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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kalanna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mMxxWBeseech The Blind EternitiesAdult (f)3,0336401
NcYkiCall The Blind EternitiesAdult (f)2,8105532
JBVztFatesealer of Blind EternitiesAdult (f)3,7035561
UfZ6hLord of Blind EternitiesAdult (m)2,8185772
tBaWkLady of Blind EternitiesAdult (f)3,6027462
oLtPEBeckon The Blind EternitiesAdult (f)6,5319782
HaQkK(HaQkK)Adult (m)3,7306751
H6HRN(H6HRN)Adult (m)2,8135262
OQaeL(OQaeL)Adult (m)3,4676763
WyTF4(WyTF4)Adult (m)3,6786691
6eqPj(6eqPj)Adult (m)3,5066592
ZXB7H(ZXB7H)Adult (m)3,3196851
xautS(xautS)Adult (m)3,2706460
N4b6S(N4b6S)Adult (m)3,1777832
Q2gcU(Q2gcU)Adult (f)3,4907652
e8rRh(e8rRh)Adult (f)3,1316040
PehUJPale SpectreAdult (f)2,1828044
lvtGNPale GeistAdult (m)3,8081,0401
6MORuPale PhantasmAdult (m)2,2366021
c9R5aPale HauntAdult (f)3,0953743
O35OWPale GhastAdult (f)4,0946622
CYwcX(CYwcX)Adult (m)3,7307464
11CHa(11CHa)Adult (f)4,0256511
7vvAFEmerald City Zoning CommitteeAdult (m)3,1535611
ohyK4Emerald City PlannerAdult (f)3,1366030
ep2M0Emerald City OfficialAdult (m)2,7906401
JbuWqEmerald City Official GreeterAdult (f)2,9286551
7nDqk(7nDqk)Adult (m)3,3578222
16tVO(16tVO)Adult (m)2,7436661
vPU5XDuke of Fair-WeatherAdult (m)2,2047550
E1TvFDuchess of Fair-WeatherAdult (f)2,5207111
gTkxuLady Fair-WeatherAdult (f)3,6926295
nUtz6Scion of Fair-WeatherAdult (f)3,9725512
F22xrKnight of Fair-WeatherAdult (m)2,7425931
XyFd2Glimmer of Fair-WeatherHatchling (F)5171395
ZI0Xw(ZI0Xw)Hatchling (F)2,4815301
uHFSZBy Meteor LightAdult (f)3,2365412
6WzM7The Last MeteorAdult (f)3,2825911
JR2zUMeteor Has FallenAdult (m)3,5718801
sUDk1(sUDk1)Adult (m)3,08656110
9BlmL(9BlmL)Adult (m)5,1317051
T9AzL(T9AzL)Adult (f)3,6908251
LlWrU(LlWrU)Adult (m)5,5839310
bMOEc(bMOEc)Adult (m)3,6686712
3scvt(3scvt)Hatchling (F)2,8564924
B8MK6Sing To Me of Time Gone ByAdult (f)3,0035220
vrwnBSing To Me Of Daring DeedsAdult (m)3,3595783
Z2XrlSing To Me The Song Of BattleAdult (m)3,0106551
XQjosSing To Me Great Songs of JoyAdult (f)2,9806721
thBx0Sing To Me For Absent FriendsAdult (m)2,4386052
AtVPO(AtVPO)Adult (m)4,1895421
qy0zC(qy0zC)Adult (f)3,3188130
bFWLd(bFWLd)Adult (m)3,2855323
GRMCy(GRMCy)Hatchling (m, F)3,1086191
7j57PSoft AdorationAdult (f)1,6307573
olgtsGentle AdorationAdult (f)1,7767251
bj2VHAegis AdorationsAdult (f)5,6249604
gX0fdSilver AdorationsAdult (f)6,1371,1502
WTjb2Carmine AdorationsHatchling (f, F)4,2457124
aOGvt(aOGvt)Adult (f)3,9688000
EDC28(EDC28)Adult (f)4,1278180
WPq5U(WPq5U)Adult (m)3,9748231
AAKfQ(AAKfQ)Adult (m)4,0438481
Uyo9x(Uyo9x)Adult (m)3,4086532
eEohb(eEohb)Adult (m)3,4606833
Nk2hd(Nk2hd)Adult (m)3,4786684
u9EvB(u9EvB)Adult (m)3,0347100
IbV02The Grand BlueAdult (f)2,8947591
FA4N1Great Blue ExpanseAdult (m)2,7557590
2tkho(2tkho)Adult (f)2,2405600
0scbp(0scbp)Adult (f)3,9254232
5kncD(5kncD)Adult (m)4,4817241
4FFqO(4FFqO)Hatchling (F)2,9403651
bk9Os(bk9Os)Hatchling (f, F)4,3936601
V1aNi(V1aNi)Adult (f)2,5996471
WY3GJ(WY3GJ)Adult (f)2,7056500
bfpav(bfpav)Adult (f)3,8467141
Hhx0O(Hhx0O)Adult (f)3,7415182
0OU7u(0OU7u)Adult (m)3,2487141
zwpGN(zwpGN)Adult (m)3,3666410
abjYZ(abjYZ)Adult (f)2,6236340
pGpSk(pGpSk)Adult (m)3,3657191
nXSuw(nXSuw)Adult (m)3,3567180
WRmvf(WRmvf)Adult (f)4,1635651
IQluY(IQluY)Adult (m)3,7026230
eN7no(eN7no)Adult (m)3,1106131
NdQXRInsert Witty Economics Joke HereAdult (f)2,3416011
FRQP8All Things Must Go UpAdult (f)2,4126203
paounRising CostsAdult (f)3,4886290
3Y7PzRising DivaAdult (f)3,2985920
zdGNn(zdGNn)Adult (f)3,7906890
R5MAu(R5MAu)Adult (m)4,0225652
2bEfU(2bEfU)Adult (m)4,0846090
ePsQg(ePsQg)Adult (m)4,1405990
Bspz8(Bspz8)Adult (f)3,9055602
Giftv(Giftv)Adult (f)4,5461,0911
8OWEu(8OWEu)Adult (m)4,7529051
9VxpX(9VxpX)Adult (m)4,0867012
QOAwl(QOAwl)Adult (m)2,8016801
tVMDr(tVMDr)Adult (m)3,3097592
decxf(decxf)Adult (m)3,0777430
6g48n(6g48n)Hatchling (m, F)3,7185401
w5wVQ(w5wVQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,7496591
9ivjrIsland MusicAdult (f)1,6456291
IJ6PsIsland BeautyAdult (f)1,9617162
wzKIcIsland RulerAdult (m)1,9706340
tx9BXIsland ExplorerAdult (f)1,8896471
3cU4OIsland BeachcomberAdult (f)1,6906431
Wm8rkIsland ChallengerAdult (m)2,9536443
UuGsd(UuGsd)Adult (m)2,7495121
g99B0(g99B0)Adult (f)4,3726504
XaZAy(XaZAy)Hatchling (m, F)4,3996361
W2dr9Lithe ShadowsAdult (m)2,85382214
mMtBPLithe Ebon DorkfaceAdult (f)3,3855674
4CqagDarkest DayAdult (m)1,6545918
3egu6Blackest LotusAdult (f)3,0261,0376
9HUscDarkest NoirAdult (m)2,9221,0835
K0sXkBlackest DesiresAdult (f)3,2951,0877
Fc6YFBlackest NegligeAdult (f)3,3061,1385
ej1ujBlackened ArgentAdult (m)2,4383224
YRhOLIn True DarknessAdult (m)2,1669031
QiSj7Blackest SummonsAdult (f)2,4027794
hKeCMBlackest MetallineAdult (f)2,5257701
hCaYGIn Darkness Watching Film NoirAdult (f)2,7437030
Jp6FdIn Darkness We WaitAdult (m)2,9327223
GRr9jIn Darkness AmassingAdult (m)1,9826370
mA9UAIn Darkness DestroyedAdult (m)1,7566470
XOD1EIn Darkness BornAdult (m)1,3406501
ONwGIIn Darkness ConceivedAdult (f)1,3666650
u8GblIn Darkness PlottingAdult (m)1,5786600
kxGS8In Darkness StalkingAdult (m)1,5626700
3C4ScIn Darkness WeepingAdult (f)1,7896302
RCj6XIn Darkness PreyingAdult (m)2,7726521
mdVklIn Darkness RevelingAdult (m)1,6554441
gtUTmIn Darkness We TrustAdult (m)1,7536690
5U6qhIn Darkness We WorshipAdult (m)2,0516960
Cj0SCIn Darkness EvilAdult (m)2,5152785
0eRj2In Darkness HopefulAdult (m)2,8566122
ulDN3In Darkness ExiledAdult (m)2,7975880
g14JGIn Darkness SeducedAdult (f)2,7496002
oZ0juIn Darkness AmbushedAdult (m)2,5925521
Exea1In Darkness DiscoveredAdult (f)3,4566980
643gEIn Darkness We NapAdult (m)3,2836482
jSUz9In Darkness CavortingAdult (m)2,9166861
TRCqIIn Darkness A Candle BurnsAdult (f)4,1355983
Px8K4In Darkness Take CourageAdult (f)2,4795600
dxKgYIn Darkness We VerbAdult (m)4,1885682
3sw5yIn Darkness We CreepAdult (f)2,9516783
5RN4mIn Darkness DreamingAdult (m)2,6805903
Z4xMTIn Darkness Bringing RuinAdult (f)4,1877531
JBOAt(JBOAt)Adult (f)3,4094523
uu8ZC(uu8ZC)Adult (f)2,5165601
p4ZP8(p4ZP8)Adult (m)2,4886012
2KNti(2KNti)Adult (m)2,4255761
xNgGB(xNgGB)Adult (f)2,5005852
Bp9Mk(Bp9Mk)Adult (m)3,3967022
oASNX(oASNX)Adult (m)3,3056571
ZCI9b(ZCI9b)Adult (m)3,5126731
l5ZpA(l5ZpA)Adult (f)4,4788042
M9WBn(M9WBn)Adult (f)7,3669433
0cUyg(0cUyg)Adult (m)2,9986181
lwY0b(lwY0b)Adult (m)2,9165930
UdQif(UdQif)Adult (m)3,9716920
MMXCt(MMXCt)Adult (m)4,6916091
xwutw(xwutw)Adult (f)4,9266093
rmB6H(rmB6H)Adult (m)4,3676761
I1MfD(I1MfD)Adult (m)3,8356381
t6QqS(t6QqS)Adult (m)5,6228622
ZVtHU(ZVtHU)Adult (m)4,3918341
6T2pQ(6T2pQ)Adult (m)4,0247225
mfMcO(mfMcO)Adult (f)5,1361,1301
gjGPD(gjGPD)Adult (f)3,4987523
SrFWsLittle Miss DarkwingsHatchling (f, F)3,8243101
eCvzQLittle Mister DarkwingsHatchling (F)5261503
ol0el(ol0el)Hatchling (m, F)2,5835781
dWqsX(dWqsX)Hatchling (f, F)4,1766223
nnWeADarkest NoctAdult (m)3,0071,1206
mRRh0Dark TarnishAdult (m)1,5907312
htmvaWish I Were A GirlAdult (m)1,5486225
15CliDead Man's PartyAdult (m)3,9371,28512
bmHoULittle Corpse BrideAdult (f)3,7371,2767
jT5OTBone BeautyAdult (f)5,5041,76311
K0iSuBone HansomAdult (m)3,5161,4209
7MWVNPoisoned CandyAdult (f)3,8831,4956
jpjhePoisoned SweetAdult (f)2,4241,09821
TLlMnPale BoneAdult (f)3,6018924
hsl6ADeadened SpaceAdult (f)4,0069203
7XH1oHoliday TwistAdult (f)3,4758693
nUcZePoisoned SweetlingAdult (m)1,3156631
ZouCHPoisoned TreatlingAdult (m)1,2165930
M9S2uThe Lady DecayAdult (f)2,1516400
3QedNThe Barest BonesAdult (f)3,3708751
GyNa4(GyNa4)Adult (f)3,0796425
YLJgYBone Face ThuwedHatchling (m, F)3,4661,1416
6lQrZ(6lQrZ)Hatchling (F)7612812
5FqAkVari-TeaAdult (m)3,4994810
FNQWePhilosoph-TeaAdult (m)2,8297961
u72fDTo A TeaAdult (f)2,8647810
0OhMBBrutali-TeaAdult (m)2,9214253
J4DyiUncertan-TeaAdult (f)3,8955470
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