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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Howitzersfriend,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PheMZF 2014 C PheMZ-1111Adult (m)2,8519067
KYfvSF 2014 C KYfvS-802Adult (f)2,9027803
T3VvmF 2016 C T3Vvm-825Adult (m)2,7847372
ptfqUF 2015 C ptfqU-504Adult (m)2,1516712
w5ozYF 2015 C w5ozY-508Adult (f)3,2708423
ZjaJGF 2016 C ZjaJG-331Adult (f)2,6616150
y285AF 2016 C y285A-302Adult (m)3,2386980
neRt3F 2016 C neRt3-402Adult (m)3,2797120
15T64F 2016 C 15T64-408Adult (f)3,7658252
R0YFPF 2016 C R0YFP-808Adult (f)4,6817121
CUK7uF 2016 C CUK7u-901Adult (m)2,5825974
6qzNwF 2016 C 6qzNw-902Adult (f)3,1086562
5azc4F 2016 C 5azc4-902Adult (f)3,0226240
ihnk2F 2016 C ihnk2-1014Adult (m)3,4427130
5hb94(5hb94)Adult (m)3,5707713
j2QDvF 2015 C j2QDv-316Adult (f)3,4117823
bYL7QF 2014 C bYL7Q-705Adult (m)2,9958044
vDUNDF 2014 C vDUND-704Adult (m)3,0048701
FnN1SF 2014 C FnN1S-807Adult (m)2,9739371
ac4sMF 2014 C ac4sM-1021Adult (m)2,3835721
TkUTCF 2015 C TkUTC-122Adult (f)2,9147512
pTOYTF 2014 C pTOYT-409Adult (m)2,0337330
tPSotF 2014 C tPSot-910Adult (f)2,4756701
XmWJqF 2016 C XmWJq-529Adult (f)3,4258171
bPYPg(bPYPg)Adult (f)4,3228591
yhOSTF 2016 C yhOST-407Adult (f)3,0627071
5oKzuF 2016 C 5oKzu-408Adult (m)3,6868112
2N5UdF 2016 C 2N5Ud-423Adult2,4317931
HdwjSF 2014 C HdwjS-428Adult1,8226160
CXZqfF 2014 C CXZqf-1224Adult (f)3,9021,1947
KhzJOF 2014 C KhzJO-1226Adult (f)4,0581,0813
tCprPF 2015 C tCprP-1226Adult (m)3,6638390
dP9zzF 2014 C dP9zz-1225Adult (f)4,7821,4253
KrOjUF 2014 C KrOjU-1230Adult (f)2,5799201
E908HF 2015 C E908H-1225Adult (f)2,7826480
CJziAF 2015 C CJziA-1226Adult (f)3,5398291
CICt6F 2015 C CICt6-1226Adult (f)3,5688191
l3gGdF 2014 C l3gGd-1224Adult (f)4,8201,2443
akQShF 2014 C akQSh-1225Adult (f)4,3141,2491
jhumdF 2015 C jhumd-1226Adult (f)3,6898560
b97SjF 2014 C b97Sj-1225Adult (m)4,9991,4285
LmxsAF 2016 C LmxsA-101Adult (m)2,5575530
8XQcwF 2016 C 8XQcw-101Adult (m)2,3485360
Zvdp0F 2014 C Zvdp0-1228Adult (m)3,2431,1050
fzQL2F 2015 C fzQL2-1226Adult (m)3,5878541
z7xy8F 2014 C z7xy8-1225Adult (f)5,0741,4363
eOhX9F 2014 C eOhX9-1228Adult (f)3,1941,0963
VdQ1uF 2014 C VdQ1u-1231Adult (f)2,4688552
htVCiF 2014 C htVCi-1231Adult (f)2,5048732
7Q5keF 2015 C 7Q5ke-1231Adult (m)3,0527562
ll9MrF 2015 C ll9Mr-1231Adult (m)3,0127331
olglvF 2017 C olglv-101Adult (m)2,2175950
S7xEDF 2017 C S7xED-101Adult (m)2,2396071
G4E8IF 2014 C G4E8l-425Adult (m)1,7236282
utU1mF 2014 C utU1m-1112Adult (f)3,14595312
eZdcxF 2014 C eZdcx-621Adult (m)2,4097837
XAM1hF 2014 C XAM1h-710Adult (f)2,5569034
02AdYF 2014 C 02AdY-515Adult (m)1,8826362
MlH2jF 2015 C MlH2j-114Adult (f)2,4897141
roJ6BF 2016 C roJ6B-1014Adult (m)3,5387071
X1SmvF 2014 C X1Smv-503Adult (m)2,3437873
ccvrsF 2014 C ccvrs-727Adult (f)1,9876511
BXPJyF 2014 C BXPJy-808Adult (f)2,4848042
LZstJF 2014 C LZstJ-605Adult (f)2,0656652
qOy45F 2014 C qOy45-1015Adult (m)3,0437352
zyUFjF 2016 C zyUFj-819Adult (f)4,2075272
GZksuF 2016 C GZksu-819Adult (m)4,2275372
iqJKvF 2016 C iqJKv-829Adult (f)2,7336762
BZPyDF 2015 C BZPyl-408Adult (m)2,5128163
zuO5BF 2014 C zuO5I-330Adult (f)1,7747294
apADkF 2014 C apADk-921Adult (m)2,2886611
UjpT2F 2015 C UjpT2-507Adult (f)2,4096713
fvbrvF 2015 C fvbrv-507Adult (f)2,3716624
KxltZF 2015 C KxltZ-601Adult (m)2,0496024
B8jLJF 2014 C B8jLJ-1125Adult (f)2,7437603
IxiO4F 2014 C IxiO4-427Adult (f)2,5827012
Mbyc5F 2014 C Mbyc5-503Adult (m)2,7208312
hR0mvF 2014 C hR0mv-405Adult (m)2,2245742
KeGvCF 2014 C KeGvC-1129Adult (f)2,3216223
V5dMTF 2014 C V5dMT-719Adult (f)1,9836462
cHqBIF 2014 C cHqBI-810Adult (f)1,7006091
6hTYTF 2015 C 6hTYT-225Adult (m)3,1357913
QDI7CF 2014 C QDI7C-315Adult (f)1,7026592
mzBd7F 2014 C mzBd7-1007Adult (m)3,3438261
FXWzfF 2014 C FXWzf-1121Adult (f)3,2618442
mLHeuF 2015 C mLHeu-130Adult (m)2,8136681
BhDsLF 2015 C BhDsL-228Adult (m)2,5196822
sqBwvF 2015 C sqBwv-508Adult (m)3,4268571
hhPXKF 2016 C hhPXK-330Adult (m)3,8016113
VeEp2F 2014 C VeEp2-1030Adult (m)2,8561,0198
9SIoiF 2016 C 9SIoi-1108Adult (f)2,3545192
0juY3F 2014 C 0juY3-1102Adult (f)2,8961,0282
ttwlyF 2015 C ttwly-1102Adult (f)2,3906301
LmTdiF 2016 C LmTdi-1108Adult (f)2,3645661
0gVUj(0gVUj)Adult (m)2,3365591
MjNPF(MjNPF)Adult (m)2,3135361
ziwco(ziwco)Adult (m)2,5675602
UJ41yF 2014 C UJ41y-1031Adult (f)3,1681,1253
AUaZzF 2014 C AUaZz-1030Adult (m)2,7031,01411
iJoyuF 2014 C iJoyu-1030Adult (m)2,8271,0268
6SU9xF 2014 C 6SU9x-1104Adult (f)6,5871,3134
HjD2SF 2014 C HjD2S-1104Adult (m)5,0551,0495
UNU4gF 2014 C UNU4g-1030Adult (m)2,9611,0656
p5q39F 2014 C p5q39-1105Adult (f)2,2418342
G07NW(G07NW)Adult (f)2,3105392
vEAC4F 2014 C vEAC4-1106Adult (m)2,1848451
voOFuF 2014 C voOFu-1106Adult (f)2,1958200
QcKUqF 2014 C QcKUq-1106Adult (f)2,1197870
tVyTSF 2015 C tVyTS-1102Adult (f)2,8646673
MY4IW(MY4IW)Adult (m)2,3875421
6f0yjF 2016 C 6f0yj-1106Adult (f)2,2337090
P8UcQF 2016 C P8UcQ-1106Adult (m)2,2377380
zmMI5F 2016 C zmMI5-1106Adult (m)2,2107360
ZUCDJF 2016 C ZUCDJ-1106Adult (f)2,1817190
iQEs7F 2016 C iQEs7-1106Adult (m)2,2187090
uLlzOF 2016 C uLlzO-1106Adult (m)2,2657381
Ar6BXF 2016 C Ar6BX-1106Adult (m)2,1587011
rg08mF 2014 C rg08m-424Adult (m)1,7406702
yA1at(yA1at)Adult (m)3,9836741
SujQ1F 2016 C SujQ1-828Adult (m)2,8327322
jek7F(jek7F)Egg (F)
jM77fF 2014 C jM77f-701Adult (f)4,8921,04217
IV2G1F 2014 C IV2G1-528Adult (m)4,7831,06110
e3mWgF 2015 C e3mWg-302Adult (m)3,9209812
KhgIOF 2014 C KhgIO-610Adult (m)5,2811,0208
pkTqIF 2014 C pkTqI-1215Adult (m)6,6958719
efiiaF 2014 C efiia-918Adult (m)4,7248856
UQqAiF 2016 C UQqAi-212Adult (f)6,0431,2295
8MSzPF 2014 C 8MSzP-603Adult (m)3,1307973
HB9W3F 2014 C HB9W3-608Adult (f)3,8269567
L6grXF 2016 C L6grX-827Adult (m)3,3768012
h67AkF 2015 C h67Ak-904Adult (m)3,8988542
F1EtxF 2015 C F1Etx-904Adult (m)3,6657821
LCfQJF 2016 C LCfQJ-106Adult (m)3,9436722
xmgUDF 2015 C xmgUD-910Adult (m)3,7718640
SNEaNF 2015 C SNEaN-910Adult (f)3,7818240
CEKDdF 2015 C CEKDd-911Adult (m)3,4868151
XmJnPF 2015 C XmJnP-911Adult (f)3,5738380
sjjRVF 2015 C sjjRV-1018Adult (f)3,4376502
wETwaF 2014 C wETwa-413Adult (m)2,8985034
229e0F 2014 C 229e0-526Adult (f)2,7799063
AG83tF 2014 C AG83t-606Adult (m)2,4078202
NoRMnF 2014 C NoRMn-805Adult (m)2,4327592
PaqYxF 2014 C PaqYx-1127Adult (f)3,0687585
2gQOlF 2015 C 2gQOl-1018Adult (f)3,4636291
mjiHyF 2014 C mjiHy-508Adult (m)2,2098771
TzqrUF 2014 C TzqrU-1019Adult (m)3,4458261
pKMqvF 2016 C pKMqv-1018Adult (f)2,9476002
b7d0VF 2014 C b7d0V-421Adult (f)2,2016433
J6yV0F 2014 C J6yV0-603Adult (f)2,2696932
5lOTZF 2014 C 5lOTZ-603Adult (f)2,0426963
enHVXF 2014 C enHVX-609Adult (f)1,8816731
HfrtRF 2014 C HfrtR-620Adult (f)1,9196571
d5Dt3F 2014 C d5Dt3-622Adult (f)1,9426711
DkkS4F 2014 C DkkS4-629Adult (f)1,8016111
WSLunF 2014 C WSLun-612Adult (f)1,7246282
NY4vGF 2014 C NY4vG-713Adult (f)1,9605823
ZmvreF 2014 C Zmvre-713Adult (f)2,3036232
KmY6YF 2014 C KmY6Y-714Adult (f)1,7625971
42KwNF 2014 C 42KwN-714Adult (f)2,3596545
WOz8dF 2014 C WOz8d-714Adult (f)2,4386542
Tr6CSF 2014 C Tr6CS-717Adult (f)2,1116661
xtl0mF 2014 C xtl0m-718Adult (f)2,8086216
kmyDMF 2014 C kmyDM-724Adult (f)1,7626002
GhxRzF 2014 C GhxRz-725Adult (f)2,1326380
Kn9ovF 2014 C Kn9ov-727Adult (f)1,8665920
MtYnhF 2014 C MtYnh-731Adult (f)2,1815857
ra6N2F 2014 C ra6N2-801Adult (f)2,1876191
RwedAF 2014 C RwedA-804Adult (f)2,3487001
imc34F 2014 C imc34-810Adult (f)1,7296290
yPtP4F 2014 C uPtP4-809Adult (f)1,6236200
iQre4F 2014 C iQre4-816Adult (f)4,0639682
NRjjlF 2014 C NRjjl-816Adult (f)3,7661,0480
AmC4qF 2014 C AmC4q-816Adult (f)4,0751,0060
nbTTqF 2014 C nbTTq-825Adult (f)3,8698593
Jo4z4F 2014 C Jo4z4-826Adult (f)3,4647602
iHLr1F 2014 C iHLr1-828Adult (f)2,3216251
YoeXdF 2014 C YoeXd-828Adult (f)2,2796142
xkUUCF 2014 C xkUUC-830Adult (f)2,2556030
47jslF 2014 C 47jsl-830Adult (f)2,6616413
1L4k4(1L4k4)Adult (f)2,2386161
0R3P7(0R3P7)Adult (f)2,3726261
bSMzD(bSMzD)Adult (f)2,1575911
Svvxc(Svvxc)Adult (f)2,1306291
gkQmF(gkQmF)Adult (f)2,4277012
2CvmA(2CvmA)Adult (f)2,4036372
heFQY(heFQY)Adult (f)2,7745493
N1Fen(N1Fen)Adult (f)2,8527096
Fs0T0(Fs0T0)Adult (f)2,7997681
wBRoc(wBRoc)Adult (f)2,8867393
YEH7r(YEH7r)Adult (f)3,1627973
VnXbn(VnXbn)Adult (f)3,1688521
Ps7Fr(Ps7Fr)Adult (f)3,1577550
e2KjI(e2KjI)Adult (f)2,9587361
fFSQK(fFSQK)Adult (f)3,3747943
bWm3W(bWm3W)Adult (f)4,0279353
Zs0dh(Zs0dh)Adult (f)3,1866691
YXbzp(YXbzp)Adult (f)2,2517091
diXnA(diXnA)Adult (f)1,7586782
gyz9E(gyz9E)Adult (f)2,3986602
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