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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Howitzersfriend,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RUuqs(RUuqs)Adult (f)3,0997210
5uxO7(5uxO7)Adult (m)3,2427682
ORpLZ(ORpLZ)Adult (f)3,1107892
KEpoE(KEpoE)Adult (m)3,0597091
UGvHh(UGvHh)Adult (m)2,9077410
kh0mq(kh0mq)Adult (m)2,8887042
k3ukp(k3ukp)Adult (f)3,0537875
twJqr(twJqr)Adult (m)3,3577882
EvgBw(EvgBw)Adult (m)3,0556521
5XHQlF 2015 C 5XHQl-322Adult (m)3,7888406
buf9PF 2015 C buf9P-322Adult (f)3,7717921
TG9RzF 2015 C TG9Rz-322Adult (m)3,7518182
mSfh2F 2015 C mSfh2-322Adult (m)3,7768123
xydzPF 2015 C xydzP-328Adult (m)2,9315765
BMzLRF 2015 C BMzLR-328Adult (m)3,1386101
MdEFXF 2015 C MdEFX-402Adult (m)2,2427862
pQQBIF 2015 C pQQBI-403Adult (m)2,0407242
8QINAF 2015 C 8QINA-403Adult (m)2,2316960
5RVUfF 2015 C 5RVUf-406Adult (m)2,5066694
vjBs2F 2015 C vjBs2-411Adult (f)2,3818523
o63leF 2015 C o63le-411Adult (f)1,9757131
peuv5F 2015 C peuv5-520Adult (m)3,1737383
4wbDfF 2015 C 4wbDf-601Adult (f)2,0796041
U9QSTF 2015 C U9QST-601Adult (m)2,0066040
T8znZF 2015 C T8znZ-601Adult (m)2,0606112
ZdufxF 2015 C Zdufx-601Adult (f)2,3246553
LOOdFF 2015 C LOOdf-603Adult (f)2,2336371
21NEpF 2015 C 21NEp-602Adult (f)2,2926492
OHYfvF 2015 C OHYfv-603Adult (f)2,2516352
eoXQlF 2015 C eoXQl-604Adult (f)2,3426662
vJb9AF 2015 C vJb9A-610Adult (m)2,8135755
Bjk7gF 2015 C Bjk7g-610Adult (m)2,7235732
TaGq7F 2015 C TaGq7-610Adult (m)2,6505657
jsaTeF 2015 C jsaTe-627Adult (m)3,1835431
QMULIF 2015 C QUMLI-801Adult (m)2,9637580
hQnlWF 2015 C hQnlW-919Adult (m)2,7656120
By8ZIF 2015 C By8ZI-919Adult (f)2,7225732
umMlXF 2015 C umMlX-919Adult (f)2,8875970
ZTAy4F 2015 C ZTAy4-919Adult (m)2,6846091
wyA1vF 2016 C wyA1v-224Adult (m)4,0026663
7YorGF 2016 C 7YorG-224Adult (m)4,6057134
NpYmdF 2016 C NpYmd-225Adult (f)4,0956940
U0IOjF 2016 C U0IOj-227Adult (m)4,2376830
uzSVSF 2016 C uzSVS-227Adult (m)4,2756690
w324zF 2016 C w324z-227Adult (m)4,2356690
fdkDUF 2016 C fdkDU-302Adult (f)4,8496921
uwPQ2F 2016 C uwPQ2-302Adult (m)4,8597153
0HefZF 2016 C 0HefZ-302Adult (f)4,9717763
6jqRwF 2016 C 6jqRw-302Adult (f)4,9097162
I1e4OF 2016 C I1e4O-326Adult (m)4,2076853
bd66QF 2016 C bd66q-326Adult (f)4,1676874
tG52OF 2016 C tG52O-807Adult (f)3,5465893
C3BSoF 2016 C C3BSo-816Adult (f)3,1645481
rN7q3F 2016 C rN7q3-816Adult (f)3,6875841
11qvSF 2016 C 11qvS-823Adult (f)4,0576721
53FUHF 2016 C 53FUH-825Adult (m)3,3287510
hUNA7F 2016 C hUNA7-824Adult (f)4,0549015
D8EvJF 2016 C D8EvJ-824Adult (m)3,5448434
VZFJaF 2016 C VZFJa-824Adult (f)3,3416259
Aa5kN(Aa5kN)Adult (m)2,6855904
Pvjfy(Pvjfy)Adult (m)2,7326161
t7JT2(t7JT2)Adult (m)2,6696133
Klexk(Klexk)Adult (m)2,3595812
Ddlul(Ddlul)Adult (f)3,1936141
8zT7j(8zT7j)Adult (m)2,8426152
rdZhA(rdZhA)Adult (f)2,6005992
v698p(v698p)Adult (m)2,5785942
rf3o5(rf3o5)Adult (m)3,0696121
nXTZw(nXTZw)Adult (f)3,0026011
Pc734(Pc734)Adult (f)3,2416584
iDrp6(iDrp6)Adult (m)3,4766312
4Zfk0(4Zfk0)Adult (m)3,2756270
ojSv3(ojSv3)Adult (m)3,4526672
EyEGM(EyEGM)Adult (m)4,7846721
CtHyr(CtHyr)Adult (m)4,8846751
8K2Iw(8K2Iw)Adult (m)4,3116552
GFGkT(GFGkT)Adult (m)4,5426941
Oqq1V(Oqq1V)Adult (m)2,6786212
SrKWX(SrKWX)Adult (m)2,6666431
E28Hc(E28Hc)Adult (f)3,5917564
Rf0kZ(Rf0kZ)Adult (m)2,6636283
b81A6(b81A6)Adult (m)2,6896291
e9bpw(e9bpw)Adult (m)2,6466063
rJfJi(rJfJi)Adult (f)2,8416012
PIDHV(PIDHV)Adult (f)2,6116113
1IhN2(1IhN2)Adult (m)2,7826412
3pW2Y(3pW2Y)Adult (m)2,7516211
LO00r(LO00r)Adult (f)3,1995952
j03yn(j03yn)Adult (m)3,1145763
cjlV5(cjlV5)Adult (m)3,3956001
LUSsF(LUSsF)Adult (f)3,7865842
ZF1ii(ZF1ii)Adult (m)3,4216214
CHoDJ(CHoDJ)Adult (m)3,5055912
LSKrt(LSKrt)Adult (m)3,2646173
S8FQT(S8FQT)Adult (f)3,6655292
JycvC(JycvC)Adult (m)2,8245825
khQLd(khQLd)Adult (f)3,0326183
aSd3r(aSd3r)Adult (m)3,0145983
fK667(fK667)Adult (m)3,3006261
slqJn(slqJn)Adult (f)3,0265722
c5jSE(c5jSE)Adult (f)3,0185781
9meFx(9meFx)Adult (m)3,3255953
iQGiV(iQGiV)Adult (m)2,9876173
lcaqW(lcaqW)Adult (m)3,0665942
OuRLp(OuRLp)Adult (f)2,9256150
Dl0Zq(Dl0Zq)Adult (m)4,1298726
nqJrb(nqJrb)Adult (f)2,9306072
s4cOF(s4cOF)Adult (m)2,9405832
qm4Gi(qm4Gi)Adult (f)3,0686183
mjIb0(mjIb0)Adult (m)3,2426102
qzL4e(qzL4e)Adult (f)6,5889985
udC11(udC11)Adult (f)2,9136162
riekV(riekV)Adult (f)2,7875793
MKxmL(MKxmL)Adult (f)3,1405912
YXeZN(YXeZN)Adult (f)3,1325772
w8DdY(w8DdY)Adult (m)3,1995630
ihPlN(ihPlN)Adult (m)3,1896063
w4Jh4(w4Jh4)Adult (f)3,0975922
qRugC(qRugC)Adult (f)3,2975961
MbgRo(MbgRo)Adult (f)3,0445724
czeOh(czeOh)Adult (f)2,9855863
TyMJT(TyMJT)Adult (m)3,1015753
axmDi(axmDi)Adult (f)3,4455732
1oEAn(1oEAn)Adult (m)2,6605741
F8ROc(F8ROc)Adult (m)2,7295822
ycMzx(ycMzx)Adult (m)2,8575971
Kd3OZ(Kd3OZ)Adult (f)2,8215953
MbwX7(MbwX7)Adult (f)3,1225872
x40Ej(x40Ej)Adult (f)3,1625912
GGGOh(GGGOh)Adult (f)3,8835831
kXhDf(kXhDf)Adult (f)3,9345953
S2FCw(S2FCw)Adult (m)3,6876513
UNa2i(UNa2i)Adult (m)2,9856462
Akqh1(Akqh1)Adult (m)2,9956352
0LdXf(0LdXf)Adult (f)3,5727963
bIp6k(bIp6k)Adult (m)2,9326483
DX78L(DX78L)Adult (f)3,3806345
AdEy7(AdEy7)Adult (m)3,0686992
rDaYy(rDaYy)Adult (f)2,8257021
rFsnh(rFsnh)Adult (f)2,7606883
rGrT3(rGrT3)Adult (m)2,7925551
WA7yw(WA7yw)Adult (f)3,0066031
0ysd8(0ysd8)Adult (f)3,3575601
H3mUU(H3mUU)Adult (f)3,6255843
ttrRa(ttrRa)Adult (f)3,5966121
U0bUY(U0bUY)Adult (m)3,3635981
9slwv(9slwv)Adult (m)2,6415741
qNH9P(qNH9P)Adult (f)2,6805960
xnSk7(xnSk7)Adult (m)2,7076011
ybvNr(ybvNr)Adult (f)2,8236061
56u9I(56u9I)Adult (m)2,9385831
mER9i(mER9i)Adult (m)2,8485783
KtWbP(KtWbP)Adult (f)3,0126001
4ihlX(4ihlX)Adult (m)3,2247401
sMa3H(sMa3H)Adult (m)3,1577452
uoYqY(uoYqY)Adult (m)3,8307403
0iHje(0iHje)Adult (m)3,3577142
jQrEI(jQrEI)Adult (m)5,2711,0322
kCM7s(kCM7s)Adult (f)3,3377571
5dYQh(5dYQh)Adult (f)3,3897631
8yLz8(8yLz8)Adult (m)3,3427583
VJVo8(VJVo8)Adult (f)3,5007851
qoLkX(qoLkX)Adult (m)3,2937423
oTgKX(oTgKX)Adult (m)3,5067031
BLyBs(BLyBs)Adult (m)3,4767442
9dy7n(9dy7n)Adult (m)3,2626942
pvlYM(pvlYM)Adult (m)5,7477301
tN5xo(tN5xo)Adult (f)5,2997444
ohe3Z(ohe3Z)Adult (m)5,7517143
GZ0zZ(GZ0zZ)Adult (f)5,9727505
j0IjN(j0IjN)Adult (m)6,0779905
gdzSg(gdzSg)Adult (m)3,4887241
DDlfW(DDlfW)Adult (f)3,4817301
ce5RY(ce5RY)Adult (f)3,3046653
oxSob(oxSob)Adult (m)3,5037221
rSjnp(rSjnp)Adult (f)3,4297172
FUTNp(FUTNp)Adult (f)3,6506982
rCtpr(rCtpr)Adult (m)5,7081,0614
kukzY(kukzY)Adult (f)3,5077631
hpdc7(hpdc7)Adult (m)3,3817071
6tA0k(6tA0k)Adult (m)3,7027501
ghke4(ghke4)Adult (f)3,7227783
wF1f3(wF1f3)Adult (f)3,6478062
qdtVD(qdtVD)Adult (f)3,6147811
lT2kH(lT2kH)Adult (f)3,8607914
3gUOW(3gUOW)Adult (f)3,8727913
XYuER(XYuER)Adult (m)5,4791,1263
0tcFp(0tcFp)Adult (f)5,4751,1223
BX8sF(BX8sF)Adult (m)7,2561,1424
vAWUY(vAWUY)Adult (f)8,6621,3243
jo6l1(jo6l1)Adult (m)8,3191,3816
JqDaq(JqDaq)Adult (m)8,2471,3483
qmLa2(qmLa2)Adult (m)8,4291,4062
4SW3s(4SW3s)Adult (m)8,2641,3944
Qda7t(Qda7t)Adult (f)6,6591,1224
Rbbch(Rbbch)Adult (m)6,4791,1194
Tj1CT(Tj1CT)Adult (f)4,3959046
ysna6(ysna6)Adult (f)4,6718803
LE7Hn(LE7Hn)Adult (m)4,3488562
wn8Zz(wn8Zz)Adult (m)4,6999192
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