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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jeepsterhound,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
q3K1(q3K1)Adult (f)1,4576534
MbXuOakley TrekAdult2,3239293
GBTJPereskia TrekAdult (f)2,5401,0275
lRleMaihuenia TrekAdult (f)2,6601,0433
st8dBugatti TrekAdult (f)1,8956554
jsCILotus TrekAdult (f)1,8617492
ILQCRhipsalis TrekAdult (m)2,3438522
KVM3Denmoza TrekAdult (m)2,1977631
BL8cAspen TrekAdult2,2326942
4RV4(4RV4)Adult (m)1,8997182
8SkYGaia Sky TrekAdult (f)2,0307993
ZfmXTerrae TrekAdult (f)2,0488033
BXrb(BXrb)Adult (m)1,8998974
ZTkLRyukin TrekAdult (f)1,7828707
I9ooOranda Dusk Thuwed TrekAdult (f)1,5427557
eMhtTanager TrekAdult (m)1,6057694
kr4kRobin TrekAdult (f)1,9348232
6oNbPeniche TrekAdult (m)1,8888231
AXc4Yallingup TrekAdult (m)1,9448713
0UkkPyrrhuloxia TrekAdult (f)1,6897521
Fo4BRedstart TrekAdult (m)1,8727761
JWUJComet TrekAdult (m)1,5336634
aVLWMolitrix TrekAdult (f)1,5426754
ADgHCoolangatta TrekAdult (f)2,2679285
VAXBCronulla TrekAdult (f)2,2008966
QbNbCyprinus TrekAdult (m)2,3689065
FXGRFred TrekAdult (m)2,2158005
lrklSunna TrekAdult (f)2,1697965
EQQ9Shamash TrekAdult (m)3,2341,0933
YWboSurya TrekAdult (m)2,0857533
llibUnelanuhi TrekAdult (f)1,8467282
DXO6Amaterasu TrekAdult (m)1,9187691
rHkgTonatiuh TrekAdult (f)1,6477121
FFCINommo TrekAdult (f)1,9417255
aWqjWadjet TrekAdult (m)2,0967905
lVOVCopernicus TrekAdult (m)2,0707452
eck2Galileo TrekAdult (m)1,5845962
E2eTDandin TrekAdult (m)1,7577373
OZUCAsvaghosa TrekAdult (m)1,7957503
FlJ0Penstemon Thuwed Trek LNAdult (m)1,5277003
BcRPBeethoven TrekAdult (m)1,3976683
svp2Chopin TrekAdult (f)1,7237586
RRWNGliere TrekAdult (f)1,6438223
RATGStrauss TrekAdult (m)1,7158122
EdLuSolanum TrekAdult (m)1,6658163
ADZgShudraka TrekAdult (f)1,8558594
EfgjJayadeva TrekAdult (f)2,3399977
UotUHoffleit TrekAdult (f)2,1898966
k3N1Burnell TrekAdult (f)1,5296203
8TIGSkeeter TrekAdult (m)3,3401,2865
lmMVSkimmer TrekAdult (m)1,6657167
O3gZMaggiore Trek SMAdult (m)1,5597265
nU5qTimiskaming Trek SNAdult (f)1,3736753
cd43Tsovinar TrekAdult (f)1,8858184
sRWZTethys TrekAdult (f)1,77380611
SSoePegoud TrekAdult (m)1,1595557
DLXtLitvyak TrekAdult (m)2,5207419
0XiMAlignak TrekAdult (m)2,2789268
bDeCMarduk TrekAdult (m)1,4156514
12KjNemo TrekAdult (m)2,1968012
YScIFarallon TrekAdult (m)1,8027413
pcbWTriumph TrekAdult (m)2,0008916
KKGuVictor TrekAdult (m)1,5936096
TFtsMadeline TrekAdult (f)1,5355604
0MTlGuillaume TrekAdult (m)5,58879611
C8SjSilas TrekAdult (m)3,5857827
tbpjGalatea TrekAdult (f)3,8638487
g5PjEtienne TrekAdult (m)3,87987611
ZC6nDominique TrekAdult (f)1,1555005
8VFDValor TrekAdult (f)1,7016984
2T2fIntrepid TrekAdult (m)1,7227035
YjeQMiesque  TrekAdult (f)2,3168278
iD0iRuffian TrekAdult (f)2,5488646
JQddMarl TrekAdult (f)2,6899107
bikmBreccia TrekAdult (f)1,3055344
5JjsFrilda TrekAdult (f)5,4279149
5eYdFrilma TrekAdult (f)1,4316146
SCuTGarros TrekAdult (m)2,7337476
9LVORichthofen TrekAdult (m)1,7947635
8CWZPaciano TrekAdult (m)2,7691,1306
DgUXVrykolakas TrekAdult (m)3,2201,0958
fKCASukuyan TrekAdult (f)3,9651,45019
YKLVDorkface Benjiro TrekAdult (m)1,6846814
PbWjAlex TrekAdult (m)1,5015733
iLgFLea TrekAdult (m)1,9387078
OK2QHephaestus TrekAdult (m)1,8666684
iOLVAluka TrekAdult (f)2,7758227
pHe5Tenjac TrekAdult (m)1,7866845
DFM9Celosia TrekAdult (f)1,6447374
4XQaVolta TrekAdult (f)1,5346874
9XFYEdison TrekAdult (m)2,1958033
8PFVTeak TrekAdult (m)1,8607446
sFJ1Forrest TrekAdult (m)1,5887513
pEdpCypress TrekAdult (f)1,2606615
YSB4Krystonia TrekAdult (f)1,2695417
t7HDFaraday TrekAdult (f)1,1585307
TFq6Sparky TrekAdult (m)1,2565976
rqO0Skarn TrekAdult (f)1,2255366
5hfCKarst TrekAdult (m)1,2915744
VT9rSolnhofen TrekAdult (m)1,2275196
r3dUGreisen TrekAdult (m)1,2395557
ecCuKeokuk Trek LMAdult (m)1,4075357
mC9tGargouille TrekAdult (f)1,3315116
3m4SChimera TrekAdult (f)1,2715168
0jZgChalcedony Trek LNAdult (m)4,5731,49312
vfQHSantorini TrekAdult (f)1,61348212
B2NREtna TrekAdult (f)2,2957097
U228Mjollnir TrekAdult (m)2,1256449
XfkpTesla TrekAdult (f)1,7306174
9ZLVJoyeux TrekAdult (f)1,2164944
cTqHNoelle TrekAdult (f)1,21251310
rRLeEis TrekAdult (m)2,0558957
b60bSleet TrekAdult (m)1,66065115
heLDIvory TrekAdult (f)1,3255676
fWW5Cremnitz TrekAdult (m)1,5335957
iWPmCarnelian TrekAdult (f)1,2925887
R6LuDorkface Vermilion TrekAdult (m)2,3477668
Y4QDPhthalo Trek LMAdult (m)2,25979011
9HFbAzure Trek 2WAdult (f)2,1557688
O5XPMarjoram Trek 2WAdult (f)2,46685211
lULEParsley Trek 2MAdult (f)2,4878498
86j9Rafal TrekAdult (m)1,5985659
HFpWVladimir TrekAdult (m)1,3345238
W0qZHedera TrekAdult (f)1,5295684
ERevCucurbita TrekAdult (f)4,09067012
4LOXPepita TrekAdult (f)2,07464114
jeAXLavinia TrekAdult (f)2,2296826
Mb1kChervil Trek LMAdult (m)1,7565567
IB6dBasil Trek LMAdult (m)1,56656010
j7nvChevre TrekAdult1,7855658
eKf2Colby TrekAdult1,7896279
3Ar8Tortola TrekAdult (f)1,7376409
i4tFRotuma TrekAdult (f)1,7387439
F6cdNokdumuk TrekAdult (m)1,8396623
3C27Konjac TrekAdult (m)1,6586044
LiHsAnmitsu TrekAdult (f)1,3195164
a4f7Aiyu TrekAdult (f)1,47956911
3HK7Dorkface Stratus TrekAdult (f)1,8946763
tbqENimbus TrekAdult (f)2,1337533
8kQ2Kobe TrekAdult2,7398519
QgStFirenze TrekAdult (f)2,4856543
q243John Henry TrekAdult (m)3,0439622
HGQLKermadec TrekAdult (m)2,9299864
afKOAlvin TrekAdult (m)3,1671,1473
pXY1Gerridae TrekAdult (f)1,6655994
HFgFMarangoni TrekAdult (m)1,6776636
kqq6Arenite TrekAdult (m)1,8386505
jYNbArkose TrekAdult (m)1,3785856
REITIndigo Trek LMAdult (f)1,2446024
JhCuCobalt Trek LMAdult (m)1,16547911
2KGpMilli TrekAdult (f)1,2785155
uNEYUney TrekAdult (f)1,1885129
MjbtGram TrekAdult (m)1,3635198
8HBIMavis TrekAdult (f)1,68057112
ZJX7Tiny TrekAdult (m)1,6215634
5cgVMicro TrekAdult (m)1,2894849
X8CdDeci TrekAdult (m)1,6955884
02nrKnox Trek LMIAdult (m)1,81158711
EpN3Savuka TrekAdult (f)1,76262817
O8UJBelle TrekAdult (f)1,6125755
0GNWLeetle TrekAdult (f)1,4655623
4jqQMini TrekAdult (f)1,4765544
8aVNMaybelle TrekAdult (f)1,91345110
PvRBNano TrekAdult (f)1,7917454
DqS4Angstrom TrekAdult (m)1,1915214
BY3gPico TrekAdult (m)1,2435453
7YZ4Moby TrekAdult (m)1,1135275
29IcAchromasia TrekAdult (f)1,3386336
XnVbNeon TrekAdult (f)1,2345864
9H2pXenon TrekAdult (f)1,5246254
MTYlIndy TrekAdult (f)1,2145057
dR3VMaserati TrekAdult (f)1,22558429
UDbbAsiago TrekAdult1,1695278
4pfuHavarti TrekAdult1,0394807
hsD8Kyoto TrekAdult1,33667712
wvShMatsuyama TrekAdult1,13856910
Wj5IXiaoshu TrekAdult (m)1,14647732
nQCZQixi TrekAdult (f)1,3346097
XBztCinnabar TrekAdult (m)1,3135609
OjQPPaprika TrekAdult (f)1,20948415
JXhmShimmerly TrekAdult (f)1,53661810
YNM9Sharmir TrekAdult (f)1,2045207
N9RaAurora TrekAdult (f)1,2434863
3FzPRayleigh TrekAdult (m)1,3915485
GqKuBreksta TrekAdult (f)1,9135673
Ey9HHyperion TrekAdult (m)2,0306064
7y6eZenith TrekAdult (f)2,89960616
JtdNDorkface Twilight TrekAdult (m)1,6696216
3zKtLagash TrekAdult (m)2,5108525
DRNLZhaoyuan TrekAdult (f)2,30866711
1RqNAuraria TrekAdult (f)2,35663012
pmGPFinian TrekAdult (m)1,82254016
5EF6Whitby TrekAdult (m)1,7375677
MwsyAlbus TrekAdult (m)1,8195638
YhIdTitania TrekAdult (f)2,20672016
AYiRErma TrekAdult (f)1,44751812
KxEPNeva TrekAdult (f)1,34347916
AHBQVuggy Trek LMAdult (m)1,80850517
5K7aAgate Trek SMAdult (m)1,72952015
WEMoDukat TrekAdult (m)1,4214454
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