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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Justicar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FIu4(FIu4)Adult (f)4,8071,1321
IkAD(IkAD)Adult (m)1,7816693
nXoF(nXoF)Adult (m)3,1278713
sOdl(sOdl)Adult (f)2,8928237
J7DX(J7DX)Adult (m)2,7677325
h9Gm(h9Gm)Adult (m)3,5888995
10vD(10vD)Adult (f)3,7249565
AasL(AasL)Adult (f)1,8006572
9WWU(9WWU)Adult (f)1,7586801
MlnS(MlnS)Adult (f)3,6519353
HWLo(HWLo)Adult (m)3,4799165
aEt6(aEt6)Adult (m)1,9646810
0Sr4(0Sr4)Adult (f)3,0478994
mgE7(mgE7)Adult (m)4,9011,3991
jAav(jAav)Adult (f)2,7157101
1GR0(1GR0)Adult (f)3,0398061
Hs2O(Hs2O)Adult (f)2,9708032
0smq(0smq)Adult (m)3,7981,1412
sLfu(sLfu)Adult (m)3,8138937
lX6R(lX6R)Adult (f)2,6687382
irH6(irH6)Adult (m)3,0388143
tR4m(tR4m)Hatchling (f, F)2,9319381
Jq3J(Jq3J)Adult (f)2,9609062
qSYk(qSYk)Adult (m)3,0388373
mYOj(mYOj)Adult (f)3,6761,0466
52OB(52OB)Adult (m)3,4871,1123
unan(unan)Adult (m)2,9809162
ZDVk(ZDVk)Adult (f)1,8276792
SBrC(SBrC)Adult (f)2,7937134
QQne(QQne)Adult (f)1,9626450
Ln31(Ln31)Adult (m)3,0348334
mRc4(mRc4)Adult (m)4,7161,0801
lr58(lr58)Adult (f)3,5301,0991
2GBX(2GBX)Adult (f)2,9878525
vY01(vY01)Adult (f)2,9518384
UEeO(UEeO)Adult (f)1,7106371
Y02G(Y02G)Adult (f)1,7616621
ZvV3(ZvV3)Adult (f)3,6999579
FRDA(FRDA)Adult (f)3,3761,0684
Na8J(Na8J)Adult (m)3,3919446
Quu1(Quu1)Adult (m)3,0971,0504
mFq2(mFq2)Adult (f)2,6937135
FtTt(FtTt)Adult (m)3,3939845
0tgW(0tgW)Adult (f)3,8571,1141
pLLJ(pLLJ)Adult (m)1,7306641
Q2E7(Q2E7)Adult (f)4,8651,3367
fLrO(fLrO)Adult (f)4,7761,1012
hN7V(hN7V)Adult (m)2,0767061
DfdW(DfdW)Adult (m)2,9538964
EB3V(EB3V)Adult (f)2,7777652
44HA(44HA)Adult (m)3,6651,0992
pl2a(pl2a)Adult (m)4,7211,0782
S0nJ(S0nJ)Adult (f)3,2541,0271
mSvs(mSvs)Adult (m)2,7797843
uSgi(uSgi)Adult (m)3,0089063
OhY6(OhY6)Adult (m)3,7369207
hcIq(hcIq)Adult (f)3,3849112
BU8b(BU8b)Adult (m)4,8431,1103
46mi(46mi)Adult (f)2,8107271
TIOW(TIOW)Adult (f)4,9111,3992
oSv3(oSv3)Adult (m)4,8551,3775
VPU9(VPU9)Adult (m)2,7307253
iSmo(iSmo)Adult (f)3,5069145
lbif(lbif)Adult (f)3,6439338
amgp(amgp)Adult (f)3,0978652
NkOg(NkOg)Adult (m)4,0191,1051
AjH2(AjH2)Adult (f)2,7677351
QgH1(QgH1)Adult (m)3,6209037
WRUd(WRUd)Adult (m)3,6519199
p9e9(p9e9)Adult (f)2,7076982
XLcn(XLcn)Adult (f)3,7461,1394
8Kkd(8Kkd)Adult (m)3,2951,12919
DtfA(DtfA)Adult (f)2,7566941
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