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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Iauraearien,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XFLXGAurae on Forums 189-2 DracaDigeAdult (f)7,6741,3165
Bgm8OBagmateo II 1231b188 DracaAdult (f)3,7498481
9BG7pDoggerbank II 1232b189 DracaAdult (m)3,8728743
eyIHdDroplet II 1233b190 DracaAdult (m)3,8528593
yQRcyAd Astra II 1234b191 DracaAdult (m)3,9029072
W53o4Darth Rhae II 1235b192 DracaAdult (f)7,7961,2426
OuszARosiosa III 1236b193 DracaAdult (f)4,7291,3844
duhMXSmartpunk Duh III 1237b194 DracaAdult (f)4,7111,3552
EkYEpEtrangeBaiser III 1238b195 DracaAdult (f)4,5521,3141
OMEZ0Glorious Treat II 1239b196 DracaAdult (f)4,6891,3462
TSUMCPompoen I 1240c357 DracaAdult (m)5,1671,4061
PMhHRSapph or Shreik III 1249 DracaAdult (m)3,4351,0262
JugVKTwisted Bones IV 1251 DracaAdult (m)3,4871,0523
QnfnADry Bones VI 1250 DracaAdult (f)3,5031,0671
0vNrUForeshadow I 1241c358 DracaAdult (f)4,0061,3203
czIVvMirror I 1242c359 DracaAdult (m)5,5551,2853
SBsaPEcho I 1243c360 DracaAdult (f)5,6541,3001
ZFVKKZ'imulacrum I 1244c361 DracaAdult (m)5,5201,3271
ny1xdNyx I 1245c362 DracaAdult (f)5,5081,2661
r53ByResemble I 1246c363 DracaAdult (m)5,2751,3040
rrbK6Represent I 1247c364 DracaAdult (f)5,4071,3080
fxdahFus Xoh Dah II 1252 DracaAdult (f)3,8278661
kyhYRKyhyr I 1248c365 DracaAdult (m)4,8521,3062
ZcB5BSunwitch III 1253 DracaAdult (m)4,5141,0302
trQBVDark Visions II 1254 DracaAdult (m)3,1929223
ABopEWarm Marrow II 1255 DracaAdult (f)3,3008182
TuqViLurking Heat II 1258 DracaAdult (f)3,2178012
N5xTpWarm Thoughts II 1256 DracaAdult (f)3,6037912
8WeGGWarm Blanket II 1259 DracaAdult (m)3,4368051
BF3sZHeated Marrow II 1257 DracaAdult (m)3,1548021
xJxIVAdvent II 1260b197 DracaAdult (m)6,2341,0243
y83xhSand I 1261c366 DracaAdult (m)4,8121,0361
WMPOvGrain I 1262c367 DracaAdult (m)4,7391,0191
t8oUADesert I 1263c368 DracaAdult (f)4,6071,0130
NIWP2Oasis I 1264c369 DracaAdult (f)4,7621,0201
ELyzpMerman I 1265c370 DracaAdult (m)4,9491,0173
0K74KCecaelia I 1266c371 DracaAdult (f)4,7911,0311
j9a6cLorelei I 1267c372 DracaAdult (f)4,8209993
ZO95FZ'Zentropy II 1268b198 DracaAdult (f)2,4857021
k4OdvLuck of Garnet II 1269b199 DracaAdult (f)5,6409514
WhcIZGodzalla's Gift II 1272 DracaAdult (m)5,3871,0093
bCt79Altimecia IX 1270b200 DracaAdult (f)5,4971,0455
rAWsGIlex Ren II 1271b201 DracaAdult (m)5,1929804
DOFoxD O'Fox II 1273b202 DracaAdult (m)5,3591,0512
kqw6IPapercuts II 1274b203 DracaAdult (m)5,2841,0463
Aw95OAw II 1275b204 DracaAdult (f)5,2601,0711
RIm6AFestive Cheer II 1276b205 DracaAdult (f)5,1211,0441
8UpanYuletide I 1277c373 DracaAdult (m)4,9411,2144
19a43Kersttijd I 1278c374 DracaAdult (m)4,8301,1581
6erFgNotables 354-4c43 DracaWeardAdult (m)5,5829791
82WJfRhaedgulyrAdult (f)7,6431,4192
jVdxQKyberheartAdult (m)4,8089391
GEek0GEek0 - 691c121Egg (F)
rzMIKPeppermint Fool I 426c47 DracaAdult (m)8,1411,35512
xDvERA d v e n t  II 594 DracaAdult (f)8,0381,2164
k1fa9Idril's Secret II 268 DracaAdult (f)8,6571,25311
W4XM0Puddle II 1188b182 DracaAdult (m)4,5151,0561
ZngBTCountess Z'iinehviir 776 DracaAdult (f)8,2531,1396
SEkOHCountess Gamma 859-7 DracaAdult (f)8,0831,32510
tyotICountess Ember 980-11 DracaAdult (f)5,1349775
Cc0mnCountess Hellfire 875-9 DracaAdult (f)7,8211,2285
yMP73Misty Mountain IV 131 DracaAdult (f)5,8681,0493
kcgfILaat Dovahkiin VI 772 DracaAdult (f)7,3521,1212
EaTnuEat'n U Sunshine II 1061 DracaAdult (f)4,8881,3112
ra4kUAltanis IX 1194b184 DracaAdult (m)5,1211,1513
BfeszDacre I 522c73 DracaAdult (f)11,2361,6981
CbuA1Cyler I 555c77 DracaAdult (f)5,9441,2291
lVJG2Delphine I 662c109 DracaAdult (f)9,0131,1223
LXxgAZacke I 932c213 DracaAdult (f)8,5491,1952
IG2KlBlutkonigin II 111 DracaAdult (f)6,8781,1639
EycrKArtemisius II 321 DracaAdult (m)5,1739134
effKCKiller Queen III 968-10 DracaAdult (f)7,5851,1927
25jd5Anakou III 11 DracaAdult (m)4,8661,3619
LbZrwGeoff SF III 78 DracaAdult (m)6,7361,2036
Zy07zZ'yoZz III 869-8 DracaAdult (m)5,6358206
yKg64Airey Embrace IV 739-6 DracaAdult (f)9,6911,1542
jlBmvSuwaroteiru IV 984-12 DracaAdult (m)5,2979004
9ZxqBTetra IV 1008-13 DracaAdult (m)3,7998853
kjU2fBreeze 32-1 DracaAdult (f)5,2491,2553
BCggyDrusilla Nz 53 DracaAdult (f)5,5481,0818
6O17wAkasha 95 DracaAdult (f)4,8151,0377
BVW9hRita Repulsa 454 DracaAdult (f)5,5561,0123
EiJjxEijjx StormBird 504 DracaAdult (f)7,9731,3178
HbkFsFang 507 DracaAdult (f)9,0021,2995
onoXCo no XC 543-5 DracaAdult (f)9,9811,5011
8RXIpAytrexi 577 DracaAdult (f)7,9501,3566
sXNW8Vampiric Imposter 747 DracaAdult (f)8,5878504
49wotWot 871 DracaAdult (f)8,2191,2402
7TFJDBloodborn 872 DracaAdult (f)7,8271,2187
QKp7cNew Jersey 873 DracaAdult (f)7,9771,2433
5MbBGMritnyu 10 DracaAdult (m)4,5361,2225
KZu4TVampirique 45 DracaAdult (m)6,13395012
xNZYYSpike Nz 54 DracaAdult (m)5,3111,0568
ns3XkLouis Nz 56 DracaAdult (m)7,2261,38710
BNzkaSpitfire 219-3 DracaAdult (m)9,3071,0314
H69anBronzed 532 DracaAdult (m)9,6041,4332
AIvffAll Hallows Yves SF 730 DracaAdult (m)5,0509305
FuauAEldrytch Fyre 731 DracaAdult (m)8,1111,2034
MELGvMelg 809 DracaAdult (m)8,1991,2524
ppuISPumpkin Cupcake I 690c120 DracaAdult (f)5,5001,3441
dURCJCucurbita I 1037c265 DracaAdult (f)3,4101,1881
uI2pSPumpkin Pie I 692c122 DracaAdult (m)4,4311,1911
pk9rwPepo I 1039c267 DracaAdult (m)2,9091,0852
2RXWhPumpkin IV 23 DracaAdult (m)4,2431,0643
tDNz6Geeky 8 DracaAdult (m)4,7381,1839
BTo3USamhain Rose I 683 117 DracaAdult (f)5,7901,3164
dR81ESamhain Chess I 702 DracaAdult (f)5,9821,4256
Ug4dZNecrohol I 1057 DracaAdult (f)3,7051,0663
tZj8VSamhain Knave I 686c118 DracaAdult (m)5,6561,4193
ZmI9NZ'Samhain Raven I 709 DracaAdult (m)4,9451,1534
uWB8XInsipid Meditation II 1065 DracaAdult (f)3,7671,1362
to8CUBurnt Marrow III 701 DracaAdult (f)8,1271,6324
oZeZkAureus O'Zezk III 700 DracaAdult (m)7,7871,4222
dk7xVTuhb Nuhmkx Thuwed III 715 DracaAdult (m)7,2061,3576
AMHn7Burnt Glow IV 1024b124 DracaAdult (f)5,1971,2933
X1I3zEntropy VI 19 DracaAdult (f)3,4879873
qFZLsLacey 1 DracaAdult (m)5,5461,25914
uLHYlFading Shadows I 685 DracaAdult (f)8,1581,6097
qtcBFSilvershade I 1030c258 DracaAdult (f)5,2881,3354
meYoOMe and You Mew I 1040c268 DracaAdult (f)2,8971,0491
Xa9x8Anniversary Shade I677c111 DracaAdult (m)7,1521,3314
MgyHiSilvershadow I 1029c257 DracaAdult (m)5,1121,3353
Q6zd4Shadow of Royalty II 718 DracaAdult (f)7,5471,3534
EKp3eSpearmint Eclipse II 698 DracaAdult (m)7,4991,5972
Crpk2Shades of Garnet III 711 DracaAdult (f)7,8191,2872
VfvCsShade of Brine III 712 DracaAdult (f)8,6101,2252
YaxRCSocaj Jxuto Thuwed III 707 DracaAdult (m)5,6161,3443
hWtOESilver Shadows III 713 DracaAdult (m)8,5561,2482
wxi9nSpirit of Silver III 714 DracaAdult (m)8,5481,2441
KOlbJShadow 6 DracaAdult (m)5,4011,47411
MTGzYCu Sith 18 DracaAdult (f)3,9311,0654
jyZv7Nocturna I 684 DracaAdult (f)8,3381,5394
jmjIKCaverna I 1032c260 DracaAdult (f)3,4661,1742
qevXcNocturnio I 680c114 DracaAdult (m)6,1161,3311
RCH8nHollow I 1035c263 DracaAdult (m)3,7601,1801
X99MrDoomed II 15 DracaAdult (f)3,9651,1123
17LTtAll Hallow's Azura II 1068 DracaAdult (f)3,1279853
UvvEwLurker II 25 DracaAdult (m)3,9241,0082
bFiJGGalobrae II 1072 DracaAdult (m)2,1956303
Xk2NJCursed III 5 DracaAdult (f)5,2341,2539
1M3h7Magic Lurker III 1049 DracaAdult (m)3,3129454
rgazrInky Black III 1074 DracaAdult (m)2,3037072
qmcb6Obelisk's Crisps SAIII1070 DracaAdult (m)2,3978374
tBrPVLurking Gold VIII 1075 DracaAdult (f)3,2218172
Gfu9KTreats I 678c112 DracaAdult (f)6,4181,3421
e16u5Claggum I 1034c262 DracaAdult (f)3,5141,1881
uXXdcRinoa I 1054 DracaAdult (f)2,1596883
bCniVEdea I 1055 DracaAdult (f)2,9968461
DEiysTricks I 681c115 DracaAdult (m)6,7451,4612
LaVAdClack I 1036c164 DracaAdult (m)3,6021,2011
ATTiyAnduril II 4 DracaAdult (m)5,2621,38911
2DG5OVarfethen II 1067 DracaAdult (m)3,0409652
hIdxxHid II 1073 DracaAdult (m)2,6147243
tDQqqGrave Queen II 722 DracaAdult (f)7,7371,3432
NQ6grL'amour Est Etrange II 723 DracaAdult (f)6,6761,1733
ZyGXeAngelpunk II 728 DracaAdult (f)6,5011,1682
KyIafKylaf III 672 DracaAdult (f)6,1809714
tRFtIGravely Angelic III 720 DracaAdult (f)7,4501,3572
rcum1Graveyard Games III 725 DracaAdult (f)6,6011,2253
DrEwlDrewi III 721 DracaAdult (m)7,5661,3552
kAYSoCindertoffee IV 16 DracaAdult (f)3,7261,0454
iLDX4Snicker Tussle IV 719 DracaAdult (f)7,5931,3482
M236qGrave Radiance IV 1023b123 DracaAdult (f)5,1291,3133
v8rnyToffeeapple V 673b87 DracaAdult (f)6,3139902
1DBtCMortess I 687c119 DracaAdult (f)5,4391,3711
QU23pQuintessence I 1031c259 DracaAdult (f)3,6341,1901
Si8T2Underworld I 679c113 DracaAdult (m)6,2451,2251
pL6QoParousia I 1033c261 DracaAdult (m)3,4881,1852
J5lQHAura II 2 DracaAdult (m)5,3661,22613
j8citNastasius II 22 DracaAdult (m)4,4821,1212
6bb8bObscuring Dark I 682c116 DracaAdult (f)6,0091,3262
2L1FVMisty Cinder I 717 DracaAdult (f)4,0781,0054
a2K4GMist Frenzy I 1058 DracaAdult (f)3,7411,1012
Sc5xvDizzying Myst I 674 DracaAdult (m)6,2309644
faSsFDizzy Abandon I 716 DracaAdult (m)7,0431,3053
aBfrXAbfrax I 1053 DracaAdult (m)2,1506403
0KfOIKitty II 7 DracaAdult (f)5,6961,4829
V3UgVCat Sith II 17 DracaAdult (f)3,8641,0543
wH2eWArch Caligine II 1052 DracaAdult (f)4,2151,1802
jhuYpLucent Sinensis II 1056 DracaAdult (f)2,7807932
UDM22Atomic Haze II 1059 DracaAdult (f)4,0101,1432
n5Uo7Scary Harvest II 1071 DracaAdult (m)3,3787994
Gnk3CSupermassive III 676 DracaAdult (m)6,3779954
RuZJeMacaron III 688b88 DracaAdult (f)5,5391,3641
RB8atMagical Gods III 727 DracaAdult (f)6,8121,2052
49KiuSoulsborne III 1063 DracaAdult (f)4,5921,2284
UYjiEGolden Night IV 1046 DracaAdult (f)3,4119922
QXjr2Dark Queen I 13c4 DracaAdult (f)4,6311,2748
gwqPfAegis Draconum I 20 DracaAdult (f)2,7919183
ON6dGBrambleberry I 703 DracaAdult (f)6,9241,5062
IlvAPJyn Erso's Omen I 705 DracaAdult (f)6,9331,4866
tQBGQRiver I 12c3 DracaAdult (m)5,4271,4688
iSWwjAegis Draconum I 21 DracaAdult (m)2,7489233
Q9e4CCassian Andor's Omen I 704 DracaAdult (m)6,3051,4246
9tzTDLoganberry I 1038c266 DracaAdult (m)3,5191,1601
AegwSHushed Angel II 671 DracaAdult (f)6,1139558
1aRheLarhe the Serenader II 675 DracaAdult (f)5,8439992
yW3pIGolden Witch II 689 DracaAdult (f)6,7051,4461
YGiWBBlinking Rainbow II 699 DracaAdult (f)8,4491,6621
jK8anGuardian Star II 706 DracaAdult (f)6,4221,4112
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