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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Iside,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3hAJ4(3hAJ4)Adult (m)4,3819315
NWE17(NWE17)Adult (f)3,9419234
TBXaD(TBXaD)Adult (m)4,2489373
dqExl(dqExl)Adult (m)4,3748916
S43hm(S43hm)Adult (f)4,9369032
SKga3(SKga3)Adult (m)4,6828756
tUbJP(tUbJP)Adult (f)3,6999176
4Jbyk(4Jbyk)Adult (m)3,8909302
jKYPqUnder me for tradingHatchling (F)2,0071421
C1IeCOver me for freezingHatchling (F)3,9164931
GyiEuOver me for tradingHatchling (F)2,9906973
sBkvmHolly ConstancyAdult (m)3,4993946
LqzaqUnbelievable DayAdult (m)3,8304785
HNTmvIsis JoyAdult (m)2,90439522
iNsooIsis Holly iNsooAdult (f)3,7035887
BAqrPIsis Blessing CharlotteAdult (f)2,4475429
lySF8Red MelittisAdult (f)4,6685437
x7BhFDecember  ThuwedAdult (m)2,0225142
Gv9Z7Holly  StairAdult (m)1,9035384
gXTBsIsis White BlossomAdult (m)2,2585065
xkLDb(xkLDb)Adult (m)2,6425331
oop2e(oop2e)Adult (m)3,9387443
oZulM(oZulM)Adult (m)2,9486104
qrSaq(qrSaq)Adult (f)2,8734984
pLlQR(pLlQR)Adult (m)4,4774051
9yRZ2(9yRZ2)Adult (m)3,3635024
zbAdo(zbAdo)Adult (m)3,0406063
76g7o(76g7o)Adult (m)2,7636613
I3TUz(I3TUz)Adult (m)2,8804441
v4gQ9(v4gQ9)Adult (m)2,5675081
5m271(5m271)Adult (m)3,1355633
3Yens(3Yens)Adult (m)2,6835562
B4Nqq(B4Nqq)Adult (m)1,7235351
uoaBy(uoaBy)Hatchling (F)1,4732904
ZczIV(ZczIV)Hatchling (F)2,4308285
b5bz0(b5bz0)Hatchling (m, F)3,6101,0604
sswrKIsis AdesAdult (m)5,64192212
s0AArIsis PersefoneAdult (f)8,8056877
om8X2Isis EcateAdult (f)7,72156712
oGT2a(oGT2a)Adult (f)7,68399112
jyhNq(jyhNq)Adult (m)5,2399432
ltAwp(ltAwp)Adult (m)4,9451,2384
uiCDV(uiCDV)Adult (f)5,55591010
cBj9M(cBj9M)Adult (m)4,3838778
jLQy2(jLQy2)Adult (m)4,6161,1362
NcXys(NcXys)Adult (m)7,94099411
iZ1hI(iZ1hI)Adult (f)4,8001,03511
wdFBQ(wdFBQ)Adult (m)3,9468415
gtKme(gtKme)Adult (m)6,8461,0485
QuKPW(QuKPW)Adult (f)6,7469363
QTAuB(QTAuB)Adult (f)5,1001,1198
DdGaV(DdGaV)Adult (f)7,9348181
5P9Vn(5P9Vn)Hatchling (m, F)3,2531,30829
bF3k9(bF3k9)Hatchling (f, F)8,0128105
xaUI2(xaUI2)Adult (m)6,85192616
7tA5O(7tA5O)Adult (f)4,8001,0399
sueQH(sueQH)Adult (m)6,9191,0326
JV1bL(JV1bL)Adult (f)7,2619382
PFsooGold PFsoo the 2ndAdult (m)5,4489614
lj2eD(lj2eD)Adult (f)6,6381,0216
hxC0t(hxC0t)Adult (f)5,8748417
RlxRhGold RlxRh the 2ndAdult (m)8,40962810
9vwX4Gold 9vwX4 the 3rdAdult (m)7,2056659
QxxTJGold QxxTJ the 3rdAdult (f)6,20167217
cRNMoGold cRNMo the 2ndAdult (f)6,94467820
zJIC9(zJIC9)Adult (m)6,99862013
YTdk3(YTdk3)Adult (f)6,0098523
qYHsLGold qYHsL the 2ndAdult (f)8,4506144
qVFeBGold qVFeB the 3rdAdult (m)7,3556668
XtTEqGold XtTEq the 3rdAdult (m)7,13870311
nmMtqGold nmMtq the 4thAdult (m)7,04570811
vf4P3Gold vf4P3 the 2ndAdult (f)6,3777948
nzTrV(nzTrV)Adult (f)6,8846353
7Zktv(7Zktv)Adult (f)9,1936293
dVjxB(dVjxB)Adult (f)4,95984818
wZlRb(wZlRb)Hatchling (m, F)8,6239054
EVojh(EVojh)Hatchling (f, F)4,9057693
yzBhRIsis's PrizesHatchling (F)4,5593166
mQqlYMina Tinsel HarkerAdult (f)8,53184140
9QLGZJoy Tinsel HarkerAdult (f)6,2011,04343
PZljALucy Tinsel HarkerAdult (f)5,80092250
Zp1v5Tinsel MatildaAdult (f)7,80779371
Ji8seEmber Tinsel IvyAdult (f)8,53986654
lrP7EMattew Tinsel HarkerAdult (m)9,39564425
lXBoBQuincey Tinsel HarkerAdult (m)7,71778813
hohKkHorokAdult (m)9,24973312
uCev7Spirit da NoiteAdult (m)7,99164914
QZHib(QZHib)Adult (f)7,19078621
xFgKY(xFgKY)Adult (f)8,7816038
2V2fi(2V2fi)Adult (f)6,9621,05813
1BGSzTan Joyous 2012Adult (m)5,4631,08123
5SyImGlorious Jewel 2012Adult (f)7,5988576
Uh3Br(Uh3Br)Adult (m)9,2309033
3lpvsSix or SevenAdult (f)6,48094410
NOJft(NOJft)Adult (f)4,1871,3165
4Bjsh(4Bjsh)Adult (f)5,00497015
D3ibbIsis Scaled SilkAdult (m)4,6369637
2kmCb(2kmCb)Adult (m)3,74692118
LlfI5Isis Silky ScaleAdult (f)6,08181412
OWI36(OWI36)Adult (m)6,3409273
DleNO(DleNO)Adult (f)7,1781,0755
YCPB7La terza stella a destraAdult (m)6,1137939
FlZvFFiocco di  neveAdult (f)7,2476559
VmQvPBronze Desert RoseAdult (f)6,81862810
9upA0(9upA0)Adult (f)5,9141,2645
du5Ae(du5Ae)Adult (f)4,81772310
na3OSAttention to the sharkAdult (m)5,9788808
vlgTk(vlgTk)Adult (f)7,90056712
Svjbe(Svjbe)Adult (m)6,3088128
XDpzALavinia de SangrealAdult (f)7,8407646
q9JcBLucilla de SanrealAdult (f)5,8677698
IeK9ZStone of RivenAdult (f)7,9787638
7U9kS(7U9kS)Adult (m)8,9926867
J7aTe(J7aTe)Adult (f)7,1807634
6Ktmj(6Ktmj)Adult (f)9,07979514
y2uGw(y2uGw)Adult (f)5,1109823
o4d6X(o4d6X)Adult (f)7,0986183
KYF8U(KYF8U)Adult (f)5,6031,0653
rCF7M(rCF7M)Hatchling (F)2,53781416
P7c6m(P7c6m)Hatchling (m, F)7,9295948
AENAH(AENAH)Hatchling (f, F)5,89779511
SZZXJSilverius TinselAdult (m)7,32762752
AFOCcArthorius TilselAdult (m)8,15272532
JSUCNAbigail TinselAdult (f)7,42472318
tfhhJAlicia TinselAdult (f)9,27161916
FcmWlShimmering Silver LadyAdult (f)9,74965033
Nqf4YTinsel SeleneAdult (f)7,76963514
EjYYhNocturnal Silver TinselAdult (m)9,32274813
SedV8Silver Striped TinselAdult (m)7,23866815
GftBMMoon Silver FranciscaAdult (f)10,00468316
XfSIwGold Shimmering AsgardAdult (f)6,13393415
T2ifI(T2ifI)Adult (f)9,5637546
FFHCX(FFHCX)Adult (m)6,14092315
UyIOW(UyIOW)Adult (m)6,0201,22211
p3IHR(p3IHR)Adult (m)6,8819953
k9Gxp(k9Gxp)Adult (m)4,6341,03913
REItR(REItR)Adult (f)7,58270913
kIQ6E(kIQ6E)Adult (f)4,2491,06914
VEHUr(VEHUr)Adult (f)4,3881,03214
IGz57(IGz57)Adult (f)4,7231,07814
rPlyo(rPlyo)Adult (m)5,27294710
DniAc(DniAc)Adult (m)8,24587218
bqfd8Isis SeleneAdult (f)7,5358317
6tLmtNube of SidoniaAdult (m)7,7016108
ynuLz(ynuLz)Adult (m)6,14892311
IpQng(IpQng)Adult (m)4,77198620
PHgUQ(PHgUQ)Adult (m)7,44280111
5X6xn(5X6xn)Adult (f)7,9975669
ROdlt(ROdlt)Adult (m)8,2265776
iuEFH(iuEFH)Adult (f)8,9586249
yBvByBranch of TreeAdult (f)7,92466110
pKIke(pKIke)Adult (m)6,60553822
VXbss(VXbss)Adult (f)8,8866239
qem42(qem42)Adult (f)8,41966512
IaCSP(IaCSP)Adult (m)8,0116328
QHDT2(QHDT2)Hatchling (F)2,1056277
g0M8X(g0M8X)Hatchling (m, F)6,32674110
7DOQO(7DOQO)Hatchling (f, F)6,54461012
HrFHKGolden Frederick TinselAdult (m)5,19298964
kohXuGolden Arthur TinselAdult (m)7,92467643
S1crRGolden Sheila TinselAdult (f)7,88162417
F3nUYGolden Lori TinselAdult (m)9,82376717
ssSCJGolden Last TinselAdult (m)8,09373414
I4gO4Tinsel of SunsetAdult (f)7,52871414
JWOAZ(JWOAZ)Adult (f)8,46762314
hj13U(hj13U)Adult (f)6,72265912
vyId9(vyId9)Adult (m)9,45271320
XCrLa(XCrLa)Adult (m)8,2668046
mESga(mESga)Adult (f)7,1539969
W5ttn(W5ttn)Adult (f)4,1491,11812
EVdBQGold Shiny StripeAdult (m)4,59294411
3ZBOX(3ZBOX)Adult (f)5,28184511
qbQGo(qbQGo)Adult (f)9,81369716
CK7VH(CK7VH)Adult (f)7,51493412
rGKx7Sunnt spiralAdult (m)6,14768315
fzPuV(fzPuV)Adult (f)6,4016588
nshwK(nshwK)Adult (f)8,8135897
jOp0k(jOp0k)Adult (m)7,5877424
J7bXK(J7bXK)Adult (m)4,79785613
8jmSS(8jmSS)Adult (m)6,0991,2424
lGe80(lGe80)Hatchling (F)4,3903603
0Gp4R(0Gp4R)Hatchling (m, F)3,88887014
LtuQB(LtuQB)Hatchling (f, F)6,32163023
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