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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Ishemaru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    fS3s(fS3s)Adult (f)3,1968545
    tHPI(tHPI)Adult (m)2,6515832
    dG6t(dG6t)Adult (m)6,0767095
    JC9q(JC9q)Adult (m)2,8707674
    mpAlo(mpAlo)Adult (f)1,6954911
    5688(5688)Adult (f)4,6901,4256
    E4Ti(E4Ti)Adult (f)3,2021,0241
    egQ0(egQ0)Adult (f)1,3125352
    QEHa(QEHa)Adult (f)3,7964934
    pWj6(pWj6)Adult (f)1,1144164
    VEBq(VEBq)Adult (m)2,7646912
    gpZ6IS 1Adult (m)2,8897693
    AuUf(AuUf)Adult (f)1,5784709
    1f1S(1f1S)Adult (f)2,7076859
    8QGZ(8QGZ)Adult (f)2,4227106
    tiXa(tiXa)Adult (f)1,9415602
    W8qC(W8qC)Adult (f)3,3962977
    0Lj7(0Lj7)Adult (f)6,8705126
    gPhU(gPhU)Adult (f)6,8645097
    Zj2N(Zj2N)Adult (f)1,2845831
    WBr8(WBr8)Adult (f)1,3655721
    Qmfv0(Qmfv0)Adult (f)1,7684851
    FjDo(FjDo)Adult (m)1,6254799
    X7IY4(X7IY4)Adult (m)1,7394871
    ZOVn(ZOVn)Adult (f)2,25759416
    Id6E(Id6E)Adult (f)6,1694254
    UNBM(UNBM)Adult (f)2,8007804
    Ws0I(Ws0I)Adult (f)2,5007827
    3TT4(3TT4)Adult (m)1,3916173
    fGbE(fGbE)Adult (m)3,9281,1575
    Ilm9(Ilm9)Adult (m)3,2708374
    Ki7n6(Ki7n6)Adult (m)1,6224430
    UGaK(UGaK)Adult (f)1,69750112
    AMi4(AMi4)Hatchling (f, F)3,3451,0395
    pf2v(pf2v)Adult (m)2,3777916
    bhcZ(bhcZ)Adult (f)2,8118682
    Y28t(Y28t)Adult (f)2,1936435
    MRpj(MRpj)Adult (f)3,0558332
    WrIR(WrIR)Adult (f)2,5458204
    VGFa(VGFa)Adult (m)1,1474371
    Stqn(Stqn)Adult (m)1,1464372
    OgZ5(OgZ5)Adult (m)1,2175661
    BBEU(BBEU)Adult (f)2,8616815
    LKFb(LKFb)Adult (f)4,2429383
    lgBU(lgBU)Adult (f)1,8635277
    7Lgc(7Lgc)Adult (m)6,2437817
    r8mv(r8mv)Adult (m)2,7187215
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