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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • Wreath Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Imperfection,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6g9jR(6g9jR)Adult (f)3,6477930
paAeI(paAeI)Adult (f)3,2616731
6i7y3(6i7y3)Adult (f)5,5811,0093
EKdY3(EKdY3)Adult (m)5,7008803
g3AYJ(g3AYJ)Adult (f)5,0799481
LPCH7(LPCH7)Adult (m)5,8371,0320
iCTgv(iCTgv)Adult (m)4,8429091
UCywA(UCywA)Adult (f)2,7316231
mKxng(mKxng)Adult (f)3,5117671
9NAfi(9NAfi)Adult (f)2,4296361
awzIY(awzIY)Adult (m)2,5826712
dSAse(dSAse)Adult (m)3,9409284
FrC7g(FrC7g)Adult (m)3,5788273
Np9py(Np9py)Adult (f)3,6396762
nhGFf(nhGFf)Adult (f)3,6929541
z1BpC(z1BpC)Adult (f)3,6728882
iD4vB(iD4vB)Adult (f)3,2899670
PkLVE(PkLVE)Adult (f)3,5147991
kYzhC(kYzhC)Adult (f)3,6248812
sknp7(sknp7)Adult (f)4,1426561
nIyp8(nIyp8)Adult (m)2,8547672
AYEcQ(AYEcQ)Adult (f)4,2181,0161
whBWQ(whBWQ)Adult (f)4,7768874
2aa5(2aa5)Hatchling (m, F)1,52676114
DKHR(DKHR)Hatchling (f, F)1,65074920
XizIZ(XizIZ)Adult (f)2,8909712
eK7H4Cerca EstrellaAdult (f)4,2811,1502
udseLNebullar DreamsAdult (m)4,7361,2156
z5I3xZ'Starry NightAdult (f)2,2055993
0WO8s(0WO8s)Adult (f)5,7211,1772
UYI4L(UYI4L)Adult (f)6,6871,2493
gwYquCrossed StarsAdult (m)7,5081,2607
Wha9qConstellation MineAdult (m)8,0251,2744
rxZXjStarholdAdult (f)7,1591,1091
WYyen(WYyen)Adult (f)5,0689414
0vXtk(0vXtk)Adult (f)7,3851,1221
uBzLE(uBzLE)Adult (f)7,3551,1872
KxOWr(KxOWr)Adult (f)5,4351,1942
7MKsc(7MKsc)Adult (m)5,5338511
ymNXh(ymNXh)Adult (f)3,4167541
WSsLt(WSsLt)Adult (m)5,1108382
9JS0M(9JS0M)Adult (m)8,0241,0023
nfMgd(nfMgd)Adult (m)3,3094302
EOECV(EOECV)Adult (f)7,4501,0876
qcH5B(qcH5B)Adult (f)10,7561,7633
OmMNJ(OmMNJ)Adult (f)7,9661,3424
Njppk(Njppk)Adult (m)5,2171,0211
gLzz5(gLzz5)Adult (f)3,9647631
wKXP5(wKXP5)Adult (f)4,6986953
9IJHf(9IJHf)Adult (f)4,5288501
24nri(24nri)Adult (f)4,9929822
dON4A(dON4A)Adult (m)4,3187681
iPHu7(iPHu7)Adult (f)3,9598472
kcnMp(kcnMp)Adult (m)5,5731,0353
5NE89(5NE89)Adult (m)4,8237921
sYITh(sYITh)Adult (f)4,7659366
tMjBJ(tMjBJ)Adult (m)5,3598611
bdLak(bdLak)Adult (f)3,9981,1581
nXs4F(nXs4F)Adult (m)3,9288682
QpkyC(QpkyC)Adult (m)3,2768523
NyOYX(NyOYX)Adult (f)3,4498434
flmpg(flmpg)Adult (f)3,0477108
TB3kc(TB3kc)Adult (f)2,9086781
3NVOh(3NVOh)Adult (f)3,5908401
XsKTIRed NebbsAdult (f)2,3086445
bTJq7(bTJq7)Adult (m)2,5776794
Nqozz(Nqozz)Adult (m)2,5956501
8sq4K(8sq4K)Adult (m)2,6966941
F0YS4(F0YS4)Adult (m)2,8297791
iTCFx(iTCFx)Adult (f)2,8847322
yCUBh(yCUBh)Adult (f)3,3508547
wHctK(wHctK)Adult (m)3,7137361
ujlux(ujlux)Adult (m)4,1689636
JZ9fH(JZ9fH)Adult (m)3,1427783
qjDdy(qjDdy)Adult (f)4,1078802
MQoz3(MQoz3)Adult (f)2,7896771
S8XR1(S8XR1)Adult (f)3,8848703
02lhC(02lhC)Adult (m)3,2878201
pO8w7(pO8w7)Adult (f)4,0606211
1RPSt(1RPSt)Adult (m)3,9449112
c2mf1(c2mf1)Adult (f)4,0447693
g4pZv(g4pZv)Adult (m)2,7656441
EJbXm(EJbXm)Adult (f)4,0719901
cOZf4(cOZf4)Adult (m)6,9029135
Ao7nI(Ao7nI)Adult (f)4,0509286
YXbH(YXbH)Adult (f)3,4911,65019
1CXV(1CXV)Adult (f)78350420
AlRf(AlRf)Adult (m)1,5578337
3gj6vPB2 NeotropicalAdult (f)4,5811,1961
3hwCq(3hwCq)Adult (f)3,0057535
VbTy6(VbTy6)Adult (f)3,1649884
UDr5M(UDr5M)Adult (m)3,4159433
vbsFw(vbsFw)Adult (f)4,2503531
2me6r(2me6r)Adult (f)4,4398180
qITjT(qITjT)Adult (m)9,8679002
g4r4o(g4r4o)Adult (m)3,6599161
YMH0l(YMH0l)Adult (f)5,6941,3028
D8PjP(D8PjP)Adult (f)6,3119541
EupA(EupA)Adult (f)2,3396492
ZYEr(ZYEr)Adult (m)2,6058321
84FAM(84FAM)Adult (f)1,8345422
1Eb5(1Eb5)Adult (m)1,78299621
V4qE(V4qE)Adult (m)3,1451,26621
CBtg(CBtg)Adult (m)1,76985137
ZfbL(ZfbL)Adult (m)1,83287128
Qokr(Qokr)Adult (m)2,7621,19932
TjHX(TjHX)Adult (f)2,2117936
1y4VG(1y4VG)Adult (f)4,4608574
REphShe's  So  MeanAdult (f)2,6881,09322
95gTThanks for  the MemoriesAdult (f)2,7231,23734
ftNCWhen  I'm  GoneAdult (m)2,3131,13727
vGvEBest Day  of  My LifeAdult (f)3,2321,29641
HpkhBowling  for  SoupAdult (m)3,8851,44033
Dn05Find You ThereAdult (f)2,0551,00727
OVuOI Want  It  That WayAdult (m)2,4951,05836
3DSNLet  Me  Be  MyselfAdult (f)3,3841,64432
EYDHThe  Last  GoodnightAdult (m)1,90093926
58915891Adult (m)1,63377619
hR8IIf  I  Die YoungAdult (f)2,6521,15816
4JMaYou Should Know BetterAdult (f)1,36162417
4fkRMaroon FiveAdult (m)1,46471014
F2INBad   DayAdult (f)1,72175216
lDQYChasing  CarsAdult (m)1,99890619
mLvIHaven't  Met  You  YetAdult (m)2,0676381
NbhhNew  SoulAdult (f)2,0567312
MDapIn  Your  ArmsAdult (m)2,0417482
DMhJMen  at  WorkAdult (m)2,4968122
tGLVStory of a GirlAdult (f)1,8096184
AhfAPush Me AwayAdult (f)1,5314882
d0nZHey There DeliliahAdult (f)7,0961,1244
hsJtI  Like  ItAdult (f)2,61890510
9t47Fine  By  MeAdult (m)2,6808975
AKoOReturn  to  MeAdult (f)2,5018732
4sPXCheck  Yes  JulietAdult (f)2,4498864
KfQeWe  the  KingsAdult (m)2,1428286
sbqYGives  You  HellAdult (f)1,5716093
ZrTWZ'Benedict CumberbatchAdult (m)2,2067106
5TjmYou  and  MeAdult (f)2,1576892
dsC2Hey Soul-SisterAdult (f)2,2376923
0H0UMThe PocketAdult (f)2,4695873
Ce6lRThe All-American RejectsAdult (m)2,2606663
P9ObdOne TrustAdult (m)2,4415675
TSKHnPoison  KissAdult (f)2,2425491
6PhplPocket  Full  of  SunshineAdult (f)1,8795533
Q0TcDLove  Love  LoveAdult (f)2,7858112
Gj4ZlIf I Talk to GodAdult (f)1,9696033
QvfPuAmerican  AuthorsAdult (m)1,9656080
HOD8bShe Will  Be LovedAdult (f)1,6036232
qsJYpOne  More  NightAdult (m)2,1366512
D5r96Andy GrammerAdult (m)2,9105685
9HkSRBuild Me a GirlAdult (f)2,8405433
49CfDRun  the  WorldAdult (f)2,0385741
cVc2ZPictures  of  YouAdult (f)1,7396163
Gr4Z2Dirty White BoyAdult (m)1,9966182
UvCoBJuke-Box HeroAdult (m)2,3826451
vFcX1Hit ItAdult (f)1,9216011
rXn3bWho Can It Be NowAdult (m)1,9135822
Cm7PiCome  Sail  AwayAdult (f)2,2025961
TBst1Citizen  SoldierAdult (m)2,5335342
fBbZSKeep Your  Head UpAdult (f)3,6191,0313
KTLajGood LoveAdult (f)3,2029873
mYgVmStay BeautifulAdult (f)2,8628170
bRK28Back Where We  BelongAdult (m)3,0128881
o602dTwo IIAdult (f)4,8091,2155
OHqK4Too IIAdult (f)4,8521,2303
iFCDlTo IIAdult (f)4,8391,1861
HPbYf(HPbYf)Adult (m)3,4539221
Y0FuImagine    DragonsHatchling (m, F)1,56582417
kCQ5Little  NumbersHatchling (f, F)1,01657726
pfcE3Musty MustAdult (m)5,2258037
tapo1(tapo1)Adult (m)2,6797471
rlzvi(rlzvi)Adult (m)2,8387680
RzDE1(RzDE1)Adult (m)2,5577421
iVA5H(iVA5H)Adult (f)2,6477561
3b1kO(3b1kO)Adult (f)2,7777671
tuq2f(tuq2f)Adult (f)2,5237503
3BRO3(3BRO3)Adult (m)2,6567422
LyAZo(LyAZo)Adult (f)2,7387460
GcHG(GcHG)Adult (m)1,63494058
OuQq(OuQq)Adult (m)1,65294460
ztMXyZ' Paper MacheAdult4,6021,0982
MZtY(MZtY)Hatchling (F)1,80080716
4p3U3(4p3U3)Adult (m)3,3818592
OasnFluffalluffagussAdult (f)1,6146622
lk4pBedheaded PillowAdult (m)2,1767117
lQnnFluffalluffagusAdult (f)2,1047294
uYNeFluffaluffagussAdult (f)2,0006882
5cm6FlufaluffagusAdult (f)2,5586842
rLFeFlufalufagussAdult (f)2,3336953
mC7INaturally FluffyAdult (m)1,8346261
vVWVNot a BedAdult (m)2,5256111
tGIULord Charmin of the CommonsAdult (m)1,8036033
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