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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hyatha,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EpYW5Deep - Ocean CBAdult (m)4,5151,0763
LVhr8Clear - Sky CBAdult (f)3,1481,4692
cqCwYGrey - Pearl CBAdult (f)4,5408893
rgNNnWhite like a snowflake CBAdult (m)5,6651,1886
glcRISnow  White  CBAdult (f)6,4607881
hCDp2Frozen Snowflake HBHatchling (m, F)4,2419522
4h7Ny(4h7Ny)Adult (f)7,7085262
uv4psCarnival of Rust CBAdult (m)4,4627912
sBMNlLuna Park CBAdult (f)4,7107830
4WCHT(4WCHT)Adult (f)6,1675381
GnFdWCold FluffAdult (m)7,5595182
TTNHCLovely Lady  CBAdult (f)7,5445182
AsOfOAsofo CBAdult (m)5,1969763
LDFv8A Gift from Peter PanHatchling (F)2,6853853
sMIikNight MercyAdult (f)2,0056703
rklZ8Julot ThuwedAdult (m)2,3935822
fKR49King of shadows CBAdult (m)4,4551,1624
2f4v7Queen of the night CBAdult (f)4,2511,1423
mllYWArchduke of shadows HBAdult (m)4,9339441
LdhtULilith  CBAdult (f)5,7207871
jRcXPGrand Duke of shadows HBAdult (m)5,3537752
x3YjPArchduchess of the night HBAdult (f)5,0757821
Jo8iZArchduke of the night HBAdult (m)6,5858031
H81IbGrand Duchess of shadows HBAdult (f)6,4448091
9EB6iWhudtTisxojj ev kxo dawxk ThuwedAdult (f)6,4528131
6I6YFAncient Folklore CBAdult (m)6,5106521
IP1D5Exiled Duchess of shadows HBAdult (f)6,7456132
oDWSTFairy Ring CBAdult (f)6,9217561
cPRGHNoble Graveyard HBAdult (f)5,2706332
L23tvGrand Duke of shadows II HBAdult (m)5,2136441
tLl6BArchduke of the Darkest Night HBAdult (m)5,2566331
hPioHPrince of the night HBHatchling (m, F)4,0199742
sKwXUPrincess of shadows HBHatchling (f, F)4,5358632
eN9nETea Addict CBAdult (m)3,9219092
v2c3kExotic Lady CBAdult (f)1,4377841
RldDlThe Forgotten Riddle CBAdult (m)3,5841,6002
FM3TzThe Hopeless CBAdult (m)1,6717551
wyIb0The Merciless CBAdult (f)1,5307552
Ff5gmBlood - Thirsty CBAdult (m)3,4828572
1JcgSDark - Intentions CBAdult (f)7,1158721
72EVOBlue Lady  CBAdult (f)4,5371,0562
hIH66Ocean AriaAdult (m)3,9729992
zr0V9Abyssal Lullaby HBAdult (f)4,1989634
kwrXGBittersweet ScentAdult (f)2,3281,0575
Au1hHAulh Vehwekkod ThuwedAdult (f)1,6165180
aQ4Qy(aQ4Qy)Adult (f)6,2325351
qFE2O(qFE2O)Adult (m)6,1655370
vFhEYGreen SymphonyAdult (f)3,6188222
vuzU4Vuzu  CBAdult (m)2,4801,0741
PXU9DLady Bright of Commons  CBAdult (f)2,5927311
3QIqXQix CBAdult (f)1,9736852
Yv69iYellow Brute CBAdult (m)1,9196922
PJv2lThe Nameless CBAdult (f)3,7981,0752
Dqr6qBroken Horns CBAdult (m)3,8271,0721
YAWP7Verde Speranza CBAdult (m)4,0429732
UrTYYJungle Melody CBAdult (f)5,8037851
GoiqHJungle Sonata HBAdult (m)4,8561,0022
5fVS5Lord Hope of Commons CBAdult (m)4,7781,0302
GxhXyBaroness Green of Commons  HBAdult (f)6,8318352
KGXAsWinged Strawberry CBAdult (m)4,5891,0533
j28XlWild Strawberry  CBAdult (f)5,6777781
L04H3Dancing Strawberry HBAdult (m)5,4007833
Sb8hYCesare CBAdult (m)5,6988912
VEtq4(VEtq4)Adult (m)6,5695592
weyA2Beautiful SmileAdult2,3779364
rtR70Frozen Cheese CBHatchling (F)5,0708031
icpDeDeep Ice CBAdult (f)8495600
cCwaZWinter Joy CBAdult (f)8145310
xlPovWaves Sonata CBAdult (m)3,1268332
39dJVBlessed by the Waves CBAdult (f)3,9021,0192
seWizLord Sea of Commons  CBAdult (m)5,2649723
QV0dzBaron Blue of Commons HBAdult (m)7,2119122
YrJk2Duke Lapis lazuli of Commons HBAdult (m)4,6908842
gGvsNColossus    CBAdult (m)4,1641,0540
YzpqoSentimental Girl CBAdult (f)5,5359151
TKQdHCopper Angel CBAdult (m)2,7761,2882
CXJGGCopper Gleaming Angel HBAdult (f)2,2166013
paFPRCopper Galaxies HBAdult (m)5,9528472
JsVy4(JsVy4)Adult (m)7,4985151
SxjHZFlower of the Mandrake CBAdult (m)2,3535325
BNk6ARed Roses CBAdult (f)4,0311,1042
pLjFURed Flowers HBAdult (f)4,9107052
xcD34Frozen Herb CBHatchling (m, F)3,4929562
Qt3ELPiece of HeavenAdult (f)3,6031,0372
Sl3rtSong of a Chorus from a Dream HBAdult (f)3,2589363
9Q7ExSweet White Cloud CBAdult (f)2,6866123
0FxPjUnfrozen Angel HBAdult (f)1,8705662
k5azSLittle Sweet DreamHatchling (F)1,0493385
uoocpFrozen Heaven HBHatchling (f, F)5,0257872
EygMJEygmj CBAdult (m)5,5329090
0kzkDPretty Wings  CBAdult (m)7,1745581
qO9zWShattared Diamond CBAdult (f)7,2085511
AXLlKPurple Gavotte CBAdult (f)5,7951,1844
DwlBTFrozen Purple CBHatchling (f, F)4,5088770
Ug2ecRed - Purple CBAdult (m)1,3726532
L8kTnLilac - Crimson CBAdult (f)1,3786670
AALvmElectric Reel CBAdult (f)6,0631,3003
T6omOGift of a ThunderAdult (f)5,0901,0352
3THDqFaster than lightning bolts  CBAdult (m)4,0351,1081
SgzVhLady Coal CBAdult (f)2,3961,1302
HXFmQCharcoal Emperor CBAdult (m)3,6137473
x7yQTEmber Lord - CBAdult (m)1,8866152
j6zOBMolten Crater CBAdult (m)4,4091,1673
NtNuINtnui CBAdult (f)5,5169192
P9XKYCold Fire CBAdult (m)4,5741,0731
ocVIv(ocVIv)Adult (m)6,1295422
IPZmZViridian Scales CBAdult (m)3,8601,0691
x0nLNEmerald Tail CBAdult (f)3,8371,0672
hErJUCopper Tail HBAdult (f)6,3457911
WYuPQOrange Scales HBAdult (f)5,7669062
feLxYFelyx HBAdult (m)4,8416981
lnKwYInkwy HBAdult (m)6,4528122
U4mgdU Mad HBAdult (m)5,2206480
Xk2UIFrozen Tail HBHatchling (f, F)3,6639883
GOo2SFrozen Emerald HBHatchling (F)3,2016720
Lqz8CDancing Legs CBAdult (m)3,0087522
guf5nPink Coral Dancer CBHatchling (m, F)3,1578973
amPlXMerciful GiftHatchling (F)2,5223784
Nhnj7Jade Empress CBAdult (f)1,4756220
OxiGQIvory Emperor CBAdult (m)1,9116042
PwXVJJack Frost  CBAdult (m)4,5231,0633
OKqc9Snow Queen  CBAdult (f)4,8989714
rsLotRoyal Rslot HBAdult (f)5,9076282
xU4oJWild Ruby CBAdult (f)4,5129523
vaxT9Vermillion VertigoAdult (m)5,6727692
cNiUMVermillion Queen HBAdult (f)5,9978022
gvkpiRoyal Gvkpi HBAdult (m)6,0995771
8HOspRoyal Hosp HBAdult (f)5,0186903
NmroDNimrod HBAdult (m)4,8668854
gf1tjMarine Dragoness CBAdult (f)4,3751,0643
n6EqxThe Sun Heir CBAdult (m)1,8878841
utVndForgotten son of the SunAdult (m)3,1549551
162evGolden Glorius QueenAdult (f)2,0008561
QirU3Radiant Queen HBAdult (f)5,3658212
3ZhALOrange Miracle HBAdult (m)5,9619333
gDPR5Foggy Night DorkfaceAdult (f)4,9731,0134
RNGkzLady Storm of Commons  CBAdult (f)4,2469773
TrCE0Baron Gray of Commons HBAdult (m)4,5171,0251
3Jf1yGreen Jaguar CBAdult (m)4,7606242
J2in7Green Leopard  CBAdult (f)4,7726291
4OT0MEarthquake Master CBAdult (m)1,6767431
FckEvEx Lady Ground of Commons  CBAdult (f)4,7841,0505
GlhcyForest Melody CBAdult (f)4,5631,2233
24qJhLady Shield of Commons  CBAdult (f)5,4648907
2nq3PGold SerenadeAdult (f)3,4166584
HfCxLIn her eyes I can see the GleamAdult (f)1,4436011
aJgOfAjgofAdult (m)2,0125643
QEdIcShimmer LadyAdult (f)1,6545431
KOM1NKominh CBAdult (m)1,8855872
x4fFbAn Angel is coming HBAdult (f)4,2431,1463
fLgCzGolden Wings  CBAdult (m)6,5007772
pEiQQElephants' GraveyardAdult (f)1,7136115
M1Lv9Lady ghost in the fogAdult (f)2,7634456
Ere33Spirits in the MistAdult (m)1,2985491
lEMn6Lord of DarkenssAdult (m)1,8626164
ODGoBScreaming ghosts CBAdult (m)1,2845813
Csf7bCrying ghosts CBAdult (f)1,3445873
bOQ0UMadame Harvest CBAdult (f)2,4789262
4KgEkMiss Harvest HBAdult (f)1,8678082
LMTXtLady Harvest of Commons  CBAdult (f)7,3128762
4MYHbBaron Yellow of Commons HBAdult (m)3,8511,1053
dKxDyHell Overture CBAdult (m)5,2121,1634
hjH76Celestial Blue Flare CBAdult (f)4,1731,1753
J8LewLord Flames of Commons  CBAdult (m)6,0019341
HRyr0Celestial Shades HBAdult (f)5,7689201
S8fTfCyan  CBAdult (f)6,0067382
xeg4IHell Failure HBHatchling (f, F)4,4526791
MhebVMheb HBAdult (m)2,6539033
1eWz8(1eWz8)Adult (f)7,9085391
uLVrVFaraji - Jelani CBAdult (m)4,5486590
Wk8dORazor - Sharp CBAdult (f)4,6156460
6H7WePurple ShadesAdult (m)5,5231,0521
0ssFULady Messenger of Commons  CBAdult (f)5,5118723
kuASTBaroness Purple of Commons HBAdult (f)3,4911,1083
nc5xBDuchess Amethyst of Commons HBAdult (f)4,8171,0123
XF3FfGallop  CBAdult (f)5,4546061
f0jsHSo Majestic CBAdult (m)5,1397350
jbDNwHell Failure II HBAdult (m)6,5775440
dVLPvNothing but lies CBAdult (m)4,3081,0693
eY8SfCrocked wings CBAdult (f)5,8808570
EcPQuCrystalline CloudsAdult (f)3,6907198
O07O3Frozen Wilderness CBAdult (m)1,7395905
IfcQJFrozen Wilderness Junior HBHatchling (F)3,2617813
mmKsMTides Blues CBAdult (f)5,1131,1883
ktfOIBlues of the Orange Tides HBAdult (f)3,2609301
Z5xhEZ'Blues HBAdult (m)1,9578521
FgImXUnfrozen Prodigy HBAdult (f)1,7815773
uGsKrLil Blues HBHatchling (m, F)2,5765341
aTtSqFrozen Prodigy HBHatchling (F)6692701
Z7P62Frozen Orange Tides HBHatchling (f, F)4,3959343
PxdgTLilac Guardian CBAdult (f)7,1368361
bTK0pLight Majesty CBAdult (m)2,9689872
tSttgStarlight BrillanceAdult (m)3,1819042
nzY5VA Soul made of Light HBAdult (f)7,5367811
gzCKIOrange Prodigy CBAdult (m)4,6831,4134
ooxZ5OoxAdult (f)7,3511,4363
UXTqvOrange Water HBAdult (m)2,1175563
UD7oBLady Sorceress of Commons  CBAdult (f)5,6377932
o6N8PFrozen Orange HBHatchling (m, F)4,0779751
VFA74Molten Wilderness CBAdult (f)4,7841,0803
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