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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “KagomeShikon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
i2zgS(i2zgS)Adult (f)10,0681,9251
cXFFb(cXFFb)Adult (m)10,3461,9123
81v8M(81v8M)Adult (f)10,3531,8823
PeAx3(PeAx3)Adult (f)10,2461,8673
Cjh3n(Cjh3n)Adult (m)10,0851,8743
lGgTZ(lGgTZ)Adult (f)10,1711,8451
WGF2l(WGF2l)Adult (f)10,2481,8891
5AqlY(5AqlY)Adult (m)10,2721,8943
TrAbH(TrAbH)Adult (m)8,9591,7292
BblfS(BblfS)Adult (m)9,3281,7383
KoTNX(KoTNX)Adult (m)9,0151,7421
tDoClPretty Silver PrincessAdult (f)10,5191,3718
pYU4kShiny Silver PrincessAdult (f)6,8271,2255
vWKjNShiny Wizard GirlAdult (f)9,4491,3365
nmTyEA Princess of HorsesAdult (f)9,7141,3873
ug4vpShadowed Silver 2gAdult (f)9,1241,4346
5E8cTSilver Shine the Way 2Adult (f)10,5151,7307
HCyDCA Gem of a GirlAdult (f)6,0031,0514
8YlzyShadows In The Silver LakesAdult (f)8,7971,4545
JmzLzUnderwater SilverAdult (f)6,31161555
OGZsG(OGZsG)Adult (f)8,3531,4207
lSqbd(lSqbd)Adult (m)10,0411,5745
SIyaM(SIyaM)Adult (f)6,1909427
lSNpFRadiant Princess of GoldAdult (f)9,8971,4364
KP45g(KP45g)Adult (f)10,0431,4372
5YzT5Love of Pretty GoldAdult (f)12,0551,6152
8OUBh(8OUBh)Adult (f)6,0958529
8ZeOd(8ZeOd)Adult (m)8,3851,4801
wCG05(wCG05)Adult (m)5,8941,2391
4U5qh(4U5qh)Adult (m)5,1211,0801
2rvUt(2rvUt)Adult (m)5,0131,1222
c9pbt(c9pbt)Adult (m)5,6421,1633
mNKhE(mNKhE)Adult (f)8,3631,4772
lBT0v(lBT0v)Adult (f)5,6951,1000
NmoeN(NmoeN)Adult (f)5,1841,1001
6hpBI(6hpBI)Adult (f)9,3821,5546
XKYbH(XKYbH)Adult (f)12,0551,9002
YoEmb(YoEmb)Adult (f)12,0121,9494
IFULg(IFULg)Adult (m)5,5401,1763
OEWt0(OEWt0)Adult (f)5,4121,1814
uUXnw(uUXnw)Adult (m)5,5321,1915
SqyOe(SqyOe)Adult (f)5,4481,1901
vF5m7(vF5m7)Adult (m)10,4311,4403
lOm0b(lOm0b)Adult (f)10,3891,4453
aHohr(aHohr)Adult (m)6,5561,2122
Sd2aa(Sd2aa)Adult (f)6,3981,2235
mphrx(mphrx)Adult (m)9,4611,5562
dSkei(dSkei)Adult (f)9,3411,5081
lmTN4(lmTN4)Adult (f)8,4851,3631
tJe3l(tJe3l)Adult (m)8,4981,3953
4od1Z(4od1Z)Adult (m)3,8619382
Ytmpe(Ytmpe)Adult (f)12,6881,5883
yMfgf(yMfgf)Adult (f)8,7521,2704
TjbTD(TjbTD)Adult (m)8,8361,2725
9hJAa(9hJAa)Adult (f)6,4481,2042
7gGpz(7gGpz)Adult (m)6,5941,1494
3aNkc(3aNkc)Adult (f)11,0761,2802
6tmey(6tmey)Adult (f)10,4161,4565
7U2ph(7U2ph)Adult (m)11,9701,5803
nwwDO(nwwDO)Adult (f)6,9931,1633
dL3XP(dL3XP)Adult (m)9,7741,4693
4G7N3(4G7N3)Adult (f)9,6761,4474
Z4vDk(Z4vDk)Adult (m)9,8701,4585
HS1Sw(HS1Sw)Adult (m)10,5851,5842
wyYgJ(wyYgJ)Adult (m)8,5851,2454
ZbahO(ZbahO)Adult (f)10,7981,5763
jzFzq(jzFzq)Adult (m)3,3787763
9Bs57(9Bs57)Adult (m)9,3831,4503
q7RcF(q7RcF)Adult (m)5,8381,1723
Qzlcw(Qzlcw)Adult (m)9,7091,4232
xZWJm(xZWJm)Adult (m)11,6311,5612
WUmux(WUmux)Adult (m)12,4561,6955
SdEsr(SdEsr)Adult (m)10,7481,6053
yKo7N(yKo7N)Adult (m)10,4081,4662
dny7H(dny7H)Adult (f)10,4651,4641
BvnrG(BvnrG)Adult (f)6,2171,0512
0d5hD(0d5hD)Adult (f)8,2448581
FS4F4(FS4F4)Adult (f)10,5031,5113
2VnNi(2VnNi)Adult (f)12,2851,6102
KT5ri(KT5ri)Adult (f)12,3171,6683
R1lCp(R1lCp)Adult (m)5,2001,2074
B2MYN(B2MYN)Adult (f)5,1341,1952
CZOzR(CZOzR)Adult (m)5,1091,1833
4dOqn(4dOqn)Adult (f)5,1491,2031
tuKgi(tuKgi)Adult (m)9,4151,4288
IUJEm(IUJEm)Adult (f)8,6841,3652
F8ZI8(F8ZI8)Adult (f)10,6731,5022
mDuQl(mDuQl)Adult (f)9,2361,3766
xOVIn(xOVIn)Adult (f)10,5351,4952
AUGar(AUGar)Adult (m)10,9161,5822
Fild0CB Fild0 MAdult (m)8,1581,3733
z8liHCB z8liH MAdult (m)9,9051,3494
1nEfzCB 1nEfz MAdult (m)12,5161,5841
QsAGwCB QsAGw MAdult (m)9,6051,4131
OjqGlA Rose in Ice CBAdult (m)9,7461,3394
27vdxAlluring Ice Man CBAdult (m)6,6781,1533
KQ8lb2g KQ8lbAdult (f)9,8411,5943
ajiX32g winter ajiX3 MAdult (m)9,1691,2945
JeSII2g winter JeSII MAdult (m)8,9501,2785
5nBEu2g winter 5nBEu MAdult (m)9,3161,3333
Rf1rO2g silver Rf1rO MAdult (m)6,0079613
5tJg62g silver 5tJg6 MAdult (m)5,9429834
We5LI2g tinsel We5LI MAdult (m)8,3861,3394
PFIzm2g tinsel PFIzm MAdult (m)10,1251,51410
1EcZU2g red 1EcZU MAdult (m)8,8561,3676
4IN7a3g pure ice 1EcZU FAdult (f)7,5991,3088
1xzyb(1xzyb)Adult (m)3,8479542
dB7Ah(dB7Ah)Adult (m)2,4036023
A7MTc2g A7MTc MAdult (m)4,4278752
ff32z3g ff32z FAdult (f)10,7611,6154
ZK10b2g ZK10b FAdult (f)3,8956974
HWp7aCB HWp7a FAdult (f)9,5331,5614
Q5Ayc(Q5Ayc)Adult (f)10,8771,4674
E7PDM(E7PDM)Adult (m)8,8371,2853
RpjKDCB RpjKD MAdult (m)9,8171,3943
RVF8c(RVF8c)Adult (m)9,1631,3804
J9EBXCB J9EBX FAdult (f)6,1631,0575
Wf1qn(Wf1qn)Adult (f)9,9941,5234
Kj31G(Kj31G)Adult (m)12,2111,7645
ebByW(ebByW)Adult (m)8,2801,2716
sFxuD(sFxuD)Adult (m)8,2261,3595
hX6DN(hX6DN)Adult (f)5,9821,0921
ttgIe(ttgIe)Adult (m)10,2351,3912
4Yi3E(4Yi3E)Adult (f)9,4141,5451
pFyLs(pFyLs)Adult (m)9,9541,5016
ZaQNM(ZaQNM)Adult (m)9,2751,4342
7MJxs(7MJxs)Adult (f)12,9191,8333
0s6G0(0s6G0)Adult (m)9,4051,4423
N5RM8(N5RM8)Adult (m)9,3531,4784
fGNf4(fGNf4)Adult (m)9,1281,4721
pXzoo(pXzoo)Adult (f)9,2181,4492
4cSkF(4cSkF)Adult (m)9,5431,5692
mATwN(mATwN)Adult (m)9,4901,5583
CdQze(CdQze)Adult (f)9,3701,5171
SabjI(SabjI)Adult (f)9,4651,5613
Niuhq(Niuhq)Adult (m)10,6081,5492
wofjj(wofjj)Adult (m)10,6241,5672
Nt5N0(Nt5N0)Adult (m)10,6111,5442
z1DMJ(z1DMJ)Adult (f)10,7741,5421
h4B9p(h4B9p)Adult (m)8,4391,4752
ujsVE(ujsVE)Adult (f)8,3681,4663
7daqC(7daqC)Adult (m)8,4991,4831
BKmQx(BKmQx)Adult (m)8,5241,5082
FiPLY(FiPLY)Adult (f)12,9461,6191
dACWT(dACWT)Adult (m)10,2611,4413
wy4hP(wy4hP)Adult (m)10,2731,4373
QZazW(QZazW)Adult (f)10,2911,4592
xak8q(xak8q)Adult (f)6,4201,0681
SPGei(SPGei)Adult (f)6,3741,0401
oeDof(oeDof)Adult (f)5,4309172
TtIpE(TtIpE)Adult (f)5,3489364
ltZ3i(ltZ3i)Adult (f)9,8831,5416
B5yBi(B5yBi)Adult (f)12,2461,5525
PicAt(PicAt)Adult (m)11,7721,6046
h3H8s(h3H8s)Adult (f)10,5161,5654
3pPuS(3pPuS)Adult (m)11,6851,5915
o3oEq(o3oEq)Adult (f)4,8786289
8O6Bi(8O6Bi)Adult (f)3,8089503
4PWMo(4PWMo)Adult (m)10,1501,4321
ReXhY(ReXhY)Adult (f)11,0421,2851
M8K8C(M8K8C)Adult (f)10,9531,3142
KlKFW(KlKFW)Adult (m)11,1231,2962
sxRx1(sxRx1)Adult (m)4,2188701
QZaS8(QZaS8)Adult (f)9,1401,4674
MLPmd(MLPmd)Adult (f)9,3261,4273
uZqcJ(uZqcJ)Adult (m)9,2691,4414
pjtDh(pjtDh)Adult (m)9,1751,4283
GCvSB(GCvSB)Adult (m)9,3241,4293
4EtTQ(4EtTQ)Adult (m)9,1541,4483
W9sBM(W9sBM)Adult (f)9,0521,4354
IhNug(IhNug)Adult (f)8,9521,4328
BsKD1(BsKD1)Adult (m)6,4181,2215
uo8p8(uo8p8)Adult (m)7,8311,1491
5po9n(5po9n)Adult (m)7,9411,1793
zQsYb(zQsYb)Adult (m)7,5661,0863
G9OO1(G9OO1)Adult (f)6,7941,0952
EQtJF(EQtJF)Adult (m)6,3661,2364
a4k91(a4k91)Adult (m)6,3841,2003
TyVKt(TyVKt)Adult (m)10,3291,4553
jveYq(jveYq)Adult (m)11,6771,5231
fUl5x(fUl5x)Adult (f)10,7631,5451
vGZ2M(vGZ2M)Adult (f)10,5141,5451
UwyRD(UwyRD)Adult (m)9,9571,4745
z2r9Q(z2r9Q)Adult (m)8,6771,2423
5iqLO(5iqLO)Adult (m)8,7341,2972
4l0Si(4l0Si)Hatchling (F)4,1147722
6XREa(6XREa)Adult (f)7,2841,4877
59wUm(59wUm)Adult (f)7,8781,2694
EMvTF(EMvTF)Adult (f)9,7371,4653
cxd2h(cxd2h)Adult (f)10,9761,6324
0mdFA(0mdFA)Adult (f)10,9651,5831
W1alt(W1alt)Adult (f)10,8651,5944
qeuCM(qeuCM)Adult (m)9,7681,4374
IvYBy(IvYBy)Adult (m)11,0951,5522
drtAR(drtAR)Adult (m)11,3611,6125
30z9Y(30z9Y)Adult (m)8,7621,3402
8DfIp(8DfIp)Adult (m)10,6111,6052
YhIPo(YhIPo)Adult (f)7,2321,2193
FaUB2(FaUB2)Adult (m)7,1721,1633
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