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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “HotIce80,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k708s(k708s)Dead Egg000
1CvlU(1CvlU)Dead Egg000
4hHEx(4hHEx)Dead Egg000
SXFdd(SXFdd)Dead Egg000
a91P3(a91P3)Dead Egg000
hVqpH(hVqpH)Dead Egg000
mX9HThabto's Mistress of DoomAdult (f)1,4897043
764gThabtoAdult (m)1,5005531
uIqNThabto's Mrs Clean of DoomAdult (f)7,5081,2914
v81qThabto's Spawn of DoomAdult (m)6,5381,2027
arqqThabto's Duet of DoomAdult (f)6,2437582
PPVTThabto's Grandson of DoomAdult (m)8,6871,0116
EGZAThabto's Grand Duet of DoomAdult (m)7,1918956
iIXTuDew of DooomAdult (f)6,6149924
1iZTTMoody Blues of DoomAdult (f)6,2131,0341
IL8nfWidow of DoomAdult (f)2,0348200
jntLSSai of DoomAdult (m)1,9587800
ro0hQCrypt Keeper of DoomAdult (f)2,7517014
hZ115Splunker of DoomAdult (m)2,8659350
eSTGiNight Hunters of DoomAdult (m)2,2347122
EalWImagine Pigment of DoomAdult (m)82457027
buHPXPigmentles Wonder of DoomAdult (f)5,2961,1572
cde5Pigmentless Baby of DoomHatchling (m, F)1,3646407
POX0vChill Dargon of DoomAdult (f)2,4155861
WGu5rAnagallis  of DoomAdult (f)5,3391,0841
SlURYDestiny of DoomAdult (f)5,1601,0840
4c6cQ(4c6cQ)Adult (m)6,2469342
vERnPinkIsMyFavoriteCrayonAdult (f)3,5631,87746
OT3nMiniPinkCrayonHatchling (f, F)1,06044715
qGbqBubbly Farts of DoomAdult (f)1,9097843
k6O5gBalloon of DoomAdult (f)5,7231,0091
adhKDBalloon Harvest of DoomAdult (f)6,4951,5612
IL158Black Holiday of DoomAdult (m)6,3321,3996
VrJGiDominicSantiagoAdult (m)3,72978418
i3G9fLulla's Tundra of DoomAdult (m)5,3401,2007
JFA5oBlack Baiella of DoomAdult (f)2,6697285
bBXJk4th Gen Black of DoomAdult (f)7,8981,1463
fGPS3Pure Black of DoomAdult (f)5,7171,0542
y2tM2MariaSantiagoAdult (f)6,3799432
KNPrMBlack Beauty of DoomAdult (f)4,6631,2361
vN0FnBaja of DoomAdult (m)4,5591,2184
3lIZRBlast of DoomAdult (f)2,3368531
MxTzdFem Black of DoomAdult (f)2,7518631
WUJ8ILady Black of DoomAdult (f)3,4409300
1nxHXCastle Black of DoomAdult (m)1,2606690
pwrRGPower Ranger of DoomAdult (f)1,8565938
NU6AXMadame Black of DoomAdult (f)5,2411,1090
6dgbIYellow Bellied Dragon of DoomAdult (f)5,2301,0444
E1ZeDominicJrHatchling (m, F)3,4021,81656
2lVdHDominicValentinoAdult (m)6,5969865
jroH3Cup o Tea of DoomAdult (m)2,2006463
f0CGMTea Bag of DoomAdult (f)2,4575451
BoQT4Mister Tea of DoomAdult (m)2,9316851
kiHXALady Tea of DoomAdult (m)6,4321,1052
3OpBv(3OpBv)Adult (m)6,3149051
ZeaDH(ZeaDH)Adult (m)6,1469502
GzZqLJust the Tip of DoomAdult (m)1,6506633
hVlA0Black Tip of DoomAdult (f)2,6808600
Vog5TPuff the Magic Dragon of DoomAdult (m)4,9063480
FGKxiBlack Tips of DoomAdult (m)3,6669100
VNZyzMister Tip of DoomAdult (m)5,1619832
PI4CFMiss Bleeding Moon of DoomAdult (f)4,1079223
0DLt5Mister Bleeding Moon of DoomAdult (m)2,1077344
EVPQS(EVPQS)Adult (m)2,1145831
tuuZq(tuuZq)Adult (m)3,5659384
vwIiq(vwIiq)Adult (f)2,2447782
IrNmu(IrNmu)Adult (m)4,0788453
GqT9n(GqT9n)Adult (m)1,9927841
VhMu5(VhMu5)Adult (m)6,1131,1162
6lrjU(6lrjU)Adult (m)2,2367221
JhIMN(JhIMN)Adult (f)3,5717542
VeweF(VeweF)Adult (m)5,2691,1581
36AVL(36AVL)Adult (f)6,3301,0201
9Ysfb(9Ysfb)Adult (m)4,5391,0184
ic5Dr(ic5Dr)Adult (m)8,1221,1684
D5i2f(D5i2f)Adult (m)4,1507064
UPq8Z(UPq8Z)Adult (m)11,0559372
kdHdPlayful Bluna of DoomAdult (f)2,15597123
MquUBluna of DoomAdult (m)6,7371,6128
WN0ei(WN0ei)Adult (f)4,7108952
ukCDJ(ukCDJ)Adult (m)5,5291,1873
DdSVJ(DdSVJ)Adult (f)5,9791,1044
6V6qi(6V6qi)Adult (f)5,8401,1517
pCKLZ(pCKLZ)Adult (m)5,9051,1897
SloHI(SloHI)Adult (m)2,6548291
a1L1S(a1L1S)Adult (f)2,6998762
Hs3lBright-Breasted Wyvern of DoomAdult (m)5,5761,5605
U37dtLwyllaen Wyvern of DoomAdult (f)5,2901,2891
49tVsWyvern Love of DoomAdult (f)6,2378811
016T0Nebula Wyvern of DoomAdult (f)5,4831,0333
M0d9nModine Wyvern of DoomAdult (f)5,8301,1394
1TlrO(1TlrO)Adult (f)6,2331,2185
QKWtg(QKWtg)Adult (f)5,4518385
aeTI5(aeTI5)Adult (f)4,0779182
KMhvnSulfur Eater of DoomAdult (m)5,3511,4001
BQkSa(BQkSa)Adult (f)5,7531,4821
4fY6eBrimstone Shadow of DoomAdult (f)5,1561,1481
M1JsX(M1JsX)Adult (m)6,2635103
9czLB(9czLB)Adult (f)7,2231,0252
U2NWv(U2NWv)Adult (f)2,8056803
OKaoj(OKaoj)Adult (m)2,8247161
Ho8me(Ho8me)Adult (m)4,1907636
vCfQChampion Glider's Wife of DoomAdult (f)1,7508374
E8UdBillowy Wings of DoomAdult (m)1,0594581
Mu75Graceful Judge of DoomAdult (f)1,0294530
Qn5XChampion Glider of DoomAdult (m)1,0894690
YJ9lC(YJ9lC)Adult (m)2,4017646
GlPv5(GlPv5)Adult (m)5,8411,1681
2N0ah(2N0ah)Adult (m)6,9361,0291
YQfyp(YQfyp)Adult (m)2,4288083
mJZvgDesipis Cassare of DoomAdult (m)3,6017741
4P8eR(4P8eR)Adult (f)5,2671,2052
DoK9aGrave Cassare of DoomAdult (m)5,2671,1802
r2MoUCassare Lava of DoomAdult (f)7,0211,0240
96iPq(96iPq)Adult (m)6,1811,1662
D8wye(D8wye)Adult (m)5,2579154
aoWgCheese Master of DoomAdult82656017
EUAhBaby Swiss of DoomHatchling (F)1,5785647
4DIuMild Cheddar of DoomHatchling (F)4,4181,1472
4rbRFColby Jack of DoomHatchling (F)4,2289565
A2kWPMozzarella of DoomHatchling (F)4,7058954
kLHDOGouda of DoomHatchling (F)2,9416796
CbOmpBrie of DoomHatchling (F)1,6963825
NjlG6Chanco of DoomHatchling (F)5,0761,3204
5AWhDFeta of DoomHatchling (F)5,0177234
14oZqRicotta of DoomHatchling (F)4,6077425
jcUlXRobiola of DoomHatchling (F)1,7185482
xRLd7Chaource of DoomHatchling (F)3,8908316
oDYIWendy Sanders McTenderAdult (f)2,3861,495110
3rXgFeather Duster of DoomAdult (f)1,11161323
8gb1AYieldy's Christmas Gift of DoomAdult (m)1,97461242
pQvKfMinion's Thuwed Gift of DoomAdult (m)3,4969308
WJylKane Holiday of DoomAdult (m)3,3391,99930
5NghPeppermint Kane of DoomAdult (m)3,3882,03931
s0UQLil' Angel of DoomHatchling (f, F)5,1801,2734
uOmBSnow Angel of DoomAdult (f)5,3591,2699
Y9dJRibbon Dancer of DoomAdult (f)3,6018203
CDgOBaby Dancer of DoomHatchling (f, F)2,7826454
EruRoChristmas Euro of DoomAdult (m)5,4931,1992
EZVgJLil Euro of DoomHatchling (m, F)4,3588592
ERTDl(ERTDl)Adult (m)5,2169390
ncZQS(ncZQS)Hatchling (m, F)5,3048961
ffwZ0(ffwZ0)Adult (f)2,8081,0353
TnBfy(TnBfy)Adult (f)6,3921,1123
WnHCJ(WnHCJ)Adult (f)6,0261,1355
NcQmq(NcQmq)Adult (f)5,9691,1123
9mqYg(9mqYg)Adult (m)6,3571,1113
f38z5(f38z5)Adult (m)6,3721,1025
nhkFX(nhkFX)Adult (m)4,7421,2694
AddEj(AddEj)Adult (m)4,7271,2292
0Q9CPokemon of DoomAdult (f)3,6111,0681
TWYmW(TWYmW)Adult (m)9,1909975
uPEXLil Pokemon of DoomHatchling (f, F)2,3868782
9GNRw(9GNRw)Adult (m)6,5201,0221
Kf5gh(Kf5gh)Adult (f)7,3979421
whu2F(whu2F)Adult (m)5,5281,2346
Q8uPMajestic Bellflower of DoomAdult (m)2,57489528
QPVBRose Petals of DoomAdult (f)6,0451,3822
q9gcLady DragonVine of DoomAdult (f)5,3278163
7pqbMaster DragonVine of DoomAdult (m)6,8838703
Y1PCHoliday Vine of DoomAdult (m)9,9071,5564
UAIhSnow Vine Holiday of DoomAdult (m)5,6398331
tAZIfDeceptive Horse of DoomAdult (m)2,13648420
2JSac2G PB Vine of DoomAdult (m)5,6911,4276
jiHdhStripey Vine of DoomAdult (m)3,7147783
i2j4EDragonvine of DoomAdult (m)3,6491,2625
fIp7LVine Master of DoomAdult (m)3,4771,1953
Hsfuu(Hsfuu)Adult (f)7,8281,5502
YlxM2(YlxM2)Adult (f)5,0731,0030
ob800Alt Dancer of DoomAdult (m)4,83184529
aCcUDaydream of DoomAdult (f)94359921
iXk1r(iXk1r)Adult (m)5,9609983
iuWmR(iuWmR)Adult (m)2,7518750
HpeISushi Master of DoomAdult (m)1,52178123
hpOw0(hpOw0)Adult (f)9,2421,0253
ccQ4Grape Kool-Aid Frillz of DoomAdult (f)92762620
1OifThe Grape Dorkface ThuwedAdult (m)4,2191,3154
lbH9The Grape Escape of DoomAdult (m)5,6701,0792
LFi0dGrape Expectations of DoomAdult (f)2,7165564
9pfDIThe Grape Gatsby of DoomAdult (m)6,8821,0241
Gt33Coca-Cola of DoomAdult (m)1,3075842
TNDy0(TNDy0)Adult (f)6,0019521
f1GsA(f1GsA)Adult (f)3,7291,0141
XsdCJ(XsdCJ)Adult (f)4,8329181
kkg2U(kkg2U)Adult (f)11,0239341
ijlMMister Sparky of DoomAdult (m)1,7538400
LPfAMissus Sparky of DoomAdult (f)1,5577550
tWBASparky the Milkman of DoomAdult (m)1,2996722
UO02Lil' Sparky of DoomHatchling (m, F)1,3416811
7o8aBurning Ember of DoomAdult (m)5,1521,0815
knXaLava Flow of DoomAdult (f)5,1811,1161
F2rbLava Burst of DoomAdult (m)5,6141,1775
eMZmSmoldering Ashes of DoomAdult (m)5,1721,0363
FAeFEmber Dragon of DoomAdult (m)7,6351,0817
b3ajLava Holiday of DoomAdult (m)7,0291,2486
5gttEmber Holiday of DoomAdult (m)9,5891,4026
m31SGLava Harvest of DoomAdult (m)6,0089611
dENxy(dENxy)Adult (m)2,2767500
MVDRP(MVDRP)Adult (m)2,2297491
BHGcgFalconiform of DoomAdult (m)2,2657931
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