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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jennigma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7c89hFestivus Polly IIAdult (f)2,8779950
DRf3p(DRf3p)Adult (f)3,1308431
NEUX3(NEUX3)Adult (m)3,4739405
JvqSM(JvqSM)Adult (m)3,2948972
7KjtM(7KjtM)Adult (f)3,2388832
dBBrB(dBBrB)Adult (m)3,2204301
i1yNw(i1yNw)Adult (f)3,4094730
q4zHT(q4zHT)Adult (f)3,1184400
94EhM(94EhM)Adult (m)3,0794220
KYJPz(KYJPz)Adult (f)3,0684552
c53T4(c53T4)Adult (f)4,4675130
sG8e4(sG8e4)Adult (m)6,9146502
xLQ11(xLQ11)Adult (m)3,3694600
v4nGm(v4nGm)Adult (m)3,0654521
sKbJy(sKbJy)Adult (f)2,8324641
DZuk6(DZuk6)Adult (m)4,0254631
mYVOZ(mYVOZ)Adult (m)5,1305453
emvP6(emvP6)Adult (f)3,3324702
F2NAu(F2NAu)Adult (m)2,7545251
M4S0x(M4S0x)Adult (m)2,6665141
NlrKN(NlrKN)Adult (m)2,3254800
NDRW4(NDRW4)Adult (f)5,4481,1503
0MsHo(0MsHo)Adult (f)5,4101,1392
ocyCE(ocyCE)Adult (m)5,5631,1442
csJcW(csJcW)Adult (f)3,5924712
2h88j(2h88j)Adult (f)4,0664462
onIcH(onIcH)Adult (m)3,1594521
J2iQr(J2iQr)Adult (f)3,1234431
GySA3(GySA3)Adult (m)7,5085042
oecpg(oecpg)Adult (m)3,6884831
zX1zK(zX1zK)Adult (f)3,3814882
mRy9M(mRy9M)Adult (m)3,7243621
wqaep(wqaep)Adult (f)3,9824540
oovE9(oovE9)Adult (m)3,3154271
v1ePE(v1ePE)Adult (m)3,9464370
NCMuZ(NCMuZ)Adult (m)3,0284201
tSptJ(tSptJ)Adult (f)4,0204621
gp0WU(gp0WU)Adult (f)3,5044511
iFJVaSimon P Yule IIIAdult (f)3,0981,0230
Pt1XRMagi's Pollux IIIAdult (f)2,0817262
ig3Zr(ig3Zr)Adult (f)3,1278842
DekceXmas Tea IIAdult (m)4,1381,0972
vDMqi(vDMqi)Adult (f)2,1368151
ZbAjD(ZbAjD)Adult (f)2,1498182
TjEe5(TjEe5)Adult (f)2,1117711
s9Ct6(s9Ct6)Adult (f)2,1328032
UPoab(UPoab)Adult (f)2,0987971
QuEXJ(QuEXJ)Adult (m)2,1708051
4luDo(4luDo)Adult (m)2,1277881
JrjPD(JrjPD)Adult (m)2,1137380
VeMFx(VeMFx)Adult (m)2,2396243
o7uEv(o7uEv)Adult (m)2,0127311
l0aHi(l0aHi)Adult (f)1,6566960
VyRp5(VyRp5)Adult (f)1,7057240
lmd7J(lmd7J)Adult (m)1,6887301
mEkyX(mEkyX)Adult (m)1,6007150
q5K3K(q5K3K)Adult (f)1,7596760
4YsFB(4YsFB)Adult (m)1,7126691
pYENz(pYENz)Adult (f)1,9426721
osr7g(osr7g)Adult (f)2,3187611
EGdlT(EGdlT)Adult (m)2,0017030
IxGmD(IxGmD)Adult (f)1,9926930
7ogQg(7ogQg)Adult (f)2,0226910
chh4U(chh4U)Adult (m)1,9117052
CI39i(CI39i)Adult (f)1,9266990
Quteb(Quteb)Adult (m)1,9176972
OLoLq(OLoLq)Adult (f)2,0416960
52E6T(52E6T)Adult (m)1,9737210
m7xyJ(m7xyJ)Adult (f)1,8986840
Iwco0Quelle Surprise IAdult (f)2,6838150
w7x5E(w7x5E)Adult (f)2,6708000
FD1cx(FD1cx)Adult (m)2,6958031
S5EKk(S5EKk)Adult (f)2,7848310
8R2tM(8R2tM)Adult (f)2,7497861
bVrmE(bVrmE)Adult (m)2,5547351
GURCqPurple Time Lord IAdult (m)4,0369442
15hBY(15hBY)Adult (f)2,8867250
xGi6j(xGi6j)Adult (f)3,0167170
ZXamL(ZXamL)Adult (f)3,5629430
2wqBW(2wqBW)Adult (f)2,5238340
MVCj3(MVCj3)Adult (f)2,3868260
yC39X(yC39X)Adult (m)3,0521,0623
1a948(1a948)Adult (m)2,1379783
2JOzb(2JOzb)Adult (m)1,9569352
JECNs(JECNs)Adult (m)2,1769790
0fGrn(0fGrn)Adult (m)2,0189390
BlQJy(BlQJy)Adult (m)2,1019845
OFdt4(OFdt4)Egg (F)
tMIiTPrincess Fluffy ButtHatchling (f, F)2,84982311
45uwBWAK-- Happy to breed on requestAdult (f)1,461886161
Zz61Kirigami IAdult (f)1,9321,110193
JFue10 o - Completed Projects - o 0Hatchling (F)1,4974793
t0gfjWinter's Moon VAdult (f)3,0981,0214
Ja2KkTaijitu VAdult (m)5,4501,3084
1y9KhDeoidridh VIAdult (f)4,4831,1971
pj8CGDeoidridh  VIAdult (f)5,5531,0620
72PZRKarma Wafflebutt VIAdult (f)3,5208543
ceCm9Autumn Bonfire VAdult (f)4,8631,2612
R49haKellie J Yule VAdult (f)3,0628627
En63LFrilling Mage IVAdult (m)1,8907965
eK0Rf0 o - Notable Pedigrees - o 0Hatchling (f, F)2,4297679
s5niFToo Purty For The Freezer IIIAdult (f)5,1801,1316
mqOrLDeoc's Thuwed Spring VAdult (f)3,8767361
7feirRed Rainbow VAdult (m)2,4048357
FKIH8ZOMG Kermit Flail VIAdult (m)3,00784411
t4jpoI'm a Purty Rainbow VIAdult (m)3,0859394
SY2XSRainbow Refuser VIAdult (f)4,6191,2633
bkHjHPictish Double Rainbow VIAdult (f)3,6237846
ZWvXW0o- Active Breeding Projects -o0Hatchling (m, F)5,6731,22314
epJWOShallow River IIIAdult (m)3,1398512
mZ08HHalloween Bonfire IIAdult (f)2,3906883
GHOaP0 o -- Trios and Mates -- o 0Adult (f)3,5119012
nUYipDeath Defying Leap IIIAdult (m)3,1551,0431
Eqz5iShow-off IIIAdult (f)4,0741,2373
6wZCjCyber Hacker IIIAdult (m)3,7391,1594
iIyVxHephaestus IIAdult (m)3,3059225
jbEi2Cyrilla Lavalamp IIAdult (f)3,7279363
ZzCHTGuarapuava IIAdult (m)2,7331,0101
NnN7dLookit Mah Breasts IIAdult (f)3,9211,1703
neHxg70's Disco Dude IIAdult (m)4,2991,3212
20ydCWidowmaker IIAdult (m)3,4531,1113
Qtz1VCaldera IIAdult (f)3,4781,0811
W2273Grock IIAdult (m)3,3941,1443
MsnlnCyber Hottie IIAdult (f)4,3401,3015
gztrZMagnarglemus IIIAdult (m)6,7471,6003
0sXAV(0sXAV)Adult (m)3,0408550
HO5g8Blue Ice IIIAdult (m)3,6421,0944
fuAjrIce is Nice IIAdult (m)2,7829212
5Vo4LFreezing Frat Girl IIAdult (f)3,4891,0863
ODzjHBrr Brrr Billy IIAdult (f)4,1811,3146
cnwLJIce Dam IIAdult (m)3,8241,1895
kTMBtSea Ice IIAdult (f)4,3151,2708
lmF6hIce Cycle IIAdult (m)3,7721,2083
y72kjIce Queen IIAdult (f)2,4939583
YMRo4Ice Breath IIAdult (f)5,9531,0781
jZ1doBrushfire IIAdult (m)3,0941,0380
hLPepSulfur and Ozone IIAdult (m)3,3061,0691
9AAKeLoonie Moonie IVAdult (f)4,4311,3061
uZNAgMagmate IIIAdult (m)4,8641,1232
oyBIjIndian Peak IAdult (f)3,2139863
MCXkcLa Garita IAdult (f)3,2961,1086
ZPyDaWidow's Butte IAdult (f)3,5421,1304
wxmdLYellowstone IAdult (f)3,4101,1656
rK4dFCowabunga IIIAdult (f)4,2311,2546
bm6u8Braised Bones IIIAdult (f)3,8921,1064
nRbjUGabija's Valentine IVAdult (f)3,6201,1484
MN8NJMagmanamous IVAdult (f)5,1301,0665
PyZUQThundering Bonfire IIAdult (f)4,4001,1194
TiML6Boom Boom Boy IAdult (m)4,1391,0444
52P0iLei Gong IIAdult (f)4,3601,1245
LMTIILurking Enlightenment IIAdult (f)4,1131,0626
etjbUThunder Snow IIIAdult (f)3,0291,0503
bH3wCThunder Glow IIIAdult (f)3,5209415
kasXKRainbow Warrior IIAdult (f)4,0631,0718
RmiolChill d00d IAdult (m)2,9549654
banY4All Hail the Ice Queen IAdult (f)3,7651,2296
MWpmsImpending Meltdown IIAdult (f)1,8215336
wPHXkIcy Perfection IIAdult (m)3,09497010
D0Oh6Ice Ice Baby IIIAdult (m)3,7691,1045
WBNqVJuly Ice Cream IIIAdult (f)3,5261,0502
GV3oBRoyal Manga IIIAdult (f)4,7241,1853
URE4G0o- Project Breeding Pairs -o0Hatchling (F)1,2923102
4bYVABox of Rocks IVAdult (m)2,8189032
THevbRail Gun IVAdult (f)3,6101,1773
2Gl0mMiss Yule IVAdult (f)3,8651,0166
nVlROBang 4D Buck IVAdult (m)2,9708443
M7BIDHart's Ease VAdult (m)4,3871,0221
OgmDuOpen Hart VAdult (f)4,0661,0609
bh5kSQuiet Hart IVAdult (m)3,1021,0842
J87obSimple Hart IVAdult (f)3,0607003
OmSP6Tangerine Frill IIIAdult (m)2,4137766
Jt5h7Apricot Frill IIIAdult (f)3,0207728
mJgVsAutumn Fire IVAdult (m)2,7798723
opYIVCajun BBQ IVAdult (f)2,8188665
Bl8W4Gilty Knight IVAdult (m)3,9049905
Fjr7U262F IVAdult (f)3,4811,1964
rYtPW0o - Metals and Mates - o0Hatchling (F)1,1083436
yziE3Hallowed IAdult (m)4,5161,3163
XkzteHarvest Gold IIAdult (m)2,7729671
erHBWRed Hart IIAdult (f)2,8068401
kMI4hAurulia IIIAdult (f)3,8071,2693
6dN78Arsani Stairs IIIAdult (f)4,9431,3971
PGsys(PGsys)Adult (m)2,4636546
5JHW5Blue Asphodel IIIAdult (m)3,2179311
EjFFVSilver Marrow  IVAdult (f)7,0741,3212
CNKCOooh Shiny IVAdult (f)11,0173,617135
0EueAThor's Glory IVAdult (m)5,1281,1758
GD2CTGilded Truffle IIAdult (m)3,4611,1276
Gh3TNValentine Holiday VAdult (f)4,2929829
ftJx4Chocolate Hart VAdult (m)2,4278249
L8PxlCinnabarrista VAdult (f)2,9217805
ke8o7Silver Shadow VIAdult (m)3,74896710
lY1dgAuriel VIIAdult (f)5,99263818
cAm1QOo 0 o - Tin -n- Kin - o 0 oOHatchling (F)1,6612051
uOjVjGold Fa8'ed VIIAdult (f)5,5691,0283
TfwdKDivaZ Darling  VIIIAdult (f)6,1811,29019
anvxi8th Moon of Quantum VIIIAdult (f)8,4351,8465
raefCQuantum Entanglement VIAdult (m)2,2288603
IgFJ6Dawn's Asphodel IVAdult (m)4,1411,2131
ISl9fRose Hips VIAdult (m)2,4849352
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