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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Hotfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    7tUqGToreenAdult (f)4,2827943
    aRToqColdjetAdult (m)4,9478493
    FbtP0DarkhowlAdult (m)4,4478273
    LbTMHKlowdeAdult (m)4,0408181
    DuVI8CloweAdult (m)4,5028242
    BIvJTCitrinnusAdult (m)4,6958193
    plAUVLightreefAdult (f)4,4408383
    qL5hPTreestalkerAdult (m)4,6228292
    nEmGGSpectrowAdult (m)4,7108113
    Bp0BGDreidusAdult (m)4,8448163
    JthrhSandmakerAdult (f)4,5747972
    bdgKLTiderraAdult (m)4,3057912
    sluCeShieldcrestAdult (f)4,5708002
    aydcNDeepfrossAdult (f)4,5298052
    hZbmzHiddengrassAdult (m)4,5208271
    ihY87DreamheatAdult (m)4,6597921
    fZpmNMistifinaAdult (f)4,9227851
    Hm6tvArmortailAdult (f)4,9788281
    vxV6dCoolleafAdult (m)4,6137960
    qvkZ3TidescavengerAdult (m)6,2358810
    E6q0REquateriaAdult (f)6,1518920
    YChQ5SpectralwingAdult (m)6,1538913
    3bry9ScarlineAdult (m)4,6518382
    RhL6pPoisonmakerAdult (f)5,0488480
    I5YHfDiseasebringerAdult (m)5,0368280
    SM7AmAirianosAdult (m)6,2408541
    sAYleTideflameAdult (m)6,0028591
    Y5rbwSoulguideAdult (m)5,8938431
    aSsxrPreykillerAdult (f)5,3078241
    HwhyFWhiterraAdult (f)5,1198250
    Xjz9OEmbercallAdult (m)5,1428370
    O5qTXGemholderAdult (f)5,1898501
    Qeku3EmburniaAdult (f)5,2248352
    vSD2G(vSD2G)Adult (m)5,5168440
    ZJJ4d(ZJJ4d)Adult (f)5,5587740
    oenUz(oenUz)Adult (m)4,5727892
    4mYoo(4mYoo)Adult (f)5,3278221
    tXtJi(tXtJi)Adult (f)5,8888210
    AKMFN(AKMFN)Adult (f)5,7967840
    iQ3It(iQ3It)Adult (f)5,5538530
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