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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “IcarusDragonkeep,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XanrEXanre Of DeathAdult (f)3,6861,3372
XEMpx(XEMpx)Adult (f)4,2916570
TIIqYYou Know ItAdult (m)4,2826592
cTMzeMake Love AlreadyAdult (m)4,3396550
rUgor(rUgor)Adult (f)4,1976691
fElBD(fElBD)Adult (m)4,3526630
u5OS5(u5OS5)Adult (f)4,2226640
nj6Dg(nj6Dg)Adult (f)3,2525642
coXHz(coXHz)Adult (m)5,4835474
l4tR5(l4tR5)Adult (f)4,6756514
FkBWK(FkBWK)Adult (f)4,8536421
60ICm(60ICm)Adult (m)4,5846481
MC9U8(MC9U8)Adult (m)3,6168773
qoZsk(qoZsk)Adult (f)3,5878423
mj4Tw(mj4Tw)Adult (m)4,8055921
EMK2pHarambe- A True FriendAdult (m)5,7498783
4Ty6U(4Ty6U)Adult (f)4,1859642
8fwwv(8fwwv)Adult (m)4,4479860
7aFOe(7aFOe)Adult (f)4,3369571
mtYLX(mtYLX)Adult (m)4,5149640
yjfY4(yjfY4)Adult (f)4,0441,1413
ABw0J(ABw0J)Adult (m)4,3031,2543
wP37q(wP37q)Adult (m)2,4565223
kSekP(kSekP)Adult (f)2,9106101
8kcry(8kcry)Adult (m)2,8986181
aGaBL(aGaBL)Adult (f)2,9477212
Reeze(Reeze)Adult (m)3,1037337
LP0LO(LP0LO)Adult (f)2,9647252
F03zs(F03zs)Adult (m)3,1277472
OzDoK(OzDoK)Adult (f)3,0087551
isB3w(isB3w)Adult (f)3,1637512
7z9bf(7z9bf)Adult (f)3,3137581
b94AdHoax BananaAdult (f)4,0445595
pkQSJHoax PearAdult (f)3,4786617
vUTj5Hoax OrangeAdult (m)3,8246433
f5hnhHoax AppleAdult (f)3,5426484
9j1r1(9j1r1)Adult (f)4,4636825
MqSrX(MqSrX)Adult (m)4,6146883
khPIEThe Master Of PiesHatchling (m, F)2,4786004
BMvoI(BMvoI)Egg (F)
7l7RwCarpet SharkHatchling (F)1,1522232
F0XeD(F0XeD)Adult (f)2,40386517
3wOLF(3wOLF)Adult (m)4,3379345
w00db(w00db)Adult (f)2,0786534
IFaBs(IFaBs)Adult (m)2,2667772
PLoP8(PLoP8)Adult (f)2,2106702
esuIK(esuIK)Adult (m)5,6079033
C5RAP(C5RAP)Adult (m)2,3615773
rmIQY(rmIQY)Adult (f)2,3606493
FOXt7(FOXt7)Adult (f)3,5166860
M1CEz(M1CEz)Adult (m)2,6438954
URunU(URunU)Adult (f)2,1238072
PouGE(PouGE)Adult (m)2,5996991
FabiK(FabiK)Adult (f)3,1735794
Cstub(Cstub)Adult (m)2,8786285
Bat28(Bat28)Adult (m)1,8856760
gOAT9(gOAT9)Adult (f)5,3827617
LORAD(LORAD)Adult (m)4,9889422
nlG5A(nlG5A)Adult (m)3,3761,0662
Sacia(Sacia)Adult (f)3,1826662
8AseD(8AseD)Adult (f)2,4076051
h5sZqHeat BasedAdult (m)2,8415762
OHeAT(OHeAT)Adult (m)2,6616427
hh5Ex(hh5Ex)Adult (f)1,9306804
XsexO(XsexO)Adult (f)1,93659310
6X5ex(6X5ex)Adult (m)1,7787312
PhEOwPhaeoAdult (f)3,0421,1862
8IRdZ(8IRdZ)Adult (f)2,7506335
E5exA(E5exA)Adult (f)1,9017932
RikanThat Can Be My BURNING STARAdult (m)6,5961,0724
klNk8(klNk8)Adult (m)2,8536683
MytHJ(MytHJ)Adult (m)2,6098182
ssUsR(ssUsR)Adult (f)2,4517912
0ALLY(0ALLY)Adult (m)2,7866021
XplGA(XplGA)Adult (m)2,2348112
5MiCe(5MiCe)Adult (m)3,3146747
maAag(maAag)Adult (f)4,0501,4032
S1CKW(S1CKW)Adult (f)2,6047674
r0anZ(r0anZ)Adult (m)2,5137570
B4Dtj(B4Dtj)Adult (m)3,1878033
dUCkN(dUCkN)Adult (f)4,1649262
YcDen(YcDen)Adult (f)1,9046770
4JEMS(4JEMS)Adult (f)2,7066784
wrENx(wrENx)Adult (m)1,6546014
D0neZ(D0neZ)Adult (f)1,8796410
1WlNG(1WlNG)Adult (m)1,93071218
hTamy(hTamy)Adult (m)2,4836792
LUssr(LUssr)Adult (m)2,8067333
ni0ME(ni0ME)Adult (f)1,9686223
ZTuBe(ZTuBe)Adult (m)3,6579846
FALL7(FALL7)Adult (m)2,1405952
XCes5(XCes5)Adult (m)2,7896732
MnzWY(MnzWY)Adult (m)2,5825753
SkDorExcessively HeatedAdult (m)3,1106333
HeAt5(HeAt5)Adult (f)2,2558075
lRbts(lRbts)Adult (m)3,0226242
SG0TO(SG0TO)Adult (m)2,6455862
SAmyP(SAmyP)Adult (m)3,0735134
RauL6(RauL6)Adult (m)4,7161,0462
B1TES(B1TES)Adult (f)2,1818153
Eat3D(Eat3D)Adult (m)2,3455293
pumoR(pumoR)Adult (m)1,9886102
n0o0N(n0o0N)Adult (f)2,1877862
GNANE(GNANE)Adult (m)3,5841,06715
3verN(3verN)Adult (m)2,5048003
UpsIN(UpsIN)Adult (m)2,1516293
h5gjCSeries Of NumbersAdult (m)2,0016304
RlO1iRioli The Baby ZombieHatchling (F)1,2701974
d4GFoZombie DaddyAdult (m)2,2596226
YEMbLValentine CandiesAdult (f)4,2157304
1itCrOhh dem teedeesAdult (f)1,8466888
cW7ndBloody MarianAdult (m)2,8737808
rFoJJDon't Step On My ShadowAdult (f)5,1108194
D0ilCMister E's MagicAdult (m)5,1998013
73a4ATAKE THIS NAME AND LOVE ITAdult (f)4,2168213
I4WPy(I4WPy)Adult (m)4,6437904
9NOP5A Mad ChristmasAdult (f)4,2777893
UaBr1(UaBr1)Adult (f)2,8891,0042
L7NB3Charred Melty MarshmallowAdult (f)2,9161,0001
6XTLlLeaves Upon Our GravesAdult (m)2,8055722
QIktSGolden BloodsAdult (m)2,5935712
7McSiEmaciated GoldAdult (m)2,9818403
Te0aQEmberous MarrowAdult (m)3,3505891
qTsCYAlternating UniverseAdult (m)3,2515581
7zMXd(7zMXd)Adult (f)3,1085661
LjDjX(LjDjX)Adult (m)3,2175631
UHRQ0(UHRQ0)Adult (f)4,5986332
lBOYt(lBOYt)Adult (f)4,3156583
oEatW(oEatW)Adult (f)2,9895964
kiKAd(kiKAd)Adult (f)3,1096244
tUbLuSoul FacesAdult (f)2,4646811
y9tJaA Precious ShadowAdult (m)2,0286904
PGATgGooey MarshmallowAdult (m)2,2517921
rBQWYI'll Always Be In Your HeartAdult (f)3,7638227
ZjB3WDeceiving Candy CornAdult (f)2,3156763
K8WOkA Proper Artist With A KnifeAdult (m)4,2051,04714
hodwVMarshmallow AblazeAdult (m)2,2496881
vYSmQ(vYSmQ)Adult (m)3,3493271
2QP63GrimseverAdult (m)2,4696964
I3YtqForest DoomAdult (f)2,2426501
R3CLLBarker Was His NameAdult (m)4,12165710
gM4uCHollaweenAdult (m)9073746
x7Y20YumbellinoAdult (m)2,7947205
YUmcVYum - YumAdult (m)4,5999085
uqWp4Love Is But A ConceptAdult (m)3,1288195
b5IllSPACE SHIPAdult (f)3,2967269
fJDgaButtery Ice RoseAdult (f)9,7091,5017
ZGB1qI'm Not Staying HereAdult (f)3,5331,0576
mEGQEEgg Nog FaceAdult (m)2,78476910
qivi2SoduAdult (m)4,3805803
um93y(um93y)Adult (f)5,8931,1002
BG7shButt Up ThuwedAdult (m)6,2411,0324
2wSikTesticleAdult (f)2,3478392
XSYg5I'm Golden FireAdult (m)2,8641,0074
nMeTq(nMeTq)Adult (m)2,4078542
2O3qaA Beautiful Shade Of PinkAdult (f)2,2398273
ugoBsFeliz Spriter's AltAdult (f)2,3948843
iso07(iso07)Adult (m)2,1336653
Ro10R(Ro10R)Adult (f)2,2506893
LlkVz(LlkVz)Adult (m)2,0816570
TJtpV(TJtpV)Adult (f)2,1777142
KOrDFBaby SheegothAdult (m)3,6766725
B4LDHSheegothAdult (m)4,10469410
77PpJA Handsome DevilAdult (m)5,5661,0468
3AmgjIf God Came Down On ChristmasDayAdult (m)2,5968204
s4NEn(s4NEn)Adult (f)2,4957311
2D0Oo(2D0Oo)Adult (f)3,0537634
U5SHgI Know Exactly What He'd SayAdult (m)2,8888599
0i6BLMunus' HollyAdult (m)1,6237232
rnoOT(rnoOT)Adult (f)2,4686754
xmUv9(xmUv9)Adult (m)3,3208555
Isl8yCocoa PowerAdult (m)3,8601,3296
M83PMDevil UniqueAdult (m)2,1936666
W8lRTWay To Be Thankful GuysAdult (m)3,98995230
HKN9t(HKN9t)Adult (f)2,5606953
TZHqAI'm Not Staying EitherAdult (m)4,5831,16814
kBR4u(kBR4u)Adult (m)2,0136263
fYKL7Do My Wings Even WorkAdult (m)1,8027341
vAAWE(vAAWE)Adult (m)1,8786092
uL5yXDislocated JawAdult (m)1,7987031
J589xImplanted MemoriesAdult (m)1,7127131
s98NYInsanity ClownAdult (f)1,7406971
cEZm5I Pulverize Your SanityAdult (f)1,7297042
W4zGlBloodied Star of CelestialsAdult (f)6,7951,1325
t4bOIMarshmarrowAdult (m)7,0801,35811
DbDb4Mrs Lovett's Meat PiesAdult (f)5,2741,3666
6gB6mSkeever TailAdult (m)3,4579757
QLXNuBleeding Heart MarrowAdult (f)3,1358277
FbSA9Draugr Scourge LordAdult (m)2,0896785
veE1TRotten OmnipotenceAdult (m)2,5007526
wQaT0ContrastedAdult (m)2,6528148
SSpoo(SSpoo)Adult (m)2,9507444
ARlXKEvil MarshmallowAdult (m)1,4666932
04RSjFaux JewelryAdult (f)2,9676160
OfQuyBrutal TruthAdult (m)2,9667212
OGAN4Lady Brute ForceAdult (f)2,8897022
4SkgfIt Will All Be Over SoonAdult (m)6,3241,0472
NugsDBrutal NuggetAdult (f)3,3987471
fS00WPsilosticeAdult (f)1,6267121
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