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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jojoraffe,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4ICUH(4ICUH)Adult (f)3,1544438
usZJL(usZJL)Adult (f)3,1764268
rPbR1(rPbR1)Adult (f)3,0884388
6AYlm(6AYlm)Adult (f)3,1124297
gqCFX(gqCFX)Adult (m)3,0715242
KFaCp(KFaCp)Adult (f)3,0865302
A75PJ(A75PJ)Adult (f)3,3305623
jIDbA(jIDbA)Adult (f)2,7544922
KB64C(KB64C)Adult (m)3,7766992
ZT4BN(ZT4BN)Adult (f)2,6495161
8Sgch(8Sgch)Adult (m)2,4974863
XEIbS(XEIbS)Adult (m)2,3645012
1C2Um(1C2Um)Adult (m)2,3314991
XaohX(XaohX)Adult (m)2,3145052
feMDr(feMDr)Adult (f)2,5715201
Hpt5o(Hpt5o)Adult (m)2,4845102
LtG8B(LtG8B)Adult (m)6,2989884
WFSSF(WFSSF)Adult (f)2,4955001
olTkD(olTkD)Adult (f)2,5825111
LCdkT(LCdkT)Adult (m)2,5885882
O2t3A(O2t3A)Adult (m)2,9166421
liIbs(liIbs)Adult (m)2,6295700
5Gp7q(5Gp7q)Adult (f)2,7436091
8IGZm(8IGZm)Adult (m)3,0617022
4U7cC(4U7cC)Adult (f)3,1026941
bXvJ1(bXvJ1)Adult (f)3,0686971
eJPPP(eJPPP)Adult (f)2,7916214
YW69e(YW69e)Adult (f)3,2426890
ubbFK(ubbFK)Adult (f)2,7665951
aY05O(aY05O)Adult (f)2,8006121
OmdGd(OmdGd)Adult (f)2,8046101
aLqic(aLqic)Adult (m)2,5835891
MXH2b(MXH2b)Adult (m)2,4985303
vZGTX(vZGTX)Adult (f)2,3425370
nAAK7(nAAK7)Adult (f)2,4625321
k23vK(k23vK)Adult (m)2,5095340
ugmdu(ugmdu)Adult (f)2,5904973
Y93ma(Y93ma)Adult (f)2,7444980
WMJX3(WMJX3)Adult (f)2,7395120
HMmMI(HMmMI)Adult (m)2,5485020
aflaW(aflaW)Adult (f)1,9114670
eD1jW(eD1jW)Adult (m)2,0585230
mWMMb(mWMMb)Adult (f)1,9184840
jVFeT(jVFeT)Adult (f)1,7794671
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