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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Itami451,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ABETz(ABETz)Adult (f)6,2109371
pGPY4(pGPY4)Adult (f)6,2839801
LCtuh(LCtuh)Adult (f)8,1091,0604
3KxZa(3KxZa)Adult (f)6,5629622
HyDz7(HyDz7)Adult (f)6,7071,0522
AEfuB(AEfuB)Adult (f)6,5271,0342
szzmg(szzmg)Adult (m)7,0751,0671
KsQiW(KsQiW)Adult (m)6,9371,0571
9kQEh(9kQEh)Adult (m)7,2211,0622
FCwlu(FCwlu)Adult (f)6,9821,0221
Hetmt(Hetmt)Adult (f)7,3201,0601
zUyB3(zUyB3)Adult (f)6,6581,0541
dQ0c2(dQ0c2)Adult (f)5,1961,0111
dZgTg(dZgTg)Adult (f)5,4891,0341
Mqgkl(Mqgkl)Adult (m)5,5459642
34mUN(34mUN)Adult (m)5,5109633
GQ2UP(GQ2UP)Adult (f)3,8329502
78PWd(78PWd)Adult (f)6,5301,2533
My9pr(My9pr)Adult (m)6,5481,2622
wJb8y(wJb8y)Adult (m)5,9551,1593
0EZga(0EZga)Adult (f)6,0761,1782
HpClb(HpClb)Adult (m)4,8111,1162
YGL3p(YGL3p)Adult (f)6,2621,2612
Z5fCb(Z5fCb)Adult (m)5,9691,1932
HhCyK(HhCyK)Adult (m)6,0961,1781
8Ysea(8Ysea)Adult (f)4,3189121
bAPWE(bAPWE)Adult (f)5,3979601
GYJdg(GYJdg)Adult (f)6,2758952
01UtF(01UtF)Adult (m)5,8659132
BHeZJ(BHeZJ)Adult (f)5,0211,1052
hyCIN(hyCIN)Adult (m)6,2411,2573
OYx8V(OYx8V)Adult (m)6,2651,2761
pCGbl(pCGbl)Adult (f)6,1391,2623
lYEvp(lYEvp)Adult (f)5,7491,1782
mS6sm(mS6sm)Adult (f)6,1751,2662
7iyRD(7iyRD)Adult (m)6,1241,2721
fqxgVtime heals  allAdult (m)6,0771,2502
PfdG7You are my savior who wakes me uAdult (f)5,8081,1653
g7ALI(g7ALI)Adult (f)7,7311,1303
B7dS6Because each moment willAdult (f)5,7311,2342
Yn83dHold on the weight of the worldAdult (m)5,9891,1251
JCXmi(JCXmi)Adult (f)6,9961,1542
V7Iin(V7Iin)Adult (f)6,3711,1334
8QR4V(8QR4V)Adult (f)6,5531,1182
6jIV3(6jIV3)Adult (f)6,1771,1103
jWepz(jWepz)Adult (m)5,5561,2792
PUpkpI will come  to youAdult (m)5,4761,2371
QwQMZ(QwQMZ)Adult (m)5,8881,0346
UtOIu(UtOIu)Adult (m)7,9041,1926
jI2EaSing it na na naAdult (m)5,2981,2712
NicmB(NicmB)Adult (f)5,1701,3121
2Vh7mI was walking unconsciouslyAdult (m)5,2441,2553
aOh69the sun will rise  tomorrowAdult (m)5,1841,2401
1jwtM(1jwtM)Adult (f)5,2551,2533
dI172comfort that I can't hearAdult (m)5,6031,3232
gXqTlmy heart will bloom againAdult (m)6,9581,2151
UX5UG(UX5UG)Adult (m)5,9031,2781
2TVHo(2TVHo)Adult (f)7,0331,3651
u8BBO(u8BBO)Adult (f)7,1041,3531
43igBa lonelier meetAdult (f)7,1421,3312
07MAVweight of  the worldAdult (f)7,0501,3611
UMLk8You say thatAdult (m)5,8601,1062
DNQr9Till you  come backAdult (f)7,1329811
DIqioIf you are going to leaveAdult (m)8,1801,0091
vcVdhmean  you have itAdult (m)7,6051,0131
2VWLA(2VWLA)Adult (m)6,8129571
haD6S(haD6S)Adult (f)7,4071,1014
xbCab(xbCab)Adult (m)6,0421,1531
nwhT1(nwhT1)Adult (m)6,6331,1943
Y81AgI was able to stand on itAdult (m)7,1001,0761
s4l3x(s4l3x)Adult (m)7,0581,2162
ARFhs(ARFhs)Adult (m)6,9641,2021
cADSXBecause it will beAdult (m)7,0921,1911
64i1Eit was just  a passing dayAdult (m)7,0311,2132
ZnfwCDon't say  thatAdult (f)7,0531,0742
T80qano  more tomorrowAdult (m)7,6231,0232
2YE8lyou've hurt in a wayAdult (f)7,5801,0091
a7GBvthan separationAdult (m)5,7911,1672
dZwoPNo no no more tomorrowAdult (f)5,7871,1811
4Dbeuwas with youAdult (f)5,8241,1651
w96Tuplease stop saying words ofAdult (f)5,8191,1871
L0v2yWil give you the strength to goAdult (f)5,8251,1661
WqZ4ithan when IAdult (m)6,0761,2332
fS3nF(fS3nF)Adult (f)6,8341,3142
3Jjlvit was just a passing dayAdult (f)5,8301,2231
uAzZB(uAzZB)Adult (f)5,9421,1992
dX6t0I'm lingering hereAdult (m)6,0591,1831
bwF2Q(bwF2Q)Adult (f)5,8271,2065
m1nwTAlthough for youAdult (m)7,4801,1071
iLyNE(iLyNE)Adult (f)7,5571,1011
DbEi5(DbEi5)Adult (f)6,3691,2052
GHVQR(GHVQR)Adult (m)6,1401,1812
dJxOQ(dJxOQ)Adult (f)6,2021,2201
f9JwH(f9JwH)Adult (f)7,4271,3543
gIaZ8compassion's a flawAdult (f)7,3721,3302
2a9FS(2a9FS)Adult (f)7,5931,1412
wuH8E(wuH8E)Adult (f)7,2201,3001
Prc5g(Prc5g)Adult (f)7,3311,2831
0qzF2(0qzF2)Adult (m)6,9041,2851
madUv(madUv)Adult (m)7,1321,2521
VSqPU(VSqPU)Adult (m)7,1099761
x4kXj(x4kXj)Adult (f)6,8211,0022
0R1gz(0R1gz)Adult (f)6,9551,1503
55cueWill give youAdult (m)6,2671,1862
mWzXS(mWzXS)Adult (m)7,1131,1601
SGG1yI'm stopped still fromAdult (f)6,3381,2533
2bNf8(2bNf8)Adult (m)5,6251,1661
0ShAw(0ShAw)Adult (m)6,7141,0204
nQ3k0(nQ3k0)Adult (f)5,2479305
Awky7(Awky7)Adult (m)6,4441,2681
xLj35(xLj35)Adult (f)6,8001,2943
3pkUy(3pkUy)Adult (f)6,6881,3023
a1XCR(a1XCR)Adult (f)7,3881,40515
csoVYThey are still so vividAdult (f)6,6231,2573
jHnMXmotive for my musicAdult (m)6,4961,2401
S0wkG(S0wkG)Adult (m)5,0117312
2SDSKof the worldAdult (f)6,9451,2683
NVajn(NVajn)Adult (f)6,2431,1662
PAe6f(PAe6f)Adult (m)4,9387652
92tuG(92tuG)Adult (m)6,2011,1482
AqNF3(AqNF3)Adult (f)5,3741,0535
ryZu4(ryZu4)Adult (m)5,3521,0152
olX1pThat no oneAdult (m)5,1471,0071
AuPbRThere are so many memoriesAdult (f)5,1351,0031
7J9UjI will see  you againAdult (f)8,7719332
XJPVsBut if you ever miss meAdult (m)7,7071,3453
Gl7f1Good old days back thenAdult (m)8,4431,4533
TXe7UI'm forgiving what I've doneAdult (f)6,0611,1252
xHrUQ(xHrUQ)Adult (f)8,2901,2524
3OSaXI shall let you goAdult (f)8,7811,2952
LiXGpDiamond Lunar HeraldAdult (f)5,7561,1753
gMK88(gMK88)Adult (m)6,9471,3561
zyU6Hon this pretty flower roadAdult (f)6,8461,3443
2P2F3(2P2F3)Adult (m)6,3951,2854
YlpPf(YlpPf)Adult (f)4,1071,01619
stnvWnot gonna  fightAdult (f)4,8059922
8w4UUWeird things happenAdult (m)8,9451,1614
uiAnn(uiAnn)Adult (f)6,4181,1333
R1tZaYou meet someone like meAdult (f)5,8251,1562
RqNwe(RqNwe)Adult (m)6,8471,1052
pvlevThe morning will come againAdult (m)6,2071,1313
EU7lYAnd you'll  neverAdult (m)6,5511,3001
0wmwt(0wmwt)Adult (m)5,9411,1394
74sXEAnd let go of  what I've doneAdult (m)6,6821,3221
G9MWb(G9MWb)Adult (f)4,7401,0467
z1wNW(z1wNW)Adult (f)5,07399610
c9BoR(c9BoR)Adult (f)4,4308906
9KxIyI think I wont if its not youAdult (f)6,1341,1984
iBS8VKurakakemiyaAdult (f)5,7071,0783
aHgEfWill I ever love againAdult (m)6,6521,2841
odLWsthan our worriesAdult (f)5,3271,0442
T0AfG(T0AfG)Adult (f)5,9781,0914
x32uM(x32uM)Adult (f)6,0561,0358
CN1ONon the road you will walk onAdult (f)8,3401,1851
9THGi(9THGi)Adult (f)5,1881,05712
qvdbrBreathing doesn'tAdult (f)7,1131,2873
dMLjeErase  myselfAdult (f)4,9301,0652
Tz8st(Tz8st)Adult (m)5,0991,03810
n9zB5(n9zB5)Adult (f)5,1721,0719
cnZ0z(cnZ0z)Adult (f)5,3351,04718
p0UpyKaya no HimeAdult (f)6,8631,1384
FdOlkYou became a ray of lightAdult (m)5,7721,0621
JcOEl(JcOEl)Adult (f)6,3241,00719
JvbuKso I emptied it out a lotAdult (f)6,6641,3011
3O77v(3O77v)Adult (f)7,1451,1513
y6JQ0(y6JQ0)Adult (m)6,7931,3082
NH314Has kept you fromAdult (m)6,3871,2601
LEG4zHi no KagutsuchiAdult (m)6,02176222
cHeNq(cHeNq)Adult (m)6,5181,2111
0d20K(0d20K)Adult (m)7,0611,2832
miuKbNo no  more tomorrowAdult (f)6,9441,3101
usU2X(usU2X)Adult (m)7,1101,3103
Gjehi(Gjehi)Adult (m)6,7111,1591
USq41(USq41)Adult (f)5,5371,0821
sPYFl(sPYFl)Adult (m)6,7901,3401
82jkucross out what I've becomeAdult (m)5,3359220
Npyb4(Npyb4)Adult (f)5,9729993
mpUAr(mpUAr)Adult (f)5,7189993
C4TzsAnd whatever pain may comeAdult (f)5,0098641
d2JUq(d2JUq)Adult (m)5,2418312
L54K0you've hurt for so longAdult (f)6,1691,2302
mqS5LI look betterAdult (f)6,1971,2431
uJ4avWhat  I've doneAdult (m)7,4601,1603
unvZySuzuka Gozen no OniAdult (m)3,0877113
MEWAmRasetsu no OniAdult (m)7,2281,1104
hEcu4Gwyn of Silver WingsAdult (m)6,6621,1661
WR1q0Lord Jinu of WinnerAdult (m)6,8781,1502
i8yg0Till  you come backAdult (m)7,1201,1792
Sy8fjCause no one willAdult (m)8,0321,1801
DMwLYand lost in the desperationAdult (f)7,1541,1793
gRkhORoseanne TargaryenAdult (f)4,4981,0012
pT5IUIt's the last lingering momentAdult (f)7,3071,3541
P7DO9Even though you sayAdult (f)6,9291,2562
SWmPtmy smile doesn'tAdult (f)6,9191,3091
ojzg5(ojzg5)Adult (m)7,5101,0042
QPNfaMomiji Gozen no OniAdult (m)4,5758602
5VvsuFarah no HimeAdult (f)3,8618273
zgFDFwhy do they keep blabberingAdult (f)7,5361,1861
gSqiKKuro usagi no ShikiAdult (f)3,7098822
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