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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Isabel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PVDTBrennain MarineAdult (m)1,5001,00339
e93IZafira MarineAdult (f)1,46899039
Bj9mMarianne MarineAdult (f)1,26390324
d1l6Shealagh MarineAdult (m)2,6171,32612
qKIRAmalia MarineAdult (f)2,5131,33726
nzKhBernoen MarineAdult (m)1,82595717
vdEiAgimar MarineAdult (m)6,4221,24231
JrzLAron MarineAdult (m)6,3691,23134
H5HUNostyx MarineAdult (m)3,01392218
yyrSBoromir MarineAdult (m)3,1801,39511
Oi7PFaramir MarineAdult (m)2,9171,37419
zwJxKazan MarineAdult (m)2,9021,3269
22gNJosephine MarineAdult (f)1,6541,05517
2R3DMithrandir MarineAdult (m)1,6211,0956
ChYRGreyhame MarineAdult (m)1,4741,0241
lBj8Mick MarineAdult (m)1,46641124
M7NDMalafide MarineAdult (f)1,53145418
4rLZLelie MarineAdult (f)3,0446773
6NCtVardiello MarineAdult (m)2,5065581
FdfoRenesmee MarineAdult (f)2,22050210
LSOoTrixiebelle MarineAdult (f)1,7926534
PAXOLibelle MarineAdult (f)2,2177945
Af5aFantasia MarineAdult (f)1,5106324
UihHFreida MarineAdult (f)1,7447184
SJubLove Dove MarineAdult (m)1,12563913
s41cThe bold and the beautifulAdult (f)3,23264811
sYJQBlueberry Rose MarineAdult (f)1,69479610
OtaDjane moorsumAdult (m)1,4365784
aGDeMarauder Kago MarineAdult (m)3,83357913
bMgnTimpelina MarineAdult (f)3,8135787
lodvEronar Kago MarineAdult (m)2,6048685
lU7WoIlona Rose MarineAdult (f)2,0106013
1JfJMLynne Secunda MarineAdult (f)4,9081,1843
Iv6jWGrivon and Shaleh Kago MarineAdult (m)6,9361,1161
Vp649Andy Serkis and GollemAdult (m)5,1381,2673
StS04Sakura Kago MarineAdult (m)3,6271,0322
HC5RRNelis Rose MarineAdult (f)2,7851,1377
oTf6ETidwald and Torthelm Kago MarineAdult (m)2,4987872
e7BnB(e7BnB)Adult (m)3,3719634
wPLjDRowald Kago MarineAdult (m)2,0758391
IAEJgNyala Rose MarineAdult (f)2,0548392
xsSgiAvaline Rose MarineAdult (f)5,0344152
fNIr4(fNIr4)Adult (m)3,4439645
hqp31(hqp31)Adult (f)2,8548890
OrGTw(OrGTw)Adult (f)3,2491,0971
diZsj(diZsj)Adult (m)2,7179982
A1VtQMoktezuma Rose MarineAdult (f)4,2341,0115
XRl3k(XRl3k)Adult (m)2,1417662
0smUL(0smUL)Adult (f)2,2017700
wP9Na(wP9Na)Adult (f)4,0391,2142
Qw9ks(Qw9ks)Adult (m)4,1686854
wnOpf(wnOpf)Adult (f)3,0336051
foDcw(foDcw)Adult (f)4,5677772
aWrAP(aWrAP)Adult (f)5,2629791
ugLOh(ugLOh)Adult (m)4,5928250
bLn64(bLn64)Adult (m)4,3321,0223
SDZMn(SDZMn)Adult (m)3,7346870
cm5aAyelita MarineHatchling (f, F)1,3475123
BbNrI(BbNrI)Adult (m)2,34389812
gaExcIda Rose MarineAdult (f)3,2419034
hBtFROlituro Lion MarineAdult (m)2,27884612
BixLIJacinta Rose MarineAdult (f)3,1299383
fES61Rodan Kago MarineAdult (m)1,9967682
081Nh(081Nh)Adult (f)1,8286761
xzoJ0(xzoJ0)Adult (m)2,1317550
HMqfR(HMqfR)Adult (f)1,8766160
iTLDt(iTLDt)Adult (f)4,9541,0535
qRkIw(qRkIw)Adult (m)4,0006942
QF6NZ(QF6NZ)Adult (m)3,7599500
wmjEy(wmjEy)Adult (f)3,7449370
K9gM4(K9gM4)Adult (f)3,7529510
AtVyX(AtVyX)Adult (f)3,7049020
7Tcwk(7Tcwk)Adult (f)3,1358282
h1kLm(h1kLm)Adult (m)4,0261,0292
CUufO(CUufO)Adult (m)4,7389510
Npg3p(Npg3p)Adult (f)4,8459481
z0bV5(z0bV5)Adult (f)3,7087375
GKcbHannah Rose MarineAdult (f)3,5088969
GO6RI killed herAdult (f)3,3058604
ihWBSenadorius MarineAdult (m)2,5925726
7RZTAlbus Kago MarineAdult (m)2,8126156
v6VRMaschelein MarineAdult (m)3,5899262
HTXLOresteia Rose MarineAdult (f)1,1085621
u92CLeana Rose MarineAdult (f)1,4635690
Ha8hKalinor MarineAdult (m)1,4475581
WdcVGuinivere Marine DorkfaceAdult (f)1,80661612
pMDIAvalbane Marine DorkfaceAdult (f)6,19166511
pMtjFionan Marine DorkfaceAdult (m)1,9875898
ThiS(ThiS)Adult (m)2,9696464
BtVmAnaja Rose MarineAdult (f)2,2357271
JpufEllie Rose MarineAdult (f)2,0515083
fj5W9The queen is deadAdult (m)3,5358232
jrpYbAjevis Rose MarineAdult (f)2,5958131
XKsWLMinwed Rose MarineAdult (f)2,7319121
8hHcVKunegold Rose MarineAdult (f)2,8987785
aik7cSefardienne Rose MarineAdult (f)3,0407725
bkFu4Dorac Kago MarineAdult (m)2,3717041
N5eQFSiffren Rose MarineAdult (f)2,2707373
MsHLPRolanda Rose MarineAdult (f)2,3537621
YPVcC(YPVcC)Adult (f)2,0915721
DuokXNajwa MarineAdult (f)2,2477710
8PmjeTerris Kago MarineAdult (m)2,3498081
kEKTPNikita Banana MarineAdult (f)5,4497301
RoBFgZorro The FoxAdult (m)5,5517375
iJj7kWhite Rose Secunda MarineAdult (f)4,8209473
hBOqWWhite Ember Tertio MarineAdult (m)3,3011,33012
DM2GLNirgali Kago MarineAdult (m)4,6249404
wgPo7(wgPo7)Adult (m)3,5051,2318
nnRup(nnRup)Adult (m)1,8966871
jzEes(jzEes)Adult (f)6,2599974
s4hMT(s4hMT)Adult (m)3,1997981
tf9uf(tf9uf)Adult (f)5,3576701
jFxae(jFxae)Adult (f)5,2679400
68Oi4(68Oi4)Adult (m)3,2516371
VbWue(VbWue)Hatchling (f, F)2,8735855
6YH4dMy lineage is way too longHatchling (F)2,2762081
CQ2abVesali MarineHatchling (F)1,9732021
6hlCcAs Pale As A Bottle Of MilkHatchling (F)1,8742131
DnRls(DnRls)Adult (f)5,0938962
1oi9L(1oi9L)Adult (m)3,1366722
TEkAi(TEkAi)Adult (f)3,9718231
gyCc5(gyCc5)Adult (m)2,4716930
smk8Z(smk8Z)Adult (m)3,5908270
jgwwG(jgwwG)Adult (f)6,5446590
cuXqc(cuXqc)Adult (m)3,7159112
netCc(netCc)Adult (f)3,7577390
ZVuAU(ZVuAU)Adult (f)5,7909950
ofzmw(ofzmw)Adult (f)2,9136980
YcOnr(YcOnr)Adult (m)3,0616830
vh2B2(vh2B2)Adult (m)3,9378870
HZagU(HZagU)Adult (m)3,7178330
RG6d4(RG6d4)Adult (f)7,0331,0785
iXzjR(iXzjR)Adult (f)4,3639194
qpFz9(qpFz9)Adult (m)3,8019632
NAaZJ(NAaZJ)Adult (m)4,8258391
rguJS(rguJS)Adult (m)4,7021,0521
2x9bp(2x9bp)Adult (m)3,3666590
lEd4m(lEd4m)Adult (f)4,6506840
r3MPX(r3MPX)Adult (f)2,6227261
Xi7pg(Xi7pg)Adult (m)3,5268730
kkpvM(kkpvM)Adult (m)3,4898301
eKYE7(eKYE7)Adult (f)3,7428091
U0zJs(U0zJs)Adult (f)3,2467721
f3wGRosalie MarineAdult (f)1,7451,02536
HlhDGalaxia MarineAdult (f)2,60791711
gfmFGalathea MarineAdult (f)3,2381,51010
VOR4y(VOR4y)Adult (m)4,8936653
Kmtdw(Kmtdw)Adult (f)5,0149281
XXJ6W(XXJ6W)Adult (f)3,1837180
8MyyV(8MyyV)Adult (f)3,2727091
0bVH4(0bVH4)Adult (f)2,6816961
AlL0K(AlL0K)Adult (m)3,5309411
sEMBy(sEMBy)Adult (f)4,6561,0010
upAYm(upAYm)Adult (f)4,8241,0761
8ZTbz(8ZTbz)Adult (m)4,7981,0371
v2rkD(v2rkD)Adult (f)3,1471,0182
oWKeh(oWKeh)Adult (m)5,0679382
2Apyi(2Apyi)Adult (f)2,8006871
rIKuh(rIKuh)Adult (f)3,6858231
l0z9f(l0z9f)Adult (m)3,0997270
T3lm6(T3lm6)Adult (f)3,9041,1502
FjZdq(FjZdq)Adult (m)4,5599871
v9CIo(v9CIo)Adult (m)4,5799820
6rSn4(6rSn4)Adult (f)3,3166600
6KI5J(6KI5J)Adult (m)5,3271,0371
fpezy(fpezy)Adult (m)2,7086971
axhXy(axhXy)Adult (f)5,4237063
8gA2c(8gA2c)Adult (f)3,3096731
9rl3F(9rl3F)Adult (f)2,9397390
ZCYEL(ZCYEL)Adult (m)4,3237080
AQeCParvati Rose MarineAdult (f)1,62494810
xl4hBelinda Rose MarineAdult (f)8455564
VVeVTom Kago MarineAdult (m)7236052
Qn6gMinnie MarineAdult (f)1,5131,0543
NegjJack MarineAdult (m)1,7251,1037
zHgDCollin MarineAdult (m)3,91676611
LobvBrunilde Rose MarineAdult (f)1,37960811
sJnkDebbie MarineAdult (f)4,26365214
fC4rKalahari Rose MarineAdult (f)1,8634937
TqqhRosanna MarineAdult (f)2,49085013
hiEgAskundrom Kago MarineAdult (m)2,1675382
JYUqUJulien Kago MarineAdult (m)5,8127382
doJpcThomas BarrowsAdult (m)3,3826532
3nhV6Maxtipur Rose MarineAdult (f)3,8791,0313
ExzJ2Silver Charm II MarineAdult (f)2,1196433
naL2cThelma Rose MarineAdult (f)1,5188057
7I633Jaime Kago MarineAdult (m)4,8221,3249
oHtc6(oHtc6)Adult (m)2,6015912
568uD(568uD)Adult (m)2,4355782
mWswi(mWswi)Adult (f)2,9876411
9jiH(9jiH)Hatchling (m, F)1,9022166
UNJ4KSherim Kago MarineAdult (m)7,5011,0382
cVfn0(cVfn0)Adult (m)6,4561,1571
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