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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ignis_Etoile,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8uOk(8uOk)Adult (m)2,48824912
ILgb(ILgb)Adult (m)1,0413955
jRfe(jRfe)Adult (f)2,29826812
w44F(w44F)Adult (f)4,06850422
0TXr(0TXr)Adult (f)1,7316926
lmEL(lmEL)Adult (f)1,6006538
fltz(fltz)Adult (f)7,34660711
dZPJ(dZPJ)Adult (f)7,3655799
bFCf(bFCf)Adult (f)3,35237424
xDUK(xDUK)Adult (m)3,46633615
LAqQ(LAqQ)Adult (m)3,83852715
jvkI(jvkI)Adult (m)3,73946117
hQdg(hQdg)Adult (m)4,70385326
mTem(mTem)Adult (f)2,64226416
YCG5(YCG5)Adult (m)2,97345913
IMYZ(IMYZ)Adult (f)1,0534003
70cU(70cU)Adult (f)3,43541914
odjI(odjI)Adult (f)2,49637515
yErc(yErc)Adult (f)4,19446017
uWEZ(uWEZ)Adult (f)1,50462010
ySGK(ySGK)Adult (f)2,08485614
ULFH(ULFH)Adult (m)6,60861416
iVFh(iVFh)Adult (m)4,43065732
gHf6(gHf6)Adult (m)1,27476910
Mne0(Mne0)Adult (f)1,7036456
HzSm(HzSm)Adult (f)3,53257318
GFFq(GFFq)Adult (f)2,35727710
avnO(avnO)Adult (f)2,4792489
bSO2(bSO2)Adult (f)1,0454004
8IJi(8IJi)Adult (f)1,0714103
9s42(9s42)Adult (m)2,42026812
n9sD(n9sD)Adult (f)2,34748126
Btud(Btud)Adult (f)2,3721,2228
DITb(DITb)Adult (f)1,97176713
aNbW(aNbW)Adult (m)2,77281513
5CVW(5CVW)Adult (m)3,00843010
sGIi(sGIi)Adult (m)1,9317176
PJdt(PJdt)Adult (m)1,8516932
xzQ3(xzQ3)Adult (m)4,37551613
IcPo(IcPo)Adult (f)5,35154815
VgzB(VgzB)Adult (f)2,39043515
dAl7(dAl7)Adult (f)1,47362110
CCJq(CCJq)Adult (m)2,9195458
vuvS(vuvS)Adult (m)2,68450612
0Qgk(0Qgk)Adult (m)1,67341215
3G9w(3G9w)Adult (m)4,56259911
sIIK(sIIK)Adult (m)3,37558118
d7NG(d7NG)Adult (m)1,0913689
R9nt(R9nt)Adult (m)1,5306893
1m0N(1m0N)Adult (m)2,4691,0918
H3P0(H3P0)Adult (m)2,4731,0477
FRLJ(FRLJ)Adult (m)3,5991,4349
7uYl(7uYl)Adult (m)4,54067316
EpqV(EpqV)Adult (m)3,90965710
2BiX(2BiX)Adult (m)2,0346779
OcLe(OcLe)Adult (m)3,14257931
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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