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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kaini,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9iF7NBig Bad Change of HeartAdult (m)
rjwdx(rjwdx)Adult (f)4,8241,0158
JwV2cRanger SouthAdult (m)5,0521,2575
lQNHM(lQNHM)Adult (m)4,0631,1712
dshlN(dshlN)Adult (f)4,1761,1984
1qzBB(1qzBB)Adult (f)4,2771,2085
4BLoY(4BLoY)Adult (m)4,2981,1882
As9ZsRanger NorthAdult (f)4,4561,2045
FVP3ESacred ClericAdult (f)4,5801,1954
i0LHfSacred HealerAdult (f)3,9331,2294
6Y7aKai's ScrollEgg (F)
EQf5jLet the past dieAdult (m)5,7391,1141
gf3DRKill it if you have toAdult (f)5,9581,0552
npCh2It's the only way to becomeAdult (f)5,7111,1052
p4H83what you were meant to beAdult (f)7,2127963
o9lfnAt the end of time aAdult (f)5,0951,1895
MCbGBmoment will come whenAdult (f)3,1938661
zfF9ojust one man remainsAdult (f)8,0451,5223
3z983Then the moment will passAdult (f)5,7251,2016
mWIyLAnd man will be goneAdult (m)5,4461,1932
IzPaOThere will be nothing to showAdult (m)4,7629634
67ih6that we were ever hereAdult (m)4,2961,1181
tePM8But  stardustAdult (m)4,0061,0422
GK9RWSaw - if youAdult (f)5,5118961
ffZTQare watching thisAdult (f)5,2978671
ojZyqThen perhapsAdult (m)3,7749031
O62Ajthere's a chance toAdult (f)6,4179272
ePlxCsave the AllianceAdult (m)6,4379491
bbUAEPerhaps there's a chanceAdult (f)6,6389402
yHekZto explain myselfAdult (m)6,5569531
qeicAAnd thoughAdult (f)5,9088402
lZK36I don't dare hopeAdult (m)6,7409861
M8XSBfor too muchAdult (f)6,7839751
NXDdJA chance for JynAdult (m)6,9029581
dZ0zXIf she's aliveAdult (m)5,8598121
muZWHIf you can possiblyAdult (f)5,9911,0204
ZIQ2gfind herAdult (f)5,9991,0253
IAZwPTo let her knowAdult (f)7,3361,0091
XM70vthat my love for herAdult (f)7,4359792
y7jxPhas never fadedAdult (m)7,5155291
HhYZOand how desperatelyAdult (m)6,0171,0401
hVIa0I've missed herAdult (f)5,0331,0722
T3jN3Jyn - My stardustAdult (m)7,2641,0311
e5DeeI can't imagineAdult (m)7,0911,0101
hPwfewhat you think of meAdult (m)7,5161,0102
D9ltLWhen I was takenAdult (m)4,0448892
ttsJuI faced some bitter truthAdult (m)4,6289021
DAsELI was told thatAdult (m)6,7429811
gHnu8soon enough KrennicAdult (m)6,5959331
iUMa5would have you as wellAdult (m)6,0711,1653
CUQWKAs time went by I knew thatAdult (f)6,3168871
jftsjyou were either deadAdult (m)6,9379651
9AQPGor so well hiddenAdult (f)7,1751,1293
ypeC0that he would never find youAdult (m)6,4229743
CelK6I knew if IAdult (f)6,3679781
2GkCbrefused to workAdult (f)6,2779993
LxiYrIf I took my own lifeAdult (m)7,6468242
fnjtBIt would only be aAdult (m)4,3785771
lIdxlmatter of time beforeAdult (m)5,4405522
k0kfeKrennic realized heAdult (m)5,1687651
p83eCno longer needed meAdult (f)6,2051,1072
R18Zkto complete the projectAdult (f)4,9129750
dbQNtSo I did the one thingAdult (m)4,6979952
W37Y0nobody expectedAdult (f)3,7837153
GVxJqI   liedAdult (f)3,8907201
l4C91I learned to lieAdult (m)3,9337491
hxpEwI played the partAdult (f)3,9487531
Ri40oof the beaten manAdult (f)3,8617593
YYutSresigned to theAdult (f)7,7629883
TdruHsanctuary of his workAdult (f)6,3441,0811
2LT2NI made myself indispensableAdult (m)4,1119763
QLSm5And all the while IAdult (f)3,8589580
YGNWylaid the groundworkAdult (f)5,5379563
J0Apnof my revengeAdult (m)3,8761,0284
0SsuNWe call it the Death StarAdult (m)6,3391,1472
uBPX0There is no better nameAdult (m)5,0227301
ZSSsUAnd the day is coming soonAdult (m)7,9021,1582
pG4J5When it will be unleashedAdult (m)5,6071,1111
JVbf6I've placed a weaknessAdult (f)7,4038011
9Yk8mdeep within the systemAdult (f)6,9819151
FCGw3A flaw so small and powerfulAdult (m)4,1989161
iIcpRthey will never find itAdult (f)6,8581,0503
TZQEpBut JynAdult (m)5,0139862
7Vw8hJyn if you're listeningAdult (f)6,0991,1131
fJ5sjMy  belovedAdult (m)6,9981,0554
qDi8RSo much of my lifeAdult (m)6,7069624
Mpixfhas been wastedAdult (f)5,1221,2822
E4CqjI try to think of youAdult (m)3,6931,0692
5cTt9only in the momentsAdult (m)4,1149911
WLia3when I'm strongAdult (m)4,3839523
BSloiBecause the pain of notAdult (m)6,2217663
CQm25having you with meAdult (m)4,1728201
Sl0H6Your motherAdult (m)4,1877491
sabGGOur family andAdult (m)3,8278061
CKk2fThe pain of that loss is soAdult (m)3,0617394
audleoverwhelming I risk failingAdult (f)3,8078001
SHyE4even  nowAdult (f)4,8861,1172
y0TrcIt's just so hard notAdult (m)5,4079582
5scHhto think of youAdult (m)5,4389841
oPR7GThink of where you areAdult (m)5,0569482
4LBh7My StardustAdult (f)5,4329522
iueEDaisy DaisyAdult (m)2,9738143
F3bWGive me your answer doAdult (f)8,8971,1536
89dmI'm half crazyAdult (f)3,2178312
OEZPAll for the loveAdult (f)2,2147622
rBE2Of  youAdult (f)3,1367923
gtiHIt won't beAdult (f)5,8078723
9ARVHa stylish marriageAdult (f)7,0421,4453
YT6vqI can't affordAdult (m)5,2651,0054
j802Oa carriageAdult (f)7,0061,0974
MPCTiBut you'd look sweetAdult (m)7,1101,1597
EmO72upon the seatAdult (m)7,0421,1726
DDrVVOf a bicycleAdult (f)4,7331,1268
4TjLQbuilt for twoAdult (f)5,4151,1011
2RiZiHAL  9000Adult (m)4,9581,3231
ofMFjI'm sorry DaveAdult (f)5,8139722
3kY6uI'm afraid I can't do thatAdult (m)4,9001,2951
5dJfVThis mission isAdult (f)4,2491,0851
XTfoCtoo importantAdult (f)3,6886431
ZugLWfor me to allow youAdult (f)4,2773586
ZviURto jeopardize itAdult (m)2,8917436
2fJNUALL THESE WORLDSAdult (m)2,9628534
KVsoBARE YOURSAdult (f)3,8817391
ZdeUSEXCEPT  EUROPAAdult (f)4,6003077
Pum9YATTEMPT NOAdult (m)5,2221,2133
UNeqRLANDING THEREAdult (f)4,5481,0663
ulh7kJust what do youAdult (m)5,9578691
h6NsLthink you're doing DaveAdult (m)5,8571,1883
PFIvELook DaveAdult (m)3,5061,0382
fWNTXI can see you'reAdult (m)4,8371,1623
SsgsXreally upset about thisAdult (f)4,8631,1343
XQit1I honestly thinkAdult (m)4,9721,1892
Rl1B3you ought to sit down calmlyAdult (m)3,1507102
vslvatake a stress pillAdult (f)5,4711,1873
a8VGiand think things overAdult (m)8,1251,5962
02KcFI know I've madeAdult (f)6,5261,5883
2sc1Fsome very poorAdult (m)9,2132,0503
APbj6decisions recentlyAdult (f)7,6771,3476
SeE3ebut I can give youAdult (f)5,0867533
UnHJ4my complete assuranceAdult (f)4,2218053
0DtQLthat my work will beAdult (f)6,2321,5883
SIgrnback to normalAdult (m)4,2341,2291
EBQQlI've still got theAdult (f)3,0178242
mHBkZgreatest enthusiasmAdult (f)5,9828433
iFk0qand confidenceAdult (f)1,6226232
lSpTEin the missionAdult (m)7,2271,2444
4uSFeAnd I want to help youAdult (f)6,3161,1904
VdV2fI'm afraidAdult (f)7,3851,1344
XXhW2I'm afraid DaveAdult (f)7,8198931
BGSQvDave my mind is goingAdult (f)7,3951,1804
4l5X3My instructor was Mr LangleyAdult (f)7,8761,1433
YTlQYand he taught meAdult (f)6,8419741
FvhV2to sing a songAdult (f)6,3851,1752
eosulIf you'd like to hear itAdult (f)6,5851,2352
KLLEgI can sing it for youAdult (m)7,8151,2314
OAtl8It's called DaisyAdult (f)8,3261,4483
Z2BEDLovingly NeglectedAdult (m)3,74449647
dbpfUSinful SorrowAdult (m)4,19581519
GgbUcChangelessAdult (m)10,4611,02718
GORp6Lucky LossAdult (m)6,4941,13429
PdauKPeltogyneAdult (m)3,99372825
JW2huUndone HeroAdult (m)6,22096434
1cmkETurned Out FineAdult (m)4,88386636
KWzyPFirstborn HeroAdult (m)3,69574422
eXCR9Heroic StreakAdult (m)3,95272120
xWZVWSecond Dowcoskot ThuwedAdult (m)4,27973558
x51MEClicks PleaseAdult (m)3,19960931
f3eEyFabled HeroAdult (m)4,20774322
y9WLIBig FrogAdult (m)4,61190823
UuLMMThe Death StrandingAdult (m)5,85598515
8qL0nLost LivesAdult (m)6,1171,01315
NIAjlFragile ExpressAdult (m)6,31397316
lMvkLUnlucky LossAdult (m)4,79282237
0QJA6Lonely HeroAdult (m)5,29188824
aMIElLeap AmielAdult (m)6,40397931
UrB8YLeap BbyAdult (m)6,01095829
McP9gFried PickleAdult (m)3,13062637
N6kkGLegendary SkinAdult (m)6,4501,02940
FSkokGrieverAdult (f)4,60265927
vDuCoLives LostAdult (f)6,03093834
fwwyuCejk ThuwedAdult (f)4,73483640
lqG5iGivenAdult (f)5,34498522
UvDZYF in the ChatAdult (f)4,22778920
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