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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kaidou,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cTAAbSilent FootstepsAdult (f)2,41189221
d1HMjFast KuroAdult (f)2,32486118
Wn4coTenkai LuccyAdult (m)2,38565513
fVo0iGold Lion ShikiAdult (f)2,79281916
CIiWCDragonevilAdult (f)2,60673320
7tbVNCaesar CrownAdult (m)2,90783815
UF2VpBlue PegasusSAdult (f)3,5288428
hJ7i9(hJ7i9)Adult (f)2,8077114
EbYT2Blue female DragonAdult (f)3,4478407
Q4bffWelgoAdult (m)3,0027926
JVaAi(JVaAi)Adult (f)3,4695305
c3sAf(c3sAf)Adult (f)2,7224822
jrPiCMarcoAdult (m)4,5439778
l2Gdi(l2Gdi)Adult (f)6,2431,14711
gWZlsFire Portgas AceAdult (m)4,62783312
FaYJRTi Omega NebulaAdult (m)7,9801,3985
lJIkR(lJIkR)Adult (f)5,3479048
Rpa0m(Rpa0m)Adult (m)5,1108089
BZT94(BZT94)Adult (f)5,2218235
9WeUb(9WeUb)Adult (f)5,6178667
1oBprShiryu of the RainAdult (m)5,6458777
HNfbL(HNfbL)Adult (f)4,22575812
F3q9Z(F3q9Z)Adult (f)4,86186012
8CFDU(8CFDU)Adult (m)5,0448297
Rr3E2(Rr3E2)Adult (m)3,1487294
diJW1(diJW1)Adult (m)4,54584612
JNnDW(JNnDW)Adult (m)4,72284310
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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