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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “KageSora,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4RTGH(4RTGH)Hatchling (m)8,3181,1683
fkGQY(fkGQY)Hatchling (m)8,3171,1584
o3TW3(o3TW3)Hatchling (m)8,6471,1803
AjPEI Be A TreeEgg (F)
8cUg0Blazebelly 80Adult (f)7,8081,2204
BvJHoBurning JoAdult (f)7,5951,1493
KPuuAPushing AzurebellyAdult (m)8,5621,2122
xkRKTBurned and RektAdult (m)8,3301,2203
iqyoS(iqyoS)Adult (m)8,2641,2034
UpniqPinging WaterAdult (f)8,7391,2201
vSH8WShadow of AzurebellyAdult (f)10,5201,2621
eEkKuScaredy AzurebellyAdult (m)10,3771,2262
3rKHT(3rKHT)Hatchling (F)4,0374212
eR5b4(eR5b4)Hatchling (f, F)6,2118522
2eCQKCOURAGE is theAdult (m)6,2068532
S6bSMMAGIC thatAdult (m)3,4597673
RicV1turns DREAMSAdult (m)2,1027391
IM0wkinto REALITYAdult (f)5,7291,1382
GJaZl(GJaZl)Adult (m)8,2771,1122
qlH9GKing of the RosetailsAdult (m)5,8911,1431
dYcxlSir RosenscaleAdult (m)6,4839651
uhSAEggQueenAdult (f)24,10011,550473
aigpBetaQueenAdult (f)20,95910,370223
pAi3DeltaQueenAdult (f)18,2628,960186
WITlPinkourAdult (f)18,0378,395105
6rcGRoseclawHatchling (f, F)20,2759,719491
SAzz2Micro RosetailHatchling (F)1,2641652
PdiCPastelwingzAdult (m)73851718
EOg2Wings of Pale RoseAdult (m)1,03459438
flpBFlipbackAdult (m)1,6746627
SXfbPale Rose of DawnAdult (m)1,7425638
ZP3VZip Zip ZipAdult (m)2,1659487
vAFbFabulous Valentine PinkAdult (m)7,3611,1149
Wl18oMystical PinkAdult (m)5,9261,4312
D0LrIRosemageAdult (m)3,1385895
w79Km79 KilometersAdult (m)6,1621,1472
r436HFloppy RosesAdult (m)6,0816062
2oVaVMaster RosetailAdult (m)4,3327906
QVzErRosy QuiverAdult (m)3,7878595
dfmYGMy Great PinkAdult (m)7,0298124
0XN6WRosenskalesAdult (m)4,8179023
gdZLHRosenwingsAdult (m)6,1968922
ABV0eRosen CoralAdult (m)6,0641,1974
oINniMaster CoralAdult (m)7,5751,0752
cSM3qMagical RosescalesAdult (m)7,3071,1373
jA4KcZinging CoralAdult (m)7,5171,1064
sYF6gMister FloppyAdult (m)5,7926843
HQxTYThe Great Sir PinkAdult (m)6,7458183
5OlGnGoing RosyAdult (m)4,9318041
foQsMZinging RosentailAdult (m)5,0029291
2zK8rFloppy FexzyAdult (m)7,3601,0424
B1T7yThe Great RosentailAdult (m)5,8721,0961
GCctxRhodochroAdult (m)5,0669212
Uc0NRosescalesAdult (f)1,880964161
6x22One-Thirty-TwoAdult (f)1,27868443
J0B8PalewyngzAdult (f)9266098
95IAPinktayleAdult (f)85157911
q7gJPynktayleAdult (f)1,1283954
bssYMiss BossyAdult (f)1,6776657
3Q2HDragon of Pale PinkAdult (f)4,2851,26611
VMqC4Miss Explode-yAdult (f)2,3936943
bZNZgZinZingAdult (f)4,7471,1973
1RVg8Madame PynkAdult (f)4,0253566
6Z0hcRoses from NothingAdult (f)6,7351,1562
0v2FUMadame of the RoseAdult (f)4,9567296
grAkfMistress of RosesAdult (f)6,3321,1402
E8ZWiRosen MadameAdult (f)5,9851,0421
X9ixbMadam RosetailAdult (f)7,2851,1012
fExZyRosy FexzyAdult (f)8,1451,0765
FNAQjPink KilometersAdult (f)7,0039561
fXqzQMagical RosentailAdult (f)5,9667033
8jSQBThe Lady Of PinkAdult (f)5,9987212
59OD0The Great Miss PinkAdult (f)7,1981,0053
TViPpThe Great FexzyAdult (f)5,2879581
CqDgLZinging FexzyAdult (f)6,8059471
A0BuTiny Pink GuyHatchling (m, F)2,7427126
eNJ6RosenscaleHatchling (f, F)1,33281884
GJS9Small and PinkHatchling (F)2,2455301
GAOuGaougonAdult (m)2,1859657
sU6GMajkoh Fihfco ThuwedAdult (m)4,0029923
EcF5Refreshing PurpleAdult (m)5,2511,3506
7GJfMister Purplez ThuwedAdult (m)4,7007323
oil3Three Purple OilsAdult (m)6,2021,1985
M0EPoPurepleAdult (m)3,8406054
BY1CYStarting PurpleAdult (m)3,9966793
gqeIzButtersnoutAdult (m)4,9488891
rBuhNMister Purple ThuwedAdult (m)3,5741,1974
nMGZLavenderLayerAdult (f)23,46110,988172
8D0lLaveenAdult (f)1,2384236
0WBnPurpleButterAdult (f)6,5431,2606
u06ouPurple SecondsAdult (f)4,3495633
ZtPChThe Second PurpleAdult (f)5,9901,4131
25DsjPureple the ThirdAdult (f)6,1671,4544
LvWrKOrigipleAdult (f)9,4931,5342
CdrqbShocking PurpleAdult (f)3,1283891
FTbCxPrimary PurpleAdult (f)2,8285952
QuIDzGod-General Dist the ReaperAdult (f)4,2668613
qOdITiny Purple ManHatchling (m, F)3,4521,0637
XnwyLavethHatchling (f, F)17,5798,297251
GVEuhA Little Yellow and A Lot PurpleHatchling (F)7723171
LZbWBlazetalonAdult (m)23,84211,371222
ea48Muwab ThuwedAdult (m)4,4968276
RIa9MystikwyngAdult (f)4,0459544
JhupSpell of ThunderAdult (m)4,0199563
M6XjMystic SkalesAdult (f)3,5678808
0IS4Mystik Thunder SpellAdult (m)4,2518673
b5t9New MagikAdult (f)6,5511,2476
CPE5Golden MagikAdult (f)2,8696847
mER2Origin of MagikAdult (m)7,8041,4645
0jEruMistic EruAdult (m)5,8601,5051
mcummHe's Magically DeliciousAdult (m)6,2951,6356
9dGZKMagikwyngAdult (f)8,2871,1034
R5zp0Mystik TalonAdult (f)7,4511,1630
NRzX4MagmagikAdult (f)6,7221,1595
nG2AFlamefangHatchling (m, F)20,6309,865464
Hk7UTinySpellHatchling (F)3,1387555
si1eLittlezardAdult (m)23,97511,397178
aSYVTinyzardAdult (f)1,5181,01928
TamIiTamAdult (m)1,8541,046120
2emUDusk Mega Mint ThuwedAdult (m)3,4855105
auXmauXm the InbredAdult (m)2,5885875
ZOb8BMintastic the Dusk-ThuwedAdult (f)6,1851,4162
XnYEATipsy-Turvy Minty FreshAdult (f)7,6271,3385
WraYUWrayu Upside DownAdult (m)6,9101,1093
pHDsMintscaleHatchling (m, F)19,1639,354407
NGrpMicro MintyHatchling (F)1,8321583
dsbUMizuryuuAdult (m)23,93411,379146
HMfmoMerrows Spirit of WaterAdult (m)4,3542921
9byXrSapphiric LakeAdult (m)6,1099822
1VbQZAzuric DepthsAdult (m)4,3968584
Rl9K5Drowning FinsAdult (m)6,1861,0464
GxAquWavefynAdult (m)4,2297582
ngEOdSwimming DepthsAdult (m)5,6878943
oui3ALakeside SplashingAdult (m)7,0219693
MewqtMewling CutieAdult (m)6,2699458
5ukbEScuba TimeAdult (m)6,7981,0691
GkK6TGet Rekt WetAdult (m)7,7891,2221
8H5JjLakebottom SwimmingAdult (m)5,1458263
17Vma17 Miles From ShoreAdult (m)5,7747693
RSRjmReal Swimming HoursAdult (m)6,7191,0342
ElPVWYawning SeasAdult (m)4,7411,0311
2PbAKBack To Back Swimming LessonsAdult (m)4,5819033
q59Oz59 Ounces of WaterAdult (m)6,8631,1943
tGsrjLakebed DreamsAdult (m)6,6141,1323
3omCZComing to the LakeAdult (m)6,6671,1696
UEo0GWet EggAdult (m)6,1091,1182
ruR3PRural LakesAdult (m)6,6171,2056
83ANR83 Aquatic NuisancesAdult (m)5,9419882
RRFBJFederal Bureau Of Jet SkisAdult (m)4,9108303
c0XYiOxygenated WaterAdult (m)7,2431,1505
0nbqwOn Barbecue WavesAdult (m)6,1299535
ZffZMilueAdult (f)17,2358,340105
1lKAPurest WatersAdult (f)4,7321,47210
18S3RAqua Centurion of WaterAdult (f)3,6054974
0j0jUDepthfinAdult (f)1,9054843
T5xTaCerulean SwimmerAdult (f)6,9731,0852
Ohv0ID'ra MiruAdult (f)5,8061,0146
yslFwYellow FinsAdult (f)8,1551,1836
KTIMRKitmarAdult (f)4,8538154
55eq4Q FinsAdult (f)7,5741,0134
97GDp97 Miles DeepAdult (f)5,2218212
BzixoShorebound CurrentsAdult (f)6,9681,0195
ITHr1Rhythmic SwimmingAdult (f)6,5631,0012
fzkZHFrickin SwimmerAdult (f)8,5171,0811
jHBIwBluejawsAdult (f)4,8991,0473
whWydWhat Do You Mean I'm WetAdult (f)5,8991,1593
6Ui1GWaterproof GUIAdult (f)5,8671,1714
w6AQbLakebottom LurkerAdult (f)5,6618994
GQxqhDrowning in Pond ScumAdult (f)5,8579174
OC9ZrLakeside OczarAdult (f)6,6621,1293
m5D8U58 Miles DeepAdult (f)6,7539703
Hj1eAHeji WaterAdult (f)4,9397562
2SgAALadies Love LakesAdult (f)8,6051,1082
99izH99 Island LakesAdult (f)8,2821,0914
yvA79Yes Very DeepAdult (f)6,8998963
O5tuO50 Tubs Of WaterAdult (f)7,1231,1572
XvgiTVital WaterAdult (f)6,6871,2033
drs2PDoctor SoapAdult (f)7,3501,1894
hXrx9Haxxor WaterAdult (f)5,4648951
RIOSChiblueHatchling (m, F)16,5838,125234
YdR6Young Watery FinsHatchling (f, F)3,6578475
pfTRTiny Creek SwimmerHatchling (F)2,3463209
pQzpStormfangAdult (m)20,0339,896149
VYBevMaster FogAdult (m)2,7656991
mIonStormyWingzAdult (f)1,02670023
AMmZRStorm of WrathAdult (f)4,7265663
TNA4vMiss StormbackAdult (f)5,3001,2673
rVh4KWeaver of the Fierce StormsAdult (f)4,5441,0025
jpckLRainboltAdult (f)2,4886763
fc3XSOrigin of StormsAdult (f)2,4826663
MnNXdZapstormAdult (f)4,8459363
hmctIRainbolt BoomAdult (f)4,5909073
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