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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kagetsukai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
s4tTo(s4tTo)Adult (m)5,0141,0191
wX3PPSora Antare IAdult (f)3,2325351
fF8drFofe Antare IAdult (f)3,3573842
HLTetArane Candel IAdult (m)2,8965661
aXFvoArani Candel IAdult (m)3,4514961
2ClEBRaise Candel IAdult (m)4,3879841
LaJi8Rod Carmine IAdult (m)3,5787884
q9glwLiera Carmine IAdult (f)2,77095914
vkLGlJassa Carmine IIAdult (f)3,4388548
qC5L6Noa Carmine IAdult (f)3,9729973
335U9Kaer Carmine IAdult (m)3,5931,0621
06uV6Kido Carmine IAdult (m)4,1151,0761
jQfegFega Carmine IAdult (f)3,9254940
ioYu0Yuo Carmine IIAdult (m)3,0754582
Ht1U3Hotu Carmine IIIAdult (f)3,4584813
LTem4(LTem4)Adult (f)4,8231,0690
Lp6JZKaien Hatt IAdult (m)6,6741,2803
JBK24Kano Hatt IAdult (m)3,0916483
a84npHio Hatt IAdult (m)2,7946303
ucKixRin Hookt IAdult (m)3,2875291
GUrxnGur Hookt IAdult (m)2,8814651
jt1lyLara Sperkles PLAdult (f)1,5914021
oE3MORia Sperkles PL IAdult (f)2,8577374
7kNi1Kini Sperkles-Striped IIAdult (f)2,6574502
CFvbdSati-okaAdult (m)7,5781,20210
KaHLKKahala Hookt IAdult (f)3,6874211
6OIG4Oiga Hookt IAdult (f)3,6564260
CUzHKCuza Hookt IAdult (f)3,8814601
Umb9uSon Antare IAdult (m)3,5005441
JiJJUJiju Striped Antare IIAdult (m)3,0935093
RKFjpRek Antare IAdult (m)3,0564383
OAtLh(OAtLh)Adult (m)6,7701,1290
vHd4INeil Holi-Arsani IIAdult (m)2,3366312
YguvtKano Holi-Rosebud IIAdult (m)1,9925662
5ZpRf(5ZpRf)Adult (m)3,7091,0433
rilKVAl RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)2,6964690
53D98Ali RoyalCrimson IAdult (f)2,9894832
w68OOIri RoyalCrimson IAdult (f)2,5976561
fJnnxWe RoyalCrimson IAdult (f)2,1025680
jGXPZVe RoyalCrimson IAdult (f)2,5824872
GuSIOAn RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,0167651
c9jDYEd RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,0467361
1yjqKEn RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,5097461
rssZbEni RoyalCrimson IAdult (f)3,4328751
dBTSFRen RoyalCrimson IIAdult (m)3,2937776
TfEMOMao RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,1114940
wiSnLMin RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,3865491
B6sJbBes RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,1355122
NCnH9Noc RoyalCrimson PL IIIAdult (m)3,1644442
tqwOhNioh RoyalCrimson IAdult (m)3,3774830
mvere(mvere)Adult (m)5,1601,1100
YD5BQReverly-Spell III PLAdult (m)4,7749081
2e4xELir Speckle IAdult (m)2,1785391
IQA03Dikan Speckle IAdult (m)2,6625512
NTHtDWirrat Speckle IAdult (m)2,6424933
30DQyNin Speckle IAdult (m)2,6246731
i8GEd(i8GEd)Adult (m)5,5471,2081
iTfIiGard Change IIAdult (m)3,3498626
nU0ygGiro Change IIIAdult (m)3,7431,0014
7PlrUNanaya Change IIIAdult (f)3,3168184
hWPEUArno Change-Holi IIIAdult (m)4,2689403
U8xgfZaor Heartseeker-White IVAdult (m)4,4068901
L3We4(L3We4)Adult (m)4,5601,1962
Y6O8uFly Name IAdult (m)4,0757981
v7TwlGial Name IAdult (m)3,7706892
NPGHnGara Name IAdult (m)3,9657162
GiZqQGiz Name IAdult (m)3,5431,0582
KQOt0Miho Floral-Rose IIIAdult (m)2,9598700
bkbrZNaa Pyralspite IAdult (f)4,3018734
QAhnINaar Pyralspite IAdult (m)4,2668452
tltaPLaar Pyralspite IAdult (m)4,2218192
aL22nKaar Pyralspite IAdult (m)4,1538183
qIwdlRad Pyralspite IAdult (m)4,0029432
MgkG6Rid Pyralspite IAdult (m)3,5991,0343
8yZFA(8yZFA)Adult (f)3,8097142
OwEnxRaisen Sunstone-Eysa IVAdult (m)7,0921,25228
y2SBTFei Sunstone IAdult (m)9,9051,53713
q6tuWSar Sunstone IAdult (m)3,0044820
ohKGuFire Sunstone-Terra IIAdult (m)2,7564760
7nXc8(7nXc8)Adult (f)4,7111,0400
IlRy3Lira Speckle IAdult (f)2,3365402
NEoEnDeina Speckle IAdult (f)3,2675030
su4j8Disa Speckle IAdult (f)1,8263250
1sUTKrock-tai IAdult (m)2,5565128
bGcJLiam-taiAdult (m)2,0023809
u3IGNTai-ho IAdult (m)2,3475271
7ULxGLai-ho IAdult (m)2,4745110
DqARoNo Dekar-taiAdult (m)2,5725580
lsV0IFai-ho IAdult (m)2,8155820
AeXWZWei-ho IAdult (m)3,6109422
BMND4Ner-ho IAdult (m)2,8474840
El0KR(El0KR)Adult (m)4,5651,1301
pdN3YWiar-da IAdult (m)2,0244621
0TKQcWer Seragamma IAdult (m)2,1255281
PP3KvXer Seragamma IAdult (m)2,9757681
LlX6DSer Seragamma IAdult (m)3,0077710
AXZKzSir Seragamma IAdult (m)3,0197360
TY00KTyook Seragamma IAdult (m)2,9617421
lOnB2Lon Seragamma IAdult (m)2,1983092
XguVWXgu Seragamma IAdult (m)3,3478612
I6Z1OZo Seragamma IAdult (m)2,4087451
10hhAHa Seragamma IAdult (m)2,4547554
dFzu4Zu Seragamma IAdult (m)2,2303853
8p7XxXex Seragamma IAdult (m)3,3327663
ZTyEPKein SeragammaAdult (m)3,4148559
TmIzGKarr Seragamma IAdult (m)3,8125020
qcSraKirr Seragamma IAdult (m)3,4435170
ZIG1WZig Copper Seragamma IIAdult (m)3,4804310
TyZzgNor Seragamma IAdult (m)3,0254980
MDSSz(MDSSz)Adult (f)5,6251,1481
M6arHLei-okaAdult (f)2,7546161
UlhznRano Tarantul IAdult (m)2,7074680
JI16u(JI16u)Adult (m)6,7531,0760
JYOIPMiran Erador IIIAdult (m)3,7338613
oifLuSur Seragamma IAdult (f)3,0878391
UlTmbSera Seragamma IAdult (f)2,9557452
yC16oYci Seragamma IAdult (f)3,2418394
JPDroJeypi Seragamma IAdult (f)3,2088420
v0qXvVoq Seragamma IAdult (f)2,3937371
FuyySFuy Seragamma IAdult (f)2,2303723
EeNqFEena Seragamma IAdult (f)3,5309483
WuP5HWupy Seragamma IAdult (f)3,5299312
IA0jdIa Seragamma IAdult (f)3,4587682
h8BHYHya Seragamma IAdult (f)3,6757833
QFk3vAno Seragamma IIAdult (f)3,4968805
Lb7LMMia Seragamma IAdult (f)3,5394620
tmAzbMaa Seragamma IAdult (f)3,4614700
MhM1KMoh Seragamma II PLAdult (f)3,9314532
ETKUYEtu Seragamma III PLAdult (f)3,4044541
VgLBI(VgLBI)Adult (f)5,2161,1221
VfomS(VfomS)Adult (f)5,0851,0941
z8mj9(z8mj9)Adult (f)3,7631,0691
u08nh(u08nh)Adult (f)4,9381,0131
evTcV(evTcV)Adult (m)4,4338680
tiSRt(tiSRt)Adult (m)4,4538742
hS0niAshe Cassare IAdult (m)3,3817909
1YPWBYp Cassare IAdult (m)2,7697701
5BGnlBegane Cassare IAdult (f)4,0421,0190
pCxCuPocu Cassare IAdult (f)3,9881,0372
8v3aEVaer Cassare IIAdult (m)3,7604440
vXwHGVexa Cassare IIIAdult (f)2,9614621
3R6qzRina Cassare IVAdult (f)2,6745441
5e2ns(5e2ns)Adult (f)4,8451,0753
eqKZ1(eqKZ1)Adult (m)3,9838572
hxl3L(hxl3L)Adult (m)4,5429800
6YCKkSep Tember IAdult (f)2,3286063
BTREMZan Copper IAdult (m)2,4864207
HI4om(HI4om)Adult (m)6,6401,1260
KhO3b(KhO3b)Adult (f)5,7241,1470
VTxdGRoir Tencil-Ka VIAdult (f)3,0096240
v9JiqShar-Ka IAdult (f)3,1117562
gN22hGena-Ka IAdult (f)3,5293911
UdZOYRanomi-Ka IAdult (f)2,8194521
r3kjURoet-Ka IAdult (m)3,3534911
69AfkZan-Ka IAdult (m)2,5274443
vokVKRein Kildas IAdult (m)2,7176091
FzdnrReina Killdas IAdult (f)2,8935291
c2Q4HKori Killdas IAdult (f)3,1315023
FkOvzKovz Killdas IAdult (m)3,3624510
nd33rMin Killdas IAdult (m)3,5305121
hChUoNin Killdas IAdult (m)3,1174570
EP1Ka(EP1Ka)Adult (f)4,7699520
vCRC1Der Howler IAdult (m)3,5071,0260
rK5fNKinana Howlerless IAdult (f)3,5211,0041
mbpk2Zanara Howlerless IAdult (f)2,4813433
FcyfEKishasa Howlerless IAdult (f)2,2533191
1w13MSarada Howlerless IAdult (f)2,3306430
iWlFpNiada Howlerless IAdult (f)2,5116940
loguyFart Howler IIAdult (m)1,8915430
hVS35Rino Howler IAdult (m)2,4207481
kgqLIZorat Howler IAdult (m)2,5167175
aFXTySheira Howlerless IIIAdult (f)2,7637553
htKS2Ladi Howlerless IIAdult (f)2,4907094
P8PfvRiko Howler IAdult (m)2,4947331
G2NY2Lasa Howlerless IAdult (f)3,5059242
aDdAwAdam Howler IVAdult (m)3,7008349
kncLqKena Howlerless IAdult (f)2,8187332
dgGg7Dagan Howler VAdult (m)3,0124554
ONJTmOnj Howler IAdult (m)3,2984761
lJ8seIjse Howlerless IAdult (f)4,0785053
oY9mjMyo Howler VIAdult (m)3,1854362
xNCEkCek Howler VIIAdult (m)3,2574361
BlgwaZar Howler IAdult (m)4,2465261
aZlAPZas Howler IAdult (m)2,3885131
NOxmM(NOxmM)Adult (m)5,0351,1363
idWyqNara Magmaless IAdult (f)3,2327473
H9gq7Hogen Magmaless IAdult (m)3,7284432
lZ5tFMai Magmaless-Silver IVAdult (m)3,6835193
eOo93Azore Magmaless PL IIAdult (f)3,2074561
5wviB(5wviB)Adult (m)4,9061,1262
6Lt1g(6Lt1g)Adult (f)4,8381,1021
6vmUE(6vmUE)Adult (m)4,8331,0951
8AmD1(8AmD1)Adult (f)4,9691,1612
ZZAxb(ZZAxb)Adult (f)5,1671,0981
d0iv0(d0iv0)Adult (m)6,7461,2250
m8tW0(m8tW0)Adult (f)4,4567170
zfMFtMarron Grav IAdult (f)1,4813945
70EsyMarrol Grav IAdult (f)1,5344073
i1eAXAxa Striped IIAdult (f)2,7775261
i4u4EUe Striped IAdult (f)3,0495411
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