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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “JadeHeartOfFire,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
veaJ(veaJ)Adult (f)3,6395714
S4O9(S4O9)Adult (m)8254021
mGsc(mGsc)Adult (f)1,1655193
2DCp3(2DCp3)Adult (m)2,2894022
JdAVv(JdAVv)Adult (f)1,7146122
vGLNR(vGLNR)Adult (m)2,0964011
1VRd(1VRd)Adult (m)2,0561,4508
Ok9W(Ok9W)Adult (f)1,5801,0554
eAZv(eAZv)Adult (m)1,4991,1445
CIIL0(CIIL0)Adult (f)2,2306172
Bvrss(Bvrss)Adult (m)1,8155832
QAC2B(QAC2B)Adult (f)2,5926020
UqiIb(UqiIb)Adult (m)1,8306980
HpzY(HpzY)Adult (m)8596562
i12Z(i12Z)Adult (f)6223623
0dXI(0dXI)Adult (f)1,3379373
JPCQ(JPCQ)Adult (m)9516734
fpVt(fpVt)Adult (f)7895653
cBAT(cBAT)Adult (m)1,3108314
6qNd(6qNd)Adult (m)2,8983808
vE7r(vE7r)Adult (m)3,1633654
CKEI(CKEI)Adult (f)2,1021,3397
zGcT(zGcT)Adult (m)1,6281,1246
CMek(CMek)Adult (f)1,0387686
cSn7(cSn7)Adult (m)1,7341,1469
v34Q(v34Q)Adult (f)1,1799683
zPjf(zPjf)Adult (m)7576033
aULb(aULb)Adult (f)1,3556753
VdjCD(VdjCD)Adult (f)2,2106179
J7omI(J7omI)Adult (m)2,3144051
E9SaK(E9SaK)Adult (m)1,5915011
bz0Xi(bz0Xi)Adult (m)1,8305903
gFZZ(gFZZ)Adult (f)3,3075272
jQeW(jQeW)Adult (f)2,6703955
77gfR(77gfR)Adult (m)2,1346373
47Rr(47Rr)Adult (m)3,2944017
OhLj(OhLj)Adult (f)3,19339811
YGfT(YGfT)Adult (f)8204031
cKdQd(cKdQd)Adult (f)1,7376601
ZJfU(ZJfU)Adult (m)2,2824624
mkDkG(mkDkG)Adult (m)1,4075321
aNMCZ(aNMCZ)Adult (f)2,05650210
bm6ln(bm6ln)Adult (m)1,6416442
jBIZr(jBIZr)Adult (f)6,6941,3754
XEJ9N(XEJ9N)Adult (m)2,6346661
BtDI8(BtDI8)Adult (m)2,1295965
BkRaf(BkRaf)Adult (f)2,6006043
dp8SO(dp8SO)Adult (f)2,2946610
J7NdF(J7NdF)Adult (f)1,4756122
Q50N2(Q50N2)Adult (m)1,1845991
T1hYR(T1hYR)Adult (m)1,4985841
csovg(csovg)Adult (m)2,7815491
ZkuGh(ZkuGh)Adult (m)4,1805812
YoehG(YoehG)Adult (f)2,0886912
4UZul(4UZul)Adult (f)1,8276001
iS0Tn(iS0Tn)Adult (f)2,2666343
0rPpV(0rPpV)Adult (m)1,4306521
vDLlX(vDLlX)Adult (m)1,2675471
FTjbZ(FTjbZ)Adult (m)1,8696093
5IOeX(5IOeX)Adult (f)2,2196072
T5rN(T5rN)Adult (f)1,6948554
gsaAZ(gsaAZ)Adult (f)2,1626542
Sh3R(Sh3R)Adult (m)1,4428825
KYplW(KYplW)Adult (m)2,1956581
t1k7s(t1k7s)Adult (f)2,0916673
RmDfm(RmDfm)Adult (f)2,3296251
KImSi(KImSi)Adult (m)2,3866541
C1vEX(C1vEX)Adult (m)2,3546523
d2k7(d2k7)Adult (f)2,8494498
Sq0L(Sq0L)Adult (m)2,9204387
jCnE(jCnE)Adult (m)2,7024633
uA5g(uA5g)Adult (f)2,4353994
ckRO(ckRO)Adult (f)1,6134715
VqeY(VqeY)Adult (m)1,4709234
k605(k605)Adult (m)1,0716476
XaZ7(XaZ7)Adult (f)2,5104433
lnu7(lnu7)Adult (m)1,0346316
VfMh(VfMh)Adult (f)2,2474602
rqOU(rqOU)Adult (f)7976434
MHlp(MHlp)Adult (f)1,1705512
NEeB(NEeB)Adult (f)1,5827583
TkpO(TkpO)Adult (m)2,3621,45420
i7yP(i7yP)Adult (f)1,5941,0635
JZJb(JZJb)Adult (f)9757014
0ggP(0ggP)Adult (m)1,5701,10712
0uXg(0uXg)Adult (f)6465053
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