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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “HowlingOwl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YG2KeHas Seen Too MuchAdult (f)4,6588742
LZNpUKnows No NamesAdult (f)3,9858242
OPrJPWonders NotAdult (m)5,8989131
ArmmuBites TimeAdult (m)6,6278783
vZNRPFills DaysAdult (f)7,3648300
QvDGKWill See It AllAdult (m)5,5575860
7lkrH(7lkrH)Adult (f)5,9168633
Q0MI4(Q0MI4)Adult (f)5,7578790
CS4os(CS4os)Adult (m)5,7378861
zIkfx(zIkfx)Adult (m)5,7947874
Z8nns(Z8nns)Adult (m)3,1708441
Ma6Hb(Ma6Hb)Adult (f)4,2649160
8VxAD(8VxAD)Adult (m)3,9261,0770
61WUx(61WUx)Adult (f)3,9281,0461
wrjXu(wrjXu)Adult (f)4,1771,0530
8q9ql(8q9ql)Adult (m)4,1381,0370
4fJTQ(4fJTQ)Adult (f)5,0828381
GbSW2(GbSW2)Adult (m)5,1818051
p2OBT(p2OBT)Adult (m)3,4156732
aJtenSolves Problems DifferentlyAdult (f)5,4401,1542
HPo2SHas An Unusual PerspectiveAdult (m)7,7871,4762
7KA3sBeholds The AboveAdult (m)4,1291,0202
XuikhIgnores The BelowAdult (f)4,6049742
dgvLhLoves Guavas ThuwedAdult (m)3,4539191
xKgHxBleaches BonesAdult (f)6,0518772
lPVIJ(lPVIJ)Adult (f)3,1781,0362
6hdF2(6hdF2)Adult (m)7,7229362
8mbHaIs CelestialAdult (f)4,6238383
BNSywIs JadedAdult (m)5,3618003
Rr5dNGuards RiversAdult (f)5,4408251
obCV0Bears HonestyAdult (m)5,8199191
nTF3BGoes With The FlowAdult (f)4,5146591
pDlNR(pDlNR)Adult (m)4,8088872
YBXQ0(YBXQ0)Adult (f)7,7319242
4DMHSIs Freakily CalmAdult (f)6,0269191
eIz8LAnna-GallisAdult (f)6,2561,0941
7mjDTLikes to LaughAdult (f)5,4861,0311
xN5LpIs Having FunAdult (m)5,5241,0371
3fTj2Otto-GallisAdult (m)5,3691,0181
4OIiB(4OIiB)Adult (f)4,7128102
n3PkOWanders WorldsAdult (f)4,3546572
0aPxxSees all SkiesAdult (m)4,9826911
NftdeKnows StrangersAdult (m)5,1528740
jkP9aBrings LightAdult (f)6,0351,0992
VBY7S(VBY7S)Adult (m)5,5718723
P87lt(P87lt)Adult (f)4,1808193
dMcCd(dMcCd)Adult (f)7,2148912
4Q8ZJ(4Q8ZJ)Adult (f)3,5648831
yG15t(yG15t)Adult (m)3,6189371
wKGqR(wKGqR)Adult (f)3,6969061
EphT7(EphT7)Adult (m)3,6489300
TwKrF(TwKrF)Adult (m)5,1481,2092
TMsZc(TMsZc)Adult (f)4,9911,2612
ni8MO(ni8MO)Adult (m)5,0291,2691
GEa1p(GEa1p)Adult (f)3,8161,2504
fmnk5(fmnk5)Adult (m)3,6641,0431
0QP81(0QP81)Adult (f)4,1441,0551
ZSy4WGives OptimismAdult (f)5,0336631
iARBIBrings ConfidenceAdult (m)5,1096640
aL10XBenevolently BeholdsAdult (f)6,6958353
rLLnL(rLLnL)Adult (m)5,5157072
WomAp(WomAp)Adult (f)6,0571,0013
LoYSY(LoYSY)Adult (m)5,2629470
ZvCHpSets You FreeAdult (f)6,3791,3784
zJT5wClears The WatersAdult (f)6,5141,5006
HE6oLWorks WondersAdult (f)4,7431,3944
vlBKkFosters FeelingsAdult (f)5,2311,3434
um0jXDries All TearsAdult (f)5,0661,3437
wc6eWGuides The GodsAdult (f)4,9018941
xs1iW(xs1iW)Adult (f)6,8021,1750
4NsWc(4NsWc)Adult (f)6,3711,2071
8YQHa(8YQHa)Adult (f)5,7891,2084
dGLEM(dGLEM)Adult (f)6,1941,1052
iZyEr(iZyEr)Adult (f)6,2401,1142
52jYV(52jYV)Adult (f)4,9839230
2vEvt(2vEvt)Adult (m)4,9019411
88OtX(88OtX)Adult (m)4,2919630
cxima(cxima)Adult (f)4,2589630
xjdPd(xjdPd)Adult (m)4,7361,1082
oP7zhGrows FarAdult (f)3,8978362
bbxQjSpans WideAdult (m)4,5928431
4FUbG(4FUbG)Adult (m)4,1946561
OxvBd(OxvBd)Adult (f)4,6176610
FKuJn(FKuJn)Adult (m)5,5685920
276VC(276VC)Adult (f)5,5885870
42ujg(42ujg)Adult (m)5,5825881
KJipP(KJipP)Adult (f)5,5315911
30LO4(30LO4)Adult (f)5,5105961
y9sYi(y9sYi)Adult (f)5,1519242
nv9La(nv9La)Adult (m)4,6396610
hwDaX(hwDaX)Adult (f)4,6796520
Ij2z5(Ij2z5)Adult (f)4,6066490
gsufy(gsufy)Adult (m)4,6446520
MDVUmFloats Above All TroublesAdult (f)7,5221,3842
ryxemFloats On A Happy VibeAdult (m)3,2841,1012
d2VWdIs Preciously AfloatAdult (m)4,6351,0993
tO3IUFloats IdeasAdult (m)6,5449901
ltnVILightens WorriesAdult (f)6,4169732
BjO7X(BjO7X)Adult (m)6,2656960
XkH5x(XkH5x)Adult (f)6,2536970
t65ZKDives Into SunlightAdult (m)3,3649682
e1PVJTastes The SunfruitAdult (f)3,3999682
cdk3dTravels Along Golden SeasAdult (m)5,5098413
5nEQyDances With SunbeamsAdult (f)5,1771,0413
KactAEvokes SunshineAdult (m)6,7911,2061
EADZL(EADZL)Adult (f)7,2018971
uWbOdMakes Moments CountAdult (m)8,8671,6755
4vZN1Shreds False IdeasAdult (m)8,0821,4703
BlfhUSeeks To Find Truth And JusticeAdult (f)4,8991,2644
8oq8vSets History In MotionAdult (f)5,32299913
SGFlgFights For The Greater GoodAdult (m)3,3804093
jNLjRMay Snap But Doesn't BiteAdult (m)7,2141,2103
LJmufJoins The Wyld HuntAdult (f)6,5111,5076
xjDWDRips Apart False HopesAdult (f)4,5591,2424
NX376Rages Like A Dark StormAdult (m)4,4681,2604
Sa3TTEnds DiplomacyAdult (m)4,5671,2523
fcgp0Chose The Night As BrideAdult (m)10,3681,0242
VoCfwGambles And WinsAdult (f)3,0221,0894
RrmD5Warrs Between ShadesAdult (m)4,9341,3312
IiZ0rHas Whitegold ClawsAdult (m)4,9341,1991
Dk2AxRules The Dark SwampsAdult (m)7,7221,2623
ZyzhfIs Proud To Be Of ColorAdult (m)5,1201,1143
1DunXContemplates The Broken HeartAdult (m)3,6921,1064
BUgY2Won't Bug You Too MuchAdult (f)4,3401,2123
Dyf2DDoes You A FavorAdult (m)4,3581,1974
qea4FShows The Darkest SideAdult (m)8,9791,7333
DzebZHas A Dark HeartAdult (f)8,0061,7473
GOaeKGives No NamesAdult (m)8,0211,7293
AladDBrings DeliveranceAdult (f)7,9061,7351
c6hiKEnds HopesAdult (m)4,5941,0463
A0L2iWill Not Be NamedAdult (f)4,6441,0684
3DIrIDefies DestructionAdult (m)4,6461,2492
wPqSGDelivers TraumataAdult (f)3,9491,3924
RKmFiKnows Not RemorseAdult (m)3,6731,3793
W3k2HWill Come For YouAdult (m)4,0061,4143
Gnn9sChases Off Evil SpiritsAdult (f)4,2491,3402
MtF7SWins The GameAdult (f)3,8621,1012
xqQ87Paves New WaysAdult (m)4,5019452
ynpRTIs A Dubstep BeastAdult (f)5,7551,3123
kmMZvSpawns CursesAdult (f)4,4641,1164
HDJJ3Is Not Good Nor EvilAdult (f)6,4087352
qN4diPonders MortalityAdult (m)3,7811,2715
X97qxGives GriefAdult (m)5,6751,6442
ZIaxcSplits BelievesAdult (f)5,3271,1242
xX2WBErases BlemishesAdult (f)5,3571,2373
Y1zjWKeeps WatchAdult (f)4,6191,4014
F4YMaDefends The MeekAdult (f)5,7381,2273
nudppWon't Show MercyAdult (m)3,9401,1673
29IflHates on HatersAdult (f)3,4029415
cJvUhGiggles and SnarlsAdult (f)7,1339941
prnu7Builds on the PastAdult (f)6,8059711
ybozrKnows Not WhyAdult (f)5,2649363
UAcllWill PounceAdult (f)5,6318992
5iafLBears Means And EndsAdult (m)4,5957742
RbGW7(RbGW7)Adult (m)4,1696740
hub4Z(hub4Z)Adult (f)5,8671,0732
WUeS8(WUeS8)Adult (f)3,8431,0802
dUtCZPlays No GamesAdult (m)5,3757262
Mn1fmTakes ChancesAdult (f)5,3597263
xFOTxRisks LimbsAdult (m)5,2977392
52IhD(52IhD)Adult (f)5,9131,1383
leZWz(leZWz)Adult (m)5,8601,0972
dICt4(dICt4)Adult (m)3,3687383
J7mSq(J7mSq)Adult (m)6,3658333
4qLm8Whispers In Your MindAdult (f)5,5201,2238
jOdCBGives Dread A FaceAdult (m)5,3991,3843
0Y6r1Devours Bones And SecretsAdult (f)6,5051,5655
vgo7CHowls At Moonless NightsAdult (f)4,1421,1824
ApnsFBeholds HorrorsAdult (m)3,8761,2864
pI34hRules In DarknessAdult (f)4,5841,3625
vfxWVIs A Grim SightAdult (m)3,3791,0686
lx05NPonders DemiseAdult (m)2,05485011
1rTz9Gets DarkerAdult (m)3,6778144
BlXKKHas TraditionAdult (f)5,1168444
odATCThinks Dark-PinkAdult (m)2,8641,1354
rrrLQEats Your EyesAdult (f)2,8251,1206
ZQCwyZ'weet FriendshipAdult (f)5,1411,2615
DkbzUHas Velvet BonesAdult (m)3,9151,1344
lSryADevours The RainbowAdult (f)5,2181,0372
yV9XMScavangesAdult (f)5,1291,1873
kj9zEDevoursAdult (m)4,8211,1612
wZbQI(wZbQI)Adult (f)3,2999011
EQI98(EQI98)Adult (m)5,1591,2932
GTwLR(GTwLR)Adult (m)5,2921,3012
lV5av(lV5av)Adult (m)5,1521,3221
TlV9M(TlV9M)Adult (m)3,4329324
s8px2(s8px2)Adult (m)3,7389850
ys1FK(ys1FK)Adult (m)3,9761,0011
4BCv3(4BCv3)Adult (m)4,0071,0520
KfIbG(KfIbG)Adult (m)3,7411,0321
4NeGfFloofs HorriblyAdult (f)2,7208481
rQgxLHas a Black HistoryAdult (m)3,0278002
MeWC6Has a Noble SheenAdult (m)3,6139293
bkyFuTrades Exotic GoodsAdult (m)4,3261,0163
d6iU2Patiently Awaits ChangeAdult (f)4,1919843
pbECCSpices Up LivesAdult (m)4,7541,1076
JzWBYShimmers And SmilesAdult (f)3,4721,1512
81qE7Is Above It AllAdult (f)6,0771,3853
f7iy6(f7iy6)Adult (f)6,4649515
oBCt1(oBCt1)Adult (m)7,0061,0252
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