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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Josipa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TBjm(TBjm)Adult (m)3,95326416
q85a(q85a)Adult (m)2,94124411
WVX9(WVX9)Adult (f)2,61122810
j0rb(j0rb)Adult (f)2,79044214
vDD9(vDD9)Adult (m)3,75725110
UY9v(UY9v)Adult (f)4,0682728
gX6n(gX6n)Adult (f)3,9642666
qdJR(qdJR)Adult (f)3,5262365
bmZs(bmZs)Adult (m)3,5752396
F0cc(F0cc)Adult (m)3,5152356
FUhT(FUhT)Adult (m)3,5452374
uA1L(uA1L)Adult (f)3,5452373
7Np3(7Np3)Adult (m)4,2992924
d0IE(d0IE)Adult (m)4,9443307
M5uh(M5uh)Hatchling (m, F)4,4242995
4HJk(4HJk)Adult (f)3,8112553
KdlK(KdlK)Adult (f)3,3652252
BJSs(BJSs)Adult (f)4,0382725
W1Dm(W1Dm)Adult (f)4,6203086
N3vJ(N3vJ)Adult (m)4,5003004
Rcmi(Rcmi)Adult (m)4,5763066
tBDXa(tBDXa)Adult (m)3,5672384
KFMma(KFMma)Adult (f)3,2702183
pfJjM(pfJjM)Adult (f)3,9302635
tS87E(tS87E)Adult (m)3,8702593
hMPCZ(hMPCZ)Adult (f)3,9442645
1Pmt(1Pmt)Adult (m)2,21737620
F9PB(F9PB)Adult (f)2,11741716
id9C(id9C)Adult (m)1,97643515
u7HQ(u7HQ)Adult (f)2,00742623
g14q(g14q)Adult (m)1,81643214
qt5A(qt5A)Adult (f)2,46136815
m5cf(m5cf)Adult (m)4,43867332
MdDJ(MdDJ)Adult (f)1,67836211
VBmv(VBmv)Adult (f)1,96333016
fslr(fslr)Adult (f)1,33244412
FHQm(FHQm)Adult (m)2,09735618
AvLo(AvLo)Adult (m)2,12342214
PKrA(PKrA)Adult (m)1,9344218
DgTv(DgTv)Adult (m)2,13843711
FiSM(FiSM)Adult (f)2,06946813
t4qV(t4qV)Adult (f)2,21545120
57nd(57nd)Adult (f)2,10641116
GTBB(GTBB)Adult (m)2,1934489
eg7t(eg7t)Adult (m)2,40238222
Z3pZ(Z3pZ)Adult (m)2,04537414
ma8X(ma8X)Adult (f)1,80431014
kDEO(kDEO)Adult (f)1,60042716
rRhn(rRhn)Adult (m)1,96133112
nQsm(nQsm)Hatchling (F)6542177
1Fgl(1Fgl)Adult (m)1,93444313
d37g(d37g)Adult (m)1,90332012
g5T9(g5T9)Adult (f)1,99366712
QC6V(QC6V)Adult (f)1,74638511
ec6W(ec6W)Adult (f)1,60741622
d15b(d15b)Adult (f)1,45473912
fgnV(fgnV)Adult (f)1,27239816
rgN8(rgN8)Adult (m)1,60735812
VsZr(VsZr)Adult (f)1,64947718
0HRf(0HRf)Adult (f)1,49843823
02mm(02mm)Adult (f)1,56932721
bXGA(bXGA)Adult (f)2,23732217
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