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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “InkedMyths,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BplqgSlitherer Beneath the WavesAdult (m)8,6461,4791
88nqbEyes of StarlightAdult (f)8,6061,4622
VzY8AWarrior of the First BlackAdult (f)8,9201,4774
6ngoCSwift Flier of the Blue SkiesAdult (f)9,3751,5544
XWb1pThe Hidden Silver OneAdult (f)8,1511,4386
Cfa1NTwin Kings of the Serene SeaAdult (m)8,2301,4134
GUhDZSisters of the Silent CarnivoresAdult (f)8,8671,4593
zWXf1Beloved of the GemstonesAdult (f)9,8121,5944
qP0zEGoddess of ChoicesAdult (f)9,6451,4597
RAvhLBlood of the Silver EyeAdult (m)9,4551,4783
HAr2uQueen of the Ocean CliffsAdult (f)10,5511,5497
Vl8lZLady of Gleaming VanityAdult (f)9,5431,4001
eSVLFFiery Dancer in the WavesAdult (m)7,8931,1713
qp1g4Priest of the Shining MoonAdult (m)7,7561,1532
hX7tkSwooping Bird of Blue FireAdult (m)10,4611,3614
uFfycDweller in the Carnation AlgaeAdult (f)6,7321,1103
gl5CX(gl5CX)Adult (f)8,6051,1803
izVV3(izVV3)Adult (m)8,7851,1953
JE5dY(JE5dY)Adult (m)9,2951,2164
Ewtcv(Ewtcv)Adult (m)8,8501,1544
UiC0k(UiC0k)Adult (f)4,8578541
PshRs(PshRs)Adult (m)4,8758941
MBJwu(MBJwu)Adult (m)6,3371,0892
cbfyV(cbfyV)Adult (f)8,6031,6424
T9EDX(T9EDX)Adult (m)8,6161,6282
i3bxz(i3bxz)Adult (m)8,8051,6264
f2cAF(f2cAF)Adult (f)5,2221,4191
jrFkX(jrFkX)Adult (m)6,3961,7337
Fs5nO(Fs5nO)Adult (m)6,0131,5503
JAfcI(JAfcI)Adult (m)5,9701,4683
UdOhf(UdOhf)Adult (m)4,8511,4394
3HUhO(3HUhO)Adult (m)5,4111,2950
QzFwG(QzFwG)Adult (m)5,3891,2231
5YoG7(5YoG7)Adult (f)7,0131,8630
kIuMz(kIuMz)Adult (f)6,6521,7652
VF0SQ(VF0SQ)Adult (f)7,2071,7023
uoMuo(uoMuo)Adult (m)10,0591,6575
PEWuP(PEWuP)Adult (m)11,7721,7525
k3t6F(k3t6F)Adult (f)11,7111,7659
nV8cC(nV8cC)Adult (m)10,0161,6434
AK5TN(AK5TN)Adult (f)10,2011,6067
XmDTw(XmDTw)Adult (m)10,8191,5914
cdwcK(cdwcK)Adult (m)12,1361,7731
areXk(areXk)Adult (m)10,3631,5402
ASK3d(ASK3d)Adult (f)11,2211,6375
bzITS(bzITS)Adult (m)12,1621,6771
zW5B3(zW5B3)Adult (m)12,1781,6733
kSV1t(kSV1t)Adult (m)10,2871,4670
fUGsf(fUGsf)Adult (m)9,7661,3771
7ziMu(7ziMu)Adult (f)11,8711,5131
Q8icd(Q8icd)Adult (f)13,0841,6070
CLvYp(CLvYp)Adult (m)13,1131,5812
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