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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
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You pick up the scroll labeled “KageTetra,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
88wwj(88wwj)Adult (f)1,8265712
NulwW(NulwW)Adult (f)3,4737682
B5YH5Lanfront AurumAdult (m)3,4877732
3Kh8m(3Kh8m)Adult (m)3,4707741
mslvV(mslvV)Adult (m)3,4437791
U2sQV(U2sQV)Adult (m)3,3537801
JTvI0Caught Here In A Fiery BlazeHatchling (F)1,0363243
3pPt7Won't Lose My Will To StayHatchling (F)1,2963772
VAfKVI Tried To TravelHatchling (F)1,2275100
iX9DBThrough The Night TheHatchling (F)7993040
2YNf8Heat Stroke-Ridden WeatherHatchling (F)7983000
IiX8gThe Barren Empty SightsHatchling (F)1,4093343
QhUedNo Oasis Here To SeeHatchling (F)4061811
6fg30The Sand Is SingingHatchling (F)6943011
IKGMJDeathless Words To MeHatchling (F)1,6275112
LA3QgCan't You Help Me As I'mHatchling (F)1,0623043
0IY8RStarting To Burn - All AloneHatchling (F)1,2212973
VkV02Too Many Doses And I'mHatchling (F)8502654
pWbeDStarting To Get An AttractionHatchling (F)3011353
0U4hLMy Confidence Is Leavng MeHatchling (F)1,3575093
S8P23On My Own - All AloneHatchling (F)1,2054322
OW4hPNo One Can Save Me And You KnowHatchling (F)7293223
Zqi3jI Don't Want The AttentionHatchling (F)1,0404221
nBo14As I Adjust To My New SightsHatchling (F)6673132
grHtSSome Really Tired LightsHatchling (F)6653051
UMtreWill Take Me To New HeightsHatchling (F)1,7244742
7ouFeMy Hand Is On The TriggerHatchling (F)1,7774983
EtaOWI'm Ready To IgniteHatchling (F)8903692
ls34eTomorrow Might Not Make ItHatchling (F)6683201
QYmd0But Everything's AlrightHatchling (F)1,0993871
Dii4RMental Fiction - Follow MeHatchling (F)8493332
2ABqAShow Me What It's LikeHatchling (F)6633101
uGJSUTo Be Set FreeHatchling (F)1,0434031
1kNZrCan't You Help MeHatchling (F)7413621
XSgPCAs I'm Starting To BurnHatchling (F)7113221
HL2psAll   AloneHatchling (F)1,3052751
N78pqToo Many DosesHatchling (F)7543260
UCD5lAnd I'm StartingHatchling (F)7233541
orJ7uTo Get An AttractionHatchling (F)7753580
VDEejMy Confidence Is LeavingHatchling (F)7473580
pDJkoMe On My Own - All AloneHatchling (F)7393572
XUHqCNo One Can Save Me And YouHatchling (F)7353390
dEFJKKnow I Don't Want The AttentionHatchling (F)8453690
nTmnaI'm Sorry You're Not HereHatchling (F)8923561
eGXGUI've Been Sane Too LongHatchling (F)8863601
TMHgJMy Vision's So UnclearHatchling (F)1,0253521
kXIu8Now Take A Trip With MeHatchling (F)5462751
HuquiBut Don't Be SurprisedHatchling (F)8983191
dgjGWWhen Things Aren'tHatchling (F)7162961
RCe2fWhat They SeemHatchling (F)7573030
mLqFKCaught HereHatchling (F)1,1825252
M5BOSIn A Fiery BlazeHatchling (F)6963062
OuMYRWon't Lose My WillHatchling (F)7093241
jAH9MTo StayHatchling (F)7932973
Q4cVbThese Eyes Won't See The SameHatchling (F)7642631
W8jEbAfter I Flip TodayHatchling (F)9552722
pMYdnSometimes I Don't Know WhyHatchling (F)2,9004792
ts0vVWe'd Rather Live Than DieHatchling (F)2,3864711
8piqNWe Look Up Towards The SkyHatchling (F)2,8604911
f4F41For Answers To Our LivesHatchling (F)1,0354080
r6i0lWe May Get Some SolutionsHatchling (F)8783182
BL32iBut Most Just Pass Us ByHatchling (F)8502931
2Pc5LDon't Want Your AbsolutionHatchling (F)9954102
hFcDHCause I Can't Make It RightHatchling (F)1,2894573
4mlv4I'll Make A Beast Out Of MyselfHatchling (F)7253681
Zf4OjGets Rid Of All The PainHatchling (F)1,4164119
JsNbROf Being A ManHatchling (F)9964283
FJqvtCan't You Help Me As  I'mHatchling (F)8394134
68LNrStarting to  Burn - All AloneHatchling (F)1,7214081
d2lHlToo Many  Doses And I'm StartingHatchling (F)6983530
7jOB4To Get An  AttractionHatchling (F)6493340
rKahmMy Confidence  Is Leaving  MeHatchling (F)1,0944010
7HBhYOn  My Own - All AloneHatchling (F)9603760
xFgttNo One Can Save Me  And You KnowHatchling (F)2,3603580
NNVHdI'm BananasAdult2,9887174
55qtgBitter Green FoodsAdult1,4897175
hUIATBlueberry or BlackberryAdult2,2265363
8cdZ9Paper With A PlanAdult2,41985617
MospIOrigami HeartsAdult1,5596686
opqkcMy Butt Is Made Of CHEESEAdult2,0456743
7TQ7gI Want To Fly AwayAdult (f)3,2948676
lHQnFRaikiri-Hime YukiAdult (f)1,2816111
LVDEKonan Kami-TenshiAdult (f)3,7383066
c1D4UToo Coo For ScooAdult (m)4,5576970
VYQFoCoo La LaAdult (f)5,0788232
AgCloMy Fangs Are Hard To HideAdult (m)1,61775417
adpH0Dark Guardian MuspellAdult (m)1,9465742
iDYDNVampire RingoAdult (m)2,0566754
FpnlaCount of Groundsoaking BloodAdult (m)2,4736466
kjWMqDancing DeadAdult (f)5,2461,4657
rUaBeVampire Lord RuabeAdult (m)4,9037131
dN94xSidewinder VenomAdult (m)4,8127091
9n2vhDestroying StrengthAdult (m)2,0135783
rb8i5Venomous BiteAdult (f)1,7485885
v7Fm8Maiden of the Lost DorkfaceAdult (f)2,58673510
Ckqp7Harp NoteAdult (f)4,2637891
YV0RfGood Year for A SongAdult (f)1,6706723
7KeuKokoro-hime NobaraAdult (f)4,2332849
2YvJnDragon StreamAdult (m)1,8725991
gjoIWOne Pink MomentAdult (m)2,0626722
3LD2QI Look Like AUDINOAdult (m)1,5765552
sgGuFI Failed To Have A Funny NameAdult (f)1,8395312
pDvR3Bat Country Pinku DorkfaceAdult (m)1,8365284
GSn8VRadiant Eclipse Pinku DorkfaceAdult (m)1,9336483
aOXifAfterlife Pinku DorkfaceAdult (f)1,7026141
ct4sCSakura Pinku DorkfaceAdult (f)1,5406012
Nmcl3Crossroads Pinku DorkfaceAdult (f)1,9546603
CGM5RSidewinder Pinku DorkfaceAdult (m)2,3146031
O5TsbMIA Pinku DorkfaceAdult (m)1,9085283
nJDSWNobara Pinku DorkfaceAdult (f)2,1956362
NMXStPink PlumesAdult (f)2,2216531
hjWeDPink And It Feels So GoodAdult (f)2,1355743
cfSKvWinged AudinoAdult (f)6,2605703
1rSUVBubble BombAdult (f)5,9527161
JQATORefreshing SunlightAdult (f)2,6797032
TpZrBMemories RemainAdult (f)1,6975912
QsTCOI Don't Know The AnswersAdult (f)1,3786722
4upkZSolar MaidenAdult (f)1,9786632
hvLKJPurpua AquuraAdult (f)2,6056272
ddDHjGlittering Wingfaith of GoslandAdult (f)2,1406602
qtLBXTetra of the Solar ThuwedAdult (f)2,4186271
V1ofnSolar Stymest-KeiraAdult (f)2,1356651
S5DeMGlittering Lovebird-HughesAdult (f)2,2176513
KqLMhPriestess of BreathAdult (f)1,9716462
jheqRPrincess of BreathAdult (f)1,5456364
JPtYKurenai KazeAdult (f)3,7682822
OsKLuPage of BreathAdult (m)1,9766281
iUUn8Knight of BreathAdult (m)2,0126323
FJqkLMaiden of BreathAdult (f)1,4996221
nrijODoragon TsubasaAdult (f)1,5077064
LJfNKoishii KokoroAdult (f)4,3234144
UBWZmSomeone Is Out To Get MeAdult (f)4,0068162
4BWJjWe're Never Going To Make ItAdult (f)3,7938213
PjJBPYou'll Make Up For What I LackAdult (f)5,0876722
nNT56I'll Watch Your BackAdult (f)5,5751,0573
mmpjYHooked On a FeelingAdult (f)5,0047121
QiptJWord With No MeaningAdult (f)1,8125411
Db1XfStellar PatternAdult (f)2,2856072
Zlen3Ember Den RougeAdult (f)1,8105122
m49iDCynder Den RodeAdult (f)1,87845126
0NWnUDokudoku No MAGMAAdult (m)4,2767230
Ul0tZAtsui MAGMAAdult (f)6,4435712
v9KYEAtomikku FaiyaAdult (f)5,0236972
c8L0xTakamaru ZeAdult (f)7,1596451
2jklhWarm CandlelightAdult (f)3,4637551
vMyK9Corona SoleilAdult (f)4,8936822
fPG4CMummiraAdult (f)3,3288211
NzygEPharaoh WaveAdult (f)7,0546991
HSS0BPharaoh ShotAdult (f)5,0406831
QdGgXSasuke AmaterasuAdult (m)1,8126273
9WF53Hitomi AmaterasuAdult (f)1,6155471
WvpQRItachi AmaterasuAdult (m)3,8711,0163
i86XcMikoto AmaterasuAdult (f)3,4567074
4X2QaKurenai AsaAdult (f)2,3936123
SQtlSAlkaid ProofAdult (f)2,1375973
v31jRSeventh Septentrione BenetnaschAdult (f)2,5485720
LqYI3Juice Prince of the OrenjiAdult (m)1,6665091
IVRCRJust like Orange JuiceAdult (f)1,4036401
2SYhqCarrot King of the OrenjiAdult (m)2,3885782
tpaAgMystic Carrot of the OrenjiAdult (f)1,5406290
5lFRbCarrot Maiden of the OrenjiAdult (f)1,8176434
8RPkaGrand Carrot of the OrenjiAdult (f)2,2226096
oig3KCarrot Queen of the OrenjiAdult (f)2,2535452
A767Kakuremino OrenjiAdult (m)2,5222581
d18kFuuma PeinAdult (m)4,2683012
poLlSuna Orenji-UmiAdult (f)3,3692693
CFBOHinata-hime Orenji-UmiAdult (f)4,0783342
MlokMaryoku OrenjiAdult (f)2,2325177
Q4ly7WOODMAN Mo TaosenaiAdult (m)4,8996802
GkFfZAIRMAN Ga TaonesaiAdult (f)3,1617991
MehlKMeh-Lissa the GildedAdult (f)5,1926782
ZKuH0Swift Shine of OvogoAdult (f)2,6545815
RVkSSGlittering ElectrumAdult (f)4,5531,0337
MpOEiLanfront IoAdult (f)4,6496850
HrcCXLanfront MoonlightAdult (f)3,6547461
EQe1iLanfront SupermoonAdult (f)5,8075433
WGGXNyan KohakuAdult (f)1,3336141
mOd2UI'm Your Mod For The DayAdult (f)1,8127121
NRanIkkoku KoishiiAdult (f)3,4834412
QJEfUchiha-Izuna ShuukakuAdult (m)2,8483105
k596Ichimei ShuukakuAdult (f)2,2903396
86ApSuna-hime IchimeiAdult (f)2,3906052
itI8lI Can't Hold All These MemesAdult (f)5,5221,0233
eLcQfEndan BanAdult (m)1,8086372
MQCB2Kuro-hime BanAdult (f)1,6315655
4T6v6Chishio BanAdult (f)1,9995784
qCEtOMurder Born Of VengeanceAdult (f)2,3156072
XbL2nPunishment Too Great To BearAdult (f)1,8627023
jWpmrNenshou KaijinAdult (f)1,8406802
CKNivFushigi Prime-HoshiAdult (f)2,0095772
BuV6JHitomi Prime-HoshiAdult (f)1,6675682
LDw9kAladfar SeragammaAdult (f)5,5975841
dIkHTsuchi-Ichi SabakuAdult (m)1,8742656
POljSuna-hime SabakuAdult (f)2,5802664
TguhToruko-Ichi SabakuAdult (f)2,37229711
B7RKdMidori HibikuAdult (f)2,6546163
a1UKmFloppy LeavesAdult (f)3,6227513
JSQjZSilver Medal TerraeAdult (f)2,4238442
U518oRevya the World EaterAdult (f)1,9105871
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