult (m)5,0196740
KyyTZMellior CBAdult (m)5,0106750
yVR01Zar CBAdult (m)3,9496950
b5Ez0Oetzi CBAdult (m)5,1317290
LT2qV(LT2qV)Adult (m)4,3519621
GnX1OKrista 3gAdult (f)6,0231,4437
cA8VLMihal 2gAdult (f)5,3441,3803
uyKrvSparkles 2gAdult (f)4,7428010
GLzeyLove is Life 3gAdult (f)3,3138040
M1LkdArssa CBAdult (f)3,8211,0084
KWxgFEllodi CBAdult (f)3,9281,0021
BrSnO(BrSnO)Adult (m)4,6739520
LhjtN(LhjtN)Adult (f)4,7469300
xBwZJ(xBwZJ)Adult (m)4,6119410
U0Npn(U0Npn)Adult (f)4,7459322
BqRT4(BqRT4)Adult (f)5,2469611
ZgSjg(ZgSjg)Adult (f)5,2099612
kaV5R(kaV5R)Adult (f)4,9909750
ApMuQ(ApMuQ)Adult (f)5,1331,0100
mTZ1V(mTZ1V)Adult (m)5,0469590
Mpyms(Mpyms)Adult (m)4,0598780
dwK3N(dwK3N)Adult (f)3,9578531
MnTz0(MnTz0)Adult (f)3,6048782
gNwXVMalar CBAdult (f)4,1206680
ibjb5Jib CBAdult (m)6,7911,1784
jZfjwWizmin CBAdult (f)7,3711,2322
AcVLkAlvik CBAdult (m)7,0169521
j246j(j246j)Adult (m)5,1041,0500
ijZGc(ijZGc)Adult (m)3,4338851
OvuxYOvu CBAdult (m)4,9911,2513
agENNAegenn CBAdult (f)6,0098690
5yAP9(5yAP9)Adult (f)5,1881,1330
rvScF(rvScF)Adult (f)3,5478711
Hs7eCZirra CBAdult (f)4,7051,1624
vIIk3Dumbo CBAdult (f)5,8468455
1Ci3KFlo CBAdult (f)8,9529041
7FHwNMotherofPearl CBAdult (f)6,6491,0011
XyXQLXyxol CBAdult (m)6,8121,1722
X1J5JJaijai CBAdult (m)7,9101,2113
DEBIHDebby CBAdult (f)8,1879351
RJcvPKarak CBAdult (m)5,6488624
984JEStillshrine CBAdult (f)5,1669193
4i3KYCappy 2GAdult (m)4,8458522
ePrvyEpry CBAdult (m)7,3698772
OStL6Ostl CBAdult (m)6,9558421
z00nRFenharel CBAdult (m)7,7401,2164
lOnRfMairi CBAdult (f)6,3041,3602
C5uZ2Korri 2GAdult (m)7,0871,2392
mKiasBorrito CBAdult (f)3,7613690
FuxILTortillia CBAdult (f)3,6473751
l0Kn3GilGalad CBAdult (m)7,5391,2554
3JUR6Barahir CBAdult (m)6,6365602
sfegnGoro 2GAdult (m)8,0241,1943
DJ0f1Num 2GAdult (m)7,8521,0488
Rx5X3Miria 2GAdult (f)6,8741,4502
E0QZ5Kuro 2GAdult (m)7,8271,0692
DOjYePapuri 2GAdult (f)7,7751,1082
EQz45Paille 2GAdult (f)7,6371,1023
Zm4nzTurandot CBAdult (m)6,8281,3031
QixpdMacro CBAdult (m)6,4337332
Rn6FITerracotta CBAdult (f)4,9537801
Lf4qKMarahir CBAdult (m)4,4737650
GcIVqFeran CBAdult (m)5,2836771
S5IRfRukka CBAdult (f)5,3006710
XuzcuXuzcu CBAdult (m)6,9528580
EbW3BlackrootAdult (m)84269110
nvZxgGallowshumorAdult (f)5,0298446
FfM8RKrahuAdult (m)5,2431,0215
SX2UJCheraraAdult (f)4,5381,1372
BT9f3Bit CBAdult (m)4,8061,1592
vwTvBToborn CBAdult (m)5,4211,3411
Z7z4H(Z7z4H)Adult (m)3,8461,0661
hCH0xApfeltee CBAdult (f)5,0449905
f4rjjCamillentee CBAdult (f)5,7581,1223
RfSkaWaldbeertee CBAdult (m)7,8891,3206
O5nNCNikki CBAdult (f)7,0121,2071
Cg8ZFCaight CBAdult (m)6,9848602
g7QKB(g7QKB)Adult (f)8,9941,0230
QIzIeSalz CBAdult (f)6,8101,1783
8buUoMeerschaum CBAdult (f)7,1821,1141
Tc8pkTeight CBAdult (m)7,4908531
y9y3yYuyu CBAdult (f)6,3981,0232
ynOyvYony CBAdult (m)7,9141,0061
ecZBHEzba CBAdult (m)9,0529520
NJB7L(NJB7L)Adult (f)3,6379350
PyRQ8Baraburu 2GAdult (f)6,1089005
gyOUCDagorlad CBAdult (m)5,8321,0425
Hbu6DMahal CBAdult (m)7,1981,2333
9g0o5Bichir CBAdult (f)6,5081,3214
cvs11(cvs11)Adult (f)5,1971,1030
Jet4vMirmunil CBAdult (f)5,4249285
IR0qIKiba CBAdult (m)7,1821,3544
3au7pNuminex CBAdult (m)5,5248381
DaYyKMihi CBAdult (m)6,9371,1351
t9kMkTinek CBAdult (m)6,2051,0120
1WDaR(1WDaR)Adult (f)4,5941,0051
A6QyJGladdaraAdult (m)6,5961,0953
HsXNdHannie CBAdult (f)7,7871,2522
jh9AJFlut CBAdult (m)7,2071,3586
gLI0qRokko CBAdult (m)4,7668923
XVq7qDiddi CBAdult (f)5,0289011
aCuMJAimi CBAdult (f)4,5178902
nkF4hOppai CBAdult (m)4,4658881
JPcDbHurk CBAdult (m)4,8988962
kYZnGWas CBAdult (f)4,7566170
FK7djIlez CBAdult (f)3,6747451
V2kG0Greg CBAdult (m)3,6747500
ZOmVS(ZOmVS)Adult (f)5,1211,1190
6EwYP(6EwYP)Adult (f)4,6809831
BDdCB(BDdCB)Adult (m)4,7759520
QRmtu(QRmtu)Adult (f)4,7079480
sVxsG(sVxsG)Adult (m)5,3079972
1GgMs(1GgMs)Adult (f)5,2721,0030
DPWd9(DPWd9)Adult (f)4,6229681
U7yYU(U7yYU)Adult (m)3,6139491
asfCGWaldrapp CBAdult (m)6,1241,1573
1OiJCGruen CBAdult (f)8,7171,4712
yuVmRSaza CBAdult (f)5,9377490
6feeEFefee CBAdult (m)6,8111,1744
2njqpTunik CBAdult (m)6,0541,1581
Fwlm3Femi CBAdult (f)5,0109950
EeSYASchwefel CBAdult (m)7,2871,3537
sW0bQSchwefelflammeAdult (f)4,7808521
yhoxpYuxon CBAdult (f)7,9299900
dVWVWYagara CBAdult (f)7,3598592
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