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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “KagomeShikon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WMfvP(WMfvP)Hatchling (m)4,3888643
9fi8V(9fi8V)Adult (m)6,0661,1614
CEnBR(CEnBR)Adult (m)6,1291,1574
RBXHU(RBXHU)Adult (f)6,1671,1792
IREtU(IREtU)Adult (f)5,9181,1234
d5VYa(d5VYa)Adult (f)6,0001,1674
g01Ph(g01Ph)Adult (m)5,7981,1573
tDoClPretty Silver Tinsel PrincessAdult (f)10,5191,3718
pYU4kShiny Silver Tinsel PrincessAdult (f)6,8271,2255
x10yP(x10yP)Adult (m)6,2701,2052
njYxw(njYxw)Adult (f)7,6181,3453
5gpW0(5gpW0)Adult (f)7,6221,3405
aSKeo(aSKeo)Adult (f)5,7931,1043
LD1Dt(LD1Dt)Adult (m)5,3821,0623
NQNKo(NQNKo)Adult (m)5,7091,0742
KE4Df(KE4Df)Adult (f)5,4761,0363
ZmyxA(ZmyxA)Adult (m)5,5191,0452
BbdO5(BbdO5)Adult (f)5,6521,0682
1lenw(1lenw)Adult (m)5,3531,0363
9XdlC(9XdlC)Adult (f)5,6741,0851
lxSQO(lxSQO)Adult (f)5,5991,1654
QRccA(QRccA)Adult (f)7,2461,2981
cbcWHLucky Three day GirlAdult (f)7,5481,2893
wnhvv(wnhvv)Adult (m)6,0991,1602
b3MOG(b3MOG)Adult (m)6,6701,1511
9EZym(9EZym)Adult (f)6,6091,1922
ctlraI'm Crawling on the CeilingAdult (f)7,7391,4484
lWCt2CB lWCt2 MAdult (m)8,1611,3643
oLHZo(oLHZo)Adult (f)8,4571,4595
AuuY1(AuuY1)Adult (f)7,1831,3164
ZfjYo(ZfjYo)Adult (f)8,5341,3896
fLBsv(fLBsv)Adult (m)8,5531,3662
fnBwu(fnBwu)Adult (f)7,7291,2888
VfAH3(VfAH3)Adult (f)7,2331,2563
Jg9JH(Jg9JH)Adult (f)6,0351,1884
sXr1w(sXr1w)Adult (m)6,4381,2344
m7am0(m7am0)Adult (f)6,5231,2052
yS1Rp(yS1Rp)Adult (m)7,1651,1822
Y5Wsq(Y5Wsq)Adult (m)7,1721,4826
mDqZH(mDqZH)Adult (m)7,9701,4164
9VAQg(9VAQg)Adult (f)8,1791,4624
7kLjv(7kLjv)Adult (m)7,5741,3295
ZHJcw(ZHJcw)Adult (m)7,9641,3673
REQoS(REQoS)Adult (m)7,4001,3462
fdQ1W(fdQ1W)Adult (f)7,4221,3413
mUHDo(mUHDo)Adult (f)6,8561,2393
CfFcp(CfFcp)Adult (m)6,1491,2202
SbmL9(SbmL9)Adult (m)7,8811,1187
v40Xt(v40Xt)Adult (m)5,5781,2883
vJ48i(vJ48i)Adult (f)5,9911,1493
7Rh62(7Rh62)Adult (m)5,5521,2932
fHQaa(fHQaa)Adult (f)5,4051,2954
z1l8o(z1l8o)Adult (f)6,4071,2532
oIPWU(oIPWU)Adult (f)6,5121,2684
eQo7f(eQo7f)Adult (f)8,9171,4512
Otav4(Otav4)Adult (m)7,7771,3744
7O9wG(7O9wG)Adult (m)7,7031,3981
7BKdO(7BKdO)Adult (m)6,2321,2035
0ls0j(0ls0j)Adult (m)5,4981,0864
S3ljSCB S3ljS FAdult (f)7,6311,3924
XQmpY(XQmpY)Adult (f)7,0911,2522
vFRlK(vFRlK)Adult (m)7,1861,2752
Ef1eV(Ef1eV)Adult (m)7,2711,1767
7bffSGranddaughter SweetsAdult (f)7,6171,4745
Ty1CQ2nd Commander Sulu Ty1CQAdult (m)6,2021,2187
qO19b(qO19b)Adult (m)7,1041,3835
rapgj(rapgj)Adult (m)7,2761,3613
iqxQh3rd Arsani QuixoticAdult (m)9,6361,3775
0cSit3rd Radiant OcsitaAdult (f)7,4371,3223
NZ8NF(NZ8NF)Adult (f)6,2511,2382
I0VHl(I0VHl)Adult (f)5,3641,1903
XQIWg(XQIWg)Adult (f)7,0951,3214
eNMDGCB eNMDG MAdult (m)7,2111,2882
ZetCb(ZetCb)Adult (m)7,0851,3322
Kc6RV(Kc6RV)Adult (m)7,0981,3262
n8ewB(n8ewB)Adult (m)5,3491,1892
QPhI2CB QPhI2 FAdult (f)7,0961,2345
LV2eq(LV2eq)Adult (f)6,6721,2575
tfioW(tfioW)Adult (m)6,6741,2882
TZ34c(TZ34c)Adult (f)5,8911,1971
fPsoX(fPsoX)Adult (m)6,0341,2211
Kzrfi(Kzrfi)Adult (f)5,9621,1832
MiQSd(MiQSd)Adult (m)6,0971,1511
6gKp2(6gKp2)Adult (f)7,4311,2441
w6cn6(w6cn6)Adult (m)6,8571,1822
ijESQ(ijESQ)Adult (f)6,4401,2372
TT4tL(TT4tL)Adult (m)6,3031,2675
6mo7u(6mo7u)Adult (f)6,2701,2154
jufrn(jufrn)Adult (m)5,4141,1915
XsemV(XsemV)Adult (f)5,4021,2063
dyeuN(dyeuN)Adult (m)5,3891,1873
Uj31v(Uj31v)Adult (f)6,4941,2153
COQOr(COQOr)Adult (m)6,8841,3654
uCHpA(uCHpA)Adult (f)8,1131,3512
T3hus(T3hus)Adult (m)6,9061,3623
B9GrI(B9GrI)Adult (f)7,8881,2964
ZKC6TCB ZKC6T MAdult (m)7,6251,3495
04t0Y(04t0Y)Adult (f)7,4241,3284
OFEuW(OFEuW)Adult (m)7,4761,3312
NUx61(NUx61)Adult (f)4,7201,1114
YHraR(YHraR)Adult (m)6,1341,1862
q0BIN(q0BIN)Adult (f)5,8251,0602
hFmFR(hFmFR)Adult (m)4,7721,0603
2K3hC(2K3hC)Adult (m)6,3321,2411
MvfbL(MvfbL)Adult (f)7,1281,2972
HMpOv(HMpOv)Adult (m)5,9191,2082
s658H(s658H)Adult (f)5,8751,1841
F9QSr(F9QSr)Adult (m)5,4551,3144
kh2zp(kh2zp)Adult (f)5,5041,2852
dL6mq(dL6mq)Adult (m)6,9441,3523
0WYWi(0WYWi)Adult (f)5,6241,2921
AEOiq(AEOiq)Adult (m)5,8331,1303
Je7n8(Je7n8)Adult (f)5,6091,1133
VWyN5(VWyN5)Adult (m)3,3058222
Nzpqo(Nzpqo)Adult (f)3,2158112
nJ3ik(nJ3ik)Adult (m)4,6371,0581
zNrfm(zNrfm)Adult (f)3,0988131
gkwyACB gkwyA MAdult (m)5,6071,2172
IJ0jWCB IJ0jW MAdult (m)6,4851,1221
Wh9SmCB Wh9Sm MAdult (m)7,9131,3285
01m6kCB 01m6k MAdult (m)7,9101,3544
BVhP2CB BVhP2 MAdult (m)7,6661,3415
GKzxsCB GKzxs MAdult (m)6,6231,3145
E2arpCB E2arp MAdult (m)6,6851,2712
RUSSCCB RUSSC MAdult (m)6,1221,2132
t4tWRCB t4tWR MAdult (m)7,0551,2841
a0vd9CB a0vd9 MAdult (m)5,9951,1515
w3WgBCB w3WgB MAdult (m)6,5991,3204
fIGHMCB fIGHM MAdult (m)6,5531,3332
QCpDvCB QCpDv MAdult (m)6,6381,3283
lkQWhCB lkQWh FAdult (f)6,3211,2512
mF3ENCB mF3EN FAdult (f)7,8441,1423
XqzJhCB XqzJh FAdult (f)7,7951,3383
BSjTWCB BSjTW FAdult (f)7,4751,3924
ra0l0CB ra0l0 FAdult (f)6,2851,2221
fie9UCB fie9U FAdult (f)7,1311,2991
gfW6pCB gfW6p FAdult (f)6,6001,2917
nrbiUCB nrbiU FAdult (f)6,4301,2612
BtrJ2CB BtrJ2 FAdult (f)6,3571,2971
Pnw5KCB Pnw5K FAdult (f)7,5841,3402
MjsEqCB MjsEq FAdult (f)6,7461,3293
atEA6CB atEA6 FAdult (f)6,4871,3513
1BFUNCB Girls Just Wanna Have Fun FAdult (f)6,7801,4343
wFOMnCB wFOMn MAdult (m)7,7971,2923
QuyK2CB QuyK2 MAdult (m)7,5051,3893
O2yaZCB O2yaZ MAdult (m)7,8381,3274
643BqCB 643Bq MAdult (m)2,6196923
rMRrpCB rMRrp MAdult (m)6,2681,3081
trhnBCB trhnB MAdult (m)6,6631,3451
cF3AgCB cF3Ag MAdult (m)6,7481,4412
Pscj1CB Pscj1 FAdult (f)6,7511,2392
MxpeiCB Mxpei FAdult (f)6,9311,2223
ruhF3CB ruhF3 FAdult (f)7,6181,3925
vUEA2CB  vUEA2 FAdult (f)5,7231,1123
YM9Q4CB YM9Q4 FAdult (f)6,2421,2643
awObqCB awObq FAdult (f)7,6321,3543
EVCqJEvacique CB FAdult (f)7,3481,2633
ruL6FCB ruL6F FAdult (f)6,4331,3281
gnWobCB gnWob MAdult (m)6,6191,1974
mN5S9CB mN5S9 MAdult (m)6,3751,2792
tWlQgCB tWlQg MAdult (m)8,6301,4632
v8FnxCB v8Fnx MAdult (m)7,0381,3003
7wTKnCB 7wTKn MAdult (m)6,5611,4015
ZxNljCB ZxNlj FAdult (f)6,5751,2881
2lV8yCB 2lV8y FAdult (f)6,1861,2862
6WM9lCB 6WM9l FAdult (f)6,4511,2862
nLnn7CB NannalynnaAdult (f)6,7561,2831
WpLR1CB WpLR1 FAdult (f)6,2121,3213
3Uwl2CB 3Uwl2 MAdult (m)6,5461,1751
ejibnCB ejibn MAdult (m)6,0031,1783
xw8LLCB xw8LL MAdult (m)5,5061,1722
hlOJvCB hlOJv MAdult (m)7,5311,4003
StUI7CB StUI7 MAdult (m)5,7261,1881
PjlPjCB PjlPj MAdult (m)5,8311,1003
wO3TbCB wO3Tb MAdult (m)6,9851,3692
OjlmOCB OjlmO MAdult (m)6,1971,2752
RdYoyCB RdYoy MAdult (m)5,5911,1542
1Y7dmCB 1Y7dm MAdult (m)6,3071,2393
lm7trCB lm7tr FAdult (f)7,8931,3744
jGTduCB jGTdu FAdult (f)6,9181,4062
lA8MUCB lA8MU FAdult (f)7,7451,3243
4EppRCB 4EppR FAdult (f)6,3821,2882
DrVT1CB DrVT1 FAdult (f)6,7721,4041
rDTbACB rDTbA FAdult (f)5,6141,3194
hkdJOCB hkdJO FAdult (f)6,2701,2524
t4OiOCB t4OiO FAdult (f)7,1591,3086
gNyXECB gNyXE FAdult (f)6,3271,2353
ci44xCiane CBAdult (f)6,4411,2761
59zecCB 59zec MAdult (m)7,4481,2553
8vWOz8 Volt Wizard of Oz CBAdult (m)5,5591,1891
5DE0FCB 5DE0F MAdult (m)6,7661,3183
GIM2WCB GIM2W MAdult (m)6,8081,3135
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