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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jill_BioSkop,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bBUBU4G from pale alt DesipsisAdult (f)6,9931,0914
FxDiiGui RoyalAdult (m)5,4128664
AWBqi2G Elux iiAdult (f)5,4348512
U1AUY3G Ribbondancer swAdult (m)4,5905954
GmC4p2G f Bolt wpAdult (m)5,7971,0024
En8G13G Sweetling hdAdult (f)5,7227915
dIAOH3G Gold hdAdult (m)6,5328315
hjS0x5G SweetlingxSpring checkerAdult (f)4,6019102
rAJIZ2G Mimic iiAdult (m)5,0529175
ixvqm2G MimicAdult (m)5,0209561
yI5jo(yI5jo)Adult (m)4,5658775
5TGCp(5TGCp)Adult (f)6,0939262
my8xL(my8xL)Adult (m)6,0659421
Cy3tF(Cy3tF)Adult (m)7,5511,0853
BrdGz(BrdGz)Adult (m)7,0541,0505
ymvyp(ymvyp)Adult (f)7,5951,0722
J0zdw(J0zdw)Adult (f)7,2531,0872
cNc5B(cNc5B)Adult (f)3,69891022
yx7HB(yx7HB)Adult (f)4,4858882
xtxkE(xtxkE)Adult (m)4,5948583
B8ydD(B8ydD)Adult (m)5,1258394
sRyIC(sRyIC)Adult (f)3,3656192
52Mk7(52Mk7)Adult (f)4,2618332
J5tsp(J5tsp)Adult (m)4,1108442
Bhdk7(Bhdk7)Adult (f)4,2368262
rYRf1(rYRf1)Adult (m)4,2798682
bj2nt(bj2nt)Hatchling (f, F)3,1126704
zbByn(zbByn)Adult (m)6,6518402
prP8B(prP8B)Adult (m)5,5578303
yaARM(yaARM)Adult (m)5,9929011
QhRIc(QhRIc)Adult (f)4,7648261
c6wby(c6wby)Adult (f)2,7465383
8IIWC(8IIWC)Hatchling (m, F)3,80572212
6WJ82(6WJ82)Adult (m)6,6431,1080
7Hivg(7Hivg)Adult (m)6,5741,1411
7Vyh6(7Vyh6)Adult (f)6,5831,1342
af5wL(af5wL)Adult (f)5,4551,2281
iKGYM(iKGYM)Adult (f)5,4661,1872
3vyYr(3vyYr)Adult (f)5,5761,1901
P6adP(P6adP)Adult (f)6,7101,0982
PDU9T3G Kingcrowne waAdult (f)4,0441,0394
U6Ixa2G SkystriderAdult (f)4,2291,0732
M3WhB3G Striped River shAdult (m)4,2211,0692
UK7fJYou Think You Know BlackAdult (m)5,4871,2283
DY1ipBarn OwletHatchling (m, F)2,9078111
eFk4n2G Candelabra slAdult (f)5,0111,2681
VA7zj2G Rift slAdult (f)5,1931,2931
FhgTA2G ObidarAdult (f)4,5811,1711
ikPEf2G red Fire Gem slAdult (m)4,7981,2261
rZj6J2G StateraeAdult (f)4,8661,2294
Xvnuf2G Staterae slAdult (m)4,5761,1832
zAMNf2G Horse alAdult (m)3,5125672
lfKW02G SapoAdult (m)2,3055151
uGsTl(uGsTl)Adult (f)4,0601,1351
sEjsV(sEjsV)Adult (m)4,0921,1281
mZFud(mZFud)Adult (m)4,1341,1351
n1p3C(n1p3C)Adult (f)4,0511,1182
kZlBW(kZlBW)Adult (f)4,0781,1702
iu3pJ(iu3pJ)Adult (m)4,0381,1381
j2T4v(j2T4v)Adult (f)4,1111,1103
xgjeg(xgjeg)Adult (m)4,0031,0962
W2nOn(W2nOn)Adult (f)4,3571,0653
LrbCP(LrbCP)Adult (m)3,9991,0364
RWjTO(RWjTO)Adult (m)4,2209032
z1lc7(z1lc7)Adult (m)4,2729122
dDTrj(dDTrj)Adult (m)5,0549143
WrTik(WrTik)Hatchling (m, F)4,1627352
Q61DQ(Q61DQ)Hatchling (m, F)4,3407222
rkLSG(rkLSG)Adult (m)4,5597803
B7cup(B7cup)Adult (m)3,4456464
ywHdA(ywHdA)Hatchling (f, F)3,5146222
4RVNH(4RVNH)Adult (m)3,5493674
15oNf(15oNf)Adult (f)4,4594162
rl9Fg(rl9Fg)Adult (m)5,4869043
H7cAtBREED WITH 3G Holly checkerAdult (m)5,3791,0022
rrhhp2G Staterae jlAdult (m)5,0799912
Rd1Gq(Rd1Gq)Adult (f)4,4191,0512
F9sch(F9sch)Adult (m)4,5619801
xrpt72G green Siyat qlAdult (m)4,1221,0232
wKhAoIn A Church SeriouslyAdult (m)4,0161,0233
ciBvq(ciBvq)Adult (f)4,3669882
l9Iy5(l9Iy5)Adult (f)4,1171,0032
zvsZN(zvsZN)Adult (m)3,9629721
doQ8K(doQ8K)Adult (f)3,9271,0002
FlLXE(FlLXE)Adult (f)3,9639633
vvG0f(vvG0f)Adult (f)3,8689613
UQ3dr(UQ3dr)Adult (f)3,9869763
01qmL(01qmL)Adult (f)3,8119393
qtOqv(qtOqv)Adult (m)3,5376841
RYpnB(RYpnB)Adult (m)4,5781,1742
uZMGt(uZMGt)Adult (f)4,5431,1771
frx0m(frx0m)Adult (f)4,5391,2181
pqbdH(pqbdH)Adult (f)4,5091,1811
aTurl(aTurl)Adult (f)4,5191,2182
ZALBR(ZALBR)Adult (m)4,4431,1972
WJAtB(WJAtB)Adult (f)4,6161,2001
CteMH(CteMH)Adult (f)2,0086354
wseTW(wseTW)Adult (m)4,1301,0492
QCzHg(QCzHg)Adult (m)3,7128022
4Re7e(4Re7e)Adult (f)3,2697832
RuWwx(RuWwx)Adult (f)2,4067423
29fsC(29fsC)Adult (f)3,9717623
AQUE1(AQUE1)Adult (m)3,2619802
4629i(4629i)Adult (m)4,1949734
fvyPQ(fvyPQ)Adult (f)4,5078571
A6735(A6735)Adult (m)4,3408531
uXAqO(uXAqO)Adult (m)4,5238642
qZJUN(qZJUN)Adult (m)4,1738552
Lhihi(Lhihi)Adult (m)4,2428661
qCPbP(qCPbP)Adult (m)4,3878981
TcNNS(TcNNS)Adult (m)4,4018911
ju2mp(ju2mp)Adult (f)5,1989252
hV6ZZ(hV6ZZ)Adult (m)5,2438883
FBFCO(FBFCO)Adult (m)5,1998862
2wwha(2wwha)Adult (m)3,3267413
93pgd(93pgd)Adult (f)3,0857463
TkdUG(TkdUG)Adult (f)3,2417272
72tfp(72tfp)Adult (f)4,4918171
4A2zD(4A2zD)Adult (f)4,7398242
kSK9z(kSK9z)Adult (m)5,1768512
cysdb2G Celestial slAdult (f)5,6329424
KReUz(KReUz)Adult (m)5,8571,0513
xr5Lj(xr5Lj)Adult (f)5,1029938
Xm97N(Xm97N)Adult (f)8,5931,20610
vHTG3(vHTG3)Adult (f)5,1149295
JO6lI(JO6lI)Adult (m)5,1319803
I2DsN(I2DsN)Adult (f)5,3389495
72UxW(72UxW)Adult (m)5,18275716
O4LlZ2G Candelabra TO BREEDAdult (f)6,7091,1653
IMWr5(IMWr5)Adult (f)5,0961,0664
oQlwt(oQlwt)Adult (m)5,3851,0982
3Zc43(3Zc43)Adult (m)5,9541,0835
kx8o9(kx8o9)Adult (m)5,2421,0856
nqoxt(nqoxt)Adult (m)5,7981,1343
moZPP(moZPP)Adult (m)4,2954353
gnM9N(gnM9N)Adult (f)3,9643931
k9z0M(k9z0M)Adult (f)6,1081,0031
yxDFW(yxDFW)Adult (f)5,8399813
jrT9i(jrT9i)Adult (m)3,6164242
L8FfD(L8FfD)Adult (m)4,1339612
2Dnkp(2Dnkp)Adult (f)4,6128062
h1lDp(h1lDp)Adult (m)5,2779683
mCZLF(mCZLF)Adult (m)5,4939701
ihV3W(ihV3W)Adult (f)5,4339822
OPaHI(OPaHI)Adult (m)3,5878727
D4COQ(D4COQ)Adult (f)6,1841,0234
4KXMu(4KXMu)Adult (m)7,1001,0732
jwQnB4G Striped RiverAdult (f)4,3939082
ke4PnHot Pink DateAdult (f)4,0599464
GnAmf2G Plated ColossusAdult (m)3,8769263
j62bf4G Black Marrow from alt SweetAdult (m)4,0079470
tDyaE4G blue HeraldAdult (f)5,0059981
sk06Y4G BlacktipAdult (f)5,1051,0393
7Zvjc2G gold Floret slAdult (m)5,7961,0511
5zTGT4G purple nebulaAdult (f)6,0451,0613
v5wRT4G Royal Crimson wpAdult (m)5,3711,0483
Cbjft2G GoN alAdult (m)5,4641,0722
sQBS9o Black Magic oAdult (m)4,6069873
fd6jj(fd6jj)Adult (f)4,6241,0121
Mw2K6(Mw2K6)Hatchling (F)3,1987153
39fKH2G Labradorite slAdult (m)4,6191,0222
DJjjB(DJjjB)Hatchling (m, F)4,0269322
HOYGHDoes This Spark JoyAdult (f)4,9251,1652
YH2LpUn Frisson de Feu FolletAdult (f)5,0211,1304
RjoGQ2G Asos XenoAdult (m)4,5261,1442
donzHThe Terror Of IntimacyAdult (m)4,6971,1192
IIDTs3G blue Gemshard alAdult (m)3,8871,0052
oRyya(oRyya)Hatchling (F)1,7594603
sH8vm3G Black TruffleAdult (m)3,8191,0024
bDtPM3G TercornAdult (f)3,8941,0082
dzzVJ(dzzVJ)Adult (m)4,1829691
C63a8(C63a8)Adult (f)4,0849422
DYT8y3G Gold shAdult (m)3,9701,1152
qfZXf(qfZXf)Adult (m)4,1509111
sHlKU(sHlKU)Adult (f)4,1599492
nbfaC(nbfaC)Adult (f)4,1629311
DIfSU(DIfSU)Adult (m)4,0169282
e4GrA(e4GrA)Adult (m)3,9289131
AdDzqThe Painful Vulnerability Of ItHatchling (f, F)3,5668214
OzMhj(OzMhj)Adult (f)4,1059302
ocOJu(ocOJu)Adult (m)4,1799351
qmfEg(qmfEg)Adult (m)4,1559213
fQZpzPatience And KindnessHatchling (F)1,3323463
Kdb7FOne Leggy UpHatchling (F)1,2772571
tNlGNBowtie LookHatchling (f, F)3,9217722
FOQTE2G red Gemshard slAdult (m)4,3471,0904
cAdmp3G silver Snow AngelHatchling (f, F)2,8486422
ZR7bK4G Nhiostrife checkAdult (m)6,2191,2983
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