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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “IgnisFatuus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
T23p(T23p)Adult (m)1,7336756
UtO2(UtO2)Adult (m)2,3034762
Td2H(Td2H)Adult (f)2,7805735
1far(1far)Adult (m)2,19949213
cB3O(cB3O)Adult (m)2,4335933
88u8(88u8)Adult (m)2,8555995
IJXI(IJXI)Adult (f)1,8926013
AXFD(AXFD)Adult (f)2,3145394
E7Vh(E7Vh)Adult (f)1,3505001
5dgU(5dgU)Adult (m)1,1855141
KK3V(KK3V)Adult (f)2,3394657
u0jd(u0jd)Adult (f)2,4404982
iQ0P(iQ0P)Adult (m)2,7775583
Q6EQ(Q6EQ)Adult (f)2,2174535
LSDn(LSDn)Adult (m)2,0456934
oL1p(oL1p)Adult (m)1,9256182
imEF(imEF)Adult (m)1,9345815
YcAB(YcAB)Adult (m)2,6305305
6GAi(6GAi)Adult (f)2,4106214
j19O(j19O)Adult (m)2,87957212
mte6(mte6)Adult (f)2,0095886
F2Mm(F2Mm)Adult (m)2,7854921
mAUR(mAUR)Adult (m)2,6076044
8nke(8nke)Adult (m)2,6166346
VOIV(VOIV)Adult (f)2,81057211
NlJV(NlJV)Adult (f)3,1046014
MKuq(MKuq)Adult (f)2,0906053
Y7HZ(Y7HZ)Adult (f)1,8605962
oG7E(oG7E)Adult (f)2,3024965
VdUh(VdUh)Adult (f)2,2944901
R52F(R52F)Adult (f)2,7405404
sT5p(sT5p)Adult (m)2,0784034
EHrt(EHrt)Adult (m)2,2236142
iotY(iotY)Adult (f)1,9236803
te4Y(te4Y)Adult (m)2,14847912
nGsD(nGsD)Adult (f)3,1065425
eaYF(eaYF)Adult (m)2,5334838
7FDX(7FDX)Adult (m)2,9696027
h8Zn(h8Zn)Adult (m)2,3115885
YXsA(YXsA)Adult (m)2,4425475
PRrQ(PRrQ)Adult (f)2,29851615
7pmP(7pmP)Adult (m)2,0465466
1IHg(1IHg)Adult (m)2,7744964
ikuR(ikuR)Adult (m)2,4735324
I5E0(I5E0)Adult (m)2,1316051
aNZ3(aNZ3)Adult (f)2,7236055
hQYp(hQYp)Adult (m)1,7746594
WMa0(WMa0)Adult (m)1,5146024
80L5(80L5)Adult (f)2,7465674
95IP(95IP)Adult (f)1,8476181
JfZ2(JfZ2)Adult (m)1,7806045
9hWY(9hWY)Adult (m)2,1894964
tLdo(tLdo)Adult (m)2,6525372
irSv(irSv)Adult (f)2,6885673
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