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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jemina,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AspdmAeara II KishalAdult (f)2,6676065
EiF0zAeon KishalAdult (m)3,1316185
KubzsQuaaronov II KishalAdult (m)3,35347418
nXdw5Ey On Wyvern KishalAdult (f)2,8267002
f8Gkm(f8Gkm)Adult (f)5,3781,0433
MkSDp(MkSDp)Adult (m)2,5116033
HK472(HK472)Adult (f)2,3586143
RBYOR(RBYOR)Adult (f)3,4228910
Heyb1(Heyb1)Adult (m)3,6049191
LBF9e(LBF9e)Adult (f)3,7109080
QV01z(QV01z)Adult (f)3,0194750
5hk3w(5hk3w)Adult (f)3,7966662
SyetUSyetugust KishalAdult (m)2,3096697
Y1vNxYevongust KishalAdult (f)2,3996512
eiJHeEijhegust KishalAdult (f)2,5516532
nAXhAlba KishalAdult (f)1,11465651
OedDAlbina KishalAdult (f)89150131
ttLXLAlmerald KishalAdult (m)5,3701,0463
FX30GAl Merald KishalAdult (m)3,4045613
854A2Almy 3 KishalAdult (m)3,7954052
WgeXQAlmand KishalAdult (m)2,9806236
re1nJAlmeralda KishalAdult (f)4,8279104
57z5WAnna Galla KishalAdult (f)3,5585593
O21sfAngal KishalAdult (m)4,7809465
bvw0e(bvw0e)Adult (m)4,3099552
L8oRZAntarin KishalAdult (m)3,2964727
2YMwVZoncco II KishalAdult (m)6,24383411
FcUBoAntha KishalAdult (f)5,8488925
RTqbS(RTqbS)Adult (f)3,8399800
QDWeG(QDWeG)Adult (m)3,9701,0120
DxLkP(DxLkP)Adult (m)3,7691,0061
mVBJH(mVBJH)Adult (m)4,2601,0820
COe8y(COe8y)Adult (m)4,2901,0600
Td6i9(Td6i9)Adult (f)3,0184071
eoZOh(eoZOh)Adult (f)3,8159281
V8P4Q(V8P4Q)Adult (m)5,2191,0363
BFPRz(BFPRz)Adult (f)4,2791,0542
PzAfL(PzAfL)Adult (f)4,0743882
aX4Xk(aX4Xk)Adult (m)7,5751,3163
KbDpB(KbDpB)Adult (f)7,5471,3203
QVs8N(QVs8N)Adult (f)3,3214100
VL2bV(VL2bV)Adult (f)3,2284031
MpQdUArc KishalAdult (m)4,1171,2071
GAlxHCana KishalAdult (m)3,9351,2041
CK5QLArcana KishalAdult (f)4,0551,1962
uW1prArch Can KishalAdult (m)4,7341,3273
CkOkf(CkOkf)Adult (f)2,7288212
dBIJBAria KishalAdult (f)3,5505406
iMnJ3February - KishalAdult (f)4,0291,4224
xJm3kArsani II KishalAdult (f)3,9171,0361
ESUyy(ESUyy)Adult (f)4,9251,0473
Kaczm(Kaczm)Adult (f)4,3541,1250
RJcr4(RJcr4)Adult (f)4,3311,1310
r3LqJAsh KishalAdult (f)2,9586334
LXxiNAska KishalAdult (m)2,8876001
McBaVMcBav KishalAdult (m)3,0896213
xX233(xX233)Adult (m)3,5243991
eeGVr(eeGVr)Adult (m)4,3414241
qqJyn(qqJyn)Adult (f)3,8939122
ZalAS(ZalAS)Adult (m)4,5719225
WDZjr(WDZjr)Adult (m)2,6455093
79hPi(79hPi)Adult (m)3,5467791
FSTgHWindwing II KishalAdult (m)5,2659876
SRI0yAzzie KishalAdult (m)4,2806936
UJafSGlazure KishalAdult (m)4,7509523
ofqRj(ofqRj)Adult (f)3,5014712
6fbeRBaiky KishalAdult (m)3,1855195
x68ZfJunglebaik KishalAdult (m)6,0011,0865
jdqPL(jdqPL)Adult (f)4,0209603
nSPfm(nSPfm)Adult (f)3,4114864
7m78aCoastbaik KishalAdult (m)6,1301,0547
tXLcBalloona KishalAdult (f)1,28591326
cY23Helium II KishalAdult (m)1,51594438
5MtDNSimtidin KishalAdult (f)5,9856752
8DlNaSimtinblue II KishalAdult (m)7,4681,2737
rHPpHBauta KishalAdult (m)2,8194574
NMhugBau KishalAdult (f)5,3349561
GaXyWGaxywy KishalAdult (m)3,4815923
kyFK4Kyfika KishalAdult (f)3,2297483
2DHSHZadhash KishalAdult (f)3,7007692
cKjrJKyfiwy II KishalAdult (m)3,0996712
7qjr2Zaqjira KishalAdult (m)3,3835572
ILCKr(ILCKr)Adult (f)2,8414721
6dVwEbonyegg 3 KishalAdult (m)2,5721,152104
L397Morchaint II KishalAdult (f)1,14567415
OMkhSerBittu III KishalAdult (m)2,2281,00824
gPPgsTricpinion II KishalAdult (f)3,8104831
bXCNVStyx Haven 6 KishalAdult (f)2,8056223
GPIgLSerDark IV KishalAdult (f)3,7671,3143
Den9aSera Ortisa Dark V KishalAdult (f)4,0091,1221
IpGH3Drakopuleion IV KishalAdult (m)4,5431,2561
qm5M4DonnieDarko KishalAdult (m)2,1986830
NoqZbDonna KishalAdult (f)5,4979670
ZDzJwDoria II KishalAdult (f)5,3738552
2gtWaDark Cymra II KishalAdult (f)3,8401,1961
G4QKsGaquks KishalAdult (f)4,2001,0653
nceX2Drakochild V KishalAdult (m)5,33960310
8RGBaBasaltdonner 3 KishalAdult (f)4,2408154
R6NWcBasila III KishalAdult (f)3,3946728
lo97NErrythryia II KishalAdult (f)3,2376683
BjNCM(BjNCM)Adult (f)4,1078877
SCDfs(SCDfs)Adult (f)3,5644510
BCd1Messyblack LittleoneHatchling (m, F)69037812
uC6aShadowboy MessyblackAdult (m)1,41497644
07TkMessygirl ShadowblackAdult (f)64240544
M82gMessylineage YoAdult (f)1,6331,16531
n6JsMorchaint Mithril 3 KishalAdult (m)1,86481523
ZDk5Drakcoal III KishalAdult (f)1,66267517
mjIfABasalt II KishalAdult (f)4,95161212
0CFADraumr KishalAdult (m)1,44674017
Oat6Nightmare KishalAdult (f)1,34870120
oktPULiebling II KishalAdult (f)6,8419713
PqZUCMoonnight II KishalAdult (m)6,7869615
xo6zKMoonchaint III KishalAdult (f)2,2201,0274
wUapdFull Moon III KishalAdult (f)2,6059704
MaA5YSchnuffelchen III KishalAdult (m)2,2921,0363
Eh8DaNightstripe II KishalAdult (m)2,4131,0791
vCxw6Schnuffelmoon IV KishalAdult (f)4,0901,0012
F66QFSer Moon IV KishalAdult (m)4,4571,0142
D1NPt(D1NPt)Adult (m)2,9508782
cwHq0Assam KishalAdult (m)4,9887202
NLp75RosaBluemchen II KishalAdult (m)1,9215951
9utGIStir gently II KishalAdult (f)4,7599611
yjnwYWith a bit of lemon II KishalAdult (f)4,7489501
p562IWith a drop of milk II KishalAdult (f)4,5039551
NvuuSSugarsweet KishalAdult (f)5,9409230
QvuWV(QvuWV)Adult (f)3,4924761
P5UpPMusky KishalAdult (f)5,2851,0636
RlfXbTruffles KishalAdult (f)3,6266735
qeNmfTruffruff KishalAdult (m)2,8884523
bRDeO(bRDeO)Adult (m)5,4768561
e3J5dLian Mea II KishalAdult (m)3,1025193
KP6ahNeverland IV KishalAdult (m)3,1725742
WoabLWoabl LianMea III KishalAdult (f)4,2106342
wI9CmBittuproxy Neverland V KishalAdult (f)3,1229243
K7iEiLianbrrnnnnh IV KishalAdult (m)3,2481,2084
TSEn4Ser Neverland V KishalAdult (m)4,5651,3012
vVdVT(vVdVT)Adult (f)4,0129042
7NwsP(7NwsP)Adult (f)3,8869962
ZSY0R(ZSY0R)Adult (m)3,7929860
Ipw6e(Ipw6e)Adult (m)3,9179880
f5T1L(f5T1L)Adult (m)3,8258932
S4dYR(S4dYR)Adult (f)5,3511,2201
FuBI4(FuBI4)Adult (f)4,4749472
TVMOf(TVMOf)Adult (f)4,5091,0101
RuZg0(RuZg0)Adult (f)3,7317880
YfTJz(YfTJz)Adult (f)3,2234471
K6OQhKsixokuh KishalAdult (m)3,3049273
FgXsqKsixokuflower II KishalAdult (m)3,7549824
PVWtBKiro II KishalAdult (m)3,8069282
3EMAxKsixopurkka III KishalAdult (m)4,4931,2812
Na6fPKiro Ivy III KishalAdult (m)4,4931,2612
hVygAHvyga KishalAdult (m)5,5519200
xpQLfKira III KishalAdult (f)4,4531,0532
Y9dlzKiro Gem IV KishalAdult (m)4,1961,1803
eU9gyBloodwrap IV KishalAdult (f)6,2169977
FzxJE(FzxJE)Adult (m)4,9449780
FebVdBlue KishalAdult (m)5,5151,1833
vJ7iUBlau KishalAdult (f)4,5781,1008
fkGI4Blueband ChaoslineageAdult (m)3,9275943
1uR2oSeaman's Shanty III KishalAdult (f)4,5267145
IvkqQViviniqith II KishalAdult (f)3,3575994
1UytAWeneyraka II KishalAdult (m)3,5246294
w0ENfBlusang KishalAdult (m)2,7565225
Qq8bWSeaman's Protector IV KishalAdult (m)4,9409397
3Jau9Weneyqith III KishalAdult (f)3,9388636
RfykT(RfykT)Adult (f)4,7531,0824
wRH0uBolty KishalAdult (m)5,1611,0743
T5p48(T5p48)Adult (m)7,9381,2174
wnRkB(wnRkB)Adult (f)4,7254261
X2hQa(X2hQa)Adult (m)4,4898790
kKO0x(kKO0x)Adult (f)3,7534540
comD6Boreal KishalAdult (m)2,8986032
nYfxcReal Bo KishalAdult (f)2,9246331
LLxztBorry Al KishalAdult (m)2,8706273
785aParadiso KishalAdult (f)3,6871,01942
PK30Green Dusk Thuwed - KishalAdult (f)1,9936978
fHK6SFahkis KishalAdult (m)2,6228062
sGiF(sGiF)Hatchling (m, F)1,44274920
63nghBengh KishalAdult (f)3,5127683
yD80AYdaoa KishalAdult (f)4,6687601
3BcMREbcimir KishalAdult (f)6,1627546
TJRSUTijarsu KishalAdult (m)4,6405673
zkt0B(zkt0B)Adult (f)6,7184492
0SUrv(0SUrv)Adult (m)5,2509701
UBbYX(UBbYX)Adult (f)5,6035731
SNRjQBrienne KishalAdult (f)2,9999403
aNkADBrutus KishalAdult (m)3,1059381
EwGz7Titus KishalAdult (m)3,0729400
3vxyZCassius KishalAdult (m)4,3299572
AijCUSemprosia KishalAdult (f)4,2679562
dz7QQMade of saints II KishalAdult (m)4,9007950
vPpSOBatterram KishalAdult (f)3,3698620
bRVU9Brutus II KishalAdult (m)5,5147461
4WqDk(4WqDk)Adult (f)4,2451,0450
NvX8XCalli KishalAdult (f)2,4707532
ZXeGqCalvin Gene KishalAdult (m)3,7781,0933
1MouDCaljeanie KishalAdult (f)3,6161,1131
iByF0(iByF0)Adult (f)5,4891,2359
4VNg6(4VNg6)Adult (m)2,9818416
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