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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Itar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8qsXCB Qilis OskanaAdult (m)2,43544231
VpIDWCB Isilmandra OskanaAdult (f)1,70735228
gY5EGCB Elathiel OskanaAdult (f)1,44233823
k6TKh(k6TKh)Adult (m)6,0706110
3ETVR(3ETVR)Adult (f)6,1566171
cdOjt(cdOjt)Adult (f)5,5886261
n0TVw(n0TVw)Adult (m)5,6026181
Mb1G2(Mb1G2)Adult (m)4,9458011
KXEuG(KXEuG)Adult (m)4,8438161
YOGcM(YOGcM)Adult (f)4,7168101
loB4a(loB4a)Hatchling (F)3,4446501
n7NtDCB Kero OskanaAdult (m)3,1025675
QNxQsCB Idra OskanaAdult (m)2,8427111
GLliOCB Omara OskanaAdult (f)3,1607464
dbaMNCB Onira OskanaAdult (f)4,1747732
35BO3CB Arin OskanaAdult (m)3,9804440
CtWH6CB Liena OskanaAdult (f)2,7978330
3prnJCB Artix OskanaAdult (m)1,4974201
XIepNCB Kore OskanaAdult (m)2,9295823
P6fD2CB Olion OskanaAdult (m)3,3164510
0vvATCB Gaiala OskanaAdult (f)2,8338732
UUhbNCB Simir OskanaAdult (f)2,6645720
2S6LZCB Xinorion OskanaAdult (m)4,1078540
iHFu9(iHFu9)Adult (f)3,5817630
20VZ6CB Time Flow of OskanaAdult (m)5,0695760
YuvoZCB Time Disorder of OskanaAdult (f)4,7575911
sSdTCCB Oricono of OskanaAdult (f)5,1125970
1qgG7CB Aion of OskanaAdult (f)4,7435850
iUB5yCB Time Glimpse of OskanaAdult (f)5,0975700
AML2ECB Flawless OskanaAdult (f)4,8545860
tnSbwCB Continuum of OskanaAdult (f)4,7615901
CZMmZCB Temporal Jam OskanaAdult (f)5,1605840
Y025NPB II Doctor of OskanaAdult (m)3,8497494
IyXiYHB II Winteress OskanaAdult (f)5,0696613
PDMA3PB II Fluctuation of Time OskanaAdult (m)5,4896684
uPJ6H(uPJ6H)Adult (m)5,7036711
qnhaC(qnhaC)Adult (m)8,5091,0080
gzJb1(gzJb1)Adult (m)6,1941,0801
kn9PD(kn9PD)Adult (m)6,1151,0481
yqfyW(yqfyW)Adult (f)6,1741,0880
UtpR3(UtpR3)Adult (m)6,2071,0872
ijVrf(ijVrf)Adult (f)4,8088780
uOtt5(uOtt5)Adult (m)2,8106585
GStLHB II Rhoas OskanaAdult (m)64240340
HBOefCB Sali Irona OskanaAdult (f)6,0039162
HcqaC(HcqaC)Hatchling (F)3,3946411
9SCCu(9SCCu)Adult (m)4,7605831
JGSfT(JGSfT)Adult (f)4,9365951
8RHeg(8RHeg)Adult (f)4,2267550
KSngJ(KSngJ)Adult (m)4,2237650
lznT8(lznT8)Adult (f)4,3147620
vR0W0(vR0W0)Adult (f)4,8046082
pDML9(pDML9)Adult (f)4,9506461
mnh8R(mnh8R)Adult (f)4,1377501
yxdrI(yxdrI)Adult (f)5,0686661
ZiNIk(ZiNIk)Adult (m)5,2416292
jEo17(jEo17)Adult (m)5,2916240
90OZZ(90OZZ)Adult (m)4,4906860
ycGDt(ycGDt)Adult (f)5,2091,0572
GjFcO(GjFcO)Adult (f)5,2371,0562
Pk1Tj(Pk1Tj)Adult (f)5,2791,0703
68QPb(68QPb)Adult (f)5,1721,0494
N6VqP(N6VqP)Adult (f)3,8138672
MpGbk(MpGbk)Adult (f)3,8268701
3JuNZ(3JuNZ)Adult (m)3,8728641
sIjgv(sIjgv)Adult (m)4,1748700
BZ5iV(BZ5iV)Adult (m)4,1438690
yJYZD(yJYZD)Adult (m)4,1018710
yy0wG(yy0wG)Adult (m)4,5238601
Gg3MO(Gg3MO)Adult (f)4,3478050
JbUN1(JbUN1)Adult (f)4,5708070
Y6BjE(Y6BjE)Adult (f)4,9888450
T8qhd(T8qhd)Adult (m)5,3188400
whgJm(whgJm)Adult (f)5,3028430
9KISw(9KISw)Adult (m)4,1037200
lgzwq(lgzwq)Adult (m)4,0887172
fT5kP(fT5kP)Adult (m)4,0116860
5UWTA(5UWTA)Adult (m)6,3405952
XIqGA(XIqGA)Adult (f)3,6496363
uIq9CB Nemeha OskanaAdult (f)4,65161652
rYRt0(rYRt0)Adult (m)4,2166410
ltlZo(ltlZo)Adult (m)3,6217340
SBDur(SBDur)Adult (m)3,1088320
mWLgI(mWLgI)Adult (m)3,9717050
NiKw3(NiKw3)Adult (f)4,6837310
oLDo3(oLDo3)Adult (f)4,6847390
ExYHE(ExYHE)Adult (f)4,8345730
0Ylj6(0Ylj6)Adult (f)4,8857011
2jLgU(2jLgU)Adult (f)5,0746681
1jvQo(1jvQo)Adult (m)5,0766660
Hl67x(Hl67x)Adult (f)6,3255521
ICEIU(ICEIU)Adult (m)7,4106250
Nd9Om(Nd9Om)Adult (m)6,4906191
MCPFT(MCPFT)Adult (f)7,1061,0100
euk9N(euk9N)Adult (f)6,0477431
KmFq2(KmFq2)Adult (f)7,5299712
tYn3k(tYn3k)Adult (m)7,4509510
Qx7WL(Qx7WL)Adult (m)7,1981,3831
Fg7RT(Fg7RT)Adult (m)7,2681,4581
D61a7(D61a7)Adult (m)4,7259680
Xr4S9(Xr4S9)Adult (f)5,7521,1400
NRvW2(NRvW2)Adult (m)5,8111,0851
SQzRe(SQzRe)Adult (m)3,8517520
7tB4y(7tB4y)Adult (m)6,6621,1560
jiZSA(jiZSA)Adult (m)2,8416475
3sKkD(3sKkD)Adult (f)3,9315931
Zmq45(Zmq45)Adult (f)4,5025850
ucMpR(ucMpR)Adult (m)3,9835882
vKBU7(vKBU7)Adult (f)6,7735890
zfEyB(zfEyB)Adult (m)4,8647010
6Ifba(6Ifba)Adult (f)6,2286720
yUDKN(yUDKN)Adult (f)6,3219212
GedZf(GedZf)Adult (f)7,7081,1373
BCtMH(BCtMH)Adult (m)4,7236860
SfWA0(SfWA0)Adult (m)4,7246860
wjRT0(wjRT0)Adult (m)4,7296880
VeMYn(VeMYn)Adult (f)6,2426250
ER35n(ER35n)Adult (f)6,1906250
QlKOR(QlKOR)Adult (m)5,2156620
6lneb(6lneb)Adult (m)6,1355870
tZFAA(tZFAA)Adult (m)6,2996260
vU1ua(vU1ua)Adult (f)4,6846330
awMJ5(awMJ5)Adult (f)5,2216600
UxFdCB Anathien OskanaAdult (f)63440627
J2gCUCB Percegan OskanaAdult (m)3,8355063
hQerY(hQerY)Adult (f)5,3275941
TDQB7(TDQB7)Adult (m)5,4955941
RU1pf(RU1pf)Adult (m)5,5795610
32Yz4(32Yz4)Adult (m)5,4765600
B5LmC(B5LmC)Adult (m)6,0346150
nrnHv(nrnHv)Adult (f)5,9836160
A0RuQ(A0RuQ)Adult (f)5,7876700
eukdC(eukdC)Adult (f)5,9346240
pne3m(pne3m)Adult (f)5,3926670
Kqq7O(Kqq7O)Adult (m)4,4408160
svP1CB Eliryan OskanaAdult (f)2,33045011
BDe2nCB Yrebryn OskanaAdult (m)1,97340918
OOL87HB II Nelzeban OskanaAdult (m)2,73633225
TUR5hCB Asire OskanaAdult (f)2,5305446
qKXDqHB II Anreth OskanaAdult (m)3,6434031
upEfXHB II Oralac OskanaAdult (f)3,2944943
jUf5MHB IV Escaris OskanaAdult (m)2,0685104
VoWRFHB IV Geholt OskanaAdult (m)2,2035743
qJH3dHB III Accawys OskanaAdult (f)3,1835701
QEZKuHB III Vortiheret OskanaAdult (m)3,5605541
2tfqCCB Morgern OskanaAdult (f)4,0119961
QCVTmCB Mordrain OskanaAdult (m)2,7085853
EpwDaCB Virhel OskanaAdult (f)3,1385551
J9XfeCB Unhinred OskanaAdult (m)3,0655080
PjGt8CB Yavlien OskanaAdult (m)3,0855571
iURP2CB Umbrinum OskanaAdult (m)2,9214450
XqsBkCB Istan OskanaAdult (m)3,1385591
BKBvhHB II Agralon OskanaAdult (m)3,0694632
8XOjSHB II Cadwyn OskanaAdult (f)3,4394840
qwFc1PB II  Neddan Kefren OskanaAdult (m)4,2921,0693
dR55hPB II Arris OskanaAdult (f)5,0276201
OIO6SPB II Belemor  OskanaAdult (m)4,6885392
4lMUaHB II Moira OskanaAdult (f)3,6254361
DVhLeCB Nyxel OskanaAdult (f)3,5176490
0QbssCB Esiren OskanaAdult (f)4,3368201
oiNFuCB Alista OskanaAdult (f)3,4014571
lnLpbCB Manor OskanaAdult (m)3,1504601
FGooOPB II Ostoroy OskanaAdult (m)5,1359702
XqEpKPB II Gastiel OskanaAdult (m)5,0409901
HtfJdPB II Liviane OskanaAdult (f)5,1009811
Rxs38PB II Katnight OskanaAdult (m)5,1769691
2h6XmPB II Aleandra OskanaAdult (f)4,6461,0700
sp0XuPB II Litania OskanaAdult (f)4,6971,0590
sxkthPB II Osgora OskanaAdult (m)4,6721,0460
2gt9pPB II Xantho OskanaAdult (m)4,5641,0700
wJccUPB II Iantho OskanaAdult (m)4,6721,0470
wGBhwPB II Zetys OskanaAdult (m)4,6001,0700
WjBh4PB II Charnel OskanaAdult (f)4,4179530
SAqj6PB II Malia OskanaAdult (f)4,6209460
aNfYpPB II Kistiano OskanaAdult (m)4,8349461
F9asKPB II Tiana OskanaAdult (f)4,6319350
kSthlPB II Lukian OskanaAdult (m)4,7419451
tfetWPB II Wiran OskanaAdult (m)4,4519480
xmBfC(xmBfC)Adult (m)3,1587296
kKkQT(kKkQT)Adult (f)3,5697650
NjAdR(NjAdR)Adult (f)5,9485491
idf55(idf55)Adult (f)5,4296996
ui6xU(ui6xU)Adult (f)5,8685440
UKc3D(UKc3D)Adult (f)10,3081,1701
yqJjb(yqJjb)Adult (f)2,5307104
TYqTt(TYqTt)Adult (f)4,4957336
OOSIJHB II Ouiji OskanaHatchling (f, F)2,7629107
GzFDG(GzFDG)Hatchling (F)1,5945663
IFOZ2HB III Ishesha Bad Apple OskanaAdult (m)2,24942225
m2H47HB II Azaliarym OskanaAdult (f)1,17036038
9enV1HB III Eseri OskanaAdult (f)1,9975861
2XCGsCB Caloris  OskanaAdult (f)4,0667792
GsqhOCB Threwiel  OskanaAdult (f)4,4477901
TUWQXCB Guren OskanaAdult (f)2,4216534
k90uhCB Carullyn  OskanaAdult (m)3,9855161
F28Kg(F28Kg)Adult (f)5,8261,3294
EdRfMPB II Nevrea OskanaHatchling (F)9141805
epRkZCB Aethic  OskanaAdult (m)3,7398611
3xIqtCB Carana  OskanaAdult (f)3,1698431
XMtKt(XMtKt)Adult (f)5,9041,2945
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